Tuesday, April 14, 2009

The Sex Den

I just found a new chat area. It is a little bit deserted (did I spell that right?), but it looks cool.

Here is the URL: http://www.thesexden.net/index.php

It is called The Sex Den, and the environment looks way cool. Translation: looks like a nice place to chat, to chill out, or even to get a private room and cyber. Not that anyone cybers anymore. Oh, how I would like a good cyber session!

Who knows, say you saw this post entry when you see me and I may tell you what color my panties are. And perhaps a bit more.


Anonymous said...

it wont let me in camilla. i was really wondering about those panties though... :)

Leesa said...

Anon: Once you log in, you need to click on chat to see if I am in chat (not that I am there much). Well, if I ever see you in chat, be sure and ask about my panties.

Looks like the following people were logged in over the last 24 hours: Alexa [Bot], Amommatold, Azalea, Blottehourler, Dr-Feelgood, Exabot [Bot], Freexy, Google [Bot], Inevitable, Lisa Taylor, Manny5664, Mech_Man, Scratch, Scratch'sGirl, SkicSloxick, Stryder, TheHoly, TortnerW, Voral, XenuAntiSpb, Yahoo [Bot], b35ty, crazytrainer, dsqtmq, epignsegokils, graanpuf, holdem456, jamesy6227, jehu36, jman76, leesa31410, mirkofodor, ogtnyilol, ooogabooga, rcb100, xxxusagirlsexxxtt

Anonymous said...

God, Camilla, the site was great. I did not see you, but I saw Leesa. And she was . . . so good and so bad.