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My Best Friend's Wife II

by Linda Chorlton (Story # Two)
(October 2001)

This is a continuation of how I have been secretly fucking my best friend's wife. By the way, for those who want to know, I am 36 and the rest of the people are about the same.

I quickly found out that Linda loved the danger of the whole relationship we were having. Now that I was able to talk a lot more intimately with her, I found out that Ian was just not doing it for her at home. She even slipped me the odd letter that explained how she felt about us, and how good she felt about what we were sharing.

The most amazing letter of all was an early one where she "confessed" to having been raped at 17 years old, which turned her off sex, and from a fun-loving teenager who lived for the weekend dances at the Ritzy, to become almost a recluse. She eventually moved from Liverpool where that incident happened to North Wales, and the Jehovas Witnesses that she had joined there threw a joint barn dance event, one Easter, only for the same nasty rape scene to bear its ugly head again. Apparently, it was a joint Rugby Club event, Wales had beaten England, a lot of Welsh pride was in the air, and booze flowed like water, and her consort was way out of his depth, and raped her in a hedge near her new home.

This time, rehabilitation, though, did not take as long to work the shame out of her system, and she met Ian at chapel Nativity Play rehearsals, and he was the perfect gentleman, and they got married within the year. However, he like many men nowadays, was way too wrapped up in his work and hardly spent any time at home with Linda at all, the only time together really, was when he had soccer on the tv in the lounge, whilst she read Romance mags. Consequently he had forced her to look for another man to give her a buzz.

I talked with her and it turns out that she would talk to my girlfriend about their sex lives. My girlfriend loves to get kinky and let me use toys on her as well as get really spontaneous and do it on the worktops, or the stairs.

With Ian it was just done in bed, hardly any excitement, and rarely spontaneous. Linda was making all the advances, he never ever seemed to surprise he by demandind a shag. She said she got so hot when my girlfriend told her about times like the one when we were out in our backgarden. I was watering the plants and Debbie was laying out in the grass in the sun in a tiny little bikini that barely covered her. She was half asleep when I sprayed her with the hose.

She got up and started chasing me around the lawn. I stopped and we started wrestling around. One thing led to another and before we knew it we were on the ground kissing and having wild passionate sex. From what Linda tells me, Debbie has told her the in depth details of our sex life for quite a while now. Evidently Debbie would brag about how good I was in bed and then ask about Ian.

Linda was a bit embarrassed when she wouldn't have anything juicy to tell about them. She said that she was so hot for me that she got to the point where she would fantasise that it was me every time Ian fucked her. (Kind of makes a guy feel really good about himself) She said she knew it was just a matter of the right timing before she finally had me. I felt kind of weird the first few times we all hung out together after our first encounter.

Linda didn't behave at all like I expected. I was stricken with fear as to how she could make or break all our lives, she now had power. Would she kill us all? I expected her to be even more flirtatious with me and try and feel me and get me to grope her, while Ian was not looking. But actually it was just about the same as before, maybe even less, she was still very friendly with me, but she did a good job of keeping her distance.

I would still get an occasional cleavage, or knickers shot, but I still had to put in a little effort. It was great because Ian didn't suspect a thing, which was great for me. About three weeks went by before anything really serious happened again. We had agreed at the cabin in the Lake District that it would be best if we just let our meetings work their way into our daily lives instead of trying to sneak away together all the time and risk others getting suspicious of us.

We knew that it would keep the excitement level up and we would definitely not get bored of each other. Linda did like the idea of having me screw her in situations where we could get caught by either Ian or Debbie, but in a situation where it was known that we would be together. I could definitely tell, after a few times, that she preferred that type of setting.

Our second time was great. One Saturday night we were all hanging out and eating pizza. I was talking about the secondhand, universal, do everything type, gym I had just bought and how Debbie and I were going to try a stick to a Monday, Wednesday, Friday schedule of working out. Linda gave Ian and little elbow to ribs and said "See, that's what we should be doing".

Ian said "Ya, I know, but it's hard for me to make time, though". I told them "Well, you are both welcome to come over on those days, too, and work out with us. We'll probably get to start around 6:30 when we arrive home from work". Debbie then said, "Ya, it will be fun." Linda says she wants to do it and persuaded Ian to commit also.

Debbie and I said "Great we will be waiting for you, then". That was on a Saturday, the next day Linda calls in the evening, to make sure everything is still as arranged.

I had found out earlier that day that Debbie has to go meet her Mom after work Monday, but that didn't matter. So Monday comes and all day at work I was kind of dreaming about seeing Linda in a workout outfit, I've see her go jogging and stuff in the past and she isn't very conservative. That night around 6:50 Linda shows up in a ladies business suit, (the outfit she wore to work). She says sorry I'm late but there was a ton of traffic.

I came right over so to not keep you waiting. She says I was wondering if you have something I can wear. I direct her to the master bedroom closet and tell her to take anything. She starts walking toward the bedroom and looks back at me to says thank you. Then she stops, pauses for a second and says with a hint of a smile, says, "Oh ya, Ian won't be here 'til later, that is, if he's able to come at all. He has to work late at the pharmacy."

