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(April 2001)

He was surprised when she called him, having not heard from her in months, their separation still enforced by her husband, who had forbidden any contact when he learned of their seven year affair. The edict, and the subsequent passage of time had little effect on their desire, they both wanted each other more every day. But they so feared the possibility of getting caught again, and the devastation that would result.

He could see her discomfort when they were together. Ultimately, they had decided to have no contact. And then suddenly ten years had passed since they last held one another in the ecstasy to which they had become accustomed. Yet, they still held out the hope that they would somehow be together, even though each day made it more difficult for them to believe in that hope.

They talked about everything for an hour, as they always did when they had a chance to speak, and each had much more to say. As the conversation neared its end he reminded her how they had always wanted to go swimming somewhere on a hot summer’s day. It was a thought he had been having repeatedly of late. A day in the sun, their bodies bared to one another, able to relax as they had in those long past years was another hope that he still harbored. He thought they could catch up, enjoy one another’s company for an afternoon, just to see if their desire remained. Her response was unexpected. Rather than saying that she could not, as they both knew she should, she asked how they could do so.

"Well," he said, "we could have lunch together and then go to the pool in the State Park. You would tell him that you were going to a meeting or to the library for some research. You could pick me up at my office and we’ll go. It will be a weekday, there won’t be many people around, so it should be pretty safe. We’ll wear our suits under our clothes, so no one should notice, we’ll get out of the water in time to let them dry on us before we leave. No one will ever know."

She was dubious. Like all their plans in the past, it seemed like there were a thousand things that could go wrong. But all of their plans in the past always worked out. Her husband’s knowledge did not come as a direct result of one of their outings. And she wanted to spend a day with him more than she could imagine. She wasn’t quite ready to risk everything, but in a risk reward analysis, this seemed fairly safe.

They set a date the next week, to be dependent on the weather, and to be confirmed the night before. The day before he received her call around five. The weather for the next day was predicted to be perfect, sunny and in the mid eighties. Nevertheless, he expected her to cancel, the result of well deserved caution that they both needed to exercise. Instead, she told him she would be at his office at noon.

She walked into his office a few minutes late, as she would always do. Despite the heat, she was wearing blue jeans and a sweatshirt. He knew that she chose the clothes to conceal the swimsuit that was underneath, although he thought her choice a little extreme. He drove them to lunch, where they spoke nonstop for over an hour, relieved to finally be together, relaxed by a small bottle of wine. For the first time in years she felt all those familiar feelings she had for him, and she let herself unwind. She had decided that even if they were to be caught, things would be okay, they would have each other. They laughed together as they had so many years ago. He could feel that giddy exuberance that he always felt when he was with her.

At one thirty they got to the park, went to the pool and found an isolated area in the sun. When she took off her clothes he could not take his eyes off her. She wore a very brief two piece, secured with strings, the bottom barely covering her, the top allowing him to see most of her perfect breasts. Almost twenty years after he had first lusted after the most perfect body he had ever had, she was the same, and his lust remained. Maybe it had increased. He could not imagine that she was still so perfect, he could not imagine that she wanted him as she did.

They found two lounge chairs and placed them next to one another in the fully reclined position so they could lie on them. She lay on her stomach, untied her top and asked that he put sun tan lotion on her. They both knew that this was a must, as her fair skin would easily burn and be a dead give away as to what she actually had done that day. So he sat over her, looking at the exquisite body before him, simply amazed that he was about to get the chance to once again let his hands explore her smooth and taut skin. He put some lotion on his hands and gently began massaging her shoulders.

She knew what her reaction would be when he first touched her. For all of these years it was what she missed the most, the way he communicated his love through his hands, the way those hands were directly linked to her sexual desires. As soon as he would touch her she knew that she would have to have him completely, to feel his body pressed against her own, to make the connection that their love demanded.

When his hand first touched her shoulder she confirmed all her thoughts as she could feel her pussy moisten, as if it was anticipating an outcome that she had not planned. She could feel all rational thought run out of her, all her defenses fall. He could do anything to her; in fact, she wanted him to do everything to her.

