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My Husbands Friend

by JohAnne (October 2001)

I'm a married woman with two children (teenagers soon) and have been married to Joe, my husband, for 15 years now. Of course I wasn't a virgin when I met Joe all those years ago and had been with a number of men before him.

After our marriage, we led the conventional life, Joe went off to work while I stayed at home, first to look after the house and later the children when they came along. After our second child was born, we both decided that we didn't want anymore children and so I did a tubal ligation. It was also around this time that Joe started to tell me how his friends were so jealous of him for marrying me and that all of them thought I was so sexy and charming. It was really great for my ego, being told that there were men desiring me.

I should make it clear that I don't think of myself as sexy. I'm 5'2" with 32B tits but a huge 38" ass and now at the age of 36 years I couldn't imagine being desired by other men, with all the young and sexy girls available. Maybe it was due to the fact that I like to wear as little clothes as possible, I don't even own a bra, and at home I don't use panties. When I started sleeping with Joe, before we were married, he did tell me that I shouldn't wear a bra with my small tits, at first it hurt that he thought my tits were too small for a bra but when he said that I looked very sexy, especially when my nipples stuck out of whatever top I had on, I just stopped using a bra and haven't even bought one ever since.

My favorite dress at home is a kaftan and I own quite a few of them. I find them to be free flowing and very comfortable, and Joe finds them very convenient to slip his hands under them to fondle me, he's able to touch any part of my body since I don't have panties on. I found out, later, that he had told this to his friends and they now know that I'll be naked under my kaftan when they are over at our place, and they come over quite often, especially on Saturday nights when they have their regular poker sessions.

During these times, as the hostess, I would be serving them drinks and snacks and on a few occasions a couple of them would pat my ass as I walked pass. Usually they wouldn't have their wives along as the other women would always be complaining of being bored, with only TV or video to watch while waiting for the men to finish their game, I didn't mind these gatherings as I found that being the only woman around I received much more attention from all the men present. There were 5 regular poker buddies so including Joe I had to attend to 6 men.

What happened here is something that took place about a year and a half ago and my life with Joe has changed completely ever since. We meet up with this friend of Joe's about twice a month for our sessions but every once in a while he would call to say that he wanted me and whenever Joe couldn't make it, I would go off alone with him. I much prefer the times when Joe is with us as I feel that we're doing this for ourselves instead of just me letting his friend fuck me.

There was one particular friend of Joe's that came over regularly and whom I found quite attractive. When I brought anything over for him I would stand next to him for a while, allowing him to caress my ass and legs. I didn't object to their attention and usually allowed them to touch me for a short while before either pushing away their hands or just moving away. It was only Tom that I allowed to feel me up for much longer than the rest and sometimes he even put his hands inside to feel my flesh.

Joe frequently told me that his poker buddies would like to see me naked and fuck me, if I agreed, but of course, I didn't, I don't think I could take on all six men at the same time. After Joe had mentioned this a few times I finally admitted that I found Tom very attractive. When Joe told him this, he was very insistent that we have a private get together.

Initially I didn't agree as I also knew his wife but after he told us that he was having a lot of problems in his marriage and that they were thinking of a trial separation, I finally agreed for us to meet at a hotel over at the next town.

I had to ask Joe a few times whether he agreed that I could start something with Tom, he assured me that he didn't object and in fact found it very erotic and arousing to know that one of his best friends would soon be fucking me. It was understood from the beginning that we were meeting so that Tom could fuck me, I now made Joe promise not to leave us and that he would be present throughout the session, to sweeten the occasion for him I agreed that, if he so wished, he could fuck me in front of Tom. This because he had mentioned something about us having sex in a public place or in front of his friends.

So on the agreed Friday after work, Joe and I drove off to the next town, about an hour's drive away, to meet with Tom. We had agreed to meet at a restaurant for drinks and dinner first before doing anything else. I had on a short 1-piece dress, spaghetti straps and a slit down each side, the dress came down to just above my knees and was quite tight, I completed my outfit with a thong panty and high heeled strapped sandals. It's so difficult to find my dress size because of my body shape, Joe says I'm pear shaped, small at the top and spreading right out at the bottom. We arrived first and the hostess escorted us to our table which was right at the rear of the restaurant, it was a booth with a semi-circular seat, which gave us some privacy.

