Saturday, April 18, 2009

Event: Sex Den Chat

Guys and Gals,

Someone just sent me a private message that asked when I would next be on the sex den chat. Since I don't really schedule my time on there, I did not know how to answer. Then I thought to myself - why not just show up at a particular time and see what happens.

So unless something happens to me (like I fall asleep early), I will be on tonight, Saturday, April 18 at 10:00 PM Eastern Time (USA). I have resubmitted the message I sent out the other day. Registration is relatively painless - you need an email address and a user name/password.

Come chat with me tonight! It is safer than meeting a stripper in the parking lot.


I just found a new chat area. It is a little bit deserted (did I spell that right?), but it looks cool.

Here is the URL:

It is called The Sex Den, and the environment looks way cool. Translation: looks like a nice place to chat, to chill out, or even to get a private room and cyber. Not that anyone cybers anymore. Oh, how I would like a good cyber session!

Who knows, say you saw this post entry when you see me and I may tell you what color my panties are. And perhaps a bit more.


Satrangi said...

looking forward for tonight..
there are several rooms, which room you would be in?

Camilla said...


That is a good question. I think I may start in Viva-Ponata_Game. Not sure it really works as a game, but it will be away from the public chat, and if some guy whips his thingie out, that won't embarrass those in the main chat area.

Can't wait to chat with you!

Anonymous said...


If I join in, can I fuck your pussy? Can I call you a cunt have you go down on me. Can I tie your wrists together behind your back because all I want is your juice box? Instead of asking, I may just do it, you little whiney whore.

My word verification says winarse - looks like your ass is mine tonight.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for checking out we are a young site( only a year old) We are trying to grow. So please come check us out post some pics... ask or answer questions.. we also have a webcam chat room up in the links tab above the site logo...
So come on out people We love new people!!!

Camilla said...

Sad - no one came tonight.

Scratch said...

sorry i was out... maybe next time.. please don't give up!!

Anonymous said...

soon...hope you have received my messages


Blogger said...

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