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Hirsuit Ladies (Part 2 of 2)

(April 2001)

I don't think that I was asleep for long as I awoke to find my wrists and ankles still tethered the bed posts and luckily I had no feelings of cramp. Paula and Anna were nowhere to be seen but the portable television had been placed on a table at the foot of the bed.

I looked down at my body and there were the cunty lipstick marks on thighs and on my soft cock which was also encrusted with my dried come. Anna, once again dressed in nurses uniform, returned with a tray of coffees and sat down by the side of the bed. She pulled me up onto the pillows and untied my right wrist so that I could drink the very strong coffee in relative comfort.

She said that she needed to be more liberal with the spray next time as they both wanted plenty of cock up their holes before the day was over. I asked where Paula was and Anna replied that she had just nipped down to the local craft shop in our car.

I wondered what the hell she was getting but decided to keep my thoughts to myself . My wife poured me another strong coffee and as I was drinking it asked me whether I was dissapointed with her shaven pussy.

I said that contrary to my expectations I found it to be incredibly exiting and pointed out that before long I was going to have the best of both worlds with a choice of with or without hair fucks but that it would have been nice to see the shaving.

Anna was clearly pleased with my response and that was the way she'd hoped I would see it and not to worry as I would see a pussy being shaved before the day was out. With that she raised herself slightly on the chair and slowly pulled the hem of her uniform up to reveal her stocking tops, then her pale inner thighs and finally her pouting bald love lips.

I tried to get to them with my free hand but she pulled back out of reach and spread her legs to give me a good view. Her labia looked flushed but much paler than when I seen it earlier as she had removed the lipstick which had left the marks on my thigh and cock. She smiled as she located her passion button and worked on it until her juices were seeping from her tight little hole.

She was starting to breath heavily and but before she started to come she jumped up, grabbed my free wrist and fastened it to the bed post once again. My look of disappointment didn't last long though as climbed up onto the bed, knelt astride my shoulders and lowered her tantalising pussy down towards my waiting mouth.

As I pushed my tongue out to lap at her slit she pulled back so that I was still an inch or so away from my target. As my tongue went into a full speed lapping motion she started moving up and down so that I was making intermittent contact with her gash. We managed to settle into a routine whereby I managed to lick her clit on each of her downstrokes.

My face was covered with her fanny juice as she tried to check the spasm which was now building up in her body. I noticed her legs start to shake as she ground her cunt down onto my open mouth and she came with an animal groan of pure lust. As she rolled over away from my face I noticed that Paula was standing by the side of the bed with her hands inside her coat rubbing furiously at her breasts.

Seeing the free space she leant forward and licked Anna's juices from my face before sticking her tongue into my mouth to retrieve any which might be lurking there. Satisfied that she had done a good job she stood back and nodded to my wife and then to a carrier bag with the name of local craft shop printed on the side. Anna jumped up off the bed, pulled down the hem of her uniform and rushed from the room with Paula and the carrier bag.

I laid back on the pillow trying to work out just what the contents of the carrier bag had to do with their plans for the rest of the day. I was puzzling on this problem when the door opened and in came the nurses with a tray fully equipped with scissors, shaving foam, bowl of hot water, disposable razor, flannel and towel.

I was exited but also a little let down as I'd hoped to have a few more stabs at Paula's pussy before the hair came off. Anna told me that I was not to say a word until the next activity was over or they would have to tape my mouth. I nodded thinking that it wouldn't be too difficult to do little more than grunt as I watched Paula's pussy being stripped of its glorious hair.

What came next though was a complete surprise as Anna grabbed hold of my now stiff pecker and held it upright as Paula used the scissors to snip away at my pubic hair. I opened my mouth to voice a protest but my wife clamped her hand over my mouth. I looked down to see Paula quickly snip away at my pubes which she laid out in neat rows on the tray.

Paula then applied the hot flannel around the area she had just snipped and quickly sprayed it with shaving foam. I knew better than to thrash about when sharp objects were so close to my wedding tackle so just stared with morbid fascination as Paula efficiently removed the stubble left behind by the scissors.

As she towled me dry I looked down to see Anna released my stiff cock which was now standing in hairless glory above the the two large plums nestling in my ballsack. Before I had chance to say anything my two nurses collected the tray and switched on the video before rushing from the room.

The video helped to take my mind off what had just happened as I watched the screen and saw my cock clamped between my wife's lovely labia. It was strange to look from the screen where I was still with hair to my groin which was now bald. The video had just reached the point where Paula was maneouvering herself into position when the nurses returned with another tray.

