Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Friends Forever by Linda Chorlton

(October 2001)

It was in the spring of 2000 that Ross and I finally started talking about having sex with each other. Of course we had talked about sex before...... almost every day to be honest, in the B&Q office where we both worked. We'd talk about what we wanted to do, what we did with our girl/ boyfriends, who we wanted, techniques, etc. It got to the point that spring that we were both tired of waiting for other people.

Ross had gone through a very traumatic experience one Friday night, with one of his girlfriends. They had been to The Severed Blades nightclub, drinking, dancing, just getting closer and closer, emotionally and sensually. Inevitably, they ended up at her flat She left him lying on the bed after she had started to stroke him and jack him off. She had the nerve to just leave him. (My response was "Ouch!" and he agreed.)

This sympathy was the seed that we both needed, the spark to make us get together outside of the workplace. We talked each other into going for a walk down by the pier, It was a large open area, a neutral space, safe to be seen in, yet not a dangerous place to be together in.

Maybe it was the mellow gold of that evening's sunset, or the smell of Issi Miyake perfume I was wearing, the touch of my hand he held....that night we talked about us having sex together. His voice took on a soft, but direct tone. I wanted to get our first time over with. I was tired of waiting for my boyfriend who lived away during the week, and he was tired of girls like the one who had left him like that. So I agreed that we should go ahead and do it, since we both needed it. Ross came over the next month to practice with his band. The other members lived in North Wales, so he usually came here to practice. I went over to his friend's house while they practised.

When they finished, Ross led me back to his friend's bedroom and told his friend to keep watch and knock, loud, if anyone was coming. We laid on the bed and talked for a while until I decided to take the initiative. He was too uptight to make a move on me, too inhibited to try and touch my bum or stroke my tits, even by a gentle accidental movement. His reluctance was driving both of us nuts, I knew. So I slid my hand down his chest, fingering the buttons, inserting a finger and stroking his hairy chest, gradually moving lower and lower down his body, until I unbuttoned the top of his pants, sliding my hand inside and around his dick.

His body stiffened slightly as my fingers wrapped around him. It was a lovely cock, it was getting larger and larger by the minute, and he was going doe-eyed looking at me and then my hands, which stroked him gently, guided by his softly spoken instructions. I finally sat up and slid his pants and boxers down off of him so I could work with him freely.

Do you feel that a fuck on the first date is right or wrong? I neither knew nor cared at that moment. Out popped his dick, tall, straight and as firm as a rod of steel. He writhed and wriggled as I leaned my head down and kissed the tip of his cock softly, then I dropped my head to gently mouth his balls. I blew gently onto his ball sack, which aroused him even more so. A droplet of pre-cum slid down his dick, but I caught it with my tongue and slowly licked up the length of his stiffy. I carefully took him into my mouth and moved my head on him, producing numerous moans and gasps from him.

When he was about to come, he reached down and lifted my head off from him, pushing me upwards, bringing me back onto the bed. He proceeded to slip off my T-shirt and jeans quickly, running his hands all over my already hot body. My nipples were firm and pouting, like never before. He came back up and kissed around a sensitive nipple, drawing it into his mouth and sucking gently, running his tongue over it. I could hardly contain myself. My 34Ds were feeling more like 40s. He was captivated with the way they rise and fall, as he cupped and released them. It wasn't long before his tongue was trailing down my stomach and rimmed my wet little cunt. My juices were flowing, already He slowly licked up my slit, finding my clit and sucking hard on it.

Then he placed a firm palm of his hand on my cunt area and swirled it anticlockwise, pressing, then stroking, slow at first, then faster, then slow again. Nobody had used this foreplay on me before. Deftly his finger found my spot of excitement, just inside the rim of pink. His other hand then fingerdipped two fingers, driving me wild with sensation. I writhed underneath him, wanting him deep inside, but not wanting to move from his hungry lips.

He finally slid his curled tongue deep inside of me as my back arched and I moaned softly. He continued to lick and suck on me until I screamed for him to stop and shove his shaft into my aching love-canal. He all too gladly complied, lifting himself to ram into my tight pussy. What pleasure it was, as his firmness met my softness, as I gripped, rubbed, grabbed his cock with my vagina, and their lips swelled like never before as he thrusted and teased them His balls slapped against me as he pounded hard on my clit. He used his fingers on my cunt too, at the same time as his cock.

He knew how to please a girl in bed. I almost screamed with pleasure as we both came quickly. Ross fell down on top of me and gently kissed me, letting me taste my own juices. For a moment we both drifted into a semi-paralytic state, just lying in each other's embrace.

That moment together was emotionally thrilling. Most men ignore it, sadly. He ran his tongue over mine, sucking gently on my mouth. I wrapped my arms and legs around him and kissed him in return, a little harder, and with soul, this time. He looked up at me then with his big brown eyes and I started to speak but he stopped me in mid sentence.

I carry a mental picture burned on to my memory of that moment. He kissed me and stood up, slowly getting dressed. He blew a kiss to me and walked out the door. I swear he was a foot taller, and was that just a hint of a swagger?

Well, it wasn't love I was expecting, was it? Just a damned good fuck!

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