He slowly and softly worked the lotion into her shoulders, his touch light and sensual. He eventually worked his way down her back, grazing her partially exposed breasts as he did her sides. He was sitting next to her on his lounger, his back to the few people that shared the pool with them, partially blocking her from any view they might have. When he reached her waist he undid one of the ties on the bikini bottom, allowing his hands to work their magic on her ass. She never even considered asking him to stop. He then moved to her feet, working his way up to her calf to her thigh, then doing the other leg to the same point. His hands then stroked her upper thigh, moving ever closer to the treasure that was beneath the miniscule piece of cloth that covered her pussy.

She was already on the verge of an orgasm, her body hot with excitement, small beads of sweat forming on her brow. She moaned softly as her mind filled with memories of the hundreds of ways he had brought her to this point in the past. She spread her legs slightly, providing him better access and inviting his touch. He stopped momentarily to dry his hands on a towel, while he surveyed the beauty before him and confirmed for himself what she was inviting. Her concern that he would stop ended quickly as she felt his fingers slide into her wet opening, one finger entering her, another stroking her clitoris, a point that he always would find with unerring accuracy. She could feel the oncoming orgasm flow through her body. She wanted it more than she could imagine, she wanted to feel the release only he could provide, the result she had longed for all these years. Her hands strangled the front legs of the lounger as she felt his other hand search for her breast.

As his hand touched her nipple she felt herself explode, her juices flowing out of her into his patient hand, which continued to massage the perfect spot. She bit down hard on the towel she used as a pillow, so as to stop herself from screaming out loud and alerting all who were at the pool of her pleasure. Her pelvis thrust up and down as she humped the lounger as she would do him if it were possible.

Her legs stretched out, her toes clenched as seemingly increasing waves of the orgasm passed through her, rewarding him for his efforts. She knew she was totally out of control, had lost all sense of decency as she allowed herself this ultimate pleasure one more time. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, she could feel the orgasm pass its peak, she began to regain mental consciousness and her ability to control her body’s reactions. She was drenched in sweat as she turned to him, smiling uncontrollably, and said, "Thank you".

He used the towel to mop her face and made sure that her bikini still covered the essential parts. He laid down next to her, gazing at her, licking his fingers so he could taste her on them. "You are wonderful", he said, and she laughed, "I don’t know how you can do that to me, no one else ever has, not like that."

"It is easy when you are with someone that you want to do that with," he answered.

"Well, that is part of it, but the way you touch me, the way you bring me along, the way you know just what I want and need, that is a gift that you have. I know that if other women knew what you can do, if they had any idea how wonderful it could be with you, they would be all over you."

He had heard her say this before, and he had a stock answer, "Well, why don’t we just keep it our secret, okay?"

She smiled at him and took his hand as they lay together, their minds racing, searching for ways to make their relationship permanent and acceptable. They knew there was no way to do so until her children were at least in and probably through college, some ten years away.

"Let me know when you want to turn over," he said, "we are going to have to get that lotion on your front." They both knew what would happen when they tried that. So they lay there on their loungers, facing one another, inches apart, holding hands and talking.

They spoke about times past, things they had done and enjoyed together. They spoke about their activities in the last few years, things they did of which the other was never aware. They talked of their kids, school and sports. It seemed that everything was as it had been between them. When the affair was ongoing, they each felt as if they were a part of the others family. They were, in a way, because they were so familiar with everything that was happening with the other. Their easy conversation, their empathy, their agreements and disagreements all fell into place. They each felt wonderful. It was as if they had been made whole again. After about an hour she said to him,

"I think I need to turn over now."
He smiled at her and sat up, and she turned over, losing her top in the process. He looked at her firm breasts, with their perfectly sized and shaped nipples, and he could not resist leaning down to suck them.

She laughed and gently pushed him away, saying "not now", while she handed him her lotion. He started the process again, at her shoulders, working down the front this time, spending a lot of time on her breasts, to insure that they were both covered and properly explored.

His efforts with her breasts had bought her close to a second orgasm. If she allowed herself to let go, that alone would have been enough, as he softly caressed her nipples, traced her aerolas so that they were engorged and amazingly sensitive. His hands passed below her belly button, to the bikini line, probing under it to the line of her pubic hair, then retreating and starting with her feet, moving up her legs as before, this time as she laid on her back, his hands working the front of her thighs. He again reached her bikini bottom, and she again opened herself to him, his hand finding her already wet, slipping smoothly into her. His left hand played with her nipples and his right massaged her pussy, and she came again, with increased ferocity, until the strength of the orgasm forced her to sit upright, her top again falling off, as she pressed her body against his.

