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Women Who Love Women

by Linda Chorlton
(November 2001)

With the exception of two married men with whom I've had incredibly
passionate affairs, and then went our separate ways, my love life, and,
consequently, my sex life, has been one bad experience after another.
I can spot a good deal at work, trade expensive antiques at huge profits,
but I seem to fall for guys that turn into wimps, wanting a new
"mother-figure", or a cheap skivvy to replace a girlfriend who saw the
writing on the wall, and left. Sex goes cold. Until now, that is!

I am a young, very successful professional woman, 5'3", 105 lbs.,
natural blonde and, so I'm told, considered quite attractive, and yes
collars and cuffs do match; I have a nice figure, which I work very
hard to maintain in the Seb Coe Gym near my luxury apartment.

All-in-all, I consider myself really fortunate. Except when it comes to men.
I had my fill of men, both literally and figuratively, about a year ago,
so, I made a conscious decision to abstain from rumpy-pumpy. I still dated,
frequently, but I no longer jumped into bed with my dates as quickly as I
had done before. I felt I wanted the men in my life to be friends first, then,
if a true, and loving friendship developed, sex would follow naturally. I'm
still waiting for that idea to come to fruition.

Celibacy, by definition, has one major drawback: no sex, no physical relief.
Consequently, I became an incessant masturbateuse. I found myself buying
(through Sunday Sport mail order catalogues) a variety of dildoes and vibrators
which I began to use religiously. These 'toys' gave as much sexual relief as these
marvelous devices can ever provide, but I still yearned for the warmth and comfort of a
gentle, caring body next to mine.

About six months ago, after a particularly horrendous episode with an
over-amorous date who tried to rape me, all of my anger and frustrations
suddenly boiled over and I found myself sitting crying uncontrollably in, of all
places, the laundry room of my apartment building. One of my neighbours, a
striking Japanese woman whom I had often seen but never really got to know,
found me and took me back to her apartment which she shared with another woman, whom
I had also often seen. After about half an hour, I finally calmed down and, being
embarrassed, I apologized to these two wonderfully caring and thoughtful
women, Aiko and Linda. After thanking them profusely for their genuine concern
and comfort and I left to go back to my own apartment.

The following night, Aiko knocked on my door to inquire how I was
feeling. She invited me back to her apartment for tea and conversation with
Linda and her boyfriend, Mark, and I gladly accepted. It was a delightful
evening with truly delightful people. I learned that both she and Linda
were registered nurses in the famous research hospital not far from our
building and Linda's boyfriend, Mark, a tall, extraordinarily handsome man,
was a Senior House Officer in the same hospital. Mark had to leave early,
but Aiko, Linda and I talked long into the night about anything and everything.
From there, our friendship blossomed. And it was a wonderful new friendship.
Occasionally, Mark would join us for a pizza and I could easily appreciate
Linda's attraction to this man. But something else was going on; something
I never would have ever suspected or even expected.

We had joined a woman's health club together, and after one
particularly grueling workout we all longed for the warmth and relaxation
of the sauna. The three of us marched into the sauna wrapped in our towels,
but once inside the incredibly hot room, Aiko and Linda unselfconsciously
shed their towels and stretched out, completely nude, on the long wooden
benches. Being ridiculously modest, I kept my towel on, but my eyes were
continually drawn to their exquisitely naked bodies. Stranger still, I
slowly realized that I was not only fascinated both by their beauty and
their warm, casual manners, but I was actually emotionally attracted to them.
Sexually attracted.

Aiko was petite and slender and practically flat-chested. Her tiny
mounds were really no more than just puffy red areolas with exceedingly
large nipples. She had the tiniest waist which flared out into wonderfully
rounded hips and a flat, well defined stomach which sloped smoothly and
gently to the extremely sparse, straight black baby-fine pubic hair that
framed her pussy. Linda, on the other hand, was a tall, Nordic, athletic
woman who, although not nearly as delicate as Aiko, had a perfectly shaped
figure with extremely large yet firm breasts, crowned, like Aiko's, with
very large nipples. As we talked, I'm sure they caught me staring, but
neither Aiko nor Linda, to their credit, indicated that to me. So as
casually and as nonchalantly as I could, I let my eyes sweep over their
glistening nakedness, getting increasingly more aroused and excited every

As the weeks went on, I continued to date, with the usual,
predictable, negative results. I continued to be celibate and I continued
to masturbate, but with increased frequency and intensity. But the strange
thing that was happening was that the objects of my mastubatory fantasies
were Aiko and Linda; individually and together as I had seen them in the
sauna. My fantasies were, I'm sure, uniquely naive. As a girl in college I
had experienced some "flirtations" with several other girls which
culminated in an occasional bump and tickle incident, but I had never
experienced a truly fulfilling lesbian affair. So my fantasies involving
Aiko and Linda were extraordinarily arousing.