Tom arrived a few minutes later just as the waiter brought us our drinks, we had ordered vodka, I needed something to fortify myself with, this was a totalling unique situation, I was meeting another man with my husband so that he could fuck me! Tom ordered the same drink as us and as soon as the waiter had left, he asked me to remove my panties.

I looked over at Joe so he explained that, as it was the first time for the both of us, he had agreed with Tom's suggestion that he would be the director for the night, we were to follow all his orders without question which he promised would be a night never to be forgotten.

Hearing this I lifted my ass up from the seat and told Tom to remove my panties for me, saying that I didn't know about his agreement with Joe, he didn't need a second invitation and just slipped his hands under my dress and pulled my panties down and put it into his pocket telling me to forget about it. I now told him my conditions, he must not hurt me or leave any marks on my body and Joe had to be present at all times. He replied that that wasn't a problem.

All through dinner, he was telling me how much he desired me and could wait to get me naked in the room and the things he would be doing to me. I found it very arousing and did say that a few of the things he planned would be the first time for me. Anyway we rushed through dinner and soon we were in the car park, Tom told me to get into his car and Joe to follow us, he had already booked us into a motel outside town. In his car I asked why he hadn't touched me the whole evening, usually he would be pawing at my body every chance he got, and he replied that very soon I would be totally naked at his mercy so he didn't feel the neccessity to play with my body. On the drive over we stopped at a liquor store to get a couple of bottles of wine, Tom saying that would be enough for the whole night.

When we arrived at the motel, he got down to register and indicated that Joe should also get down as he had booked two rooms, of course I reminded him about his promise that Joe had to be present at all times but he told me not to worry and would understand why we needed two rooms. We then drove over to the rear of the motel to the car park and I found out that one room was on the ground floor and the other on the first floor, we would have to walk all along the corridor to the end to the flight of stairs that would bring us to the first floor. Anyway I didn't think too much about it as Tom told us to enter our room on the ground floor.

As soon as Joe had locked the room door behind us, I felt Tom's hands pushing my dress straps down my arms and I was stepping out my dress, standing naked in front of them except for my high heeled sandals. I now told him that I wouldn't do anything without his instructions and the first things he told me to do was to kiss Joe. As I made to take off my sandals, he said to leave them on so I walked over to Joe, who was standing at the door and we kissed.

Tom now told Joe to caress my body which he did with all the familarity of more than 10 years of marriage, I had both my arms around the back of his head, leaving my body easily available to him. He was caressing my body, my tits and ass and also between my legs, he broke off just to tell me that I was so very wet. I whispered back that I was so ready to be fucked and again asked him if he was comfortable with all this, he reassured me saying that he couldn't wait to see what Tom had in mind and that he wanted to fuck me later.

By this time Tom had gotten one of the bottles of wine opened and poured out three glasses and when Joe and I turned to him he suggested a toast. He held up his glass and said that he expected this to be the beginning of a great relationship, Joe giving his sexy and desirable wife and him the chance to find out more about our sexuality, this is the first time and may there be many more such times in the future. He ended the toast by saying that he was very appreciative about what we were giving to him and added that I would be a great sex slave for him.

This brought me to my senses and I asked him to define "sex slave" to which he replied that it was just a term he used and what he meant was for me to give myself totally to him for sex, I thought that was the whole purpose of tonight's meeting so didn't think anymore about it. He turned to Joe and told him to just follow along but not to take part, I was to be used by him only for the first part of the night. Joe just nodded his agreement and sat down in the armchair while Tom started to take of his clothes, telling me to help him, I removed my sandals and knelt down to unbuckle his pants, pulling them down together with his boxer shorts.

This was the first time I had seen his cock. It was only semi hard but I could see there was some more growing to do and the fact that he was circumcized made his cock even sexier. When I moved nearer to kiss it, he pulled my head away reminding me that he was the director.

