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Me and Frank

by Beverly (November 2001)

I would like to start my story by first introducing myself. My name is Beverly but everybody calls me Bev. I'm 24 y/o, still single and living with my parents as I'm the only child. I work in a real estate office downtown, about an hour's drive from my home, and drive to work everyday in my BMW which my maternal grandmother bought for me on my 21st birthday. At the moment of writing this, I'm unattached, having broken off with my boyfriend of 1 year after he found out that I was having an affair with an older married man. I don't understand this because I have known this older man, Frank, for more than 15 years but, of course, I only started my affair with him about 4 years ago.

Frank is 55 y/o and he and his family used to live a few blocks from my house, that's how I got to know him, he has two sons, both of whom are grown up and presently not living with him and his wife. The eldest is married and lives and work with his family in another state and the youngest is a senior in college, also in another state. They are not in my age group and so I didn't have very much to do with them before. Some more personal stuff about me. I'm 5‚2‰ 125 lbs blonde hair and blue eyes with 32b tits but a huge 38‰ ass. My ex-boyfriend used to say I'm pear shaped but he still insisted I remain naked whenever I stayed over at his apt, if he didn't like my shape why didn't he like me wearing clothes?

Anyway Frank always tells me that I'm just the shape he likes and I know that he really likes my body as he doesn't seem to be able to leave it alone. Although Frank is 55 y/o he looks much younger, I think because he works out a lot and have regular steam and sauna sessions at his golf club. I've joined him there a couple of times but it isn't something I'm able to do too often as his wife goes there regularly too. He's about 5'11"180 lbs with black hair and greyish eyes. He's a senior partner (which means he doesn't need to do much work) in a law firm.

Since Frank is married and my parents are friends with him and his wife, we are only able to meet once a week, on Wednesday evenings. This is the day that he's supposed to be playing golf with some buddies and also the day that his wife does her volunteer work over at the local hospital. So she goes home late and this gives Frank the opportunity to also go home late and spend time with me.

Of course we've been away for short trips each time he gets an excuse to travel to meet clients/customers but these trips don't happen too often, on some of his trips his wife would go along and so that means a lonely time for me. This arrangement I have with Frank is not the ideal arrangement for a young and horny girl like me but it's the best we can do in our situation. Frank is very special to me, I'm not in love with him but my feelings for him run very deep, I'm even willing to break off with my boyfriend so that I don't have to stop seeing him.

The reason why our relationship is so special to me is because I tell Frank everything I do, at home, in the office and also what I do with my boyfriend or anybody I happen to have sex with. He likes for me to tell him all these things (especially my sex life) in detail, even to the extent of what I was feeling at that time, I try my best to satisfy his interest. Usually when I'm telling him about my sexual escapades I'll be lying naked in his arms and in bed, he may be semi dressed, fully dressed and even, sometimes, as naked as I am. We've tried to do some of the things I did with other men together, sometimes they are successful but sometimes they are not.

It doesn't really matter to me as my whole body is for Frank to enjoy in whatever way he sees fit. I've told him many times that I am with him for his total enjoyment, it isn't important whether he satisfies me sexually or not since I'm able to satisfy my sexual urges with other men, the most important thing when we‚re together is that he leaves our meetings fully satisfied and I've told him many times that I'm willing to do anything he wishes to satisfy him. Since knowing Frank I'd broken off with a few boyfriends and I've always confided in him and he has always given me good advice. The few times I didn't follow his advice, I regretted it later when I found out that he was right all along.

I take his advice about which man is good for me and which one isn't and so far he has guided me in the right direction. As I'd explained earlier, Frank is much older than me and so I understand that he can't really retain his erection or perform too long. A usual date with him would be for him to call me in the afternoon telling me which hotel or motel he has reserved a room and immediately after work I'll drive over to meet him. We much prefer motels out of town where there's more privacy and the chances of meeting somebody we know is less.

As soon as I enter the room I'll strip naked, he's isn't into me walking around in panties or garters and stockings or any sexy underwear, he just wants me to be naked as soon as we‚re alone together. Then we'll be cuddling, Frank sometimes will be fully dressed or in his underwear or naked, but he'll have his hands and mouth roaming all over my body touching me everywhere, right from my head to the soles of my feet.