About a week after the sauna incident, I was returning a suitcase I
had borrowed, to Aiko. After knocking on the door and getting no reply,
I let myself into their apartment with the keys we had exchanged. I stopped
at the door and called their names. Still getting no response, I put the
suitcase down and was about to leave when I heard music coming from Aiko's
bedroom. I thought she had left the stereo on so I naturally went back to
the bedroom to turn it off. The moment I entered the bedroom, I saw Aiko
and Linda, nearly nude, on the bed, making love. To say I was shocked would
be a gross understatement. I was amazed. Flabbergasted. Speechless. Yet
instantly and incredibly aroused. My first instinct was to leave as
quietly as I could; but I was transfixed. I couldn't tear myself away from
the sight of my two beautiful friends lovingly entwined in each other's

Linda was lying on her back while Aiko, wearing a black garterbelt
and black stockings, was lying on top, between Linda's legs which were
wrapped around her thighs. Linda's arms encircled Aiko's back, hugging her
tightly as Aiko's hands lovingly caressed Linda's face. And they were
kissing passionately, moaning softly, delighting in each other's lips.
I have no idea how long I stood there watching, it was probably only
seconds, but, sensing my presence, they suddenly stopped kissing and both
looked in my direction. I was so embarrassed I could have died right then
and there. I stammered an apology or something, I don't remember what, and
they smiled at me. Linda said something like "now you know" and Aiko added
something like "I hope you don't mind." I just shook my head. I was so
torn; I desperately wanted to leave, to collect my thoughts, but I
couldn't. And then Aiko said, very softly, "please, Amelia, why don't you
join us."

I couldn't answer. My heart was racing, my mouth was absolutely dry
and I could feel my whole body shaking. Sensing my conflict, my
overwhelming apprehension and desire, Linda and Aiko got off the bed and
moved across the room towards me. I can vividly recall how gracefully Aiko
moved and how sensuously Linda's large breasts swayed as they approached me,
with arms outstretched and beckoning me. My heart screamed Yes! My head, No!
Their bodies glistened with a patina of perspiration and I quickly noticed
how stiff and erect their nipples were. I also noticed that Aiko's pussy was
now shaved clean and smooth,unlike in the sauna .

Linda and Aiko both took both my hands in theirs and held them gently as
we spoke. Linda told me that she and Aiko often talked about how beautiful
and sexy they thought I was and they wondered if I was bisexual. I told
them about my few fumbling experiences, but that I really didn't consider
myself bisexual. Then, smiling warmly, Linda took my hand she was holding and
raised it to her ample breast, pressing my hand against her warm, damp flesh and
said, in a whisper, that there was nothing frightening about touching
another woman's body, it was the most natural and beautiful thing in the
world. Then, still guiding my hand, she slowly moved it around her breast,
underneath it to feel its weight and firmness, then up to her swollen
nipple to feel its firm, spongy resilience. "It feels so nice, so warm, so
smooth, doesn't it," she whispered? And it did, it really did.

I had never had such an urge to suck and lick on her boobs, as happened then.
I had a catch in my throat and couldn't answer; closing my eyes, I
barely shook my head in response. I was so suddenly excited and aroused, my
legs became weak and rubbery. I could feel my own nipples growing and
hardening beneath my clothes just as I could feel a familiar wetness
seeping out between my legs and soaking my panties. Linda removed her hands
from mine and raised them to my face, but my fingers remained on her
breast, nervously stroking her long, rigid nipple. And then, while Aiko
gently squeezed my hand, Linda slowly leaned forward and kissed me.

The touch of her mouth on mine was absolutely electrifying. Linda's
lips were so incredibly soft, her breath so sweet and her touch so tender,
it was so different, so unlike any man's kiss. And I wanted more. I pressed
my own mouth firmly against hers, kissing her back, tentatively at first
and then more passionately. I could feel her lips part slightly and then
felt the tip of her wet tongue slowly wash over my lips. Following her
lead, I opened my mouth slightly and allowed her tongue to enter, gingerly
touching it with my own tongue, absorbing her warmth and wetness. After a
second or two, Linda pulled away and smiled. "We want to make love to you,"
she whispered and I nodded; I knew, at that precise moment, I was
irrevocably committed. From that moment I was lost in abandon.