When we were both totally naked he pulled me into the bathroom and Joe had to get up from the armchair and stand at the bathroom door to see us. Tom turned on the shower and said that he would be washing me up, adding that he wanted me really naked, not only without clothes but also without all the make up on my face, it ended up we washed each other, a real wash even to our private parts. Still dripping with water, Tom pulled me down on to the bed and we were soon kissing and caressing and fondling each other.

At first I was very self concious about Joe looking on but as I got more and more aroused I soon forgot about him and concentrated on my own pleasures and the wonderful feelings coursing throughout my body. I could feel Tom's hands on my tits and as soon as I was enjoying the feeling, he would move to my ass and between my legs, rubbing my cunt lips and clitoris and occasionally inserting a couple of fingers into my cunt. Before I realized it, we were soon in a 69 position with me on top, I spread opened his legs and now could see his beautiful cock all hard and erect. It was about 8" long and I could just get my thumb and forefinger around it, I started licking at the head first and slowly took the full length into my mouth.

As this was going on I felt Tom spread my legs, which straddled his face, and then I could feel first his fingers and then his mouth and tongue on my cunt. He used his fingers to spread my cunt lips wide open and I felt his lips kissing them and then his tongue entering my cunt, I had my first orgasm, rubbing my cunt down hard on his face, he didn't say anything but just increased the speed and pressure until I stopped moving. I now started to suck much faster and harder on his cock but he pulled my head away saying he wasn't ready to cum just yet. So I got down from him and lay on the bed, he was kneeling between my legs holding them apart at the knees, I smiled up at him and told him I wanted his cock in my cunt.

He replied not yet and told me to pour out some more wine, I must have looked surprised at this so he explained that he wanted me to get used to walking around naked, he turned to Joe telling him that I shouldn't be allowed to wear any clothes whenever we were together, I could see Joe smiling and agreeing with that. So I got down from the bed and walked over to the dresser where the wine was and poured out three glasses but since I couldn't hold all three glasses in my two hands and first brought a glass to Joe and then Tom's and my glass over to the bed.

Tom was now sitting in the middle of the bed and told me to sit between his spread legs and he placed both his arms around me, one hand cupping my tits and the other moving down between my legs, caressing my cunt.

We were facing Joe and I was holding our two glasses, Tom lifted my legs and placed them over his so that my ass was right at the edge of the bed and my legs spread wide open for my husband to see his friend playing with my cunt, when I looked down I could now see that he was finger fucking me, pushing two fingers right up to his palm and his thumb was massaging my clitoris.

He would stop every once in a while and ask for a drink and I held his glass while he took a sip of wine, I was also slowly sipping at my glass of wine but as I got more aroused I soon forgot about that. I had my head on Tom's shoulder and was just enjoying the sensations flowing through my body. Suddenly and without any warning I had my second orgasm, thrusting my cunt against Tom's fingers and screaming that I was cumming again (Joe told me this when we were at home talking about our experience).

Now both Tom and I got up from the bed and I said that I wanted to wash myself but Tom told me I wouldn't be allowed to wash until I got home the next day, and he added that he was training me to walk around naked and with cum inside my cunt, to which I answered that nobody had cummed inside my cunt yet and it was only my own juices overflowing down my thighs. Tom just smiled and replied that the first part about walking around naked was completed, he wanted me to walk upstairs saying that the second room was supposed to be for Joe and me, I could only carry my dress and sandals and couldn't wear them, and then walk upstairs to leave my clothes there and then walk back down again.

I wasn't too sure about this, after all even though it was nearly midnight, some of the others staying at the motel may be just coming back and would definitely see me, also it was quite a long way, all along the corridor downstairs and then up the staircase and all along the corridor upstairs. However Tom insisted saying that both he and Joe would follow behind me, and when I looked over at Joe, he also reminded me that I had promised to follow all Tom's instructions further reminding me that as a "slave" I couldn't question Tom's authority.