One of my greatest pleasures is to lie naked in bed and for Frank to kiss and fondle my entire body, there isn't any part of my body that he hasn't touched or kissed or licked. This usually ends with him eating my cunt until I cum. After that we'll shower together and then go out for dinner, of course Frank would be fully dressed but he will not allow me to wear my panties or the blazer that I usually wear to work.

I don't use a bra so it means that when we go out for dinner I'll have on my top, which is mostly blouses or some strappy top, and skirt and my high heels. Frank has explained that the reason for this is so that he'll be able to fondle me whenever he wishes, and I must say that he makes full use of this opportunity to fondle me under my clothes. We'll normally have a quick bite and then rush back to our room. Now it's the opposite, both of us would be naked and I'll be crawling all over Frank and we'll touch and kiss and lick each other.

I love sucking Frank's cock, it's a really beautiful cock, circumcised, about 7‰ long and I'm able to just encircle it with my thumb and forefinger, I love tp feel him growing harder and longer in my mouth until he's fully erect. During all this Frank would be busy between my legs, he loves to lick my cunt and continue until my ass hole. Our favorite position for this is for Frank to lie on his back and I'll straddle his face, giving him access to the area between my legs, and all the time I'll be working on his cock. I'll usually have another orgasm during this time, and will rub and grind my cunt all over Frank's face, he has told me he truly enjoys this. As soon as he's hard enough to fuck me, I'll turn around and slowly lower myself on his cock using a hand to guide it into my cunt, Frank will have both his hands fondling and kneading my tits and continue roaming his hands over any part of my body within reach.

When I feel him fully inside then I'll balance myself with my hands on each side of his head, we've found from experience that this is the most comfortable position for me to start riding Frank's cock and at the same time allow him to reach most of my body. Occasionally I'll lean lower down to allow him to kiss me or for me to lick my juices from his face.

I ride Frank's lovely cock slowly, as I lift myself up I'll use my cunt muscles to grip his cock along the way (I've had a lot of practice with this, taught by Frank, and many men have told me I've the best cunt muscles‚ control) and when only the head is left in my cunt, I'll slam down fast so that his entire cock is shoved into my cunt. Now I'll just lie there moving my ass around with his cock inside my cunt and then repeat the whole process again until he shoots his full load into my cunt. Usually when I feel it I'll have another orgasm. We would then just lie in each others arms and this is the time that I tell him my problems and we talk. He'll still be fondling and kissing me, on a couple of occasions he ate me, my cunt full of our combined juices, until I had another orgasm. After some time we would shower and change and go our separate way home.

On one occasion when I didn't cum during fucking, Frank was so sad and despondent so I agreed for him to make me cum with his fingers. That time only he took a shower and after he was dressed we walked out of the room together, me totally naked with our juices oozing out of my cunt and running down my thighs and carrying all my clothes. We got into the back seat of Frank's car where he finger fucked me to another orgasm before he allowed me to get into my own car and get dressed before driving off. This was what happened last Wednesday.

Frank called me at work around 4pm saying that he had booked a room in a motel out of town that we had used many times in the past, telling me the room number and saying that he would be waiting impatiently for me. As soon as the office clock showed 5pm I just cleared my table and was out practically running to the car park. I drove straight to the motel and parked right in front of the unit, which was at the rear corner of the lot. That day I was dressed in a halter top and a short flared skirt which only reached half way down my thighs, as is usual I don't use a bra and that is the reason why I've to use a blazer in the office.

As soon as I entered the room and locked the door I started to strip until I was really bare assed naked. After hanging up my clothes in the closet, I turned to Frank, who was lying on the bed fully dressed all this while, opened up my arms and offered him my body. He came over to me and pulled me down on to the bed and then started his slow langurous journey all over my body, his hands were roaming all over my body, reaching between my legs and fondling my cunt, my ass and my tits, at the same time he was also licking and kissing me, my face and tits and slowly making his way down my belly and was soon between my legs eating me out. I could feel his tongue flicking lightly over my cunt lips and then his lips were pushing my labia apart and he was pushing his tongue into my cunt.