In the next moment a million fantasies race through my head and my dick starts to get a "stiffy". I head to the bedroom where the weights are set up and begin to organise some things. Not long after that, Linda finds me and says "Is it OK if I wear this?", with another smile.

She has on a pair of Debbie's black Lycra daisy duke style work out shorts that almost show the bottom of her ass. Tucked into the shorts she is wearing one of my white tank tops. My tank tops are cut low on the sides and front and very loose fitting on her, and as she walks past me into the room I have a pretty good view of the side of her tit, it was fairly obvious that she had taken her bra off.

My cock started to throb as I set up the machine to be a bench press. I couldn't take my eyes off her. Now, we'd only had sex once up to this point, so it wasn't like we just stripped down and fucked every time we were in a room alone together. She bent over to put down a drink that she had in her hand, and as I glanced over at her I could see her entire breast. My cock felt like it was going to burst in my pants. Her attitude was for the most part what made it so erotic.

It was like we had never done it before and I was still trying to get a peek at her. She asked what we were doing first. I told her bench press and asked if she wanted to go first or second. First, she said. So she laid back on the bench and grabbed the bar. I positioned myself behind her head in a spotting position and looked at her chest as one of her nipples peeked out from behind the tank top. Some girls' tits disappear when they lie down, not Linda's. Boy! Oh Boy! This peanut smuggler look is a big turn on to a bloke.

I bent down and whispered to her how hot she looked. She whispered back, "Why do you think I chose to wear this.?" I set the weights on the bar ends and she started lifting. My dick was aching for her as her muscles contracted and relaxed. I was in the perfect position for watching her. I looked down the top of the tank top at her breasts. Every time she pushed the bar up she would also push her tits together to form a nice bit of cleavage.

I looked at her nicely tanned legs straddling the bench and fantasised that I had my dick up inside her again, pumping her to orgasm. She finished after ten pushes, then we switched spots. I added a weight and laid on the bench. As I lay back Linda noticed the bulge in my pants and said "Gee I wonder where that's come from?". I replied, "Hmmm, I wonder".

After my set we switched again. We did this twice, then we went to the butterfly. It had been a fairly warm day and hadn't cooled off that much. We had started to sweat in no time. I set up the machine and Linda went first again. I stood in front of her to help her, and of course to get a good view of her chest. She began to push her arms together and this smashed her tits together very nicely. With every rep I got a great view of her beautiful breasts pushed tight together like in her black push up bra.

I couldn't help but stare at her chest. Beads of sweat formed on her face and neck then rolled down the front of her chest and down between her breasts. I wanted to lick her skin, taste the salt and find the nipple. As her arms went back to he sides on the second part of the movement. I stuck my tongue out and licked from the middle of her breasts up her neck.

Her head tilted back in pleasure as my tongue inched up her neck to her chin. Then in a sassy tone she said, "OK that's enough of that we are here to work out right?" I said, "Ya, right". I took my turn and we took a break. We were drinking some water when Linda saw a pull up bar I had set up and said, "Lets do that!" I said OK and Linda went first as usual. She grabbed the bar and started to hang. Her breasts instantly popped out from behind the shirt.

I got behind her and put my hands on her hips. She has fairly good arm strength and was able to do a few with little assistance, but I kept my hands on her and let them ride up a little farther with each pull up. After the fourth I slid my hands into the sides of the arm holes and started massaging her firm breasts. She let out a soft, "Oooooohh ya". Then she dropped from the bar and told me to face her and do my pull ups. I did as she requested and grabbed the bar and hung facing her. She said hold on I have to fix this. And with that she undid my shorts and pulled them down my legs and off my feet.

"Much better now you can start." She ordered. I got ready and as I got to the top of my first pull up, she opened her mouth and wrapped her lips around my rock hard dick. I continued to go as she moved up and down with my body movements all the while sucking slowly with her fingers tightly holding the base.

It was hard to make it all the way up with all the pleasure she was giving me and soon I had to stop. I dropped to the floor and pulled off my shirt as I lay down on the soft carpet as she followed along with me still sucking on my dick. I watched her as her moist red lips moved up and down o my cock. Ebbing and flowing as though she was a Cadbury's Flake actress doing an advert.

After a few moments I decided to do my share and pulled at her to turn around. She pivoted around my cock and moved her leg over my chest so that her gorgeous ass and pussy were staring right at me. I grabbed her ass and caressed it gently as I noticed a drops of her juices sliding out of her cunt and down her leg. I massaged her lubricant into her thigh and slid my fingers up to her lips. I spread her lips apart with one hand and lightly stroked her clit with the other.

My palm pressed and rubbed and stroked her vulva. I could feel her body tense up as thepleasure pulsed through her body. I slid my fingers more and more firmly over her inner lips from her clit to the end of her pussy. Her ass quivered as my fingers slowly entered her hole bringing her to a small orgasm. My fingers slid in and out of her as her juices flowed down my hand.

