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My Husband's Friend Part 2

(November 2001)


Well as I said in my first posting to this site, Joe and I have been meeting Tom regularly for sex for the past one and a half years. Things did go along very well for us, it was always the same, Tom would fuck me and later allow Joe the same privilege.

It was a bit odd that Joe, my husband, needed Tom's permission to fuck me but we did agree from the beginning that Tom would be the director during our meetings and we would follow his instructions. Joe and his friends still met on Saturday nights for their poker sessions but now it was no longer a weekly one but once in two weeks, the 'free' weekends Joe and I would be with Tom.

Another change that came about was that now I didn't wear my trademark kaftans anymore, instead I would only have on one of Joe's t-shirts and nothing else. The few and rare occasions that the others brought their wives or girlfriend, I had to use my kaftan because we (Tom, Joe and I) were very sure the other women would put a stop to our meetings if they knew I was so scantily dressed.

The first poker session after that first time with Tom, I was still dressed in my kaftan when the first two guys came over and we had the usual greeting, which was a couple of pats on my ass as they entered our house. Sam's wife sent him over and picked up my children to spend the night over at their place, this provided us the privacy. Later the other two guys came over and Tom was the last.

We went down to the basement which had been converted into a recreation room but as I was getting out the cards, Tom suggested that I should change into Joe's t-shirt. This was met with hearty approval from the rest and Tom told me to take off my kaftan and run upstairs to get a t-shirt, he specifically reminded me that I couldn't put on the t-shirt upstairs but had to come back down into our room to do so.

Of course when I took off my kaftan and stood there totally bare assed naked, there were all sorts of comments and lewd suggestions and when Joe just kept quiet, Sam came over and started grabbing me, I ran behind Tom for protection but fat lot of good that did. Of course the rest didn't know of Joe's and my agreement with Tom but I guess seeing me stand there naked they took the opportunity to fondle and caress my naked body. I ran around a bit but as the basement didn't have too much space all of them (except Joe and Tom) did feel me up, at one point one of them grabbed me from behind while the rest started to run their hands over my body.

I didn't put up too much of a struggle, in fact I quite enjoyed their fondling but finally Tom told them to stop so that I could go get a t-shirt. They did so reluctantly and I ran upstairs and got the shortest t-shirt that Joe has and came down with it. First one of the guys wanted to measure it against my body, which Tom allowed, but it was only an excuse for him to hold the t-shirt against my body by my tits, when he realized that I didn't object, his hands were soon roaming all over me, the t-shirt forgotten.

Finally they all agreed and allowed me to put on the t-shirt and they sat down to their card game. However I was kept continuously busy bringing them their snacks and drinks and each time I walked past or stood at their side, all of them would have their hands under the t-shirt. Most of the time I allowed them a short feel then moved away or pushed their hands away, they weren't concentrating too much on their cards and I jokingly told Joe that he should be a big winner tonight as his friends were concentrating more on me than on their cards.

They asked him whether this was a tactic for him to win their money so I told them to stop touching me up and concentrate on the game. Of course they were only playing for small change and wouldn't lose too much money however bad their cards or concentration were. By this time I was already very aroused and I knew that my cunt was dripping wet and the guys all soon realized this when their hands touched my cunt, they were now suggesting that I should be the prize for the night but Tom vetoed that idea although I wouldn't have minded.

He said that I was married to their friend and they were also married men (one of them is divorced and another is still a bachelor but the other three were married and we knew their families) and they shouldn't be treating me that way. They had the best excuse in the world, saying that neither Joe nor I objected but finally settled down on their poker. After I made sure that they all had their beer and snacks I turned on the TV and sat on the couch watching it alone.

I must have fallen asleep because I was suddenly woken up by somebody's hands caressing my cunt. I saw that it was the bachelor guy, I think he's still a bachelor because he's short and pudgy and everybody always makes fun of him. He was running his fingers along the slit of my cunt and then pulling lightly on my cunt hairs, apparently I had fallen asleep on the couch and was lying with my right leg on the floor and my left leg bent at the knee on the couch, the t-shirt was bundled around my waist leaving my cunt fully exposed.

He was sitting between my legs and was now pulling my cunt lips apart, I just lay that way and asked what he wanted. What a question! Everybody (I think except Joe and Tom) shouted out that they wanted the honey between my legs and shouted at him to get off and ask for more beer. I raised myself off on my elbows, and still exposing my cunt to him, told him that I had to get up and to please leave my cunt for somebody who had the right to it.