So without any choice I picked up my dress, sandals and handbag and when Joe opened the room door I just walked out and headed straight for the staircase. As we were walking along I could hear Joe comment about my huge ass bouncing around but Tom declared that he found my body very sexy and loved women with huge asses, when Joe asked about my small tits he replied that what I had was enough for him. We had now arrived at the upstairs room and thankfully there was nobody around and I quickly entered as soon as Joe got the door opened.

Inside I had to hand up my clothes in the closet while Tom started to strip, seeing this I knew I would finally get some cock! Joe took up his position in the armchair again and Tom sat on the edge of the bed, I could see that his cock had lost some of its hardness, and he told me to suck his cock to make it hard again. I quickly knelt down on the floor between his legs and started sucking.

He laid back on the bed and held my head in both of his hands to lift it up and down on his cock, I also licked it from the base all the way to the head and then took him fully inside my mouth until I could feel it pushing into my throat, I had never sucked such a huge cock before and loved the feeling of it knocking at the back of my throat.

Now Tom got up and pulled me on top of him on the bed, he told me to fuck myself on his cock, so I straddled him and held his cock while lowering myself on it. It went in easily, I was already so wet from having cummed twice, and when he was fully inside my cunt, I sat that way for a while, it felt so good having that piece of meat filling up my cunt.

Tom now looked over at Joe and asked him whether I had experience using my cunt muscles on a cock, both Joe and me told him no and he said he would teach me about that later. Now I placed my hands on either side of Tom's head and raised my ass slowly until only the tip of his cock remained in my cunt, and then slammed down hard and fast so that I felt as if his full cock was shoved into my cunt. I turned to Joe and commented that this is the first time I was fucking myself, usually a man would fuck me, his reply was that it was good and to now pay more attention to what I was doing and I must make sure that Tom was satisfied.

So now I was fucking myself, first slow and then fast and then back to slow again, Tom was fondling my tits, which, in this position, was hanging down and looked bigger than usual. Every once in a while he would pull my head down to kiss my lips and I made sure that my tongue was available when he parted his lips or made sure that his tongue could enter my mouth whenever his wished. This went on for sometime, I'd already climaxed twice and so could last longer but was amazed that Tom didn't show any signs of cumming.

Once when he had pulled me down to kiss me, I didn't get back up but whispered into his ears, asking whether he enjoyed me fucking him, he replied by pulling my head up and telling me that he had enjoyed everything thus far. A few more minutes of this and I felt the pleasure radiating throughout my body from my cunt and I just sat down with Tom's cock fully inside my cunt and had another orgasm, I just allowed the waves of pleasure to flow all through my body.

Now Tom grabbed hold of my hips and was thrusting his own against me fast and furious, I knew he was about to cum and so moved along matching his speed and thrusts when suddenly he stopped and I felt his shoot a stream of jism into me, this gave me another orgasm.

When it was over I just lay in his arms, he was kissing me all over my face, giving me small short pecks on my eyes, lips, nose and everywhere he could reach, I was also doing the same to him, letting him know how much I enjoyed what we did. A few minutes later we both got up and I turned to Joe, asking him whether he enjoyed the show, he replied definitely and wanted to see more, Tom told him to be patient, he had a lot more planned.

Next Tom said that it was time for us to return to the downstairs room and this time I silently agreed, walking straight to open the door, I walked out immediately but Tom had to get dressed first and so only Joe came with me. When we arrived at our room we found that the key was with Tom and so we just stood there, me completely naked and with Tom's sperm oozing out of my cunt onto my thighs, waiting for him.

Tom eventually arrived and took his own sweet time getting the door opened, by this time a car had pulled into the parking lot and heading towards the car park right in front of us, I tried to hide behind Joe's body but he moved away and the car's headlight was shining directly on me, Tom had unlocked the door but was still holding on to the knob saying I should get used to showing off my body to strangers.

A couple got down from the car and walked towards the room two doors away from us, they waved and Joe waved back at them before Tom finally opened the door and we went in. As soon as I was in the room I poured myself a glass of wine and gulped everything down, Tom asked me what was the matter and I replied that I was so ashamed that I was seen outside the room.

