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Friday night

(March 2001)

Saturday morning in the early spring was always special.
Northern Ohio winters were long and cold and once the clear sun began to bring the temperatures back into the mid seventies, these quiet mornings were spent talking, listening to good music and maybe having one last cup of coffee before getting started on the long list of household chores. This Saturday started out the same way, but, little did I know, would end in a very different and special way.

It must have been close to 9am, because the sun was now up over the trees and our normally shaded deck was now bathed in warm sunshine. With all the morning chill gone, both Peggy and I were quick to toss our robes aside and soak in as much sun as we could. Peggy and I had been married for just short of fifteen years and our sex life good.

She was easy to talk to and we both enjoyed watching an occasional good porn video. Peggy was a very petite 104 lb., had very firm but small breasts and from time to time would even shave her soft mound and let me take pictures. Our love making sessions were tender and full of fun and often times, we would talk to each other, taking turns, creating a fantasy with someone we both knew, with each of us carrying the story line just a little bit further, warmer, wetter and in great detail, and all at the same time, pleasing each other in every way we knew.

Last night was one of those exciting and also exhausting love making sessions that made for a perfect Friday evening. One of our young, part time employees was single and in his first year of college and, of course, made his way into our little fantasy.

He was typical of the "I'm ready to take on the world" group, a little over 6' tall with a decent build and full of all sorts of wild tales of his conquests and also willing to share them with anyone that would listen.

Last night, I had just finished bringing Peggy to a third, very warm orgasm with an experienced tongue, that only a lover of 15 years can do consistently, and since I was still very rigid and very full , I moved my body up over hers and positioned my self so that I was not placing any weight on her at all, but allowed my swollen cock head to gently rest on her pussy lips. We had joked about Kurt during the afternoon and I had teased Peggy about not being ready to keep up with a young (read stud) virile male. I was gently kissing her neck and softly rubbing my cock head on her moist pussy lips and started the story when I asked her if she would actually go out with Kurt, if he asked for a date? It was no surprise to me when I got a quick smile and a short answer "Of course".

I told her that "I didn't think that he was much over 21 yet and going out to some of her favorite places might be complicated." Her quick response made me wonder if she wasn't already planning a night out. "Kurt likes to flirt and planning a night out is something guys his age are doing every weekend. All I would have to do is smile, stay close and allow his male hormones to take care of the planning".

(By this time, I had managed to work my cock head just inside her warm love nest, but my goal here was ' slow and easy' , I was having fun and wanted to see where she would go with the story.) She said that Kurt was different from many of today's young people, in that he had some mature attributes such as listening to her when she talked and many other small things that made him special in her eyes. Peggy named a local club that apparently Kurt had mentioned to her in one of his 'I did her there, last week stories' and I knew of the place only in that is was an attraction for young people most of the time, but did advertise some exotic dancing and topless waitress for special events.

The club had a second floor balcony that permitted great viewing of the dance floor and yet was quite private due to the subdued lighting. She said, "If Kurt didn't take her up to the balcony tables, she would entice him with her promise to "help him really enjoy" the show.

(All's fair in a fantasy, so now was the time to ask Peggy about 'breaking the ice" "How are you going to let him know that this could be a very special evening for him"? ) Her answer was typically logical and feminine.

"I won't have to do or say anything. He picked me up from our home and we had a fun drive all the way down town with me listening to some brief descriptions of his latest conquests. I made it a point to sit close and respond to his stories with genuine interest and by the time we got to the club, you would of thought we were dating on a regular basis. Before we had finished our first drink and were still waiting for our food to arrive, we were in a fun conversation about the shape and size of our waitresses tits.

"I'm sure that Kurt having a quiet conversation with me about another girls tits and his natural hormones will eliminate any need for braking the ice. You know I have always sat close to my companions and you also know how touchy-feely I am, so it will be very natural to leave my hand on his knee."

(Having first hand knowledge of warm dates with my wife made it very easy to picture how comfortable she would make Kurt feel. I also knew what my response would have been and I'm sure his would not have been much different.)

"What are you going to say when he has his hand in your lap with a smile in his eyes just waiting for your response" "No girl says anything at a time like that. Simply putting my hand on top of his, moving my legs apart a little and matching his smile, will be more than enough to make him warm in all the right places."

( I continued to slide in and out of her, but stopped both at the bottom and top of each stroke and providing just the right tempo for her fantasy.) "Aren't you concerned that other people will see you and end your mood?"

"Well, it's still early and there is only one other couple in the balcony seating and they more than far enough away."

"How far, I ask, are you willing to let him go right there at your table.?"

(At this point I had to complete my penetration by sliding in far enough to let my sack rest on her cheeks.) Before she answers, I asked more, "Will you actually let him touch your wet panties?"

All I get in response is a soft, closed eye smile and finally her response. "I'm not wearing any panties"

(Now that really made me extra rigid and for a moment I just wanted to feel her excitement and fill her with my hot seed.) (But, I stopped my self and quietly continued with the story.)