The rest too joined in and so he got up reluctantly to give me the space to get up myself and when I finally did get up I didn't bother to pull down the t-shirt, when I was standing the front came down and covered my cunt but the back was resting on my huge ass so that it was exposed for all to see. I went upstairs to various catcalls and crude remarks (although they were crude, like 'move your ass faster' and 'you look better bare assed naked,' I kind of like them because it showed that the guys were still looking at me) and when I came back downstairs I stood next to each man opening their beer cans for them and letting them fondle my cunt, Tom even poked a couple of fingers inside but of course he had all the right in the world to my body.

Sam lifted up the t-shirt, he said to check whether I had put on any panties but I knew he just wanted to touch me between my legs, the only person that didn't try anything was my husband, Joe. Then I brought some more potato chips and nuts and again went round the table letting them fondle me, Sam was even kneading my tits saying that he wished he could suck on them but I just moved away. Now they complained that the wet beer cans had also left some water on the table and they asked me to get a cloth to wipe the table dry, I walked over to the bachelor and asked him to take off the t-shirt and I used it to wipe the table. I was now standing next to the guys totally naked and wiping the areas in front of them and so they now could use both their hands on my naked body, I had two pairs of hands roaming all over my body, they now even pushed their fingers into my cunt and when I didn't protest everybody did the same, I was so wet that they easily slipped their fingers along my cunt to my ass and I know Sam did insert a finger into my ass hole.

I didn't move away but just told him to stop it. I realized that Joe was the only one who didn't bother about fondling me or did anything to me, and I guess the others also realized this and made some comments, his answer was that my body was always available to him to do as he wished. I know that he sometimes tells his buddies what we did together in bed so I just kept quiet.

The t-shirt was completely soaked so I walked over to the laundry area where I found a towel and wrapped myself in it and when the guys started to protest my reply was that my body wasn't their plaything and only selected people had complete access to it. This set up a howl of protest, everybody wanted to know who else had access to my body but, of course, I refused to say anything further, however I noticed that Tom was smiling at me.

It was now around midnight and I told them it was enough for the night as I had to clean everything up and they should be leaving to return to their wives. Nobody wanted to leave but finally Joe did agree with me and so they had no choice. However they had the condition that I would give each of them a goodnight kiss in the nude, I had to agree otherwise they wouldn't leave and I knew that Joe was impatient for me to get fucked by Tom. So I took off the towel and we all trooped upstairs, I was leading the way and my big fat ass got a few spanks and the comment that after spanking me they should be allowed to kiss it to make it better.

I just ignored them and opened the kitchen door, it leads to a small patio which was covered by some hedges Joe grew so that the neighbors couldn't see what was going on. I doubt the neighbors were awake and looking at us but who could tell and we couldn't take the risk of getting caught because they may not be so understanding of our lifestyles.

Each of them held my naked body tightly with one hand while the other hand roamed my body and french kissed me, of course I kissed them back, and when they let me go they gave both my tits a slight squeeze. I felt so sexy and wanton and I don't know what else, saying goodbye to four men this way, of course, Joe wasn't leaving and I don't think we would have allowed Tom to leave had he wished to.

They left in one car, so Tom had the excuse that he drove here alone and so would be leaving last. This now became the rule, that when the guys broke up the game I had to say goodbye to them, in the nude, and kiss each one and let them feel me up. Of course we couldn't do it whenever any of the guys brought their wives but those that came with partners will leave first so that the rest could say their goodbyes in our own special way.

As soon as the rest drove off, Tom told me to remove his trousers as he wanted to fuck my face, I quickly got down on my knees and started to take off his belt and then unbuckle his pants and pull his briefs down together. He was semi erect and I just gobbled his cock and started sucking away, he pulled my head away and moved to the nearest chair in our kitchen and sat down so I squated on the floor between his legs and now slowly gave all my attention to his beautiful cock.

With my hands cupping his balls I brought my mouth down and swallowed the full length of his cock then he held my head steady and started to pump his hips so that his cock was moving in and out of my mouth, Joe likes to describe this as 'fucking my face!' It didn't take very long before he held my head steady and I finally felt him shooting a huge load of jism in the back of my throat, I swallowed all that I could and then licked the entire length of his cock to make sure that I received everything.

