Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Letter from Tina

(November 2001)

hello Darling,

I am so horny, i am alone and the only person i can think of talking to is you. My boyfriend has just left for work, leaving me unsatisfied. He made love to me, screwing me like a steam train, but it was all over so fast i didn't have a chance to orgasm. I am sitting here naked writing to you, i have had to put a towel on the chair because my pussy is so full of his delicious, thick sperm. It's a fabulous sensation feeling his love juice ooze out of my swollen, hot, wet pussy.

The warm seed is wetting my inner thighs, the smell of sex is so overpowering and invigorating, the smell is getting me even hornier. I'm sliding my left index finger onto my aroused clit, oh, it is so slippy. I'm entering my cunt, oh, my swollen pussy. The heat, the slippiness. I need two fingers in, that's better, mmmm. Oh David, how i need you here to watch me masturbate myself. I want to let you see me bring myself to orgasm. Rubbing on my clit for you, spreading my lips apart, letting you see into my soul. My legs apart, my body gyrating in ecstacy. The shuddering i make as my orgasm builds from deep inside of my womb. I want you to hear my moans of delight as i pump three fingers into my glorious, sexy love hole as my orgasm explodes out of me. My clear ejaculate covering my fingers, mixed with my boyfriends cum, my legs so wet with the love mixture.

Come here darling, i'm on my back, legs apart, you can see my swollen sex lips, they are so red, so hot, so wet. Yes baby, lower your head, yes, smell me. Oh please, don't tease me, suck me out, darling, taste me, taste my love, taste my boyfriends cum, suck my cunt, lick me, oh yes, yes. David, flick your tongue on my clit, ooooh, yes, like that. Oh, keep doing it, i'm pushing my pussy up, forcing your tongue harder onto my love bud, yes, faster baby, faster, ooh, i'm starting to cum, oh baby, i can feel my cum starting. Darling, spread my lips apart with your thumbs, that's it, now push your tongue deep inside me, oh, i can feel your hot tongue in me, oh, yes, keep it moving, i can hear my juices slurping, what a sexy sound, oh yes, baby, baby, i'm cumming. Tongue fuck me, yes, harder you fucking bastard, yes, oh fuck, yes, i'm cumming, oh fuck, you are making me cum. I can't lie still, i'm thrashing around, your tongue is deep inside of me, fucking me, tasting me, loving me.

Oooooh, i'm cumming, my cunt is pulsating, sensations are surging through my veins, in my womb, in my pussy, oh taste my cum, lick my female ejaculate, oh David, i can hear you slurping and sucking on my love juice, it tastes good, it's all woman, all for you.

Come here David, slide up my body, oh yes, suck my erect nipples, my God, that's beautiful. I love you sucking my tits, lick my nipples, bite them darling. Slide your stiff cock into me, i need to feel you inside, fuck me baby, come on, fuck me. Oh, feel how wet i am, your cock is gorgeous, it just slides in like silk. Now, push it in deep, ooooh, yes. I can feel every inch of you, no darling, slow down, i want this to last, i need you to fuck me to orgasm, mmmm, that's better.

I'm reaching down, squeezing your fabulous hot, wet balls. You like that, my fingers sliding all over your balls, your balls are coated in my cum, they are so wet, so erotic. Push your cock into me harder, oh yes, come on David, fuck me faster, oh my God, I'm pushing my hips up to meet yours, i can't hold onto your balls, you are going too fast, no, don't slow down. Oh, listen to your wet balls slapping off my ass, yes, yes, i can feel it in me, oh it is so, so fucking good, mmmm.

Your cock is going so deep into me David, i can feel it hitting my cervix, My pussy is on fire, i need to cum, oh fuck darling, you are making me cum again, i can feel it begin to start. Talk dirty to me, come on, call me a tart, i like it when you talk dirty. I feel like a whore, call me a whore darling, yes baby, i'm your bitch, yes baby, i love cock, yes baby, i need cock, yes baby, i'll be your spunk bag, cum in me you are the best, oh fuck me, i'm cuming, i'm fucking cumming.

No David, hold on, don't cum yet, i'm so close, here it is, oh my God, ooooooohh, uh, uh, oh, uh, uh, mmmmmm, i've cum darling, my pussy is squeezing on your cock, throbbing so fast, so hard, can you feel my orgasm.

Oh yes, oh darling, i can feel your cock stiffen that bit harder, i can feel it throbbing inside me, oh darling, i can feel your sperm shoot in me, it is so hot, oh fuck David, there is so much, i can feel your cum pouring out of my pussy, it feels delicious, my cunt is on overdrive, my darling i will always be your bitch, you fuck me so well. I love cock so much, i love your cock so much, yours is the best, so hard, so big, so good.

Darling, don't forget to contact me on muggles@bushinternet.com
I love you my sweet, from your darling,

hot Tina.

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