Her lips continued to make my eyes roll back in my head as she sucked relentlessly on my cock pausing only to enjoy her orgasm. I spread her lips apart with my fingers and let my tongue glide through her cum, over her clit and into her hole. I began to move my tongue faster and faster as her ass began to move in rhythm with my licks. Then I had to stop. My muscles in my legs tensed up as Linda's sucking began to bring me to orgasm.

My hips lifted to meet her mouth as my hot load of jizm started to spurt into her mouth. She swallowed my dick until I felt the tip of my woody touch the back of her throat and then with a extra tight grip, her lips pulled what felt like a huge shot of cum into her mouth. I felt the warmth of my cum surround my cock. She paused to swallow what I gave her then she ran her tongue around my dick to clean up what was left. I let my head fall back as all my muscles relaxed all at once. Linda crawled off me and turned around to straddle my hips and sit on my somewhat limp dick.

She began to push her tits together and massage them for me as I watched. She then reached between her legs and grabbed my cock. She started to rub the head against her pussy and I started to get stiff again. As I grew she started to slide it into her wet cunt. Linda moved her hips to get me in the right position and then began to slide her ass forward and back moving my dick in and out of her. She played with her breasts again and my slowly hardening cock grew even faster.

She started bouncing up and down on me. I laid back and focused my attention on her muscles tightening and releasing around my shaft. After a minute or so she gestured to me to get up and at the same time removed herself from me and turned around so the she was on her hands and knees in front of me. I got up to my knees and took my cock in my hand. I gently rubbed it along her lips before diving it back into her. I began slowly pumping my dick into Linda's cunt doggy style.

My hands gripped her hips firmly as I pulled her toward me with each thrust. I then let may hands wander over her beautiful body. I caressed her ass and thighs and then moved them up the middle of her back and back down along her sides. I reached around her to feel her stomach and then leaned forward to cup her breasts in my hands. I gave them a little massage then I grabbed them firmly and used them to pull her toward me as I began to ram my cock deeply into her. I listened as she moaned in pleasure at first and then shouted Yeess! Then I began fucking her harder and faster.

I released her breasts to swing freely beneath her and grabbed her hips again to get a good grip on her. I started slamming myself into her. Linda began to say "Oh God Yeess" as her elbows buckled and her torso lowered to the floor.

I continued to fuck her wet pussy as hard as I possibly could. As I brought her to orgasm I could feel the rush of her hot cum surround my dick as it slid in and out of her. Linda's moaning and screaming were getting me so hot I just wanted to fuck her harder. I flipped her around to her back and lifted her ankles to my shoulders. Having never removed myself from her I immediately resumed fucking her. I again grabbed her hips and pumped my rock hard dick into her dripping pussy. Her legs fell to my sides as I leaned forward to lick her nipples.

I pushed her breasts together and sucked wildly on each breasts. My tongue ran from her cleavage to her neck as I kissed and sucked on the sides of her neck. Her moans got louder and louder as I fucked her wildly. Then my cock began to swell inside of her a tell tale sign of my approaching orgasm. I reached under her arms and grabbed her shoulders to get as much of a grip as possible and I fucked her as hard as I could. She began screaming as my extra swollen cock filled her cunt and pounded even deeper into her. She began to have an intense orgasm and her screams got louder and higher pitched.

At that moment I shot what cum I had left in me in to her pussy as her body quivered in my arms. I felt her body tense up an then release sending another wave of her own cum to surround my cock again. I slowed down my rhythmic thrusting and came to a stop as I collapsed on her chest.

With my head beside hers and her mouth by my ear. She purred, "Now that, was a workout" We lay there with our eyes closed, breathing heavy, our bodies pressed together and dripping with sweat. We must have dosed off because I was awakened by the sound of Debbie's car pulling into the driveway. I quickly woke Linda up and told her to put on her clothes. She picked up her skimpy outfit and darted off to the bathroom while I slipped back into my shorts and put my shirt back on. I started organizing the equipment to look busy and Debbie walked in the door.

"Hi", she said. "Hey what's up", I replied. "Are you guys all done?" she said. "Ya we were just finishing up." I said. I told her Ian never showed up it was just Linda and I.

Just as she was about to ask where Linda was, Linda walked out of the bathroom. "Hi", they said to each other. "I hope you don't mind I borrowed some of your clothes to work out in.?" Linda said. "No not at all. Did you guys have fun?" Debbie asked.

"Oh ya", Linda replied, "I'm sure I will be sore in the morning. "We'll see ya all later." Linda said as she left. "Bye", Debbie and I replied.

I let her out the front door and we gave each other a little smile and she blew me a little kiss as she walked down the path to her car. That was a night I will never forget. Debbie never said anything, just grabbed me, pulled me to the bedroom, and made me make love to her, too ..............boy, what a lucky guy I am, like the proverbial dog with two dicks.

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