Tom asked Joe if he wanted to fuck me but I knew what his reply would be, he said he would fuck my cunt only after Tom had done so, I don't know what's with Joe but he seems to really enjoy fucking me when my cunt is fulled with another man's juices. I'm not complaining, I just don't understand it. Anyway I now got up and said that I had to clean out the basement, both Joe and Tom followed me down, not to help but they drank some more beer and just watched me doing my work in the nude, every now and then either one of them would swipe their fingers along my cunt lips or poke a couple of fingers inside, and a few times they did poke a finger into my ass hole.

Of course they didn't neglect my tits which were squeezed and my nipples pulled until I told them I needed to be fucked as I had been aroused since I first stripped naked in front of the other guys. When I finally got the basement cleaned we all trooped upstairs again and I washed up the glasses and plates, again while the both of them played with my body, I was feeling so sexy and naughty with all this attention until finally I had everything done and turn around and told them I was ready for some fucking.

We moved to our bedroom upstairs where Tom finally got naked like me and I saw that his cock was again only semi hard, he pulled me on top of him so that I was straddling his face and his cock was right in front of me. I felt his hands spread open my cunt lips and then his lips were licking all along my cunt, every now and then going right in, I just opened my mouth and took his whole cock in and started to suck in earnest and felt it slowly growing longer and harder in my mouth.

I really get a thrill from this feeling of a cock growing in my mouth until it's hard enough to be shoved into my cunt. Suddenly and without any warning I felt a wave of pleasure flow throughout my body and I was soon grinding my cunt on his face and cumming and cumming and cumming, at the same he was pumping his cock faster and faster into my mouth and before too long I felt another spurt of sperm flood my mouth, causing me to swallow fast so as not to miss a single drop. Again I licked his crotch clean of jism before getting up.

I turned over on the bed and saw that Joe had sat in the armchair and was keenly observing his wife and best friend. I moved over to the head of the bed and sat against the headboard with my legs spread open and could see my juices oozing out of my cunt. Tom now told me to masturbate myself until I orgasmed, of course I had done this before but never in front of anybody, not even Joe.

When he saw me hesitate, he reminded me of our agreement and so I placed my hands on my cunt, in a v shape with my second and third fingers spreading my cunt lips open while my middle was rubbing along them. I was getting aroused again and when Joe came nearer to get a better view, I let myself go and was now holding my cunt lips open and using the fingers of my other hand, finger fucking myself in front of my husband and his best friend. Both of them got on each side of me and held my knees, parting my legs wide and looking at me masturbate.

When I finally orgasmed I was pumping my hips up and down fucking myself on my own fingers. Even after I finished cumming the both of them still held my legs apart and I looked down and saw my own juices oozing out of my cunt on to the bed. When I turned to Tom I realized that he was sporting a fresh erection from seeing me masturbate so I crawled over to him saying I wanted that piece of meat in my cunt, reminding him that I hadn't been fucked at all tonight.

He was very obliging and just pushed me onto my back and spread my legs opened and was soon positioned between them, I held his cock and guided it directly into my cunt, it went in easily since I was already so wet. Now I wrapped my legs around his hips and started to thrust myself upwards to get him fully inside, this made him start to pump away between my legs, fucking me first slowly then faster and he alternated between these two.

When I turned to look for Joe I saw that he had gone back to sit in the armchair and was watching his best friend fucking his wife. I soon forgot about everything except for the waves of pleasure flowing outwards from my cunt to the rest of my body. Every now and again Tom would lean down to kiss me on the lips and our tongues would be moving in and out of each other's mouths, he moved his head lower to suck my tits and I threw both my arms around him to pull and keep him down, kissing and licking his face and throat. Suddenly, without any warning, I was cumming and shouting out loud, begging to be fucked faster and harder and then I wrapped my legs tighter around him to keep him still while I was feeling the warm glow flowing throughout my body.

When I had finished I could still feel Tom's cock hard inside my cunt so I started to pump myself up and down again and Tom was also moving in time with me. We both had already cummed twice so I realized that this was going to be a long lovely fuck.

I turned to Joe and told him how wonderful I was feeling and that he would have to wait for some time before it would be his turn, he just smiled, while Tom continued pumping his lovely cock in and out of my cunt.

This continued for quite a long time, I wasn't keeping track of the time but just enjoying the sensations running throughout my body. Tom would pump a few times and then stop to lean down to kiss me, on my lips, face, neck and down to my tits, sucking and licking on them, during the times that he was doing this I would thrusting my hips up and down to keep his cock moving in and out of my cunt but at the same time responding to his kisses.