Still holding my hand, Aiko led me to the bed, turned me around and
the two of them began undressing me. While Linda pulled my tank-top over my
head, Aiko deftly unbuttoned my jeans, pulled them over my hips and slid
them down my legs. On her hands and knees in front of me, she slipped off
my shoes and helped me out of my jeans. I stood between them, stripped down
to my bra and soaked panties, discarding my modesty as quickly as my
clothes. In a daze, I freely allowed Linda to unclasp the front closure of
my bra and peel the lace away from my breasts. My nipples, although not
anywhere near as large as Linda's or Aiko's, were rock hard, jutting out
from my swollen areolas like two ripe cherries. Still on her knees in front
of me, Aiko reached up and slowly eased my panties down my legs. I
willingly stepped out of them and stood there, completely and unashamedly
naked as their eyes drifted all over my body.

They eased me down on the bed, fluffing a pillow under my head and
then laid down on either side of me, pressing their bodies against mine.
Their warmth and their softness and their tenderness were magnificent. My
excitement was so intense, it is difficult even now for me to recall
exactly what transpired. I felt as if I was consumed by a fog of pure,
exquisite pleasure unlike any I had ever experienced. I know we kissed.
Long and deep and passionately; first Linda, then Aiko and then the
three of us together, painting each other's mouths and lips and tongues
with hot, sweet saliva. And as we kissed, their delicate, practiced hands
moved sensually over my body, exciting every nerve fiber their fingers
trailed over, from my thighs to my neck and face and then slowly down to my
thighs again.

They had eased my thighs apart and each wrapped their legs around
mine, pressing and rubbing their wet pussies against my flesh as we
continued to kiss. Their hands found my breasts and squeezed and stroked
and fondled and massaged them in unison. I could barely breathe and talking
was absolutely impossible. My cunt was inflamed and throbbing deep within
my womb, and I could feel my juices flowing like a slow lava stream down my
thighs. I have no idea how long we continued like that, but all too soon,
I felt, they pulled their lips from mine. Hungrily, I tried to reclaim
their mouths, but Linda smiled, whispering words of comfort, and helped me
up, shifting our bodies. Linda moved to the edge of the bed and sat up,
cradling my head and upper body in her arms above her lap. My cheek pressed
against her soft, smooth belly while her enormous breasts swayed above my
face. This was going beyond my wildest fantasies and the feelings I had
were so exquisite, I prayed it would go on forever.

With my free hand, I reached up and touched Linda's breast, gently
stroking its full, sloping underside. As I did, I could feel Aiko's hands
on my breasts again, sliding up and squeezing my nipples between her
fingers. Except for my clitoris, which one lover described as a "hair
trigger", my nipples are especially sensitive. And Aiko knew exactly how
to touch them. She rolled them between her fingers, gently tugging and
pulling them upwards. I moaned loudly, twisting away, but Aiko kept a firm
grip on my engorged buds and pinched them again.

My whole body shuddered and I lost my breath. No doubt encouraged by my reaction, Aiko slid her
hand down my breast, and, squeezing it upward, sucked my nipple deep into
her mouth. My tit just melted into her mouth and she lapped and licked and
sucked my sensitive nipple as no man ever had. I squeezed Linda's breast
harder, trying to share my pleasure and joy. She moaned softly and leaned
forward, pressing her long, stiff, fleshy nipple against my lips. Eagerly,
I parted my lips and drew her thumb-like nipple deep into my mouth, wildly
sucking it, making her groan with unrestrained pleasure. I could feel her
nipple pulsate on my tongue and I swirled my tongue around it even more

As Aiko sucked me, I continued sucking this beautiful woman's tit
like a starving baby. And then it happened; a strange, hot, sweet liquid
suddenly coated my tongue. Thinking I drawn blood, I quickly pulled my face
away and looked at Linda's nipple and then at her face. Her eyes were
closed and she had the sweetest smile on her face. When I could speak, I
stammered something like "did I hurt you?" Linda just shook her head and
giggled. "No," she whispered, "I'm lactating. That was milk." I was
stunned. Then Aiko lifted her face from my tit and giggled, too. It was
then that I noticed that while she was sucking my nipple, she was squeezing
her own and there was a tiny droplet of white milk on the tip of her nipple
as well. "We're both lactating," Aiko gushed, "it's one of the greatest
joys of being a woman, don't you think?"