He roughly grabbed my arms and told me to get use to it, he would make sure that I would be be exposing my naked body to complete strangers on a regular basis, also I was never to forget that I wasn't allowed to wear any clothes whenever I was with him.

I guess I was shocked and looked over to Joe for support but all he did was remind me that I was Tom's sex slave and had agreed to obey all his instructions, but I protested that I hadn't agreed to public flashing, Tom's reply was that since I was his property he had the right to show me off anytime he wished. Joe was nodding his head in agreement and so I guessed there was nothing to do but accept my fate, I now belonged to Tom and he had the right to do anything he wished.

We sat around sipping more wine, Joe in the armchair, Tom on the bed with me in his lap, and were talking about what our plans for the future would be. I had to hold Tom's glass for him as he said that he wanted both hands free to play with my body, and play with it he surely did, all he had to do was motion to me and I would hold up his glass for him to take a sip.

Both his hands were roaming all over my body, there wasn't an inch of my body that he didn't touch or feel or caress, he was tweaking my nipples making them jut out hard, my cunt wasn't neglected, he was rubbing his fingers all along its length, occasionally pushing a couple inside, pulling and rubbing my clitoris, he even touched my ass hole, rubbing around the edge and slipping a finger in, not too far as it was dry.

When we finished the wine, I got up to place our glasses on the dresser and walked back to Tom and got back on to his lap and threw my arms around him and was nuzzling my face at his throat, I kissed and licked him on the throat, giving him small pecks with my lips opened so that my tongue could taste him, I moved from his throat to his face, kissing him all over his face, and I was licking his ears when I whispered that I wanted to be fucked again.

I undressed him and pushed him back on the bed, making him lie there with his ass on the edge and I knelt down between his spread legs. His cock was now soft and flaccid so I held his scrotum and slowly started to kiss and lick his cock, massaging his scrotum gently and slowly taking his cock into my mouth.

Then I felt his hands hold on to my head and move it up and down and I soon felt his cock start to grow harder and longer, when it was fully erect again, I took it out of my mouth and rubbed my face against it down to his balls and was nuzzling against it, letting him know in no uncertain terms how I felt about that beautiful cock. He then raised himself on his elbows to look at what I was doing and told me to take his full length into my mouth, when I felt his pubic hairs rubbing against my lips I knew he was fully inside so I glanced up at his face and tried to smile.

Of course I couldn't smile, my mouth was filled with cock so I winked but I guess he could figure out my meaning, he told me to suck him off as he wanted to cum inside my mouth. This I proceeded to do hard and fast and I was really sucking when suddenly he grabbed my head to keep it still and shot his load into my mouth, some did leak out but I used my tongue to lick up whatever had escaped, then I licked his cock clean.

Tom now said that he would need some rest before he could get hard again so I poured out the rest of the wine but he told me to clean up the room. While he stood next to the dresser and was talking to Joe, I picked his clothes up and hung them in the closet and then made the bed. By this time we had finished the first bottle of wine and Tom opened the second bottle and told me to throw the empty bottle at the trash can at the staircase.

I knew it would be useless to argue and so picked up the empty bottle and walked naked out of the room, I walked the whole length of the corridor to the trash can and threw in the bottleand then walked back. Just as I was about to reach the door a car drove into the parking lot and headed my way, I ran to our room but the door was locked so I started pounding on it.

Lucky the car turned into the opposite space but I was still naked at our door, another couple got out, the man made as if to come over but the woman pulled him away so we just waved at each other, it was only now that Joe opened our door to let me in.

Both of them asked me what happened and so I explained everything to them, Joe's comment was that I should be used to strangers seeing me naked by now and maybe I needed more exposure, I'm sure he would be very happy to help out in this respect.

Tom was quiet at first but later said that Joe was right and I needed to expose myself more in future, and added that the both of them would help me expose my naked body more, he said that he would think about it and come up with ideas for me. When I told him that Joe had, a long time ago, suggested that I be a stripper he disagreed saying that it wouldn't be much of an experience since I would only be dancing at a night club with other dancers, what he wanted me to do was just like what I had done tonight, that is walk around naked in some public place and allow strangers to catch me doing so.