Anna gripped my prick and smoothly unrolled a condom over the beast. I noted that the condom had no teat and the pale latex was a perfect fit showing every vein on my shaft. My wife then dipped her fingers into a large jar of vaseline and covered my prick and balls with the slippery lubricant. Paula came across with a bowl and Anna scooped two large handfuls of a thick substance which she moulded around my knob. I was told to do my best to keep my erection steady as she used several more generous handfuls to encase my prick and balls.

Anna told me again to keep my erection as the substance would only take minutes to set hard. I kept my eyes glued to the screen and had a close up view of my cock sliding between Paula's hairy cunt lips.

I saw my spurt of spunk on the screen just as Anna told me that the mould was now set. Everything suddenly clicked into place as I realised that they had decided to make a copy of my rampant member.

Anna switched off the television and told me that the problem now was for me get my erection down again. They left me by myself for a few minutes with instructions to think about anything not connected with sex.

I concentrated on trying to remember the names of each of the Prime Ministers this century and by the time the girls returned I could feel my dick to be loose within its mould. Anna checked that I was no longer excited and carefully eased the bottom of the mould up over my balls and then gently pulled it off my soft cock.

The vaseline had stopped it sticking to my skin and as I was now without pubes there was no problem of painfully pulled hairs. My wife inspected the mould and seemed very satisfied with the result. She said that she was going to be busy for the next hour or so and that I was to follow Paula's instructions.

Paula removed the withered condom from my cock and washed and dried my groin. She then blindfolded me with a black silk scarf . I heard the rustle of clothes as she presumably stripped out of her uniform and there was also the sound of something mechanical as she fiddled with something.

I heard her come to the side of the bed and felt her hairy cunt press itself against my still tied hand. I managed to wriggle a finger down into her wet groove and could smell her rich aroma as her fanny came alive with sex juice.

Needless to say this caused me to have the start of yet another erection. I heard her breathing start to become heavy and then she pulled herself away from my hand before she came. I felt something soft start to tickle the sole of my right foot and then work its way up the inside of my right leg before stopping an inch short of my balls.

This was repeated on my left leg and again the sensation stopped just short of my balls. I next felt the soft sensation on my nipples before it worked its way down over my stomach to my now bald pubic region. This was having an incredible effect on me and my prick was soon twitching in anticipation of delights to come. My balls were now being tickled with this soft object and the sensation was electrifying.

My whole pubic region was tingling with pleasure when the tickling object made its way up to the crown of my prick and started to circle its now hyper sensitive frenum . I felt that it would take only a few strokes of my foreskin to have me spurting yet again.

The circular movement stopped and I felt Paula flick the soft object against my helmet and I let out a low groan as I felt certain that I would be shooting spunk in seconds. The flicking stopped and I heard the sound of the desensitising spray can milliseconds before my cock was given a liberal coating to numb it.

I felt Paula's hand tug at my blindfold and focused on the sight before me. Paula was teasing her clit with a large soft white feather which I guessed had been used to bring me to my recent state of frenzy.

She spread her labia with the fingers of one hand and was delicately flicking the soft tip of the feather over her swollen passion bud. The contrast of the soft white feather against her jet black wirey pubes and red flushed pussy was one hell of a sight. It only took her a few minutes to bring herself to a shuddering orgasm at which point she threw down the feather and plunged three fingers knuckle deep into her wet hole.

As her orgasm subsided she pulled her hand from her cunt and pushed her wet sticky fingers into my mouth. I eagerly sucked the juices from surface of her digits and began thrusting my groin as my prick started to twitch once again. Paula pulled her fingers from my mouth and gave me a deep kiss as she used her tongue to taste her juices in my mouth.

She pulled away and asked me if I'd like to fuck her juicy honeypot. I smiled and nodded my agreement and she clambered from the bed and went to the bag which in the corner of the room where she had left it earlier. I was admiring the delicious curves of her buttocks as she bent forward to retrieve something from the bag. Her stockings and suspender belt provided a wonderful frame for the beautiful picture of her wet slit peeping out from her black bush of hair.

I had a sudden vision of my cock spurting spunk into the small of her back and watching as it dribbled down into the cleft between her buttocks and formed a small pool in her tight bum hole before overflowing and running down into her slit. Yes, I thought that was certainly one for tomorrow. I pulled myself back from my daydream to find Paula squatting over me and taking something from a small paper bag.

I groaned for a moment at the thought of what further indignity awaited my poor prick and Paula looked up and said not to worry as I would enjoy it. With that she pulled a jar of clear honey from the bag and unscrewed the top. I started to think if this was the honeypot on offer that there was no way that I would be getting a great deal of pleasure from it. How wrong I was!

Paula held my member upright and carefully poured the honey over its complete surface. The honey was slightly cool as it still had not come up to room temperature, and my prick now looked as it had received a solitary suntan as the golden honey sparkled. Having ensured that it was well covered Paula crouched over my knob and guided its head into her slit. She slowly pushed herself down onto it and the feeling was just blissful.