She held him for a few seconds, then collapsed onto her back, trying to catch her breath. He replaced the bikini, securing its ties so that it would be in place, and laid on his back on his lounger next to her, holding her hand. The sun beat down on their bodies, relaxing them further. When she could finally talk she asked, "When do you get your turn?"

He smiled at her and said, "well you know that might be a little hard here, but I am sure that you will think of something."

"I was thinking that maybe we could use the same excuse next week and go to a motel for the afternoon. Then we could do all of the things that we want to do. It would be just like it used to be. And I’ll be able to get what I really want from you."

"And what might that be?" he asked, grinning in anticipation of her answer.

"I want that beautiful big cock of yours between my legs for the afternoon, that’s what I want." she replied, her eyes aglow with desire.

"Well, I am sure I would like that," he said, "but for now what do you say we go for a swim and cool ourselves off?"

She agreed, and they jumped into the pool’s cold waters, swimming up close to one another and kissing while holding themselves together. They spent the rest of the afternoon in the shade, talking about just what each would like to do when they went to that motel the next week. By the time their suits were dry enough to put their clothes on, they each knew that they would never get back to his office without further sexual contact.

As soon as they settled in the car she was in his lap, unbuttoning his pants and taking out his cock. She had actually wanted to do this from the time they first got in the car to go to lunch. Now she needed to have him. She needed to prove to herself that he still wanted her, that she could still excite him as no other had. She lay on her side across the front seats, facing his groin.

When she extracted his cock, which was already rock hard, she devoured it with her mouth, one hand stroking the base of his hard on, her mouth working over its tip. He managed to get the car to a relatively straight road that led to an interstate that would provide them some cover. His hand had already unbuttoned and unzipped her jeans, and he was reaching into her pussy.

They had done this many times in the past. He was amazed that so many years later he desperately wanted the same thing. Having watched her come twice during the afternoon, now having his fingers again probing her pussy, his mental state was such that he knew he was going to come in short order.

She could feel his cock throbbing in her mouth and she knew that she would get exactly what she so wanted. She could also feel his fingers working their magic on her clit, and she knew that her own orgasm, her third that afternoon, would soon arrive. She continued her pursuit of his orgasm, she loved when he came in her mouth, she loved swallowing his come as a way of showing her devotion to him. And she knew she was very close to making it happen.

He could not control himself as his cock thrust into her little mouth as she expertly worked her hand and mouth over his cock. He could feel his orgasm approach, he could feel her mouth urging him on, could hear her moans of pleasure as he continued to stroke her wet pussy. When his cock released its load directly into her mouth he cried out "Oh, baby, oh baby…" over and over again. As she swallowed his cum her own orgasm struck, and he could hear her screams, muffled by his cock in her mouth, as her body twitched in sublime pleasure.

Her pussy pulsed uncontrollably, and she continued to suck his cock, making sure she had extracted every drop. Her own orgasm raged through her, she lost all conception of time and place. When she was finally sure that they were each satisfied, she rolled onto her back, looking up at him, aftershocks of her orgasm still causing her pussy to tremble, his cock still next to her angelic face, as she smiled at him.

"I can’t tell you how much I wanted that," she said, her eyes shining, the pleasure she felt readily visible.

"Well you know, I wanted that too. I can’t believe you just did that, I love it when you do. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it, and how much I want to do it again. But you know how dangerous it is. Your husband could smell you like the last time and confront you again."

"I know, but I had to. Stop at the first store you see where I can get a coke to wash it down and disguise the taste. God, I love doing that to you. I can’t wait to fuck again. It’s been too long, I can’t wait any longer."

"Can you wait till next week as planned? I think that will be okay."

"I’ll wait that long," she said, "but I don’t want to. I used to hate the waits until everything was right. I want us to be available to one another always, at a moments notice."

"Oh baby, that is all I’ve ever wanted. I want you forever and always. When can we start, how do we do it? We’ve been through it a million times. Is there a way?"

She kissed his cock and sat up in the seat. "There has to be, and we are going to find it."

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