I was also kissing him on his lips, not forgetting to open my own to receive his tongue, kissing his face and neck, and all the time my hands were rubbing his back and also pulling him down to me. When Tom started to lick all around and inside my ears I had another orgasm and I was asking him to fuck me harder. He didn't disappoint me and now increased the pace.

At the same time he turned to Joe telling him to get undressed to be ready to take over fucking me so I knew he was about to cum. I tightened my legs around his waist and wrapped my arms around his neck to pull him down to me and was kissing and licking his face and throat and his ears and telling him how great my whole body felt. Suddenly he pulled his head away from me and shoved his cock hard into my cunt and stopped moving and I felt him shoot his sperm into my cunt, it felt like he was shooting gallons into me and this gave me another wonderful orgasm.

When Tom finished shooting his load he just rested on me until I too finished, and we both were now just resting, his cock still in my cunt and growing smaller until, when I moved, it plopped out. Now Joe came over and they both held my legs apart, Joe saying he wanted to see how my so well fucked cunt looked. I lifted myself up and joined them looking at my cunt, the lips were still wide opened from the pounding I received, my cunt hairs were wet and plastered to my skin and we saw the combined juices of Tom and me oozing out and dripping onto the sheet, Joe was telling Tom what a lovely sight it was and both Tom and me had to agree with him, and I added that I was just feeling so wonderful and relaxed but was still ready for more.

Hearing this Tom moved aside and Joe got on the bed, he laid down and pulled me above him into our favorite 69 position. I was facing his rigid upright cock and my legs were straddling his face. I immediately held the base of his cock and also his balls with my two hands and felt him pull my ass down to his face and spread my ass cheeks and soon I felt him rubbing his face into my cunt.

I could feel his tongue darting into my cunt licking inside and I helped by rotating and grinding my cunt onto his face while sucking on his cock, when I did this I felt him inserting a finger into my ass hole which made me grind downwards even more and then he was shooting his load into my mouth and I again had another orgasm. I swallowed his full load and then licked around his crotch to make sure I didn't miss anything and when I turned around saw that his face was all wet from the contents in my cunt.

I immediately lay on top of him and started to lick all the cum from his face and also continued licking his throat and ears and all over his face, he just lay still enjoying what I was doing to him. Now I lay beside him in his arms and could see that Tom was sitting at the foot of the bed looking at what me and my husband were doing to each other.

I reached down between Joe's legs and held his cock which was semi erect and was just rubbing it gently, meanwhile he was caressing my body with his free hand, he didn't leave any part untouched, starting from my tits down to my belly and then told me to spread my legs wide and was then on my cunt, inserting a couple of fingers inside and another finger into my ass hole.

My face was nestled in his throat and I was licking and kissing him there. Soon I felt his cock growing from my ministrations and I whispered that I wanted it in my cunt. He climbed between my wide spread legs and I was soon guiding my husband's cock into my still sopping wet cunt, Tom moved to sit on the edge of the bed to get a better view of my husband fucking me. Joe was fucking me slow and steady, just like what Tom did the last time and my responses were the same, I pulled him down to me and was kissing and licking all over his face and throat and he also did the same to me.

Through all this I could now discern a squishy sound and mentioned that we were making more noises than usual. Tom came closer and took a look between my legs and told me that it was the sound of Joe's cock going in and out of my cunt which was filled full of our combined juices.

This seemed to get Joe more excited and he started to pound his cock into my cunt in earnest and very soon he stopped and I felt him shooting his load which gave me yet another orgasm. We rested in each other's arms for a short while, that is until Tom brought my attention to his cock which was hard and erect again, saying that looking at Joe fucking me had got him excited once more. I propped myself up on an elbow and asked his permission to go downstairs to get something to drink before he start to fuck me, he replied that we should all go downstairs explaining he wanted to fuck my ass in the kitchen.

So both him and Joe went into the bathroom to wash up and get changed, as usual they wouldn't allow me to do the same, while I went downstairs, naked and with all three of our juices oozing out of my cunt onto my thighs. In the kitchen I got out the sodas and poured them ready for my men and sat down waiting for them.

They came down, both fully dressed and so I reminded Tom that he promised to fuck my ass, his reply was that I should undress him if I really wanted it and he would fuck me and then leave immediately as it was already nearly 3am by now. We had our drinks and then I walked up to him and, without a word, started to undress him and I found that his cock had lost some of its earlier hardness and was now only semi erect.