Meanwhile I was running my fingers through his hair and holding his head and thrusting my hips up and down, rubbing my cunt into his face. Before too long I grabbed his head to keep it steady while my legs were holding his head between them and I was having my first orgasm for the night. When I was finished I kissed Frank's lips tenderly, thanking him. Now I got out of bed and started to undress him and we then went into the bathroom for our shower. First he cleaned my body starting with the make up on my face and then slowly down to my cunt, cleaning it of my juices, he even poked a finger into my ass hole saying that he'll wanting a taste of that later. Then I lathered his whole body with shower gel making sure I massaged his beautiful cock, then we washed off all the foam and went back into the bedroom where we dried each other.

As usual Frank got dressed while I sat naked on the bed just looking at him. I'd mentioned before that he didn't have an old man's body due to his regular workouts and he looked very smart and handsome and distinguished when he was fully dressed. All I had to do was pull on my skirt and then my halter top and high heels and we were ready to go out, no make up at all as he would be licking my face later.

We decided to drive over to a restaurant not too far away since it was still early and nobody we knew usually came to this part of town. We both ordered light meals but did have a bottle of wine with dinner. There was no lingering over coffee or anything and immediately we finished eating we were out of there and back to our love nest. When we arrived back at the motel, Frank asked me to strip in the car so that I would be walking back to our room in the nude, of course I agreed but just as I was about to open the car door he told me to leave my clothes in his car.

This was the first time he had asked such a thing of me so I replied that they could get stolen if anybody came by, he said we could keep them in the boot. So we got down from the car and had to wait a while for Frank to open the car boot, I was standing there bare assed naked holding my clothes.

Frank finally got the boot opened and I put my clothes in and then we walked to our room, I was only carrying my purse and nothing else. As Frank was looking for the room key a car drove into the parking lot, it was already dark by now and so the headlights were on and shining right at me. Frank didn't open the room door until we saw a couple get down from the car, the man made as if he wanted to come over but the woman caught his arm and stopped him but he waved and so we waved back before Frank opened the door for us.

Actually I wasn't too surprised at this because Frank had, many times in the past said that I should expose my body to strangers more often. On the few occasions that we went away together, I did some flashing but this was the first time I just stood naked for others to see me, I must admit that it was quite a thrill! Now I don't need too much encouragement from Frank to strip naked. There was one time we had gone away when Frank had some business in another state, we stayed in a hotel and Frank ordered breakfast for us in the room.

I had just come out of the bathroom and was towelling my hair and so didn't realized that the waiter had brought up our breakfast, when I lowered the towel I saw him and he was just standing there starring at my naked body, Frank was already seated and so I threw the towel on the bed and just walked across the room to the table and poured out coffee for Frank and myself, all the time the waiter just starred at me until I walked over to him to sign the bill and opened the door to see him out. I stood naked at the door while he walked over to the elevators, I don't know if I was lucky or unlucky that no guest came along!

After breakfast I was again naked as I saw Frank out of the room while he kissed me goodbye at the opened door, again there was nobody around to see me. Later that morning I went out by myself, I had on a one piece summer dress, with bra and panties, and met the waiter when I came out of the lift, I smiled at him before continuing to walk out of the hotel. Another occasion when I went away with Frank, we went up to Seattle during the winter and so both of us brought our overcoats along.

One evening we went out for dinner, I was totally naked under my overcoast, all I had on was knee length stockings and a pair of boots. When we were in the taxi going back to the hotel, Frank unbuttoned all my buttons and loosened my belt so that as I was getting down from the taxi, my tits and legs were exposed to the driver. In the elevator up to our room, Frank told me to open the front of my coat.

We were the only ones in the lift but another couple got on a few floors later and I'm sure they realized that I was naked under that coat but they didn't let on. When we got out of the lift, Frank took off my coat so that I walked all along the corridor to our room only in my stockings and boots.

Just before we reached our room, a man came out of one room and got such a shock he just stood there and starred at me, then as Frank was looking for the room key, a waiter came out of one room and also saw me, maybe he was used to seeing naked women in the hotel as he took a look and then continued walking away, I turned to see him walk to the elevators but he didn't look back, only the other guest continued staring at me.

I have so many other adventures with Frank and would appreciate comments at please write me.

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