Then Joe suggested that the next time we had a poker session I should serve all of them naked, but I disagreed saying that would maybe mean I would have to allow everybody to fuck me. It was now that I told Tom I didn't want anybody else to fuck me but him and Joe, I promised to do anything he told me to but not to allow just anybody to fuck me, he agreed with me.

As he said this he walked towards the bed and told me to lie down on it and spread my legs, I immediately did so. He climbed between my legs and I saw that his cock was now hard again, he pushed it into my cunt easily and proceeded to fuck me alternating between slow and fast. All this while Joe continued sitting in the armchair looking at me getting fucked, he did ask me how I was feeling and I replied that I loved all this attention. This time Tom fucked me for quite a long time, I guess after cumming a couple of times he could do it much longer. I wasn't complaining and then I had another sudden orgasm without any warning, when the waves of pleasure flowed over me all I did was wrap my legs around Tom's waist and my arms around his neck pulling him down so that I could kiss him, I was kissing and licking him all over his face, this was my way of showing how much I enjoyed what he was doing to me.

Before very long, he suddenly stopped pumping his cock in and out of my cunt and just remained still with his cock still hard and inside me, then I felt him shooting another load into my cunt which gave me another orgasm. We rested in each other's arms for a while, catching our respective breaths, just cuddling and licking each other.

We got up from the bed and poured out some more wine and sat there sipping it and Joe mentioned to Tom that I cum very easily and frequently had multiple orgasms. It's true and I can't control it (and don't wish to control it!) I just allow myself to feel everything and love cumming a few times each fuck. By now it was around 2.30am and Tom said that we should turn in for the night, he asked me whether I wanted to spend the rest of the night with him or Joe. When I said that I wanted to sleep with him, he said that we should send Joe to the room upstairs and that was the reason for taking two rooms, I had the choice of sleeping partners. Again the three of us walked upstairs, Tom had pulled on his pants and shirt but I was still naked, anyway this time we didn't see anybody during our walk.

When we were in Joe's room, Tom mentioned that he would love to see me getting fucked by Joe, I looked over at him and knew that he was just waiting for this so I went across to him to help him undress. When he was naked we got on the bed and Joe immediately pulled me on top of him in the 69 position, my legs were spread wide open above his face and I reminded him that my cunt was filled with both Tom's and my jism, all he did was to grab my ass and pull me down on him. As I licked and sucked his cock, I could feel his tongue licking around the lips of my cunt and every now and then enter it, he was also doing the same to my ass hole, and all the time he was rubbing his face into my cum filled cunt.

This couldn't go on and soon I was having another orgasm, grinding my cunt down on to Joe's face. After this I got up and switched positions, I was now facing him, and straddling his hips slowly lowering myself on his cock, it went in easily since I was already so wet from the numerous times I came and also Tom's and cummed inside my cunt a couple of times. I now placed my hands on either side of Joe's head and started to fuck myself on his cock. I raised myself up slowly until only the head of his cock was in my cunt and then slammed down hard, I knew Joe loved this. It wasn't too long before he grabbed my hips to stop me from moving and I felt him finally shoot his pent up load into my cunt which gave me another orgasm. We rested for a while before Tom said we should be going back downstairs.

At the room door I gave Joe a long deep kiss goodnight and thanked him for allowing me this opportunity tonight. Then I walked downstairs with Tom to our room but he had other ideas. He held my arm and walked out to the middle of the parking lot, I was still bare assed naked, my own juices plus Tom's plus Joe's were filling up my cunt and I could feel them oozing out of my cunt on to my thighs and told this to Tom, but he ignored me and continued to walk around the parking lot, taking the long way back to our room.

I looked up and saw Joe standing at the corridor looking at us, he waved and walked back into his room and finally Tom and I arrived at our room door. As he was taking out the key a car drove into the lot and we stood there looking to see who came out. It was another couple but their room was opposite to ours and they just waved at us and we waved back.