Her fanny had felt tight before but it now felt as if it was a soft wet version of the mould that had recently encased my prick. The added friction caused by the honey had Paula squirming into another orgasm within minutes. As she came with a loud scream I realised that I still had plenty of time left in me. The delay spray had obviously worked its wonders and as was pondering on this fact I saw my wife place her hands under Paula's buttocks and pull her from my still throbbing member.

In the heat of the moment I hadn't noticed that she had returned to the room. She had already removed her uniform and her shaven haven was clearly wet with her juices. As she clambered on top me she unscrewed the jar of honey and refreshed my cock's sticky covering which had become diluted through its insertion into Paula's soaking fanny. She gave it a few seconds to trickle down over my shaft and then eased herself down onto it.

She started to bounce up and down and the honey gave so much extra friction which coupled with the absence of pubes made it seem that I was dipping my wick into a hole that it had never visited before.

The tight fit was sending Anna over the edge as she built up the speed of her bouncing and a steady stream of cunt juice mingled with the honey to leak down my straining member before forming a pool around its hairless base. She started to come with a low groan which built up into a high pitch scream. She thrust herself down onto my balls and writhed around on my groin before pulling herself off with a loud plop.

I laid back and closed my eyes, wondering just what was next in store for me when I felt a pair of hands cover my eyes. Within seconds I felt my cock enveloped by soft, hot, wet, pussy once again.

As I smelled my wife's perfume so close to my nose I guessed that Paula had returned for second helpings. Anna removed her hands from my eyes and I laid back with them still shut feeling Paula's hairy cunt running up and down the length of my member.

I felt the hot breath from a mouth at each ear and realised that something was not quite right. If Paula was impaled on my prick and breathing into my ear then surely I would have felt the brush of her breasts somewhere on my upper torso. As these thoughts were racing through my mind, two different voices instructed me to open my eyes.I opened my eyes and my prick jerked upwards in an uncontrolled spasm.

I was able to see Anna on my left and Paula on my right, but there impaled on my prick was a very juicy and very red haired pussy which was peeping out from a pair of black open crotch briefs.

I looked up from the joining of cunt and cock to see a massive pair of tits encased in a black basque swathed with tresses of long red hair which perfectly matched the colour of the pubes now grinding down onto my cock. The face framed by the glowing red hair was beautifully made up and at that moment was showing the pleasure she was receiving from the grinding of her pussy onto my cock.

With what little breath I still had in me I asked Anna to flip our new friend's breasts free from the constrains of the basque. Anna and Paula moved around to the side of the curvacious redhead and each eased a breast from its holster. The ample tits were topped with nipples which were pale brown in colour and obviously very erect.

As Anna and Paula were teasing a nipple each they moved their free hands down to their own pussies and inserted fingers which they then withdrew and smeared their juices over the individual nipples they were teasing. They then gently pulled my companion forward and offered the nipples to my mouth. I sucked on the nipple glistening with Anna's love juices and then at the other covered with Paula's tangy secretions.

The sucking of the nipples started to send the redhead over the edge and and as she came she ground down onto my cock which responded to her vagina's muscular contractions by squirting spunk into her. As I tried to get my breathing back under control Anna looked up and introduced me to Sally.

Anna untied my hands from the bedposts and told Paula and Sally to make themselves comfortable downstairs. When we were alone she explained that Sally was a friend of Paula's who had called in and interrupted them at Paula's flat when they were busy extracting their love juices which had been in the bottle of medicine I had been treated with earlier on.

Sally had smelled the aroma when she was invited in and by all accounts had twigged straight away that the smell and the flushed looks on their faces that some mutual fanny twiddling had been going on.

Being a rather inquisitive person she had teased the girls about it and Anna had explained about how Paula was helping her to provide my birthday present.

Sally had been intrigued by the idea and explained that as she had been trained as a hairdresser she would be more than willing to take the scissors to Paula's hairy bush.

She had even suggested that rather than just having a jet black pubic wig it might be nice to have a different colour to wear when the mood took her.

As Sally had been without a boyfriend for quite a while Anna suggested that she might like to add an extra surprise to the day's planned activities. Sally had jumped at the chance and had arranged to call in at our house later in the day. Before she left, however, she had taken the scissors and razor to my wife's pubes and had taken the opportunity to grope around her folding flaps.

Anna looked down at my soft cock and said that it needed cleaning before I got dressed. With that she leant forward and licked it clean of Sally's juices before coming up for air and giving me a deep french kiss.

I could taste Sally's much stronger flavour on my wife's lips and wished that I could get into another erection straight away.

Anna sensed this and told me that I needed a little time to recover but that I shouldn't worry as the fun was only just beginning.

She told me to get dressed and to join them downstairs.

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