Monday, April 27, 2009

The Lady Apprentice

by Linda Chorlton
(November 2001)

Lynnette had long since abandoned herself to the flood of lust that engulfed her, as Jayne's deft fingers and lips whipped her dormant passions back into a flaming fire. Lynnette rolled her head from this side to that, on the black silk pillow. Her own jet black hair was splayed out in all directions, with this vigorous thrashing about.

Using her hands to guide Jayne's tongue to just the right spot inside her spread open love canal, she was fast approaching her orgasm.

You're SOOOOOH hot, God yes, YES Jayne!!!!, she screamed as Jayne's tongue danced across her clit. Jayne drove two fingers harder into Lynnette's soaking
pussy, at the same time she licked up and down the lips of her bald pussy and
around that swollen little clitty, and thought to herself that Lynnette was really enjoying her first orgasm from another girl. And what a prize Lynnette was. At eighteen Lynnette was still a virgin. Her hair hung
straight down reaching the very top of her 35 inch hips. Ever so gently, Jayne started to teasingly touch her finger around the little puckered rosebud that she had coaxed into being, the first time it had been on view in a heightened state of arousal to a woman.

Lynnette cried out, It'sSOOOH Good! OOOH! OOOH! Jayne I never knew that sex with another girl was as excitingly ecstatic. That feels so good.
OOOH! Yaaah! Please, more. Don't stop, I feel so tingly, all over my body.
Jayne moved her other hand up to take lynnette's by now raspberry sized
nipples into her fingers and slowly rolled her fingertips around them.

At the same time, she was gently licking those swollen cunt-lips, tonguing,
sucking, love-biting on the rim of pink, so as to get at all of that
sweet nectar she had realeased for this teenie, on her first sexual lesbian trip.
Her finger began to probe Jayne's tight little asshole. This was because
wanted to give Jayne a very good, powerful cum. Powerful because when she had
opened up the teenager's lust gates, it would be her turn to be worked over
and was opening Jayne's sheltered mind, so as to let her have plenty of
ideas of what to do, in return. Jayne's nipples stuck right out, just
like very ripe berries and were now so very hard, sitting atop soft
mounds of creamy alabaster. Lynnette had never seen a woman with
38 inch C cup breasts that stuck straight out like Jayne's did. It was
so very sexy to have taken the young girl's anal "virginity".

Lynnette became a bucking bronco with her hips, her labia puckered and sucking,
began to press against Jayne's other finger as it worked its way into
her asshole. Jayne started to dip it in and out slowly, half twisting,
in and out, round and about, swivelling it with each stroke. Shoving her
face hard against Jayne's wet pussy she took that swollen clit into
her lips and gently pulled it and nipped it with her teeth.

Sucking hard at first, and then lightly, she knew that the jizm was flowing.
First she pinched one nipple, tweaked it, then the other. SAAAAAAAAH!!!
OOH, I feel so hot. I'm going to do it! Make me have it, you bastard, make me cum!
All sense of teenage inhibitions were dropped, this was the animal instinct.

She was arching her hips to Lynnette's mouth. Bucking, writhing, rising and falling,
all over the bed. Lynnette buried her face into Jayne's pussy and
sucked hard, lapping up all the cum juices. She shoved her
finger deep into Jayne's ass. This exquiste feeling made both of them get wilder.
Passion, excitement, emotional explosion, all were suddenly released, and
both girls melded into a state of joyous oblivion, leaving the real World,
for a magic moment, rising to cloud nine or Nirvana state, very few ever get to see.

As Jayne slowly returned to earth Lynnette withdrew her face
and finger. Teasingly, she moved up Jayne's hard flat stomach licking and
nipping. As she reached her face she leaned forward and
covered Jayne's mouth with her own, parting the lips and tonguing
deep into her mouth. Jayne responded with her tongue battling back and nipping lightly.

Now Jayne, I want you to give me the same pleasures that I have given you. Don't be afraid. You won't hurt
me. Just take your time and lick and suck me all over, Lynnette
told her, looking down into those large brown eyes. Jayne reached up
and started to cup Lynnette's breast. She ran her thumb over the nipple
which instantly stuck out hard and round. Then, as Jayne began to rub
and lick on Lynnette's body, Lynnette let her mind begin to wander.

They would both do just what they wanted, so that when Jayne gave her
that glorious orgasm with her mouth and tongue, she would give her just what
she had promised. A shower. A long hot screamingly exciting Golden Shower.

Not the kind that Jayne was expecting, but Lynnette wanted to
introduce Jayne to even more of Life's great array of sexual activities,
they were both beginning a journey of discovery to a plain ofcomplete
physical and nervous exhaustion, shagged out, to the nth degree.

Jayne would love it, just like Lynnette had done, a decade ago.