I immediately got down on my knees and gobbled his cock into my mouth and started sucking on it. Very soon he was hard again and he now told me to choose how and where I wanted to get fucked. This wasn't any problem, I pushed him down on the kitchen chair and straddled him but remained standing with my ass just above his cock.

Now I turned to Joe telling him to use his fingers to pull some of the juices from my cunt and rub it into my ass hole and Tom's cock and then guide it into me, reminding him that he should push Tom's cock into my ass hole slowly to avoid hurting me.

My husband followed these instructions to the letter, first he poked two fingers into my cunt and turned them around and slowly extracted our combined juices from my cunt and slowly drag it along to my ass hole and reamed me slowly and also inserted a finger inside. Then he pushed his fingers into my cunt again to withdraw some more juice and rubbed it on to Tom's cock, when he did this I could feel Tom stiffen a little, I guess he wasn't comfortable with another man touching his cock but I held tightly onto him and started to kiss and lick his face so he relaxed again.

When my ass hole and Tom's cock were sufficiently lubricated I felt Joe pull my ass cheeks apart and then could feel Tom's cock being slowly pushed in, and now I sat down slowly in Tom's lap taking more and more of his cock inside. When I was fully seated in his lap we found that the most comfortable position for both of us was to have me hold Tom off at arm's length with my hands on his shoulders as he wanted to play with my tits, then I had to put my legs on the back of the chair.

In this position my cunt was left facing upwards at Tom and I could only pump myself up and down using my legs braced at the back of the chair. I could only pump myself slowly so felt every inch of Tom's cock going in and out of my ass hole and now Joe moved to stand behind Tom so that he could get a better view of what I was doing.

I had to stop after every few minutes as this position was quite tiring but I didn't hear any complaints from either men about my slow fuck! However after about half an hour Tom suddenly stiffened and grabbed me around my waist to keep me still and then I felt him shooting another load into me, not my mouth or cunt as before but this time into my ass.

I remained still until he had stopped cumming and when his cock grew smaller and softer he pushed me off. He then went over to the bathroom downstairs to wash up and got dressed, as usual I wasn't allowed to do the same, so I stood in our kitchen naked and with cum oozing out of my cunt and ass hole and asked my husband whether he wanted to fuck my ass now that his best friend had left it wide open and filled with cum.

Joe said he would do it when we went back upstairs to our bedroom. When Tom was ready to leave, he opened the kitchen door and told me to wish him goodnight and goodbye the same way I did to the others so I walked over to him and kissed him while he ran his hands all over my naked body for the last time that night.

When he left I started to wash the glasses and now Joe came to stand behind me and inserted a finger into my ass hole saying that it was just as wet as my cunt, telling me to hurry up as he was already hard and horny again.

We went up quickly to our bedroom and Joe was undressing himself even before we entered and when he was finally naked again he pushed me on the bed and told me to get on all fours, and as soon as I was in position he came behind me and spread my ass cheeks apart with one hand while using the other to shove his cock into my ass hole.

It went in smoothly as my ass hole was already stretched by Tom and it was so wet from Tom's cum. Joe started to fuck me hard and fast, it didn't hurt as usual because of what Tom did earlier. Soon I felt another load of cum being shot inside and knew that Joe had cummed.

We laid down in each other's arms tired from all the night's exertions and I fell into a deep and blissful sleep, knowing all my holes had their share of cum tonight. As a result of what happened tonight we now have an understanding with Joe's poker buddies. I would only be dressed in a t-shirt and nothing else when serving them during the game and when we said our goodnights, I was to be naked and allow them free rein to my body while giving them their kisses.

Another thing was that (but I only promised this to myself) I wouldn't put up too much resistance when they fondled me as I served their snacks and drinks, even when they touched my cunt. The guys all seemed to believe that even when we gathered with their families, they could still touch me up but, of course, they were much more careful and circumspect with their families around. The immediate benefit for me was a great big boost to my ego that there were still so many men interested in me at my age and that I could control them with my naked body. I now looked for any excuse to be naked and when I went out, I only dressed in the minimum so as not to break any laws, I threw away all my bras and only kept my thong and skimpy panties even though I used them as little as possible. Joe didn't make any complains about these new habits of mine. I have so much more stories about how Tom controlled my sex life and will be making more contributions here soon.

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