I was in no condition to think. I gasped "Oh, my God" and lifted
myself from Linda, looking first at their beautiful faces and then their
breasts which they were both now holding. I looked at Aiko and suddenly
found myself muttering, "I want to see. Show me."

Both Linda and Aiko were only too happy to oblige. Shifting positions
again, Aiko sat upright against the headboard and Linda knelt down next to
her. I positioned myself on Aiko's other side and watched as Aiko stroked
Linda's head and guided her to her fascinatingly long, thick nipple. I held
my own breasts, in empathy, I suppose, and stroked my tender nipples with
my thumbs.

As Aiko continued to lovingly stroke Linda's thick blonde hair, Linda
held Aiko's tiny mound in her hand, opened her mouth and placed the flat
of her tongue against the underside of Aiko's swollen nipple. Then,
squeezing Aiko's puffy red areola between her thumb and forefinger, she
began milking her nipple slowly and rhythmically while tenderly lapping and
licking the tip of it. Then slowly, very slowly, Linda lowered her lips
over the other woman's nipple and drew it deep into her mouth.

Linda's cheeks hollowed as she sucked and Aiko just closed her eyes and sighed.
It was immediately obvious that these two women had done this many
times before. They knew each other's nuances and responded accordingly. As
Linda continued to coax Aiko's nipple with her fingers and mouth, Aiko
spread her stockinged legs and slid her long, slender fingers along her
smooth, hairless slit, rubbing her elongated clit in concert with Linda's
sucking, milking movements.

Watching them, I was so turned on, I began squeezing and kneading my
nipples so hard they began to throb painfully. And then I saw it; Aiko's
milk, a thin white stream, snaking down from the corner of Linda's suckling
mouth. One of the most beautiful sights is to see a baby at the breast,
but this was a close second, and I wanted to join in on the action.
I couldn't stand it any longer. My face went to Nieko's breast, my
lips to her other turgid nipple and I drew it deep into my mouth, sucking
it feverishly. In a matter of moments she began flowing, squirting jets of
hot, salty-sweet, creamy liquid against my throat, filling my mouth. Nieko
groaned and gasped as Linda and I both sucked her tits wantonly.
A few moments later, Linda pulled away and I had Aiko all to myself.

With complete abandon, I drew her entire tit into my mouth and continued
sucking and milking her blazing nipple and then, almost simultaneously, our
hands found each other's sopping cunts. Aiko's delicate fingers barely
flicked over my throbbing clit sending bolts of electrifying sensations
through my entire body. I completely lost my breath and had to pull away
from her breast just to draw a taste of air into my burning lungs. But
Aiko didn't stop. Her magic fingers continued to electrify my clit. And
then I felt Linda between my thighs, lowering her face to my cunt. A second
later, her soft-stiff tongue replaced Aiko's fingers, licking, sucking,
flicking, swirling around my clitoris. I have been told that I am well
endowed, seemingly, with a clit the size of a small finger, but most
men skip this foreplay and jump straight into the humpng phase. Linda
gave a gasp of delight as she coaxed it into erection, and then started
to suck and lick it, untill I stood out at her, she loved it, a first for her.
My hips had a life of their own, bucking and gyrating uncontrollably
against Linda's hungry mouth. I don't know how she held me down. Her
fingers pried my cunt lips open and she plunged her stiff, wet tongue into
my hole, screwing it deeper and deeper into me. Aiko shifted, pulling
herself up, covering my mouth with kisses as she squeezed and kneaded my
tits. She kept saying "come, baby, come, baby, come." I was on the edge. I
was never so turned on, never so hot in my entire life. Linda had changed
from finger-dipping, and was now fisting my sucking, dripping love canal.
I could feel my orgasm building like a rumbling volcano deep within me.
I screamed, "I'm cumming!I'm cumming!". I gasped, I held my breath...
and then I came. Once. Twice. And then a third time, my juices flooded out,
the orgasm was like a shuddering explosion, losing myself completely to wave after
delicious, exquisite indescribable pleasure. And still Linda lapped
my cunt as if it was her last meal. My clit was unbearably sensitive;
even her hot breath on it made my entire body shake and quiver. Aiko
and her licked and lapped at my jizm, like a pair of kittens, every last drop.
Totally drained, I had to pull away. I needed to catch my breath. I had
to regain some semblance of consciousness. I begged Linda to stop. And then
I begged her for more. And yes, more was to come. This was only the beginning,
of our long term trio relationship ....

It was 'as well as' not 'instead of' men fucks.

I am now getting the best of both worlds. Girls, you really should swing both ways.

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