Then she tell's me she can see his smile broaden when his fingers tell him there is nothing between him and her warm, wet love tunnel and by moving down in her seat just a little, Kurt's fingers found her wetness. "By now, she's sure he is waiting for her to feel the warmth of his swollen love muscle just a few inches from her hand.. (Peggy said she was actually surprised at how much warmth she could feel through his pants.)

"A few minutes of gentle squeezing was all it took for our mood to get to the point where we needed just a little more privacy and Kurt ask me if I wanted some fresh air and quiet walk on the dock .

" Before I could say anything, he was asking the waitress to hold our table and making some excuse about having to use the phone." (By now Peggy was feeling the beginning of her next orgasm and was arching her hot love nest up in an effort to feel more if me inside. She was truly into her fantasy now and I could sense her intensity rising as she anticipated her walk with Kurt.) "The water front is truly fantastic, especially at night."

"Tell me about your walk".

"He took me over to the dock side tables and before I could find a more private table, turned me around, pulled me into him and was exploring my mouth. His tongue felt wonderful, but his love muscle was getting all my attention as he pressed it to my stomach."

"I wanted to hold and taste him right there, but the feeling that someone would interrupt us was still on my mind and I didn't want him to think I was just teasing. I turned around, still in his arms, and watched the reflections on the river.

Kurt was saying something quietly while I caught my breath, with his bulging pants pressed against my cheeks. My attention was still focused on his love muscle and my hand had no trouble finding it." "Slipping down his zipper was as natural for me as a zipper on one of my short skirts only now I could feel his heated muscle as it stretched his shorts. "

(My turn.) "You might have to be very careful. A lot of young guys will cover you with their cream before your ready". "I know, she said. When I finally wrapped my fingers around his swollen head, his shorts were already hot and sticky."

"I told him, I needed to sit down so he quickly took me by the hand and guided me across the parking area to his car."

" I didn't want to leave and started to protest, but before I could finish my thought, he responded with "who said anything about leaving" He quickly had one arm around my back, the other arm down between my legs and his tongue back in my mouth." "Since people park here, just to watch the boats, I could finally relax and enjoy the moment and since Kurt's zipper was still down, I had my hand around his cock and was gently working it out of his shorts and at the same time parting my legs to give him easier access to my love mound."

(By this time Peggy is arching higher and pumping me to the point where I will soon have no control of my outcome, and since I certainly wasn't ready for her little story to end my only choice was to finally allow some of my weight to rest on her and ask another question that would get her fantasy going on to the next level.)

"Tell me what you were thinking the first time you actually wrapped your hand around his cock. How hard was he, once you worked him out of his shorts."

"Every guy has an individual scent and as I was finally sliding him out, his
erotic scent got to me and at the same time, his pre come was adding to my
pleasure as I massaged and slid my fingers all over his head." "I could
actually feel his hot young cock throbbing in my hand as I continued to
massage and stroke him." "Tell me about Kurt. What was he doing?" "He had my
skirt completely up to my waist and several of his fingers were playing with
my flower. I was so ready for his touch that I had my first orgasm as soon
as I felt him probing my lips. " (I reminded her again, about how quick some
young guys are and started to ask her if she was ready to have her hand all
covered in warm sticky cum when she began the second of her building

This time she wrapped her legs around my back with her knees pulled way up and pulled me into her as tight as she could.) "Now I had to ask the obvious question. "Did you take Kurt in your mouth and suck him off or give him a fantastic first opportunity to fuck you?" (Again, her answer didn't surprise
me.) "I really wanted to taste him and besides I wanted to save the best
for later. It was easy to slide my head from his chest down to his lap. The
smell of his pre-cum was driving me wild and now I was finally rubbing his
cock head on my hungry lips. I wanted this to last for a few minutes so I
only took his head into my mouth and gently massaged his skin up toward my
lips. "Was he still fingering your flower?" "Of course, and now it was no
secret that I was beginning my next orgasm. It was time to take more of
him in my mouth and gently jack his cock. I wanted to taste his cum all the
while I was enjoying my orgasm. When he started to change his tempo and his cock head swelled more I knew my treat was there. As I was sliding my lips down his shaft , Kurt put his hand on the back of my head and started pushing my head down, and at the same time started shooting his warm cream on the back of my tongue. I had to back off a little just to be able to really taste him and that's all it took to bring my body to orgasm at the same time. I don't think any of his cum escaped my lips but I held some in my mouth with his cock head just to make the moment last longer.

(That much detail combined with Peggy's little sounds and arched body under mine, it was finally time to pause the story and gently fill her with my creamy seed. I stopped kissing her neck and cheek and started to slide my tongue into her mouth. She pulled me into her mouth and started sucking, (I'm sure in her mind she was still sucking on Kurt's cock.) Her excitement was everything I was hoping for and holding back was no longer an option. She was ready…I was ready…and the hot cum pumped in.

What a fantastic way to end a Friday night. We always stayed coupled together for awhile just to let the glow last as long as it could. When I finally did slide down beside her, we left her cum filled love nest warm, sticky and seeping. There would be plenty of time to wash up in the morning.

Did I mention that tomorrow was Saturday and we actually had the day off?

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