Back in our room, we got ready for bed, Tom washed himself and put on his boxer shorts and called me to join him in bed, when I asked permission to wash myself he refused. So I spent the night naked in his arms, he had one hand between my legs holding on to my cunt with a couple of fingers inside. Just before we fell asleep I did ask him why hadn't he fucked me in the ass and he replied that was for another time.
We woke around 9am the next morning to the sound of the phone ringing, it was Joe asking to join us. Tom said we should go fetch but I reminded him that I was still bare assed naked and my clothes were upstairs but he said this was a good opportunity for me to walk outside naked.

I said that there would be more people outside at this time and his reply was that it only means that I show off my body to more people. So there was nothing else for me to do and so I opened the door and walked out with Tom following close behind. I was right, there were much more people around, some of them started to sound their car horns waving at us before driving off, some just stood and stared at me, the couple we waved to last night came up to introduce themselves. We shook hands and stood there talking, of course we only used our first names, but I was standing there in the bright sunshine, bare assed naked, with my cunt still unwashed, talking to two perfect strangers.

Actually I was quite happy about the whole thing, here I am a 36 y/o woman and there were strangers looking at my naked body and some of them also whistled so I knew that my body wasn't in such a bad shape that people didn't want to look at me! The other couple soon left and we walked on upstairs, I even waved at a few of the cars with their horns blasting away.

When Joe opened the door I told him what had happened and he said that he was happy for me. Finally Tom gave me permission to wash with the condition that the both of them would wash me, he told me to fill up the tub, and when everything was ready he stripped but Joe said that he only wanted to watch as he had already showered, so he stood at the door of the bathroom, fully dressed, looking at his naked friend wash his naked wife.

I lay in the tub and Tom washed me, he really washed me all over, starting with my face and throat to my arms and hands and even my fingers, then my breasts and belly followed by my back, then it was my ass. He spread my ass cheeks wide opened and washed my ass hole and then gave me a shock pushing a finger into my ass hole but I turned around to give him a smile, then he moved to my cunt and washed it thoroughly, down my thighs and legs and even my toes. Now he emptied the bath tub and turned on the shower with me standing there and shampooed my hair and then only washed off all the soap from my body. It was now my turn to wash him, so I did the same for him washing him right from his face to his feet giving special attention to his beautiful cock.

We dried each other off and finally Tom allowed me to get dressed, but no panties, I think my panties were still in his jacket pocket. He suggested we have breakfast at a diner next to the motel and so we walked over to the place. After breakfast we decided that we should be going home but Tom said that before leaving we should go back to our room where we had to make an agreement to seal our special arrangement.

Of course as soon as we were in the room I was told to "get naked," this was easy, all I had to do was slip of the spaghetti straps and step out of my dress, then walk over to the closet to hand it up, now I took off my sandals and turned around, naked, with my hands apart "ta-da," saying that I was available for anything they could think up. Tom stood up and took off his pants and boxer shorts, telling Joe to do the same, when this was done I could see that their cocks were not yet fully erect. Tom now sat on the edge of the bed and Joe moved over to the armchair, then Tom told me to suck his cock. So I got down on the floor between his legs and was soon licking and sucking on his cock, at this time he told us the following conditions for our arrangements.

1) These conditions only apply when only the three of us were alone, if there were others present then it'll depend on the circumstances whether he wished to apply them.
2) I had to be bare assed naked, no sexy lingerie or underwear or anything, just naked, no clothes, no jewellery, no make up. There shouldn't be any need to tell me to get naked, I must automatically start stripping as soon as we were alone together.
3) Whenever we were together, my body belonged to him absolutely, even Joe had to get his permission to do anything to me.
4) I had to follow all his instructions exactly without question.
5) I was to learn how to control my cunt muscles, so that I could squeeze anything that was put inside.
6) I was to be available to him any time he wanted, he would call ahead in case we had visitors or our children were around. Even if Joe wasn't around I had to go off with him whenever he called.
7) He suggested that instead of wearing a kaftan while serving the friends snacks and drinks, I should wear a t-shirt. This would mean that my thighs wouldn't be covered so that there was more flesh to be seen and touched.
8) There would be no hurting or pain, no marks on anybody's body, our main purpose was sexual experimentation and enjoyment.
9) This arrangement is only for the three of us and nobody else will be accepted into our group permanently. Occasionally we may invite some others to take part in any particular role but that is only temporarily.
10) All decisions by him are final.

When he finished giving us the conditions he asked whether we accepted them, he held my head so I couldn't move and my mouth was stuffed with his cock so Joe answered that we agreed. Now he turned down to face me, still holding on to my head, his cock still inside my mouth and told me that if I agreed I was to go over and start sucking Joe's cock but if I disagreed then all I had to do was get up, get dressed and walk away. Of course there was no question about what I would do, I just walked on my hands and knees over to Joe and started sucking and licking his cock.

Suddenly I could feel Tom lifting me up at my hips and then his tongue was licking my ass hole, I wanted to turn around to see but Joe held my head steady while thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. I felt it when he inserted his tongue inside and very soon he was holding my ass cheeks apart and then I felt his cock pushing at it. It hurt when he pushed his cock head in and I could feel him slowly making his way deeper and deeper into my ass, I realized he was fully inside me when I felt his belly against my ass. I know that my ass hole is tight because Joe rarely fucks me there, he knows I can't cum from ass fucking, but I do allow men to fuck my ass because I know that most of them enjoy it. At first it hurt a bit when Tom started to fuck my ass in earnest but I couldn't say or do anything as Joe was still fucking my face (this is Joe's way of describing it!).

All of a sudden Joe was holding my head tightly and had shoved his cock fully into my mouth and then I could feel his jism explode inside my mouth, his cock was right at the back of my throat so, of course, I didn't taste his jism but only felt it flowing down my throat. Now Tom was fucking me harder and faster and before too long he started to shoot his load into my ass. When he finished we both got up from the floor, he went over and flopped down the bed but I just lay down right there on the floor. After a few minutes I reminded him I still hadn't cummed so he told me to join him on the bed.

When I went over I saw that his cock was still erect so I lay down next to him and told him my cunt needed some meat inside, fast and hard. With this he moved on top of me and shoved his knee between my legs and was soon poking his cock into my cunt. He did fuck me hard, pumping away faster and faster and suddenly stopped when he started to shoot his load into my cunt, just as he finished I came, wrapping my legs and arms around him.
We lay there, my arms and legs wrapped around him, his cock still inside my cunt and I told him how much I enjoyed our time together and looked forward to the next meeting. Now we got off the bed but Tom wasn't finished with me. He told me to stay where I was while both he and Joe went into the bathroom to wash up and got dressed.

Turning to me he said that as I arrived in his car last night I had to leave in his car also but this time he would put my clothes into Joe's car, after we had checked out of the motel we were to drive a few yards down the road and I had to change cars there. We did just that, a few yards down the road from the motel, he stopped his car and told me to go to Joe so I had to walk, naked, over to where was stopped and get into the car before I could put on my dress again. Then we drove our separate way home.

During the drive home I asked Joe about his thoughts and he said that he was very happy with the way things turned out, there was no need to ask me, it was so abundantly clear that I had enjoyed every minute of the previous night.

That was about one and a half years ago and now we meet with Tom twice a month for a whole night session. He does call me about once a week and I always make sure that I would be available for him. He has made me feel so natural walking around naked, once he made me walk totally naked from the beach back to our hotel, it was just a short walk, less than 5 minutes but it was around 4pm and a whole bunch of people were starring and whistling at me. I've also gone off only with him a few times when Joe had other things to do.

I'm now very good (according to Tom & Joe) at controlling my cunt muscles and many times we've driven along with either Tom or Joe having their fingers in my cunt testing and practising my control. Tom has mentioned that he wished to see my cunt shaved and he's making the arrangements for it.

Sometimes I feel that I have two husbands.

I've so many stories about what Tom, Joe & me do together and I'll write directly to anybody who sends me their e-mail address, telling them all the things we did and will do.
You may write me at


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