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The boss part 5

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Anne seemed to come to her senses, jumped up, straightened her appearance and put on her coat, finally covering her nakedness. The coat did not however cover her considerable embarrassment as she realised what she had just done.

We left the bistro, Anne holding my arm to keep her balance as the combination of her high heels and orgasm aftermath obviously made walking difficult.

Once back in the office, which we had reached in silence, I allowed Anne to return to her normal daywear. Whilst she was in the ladies returning to normal, I was trying to understand how we had progressed so far so quickly and what would be my next move. I remembered that I “owed” Anne punishment for her lack of obedience a couple of days earlier and that decided me on my next move.

Anne returned dressed ready to go home so I issued my instructions before she left ­ “Anne you have behaved impeccably today, but you do remember that you are still to be punished for your disobedience on the phone a couple of days ago?”

“Yes ­ I was slow in detailing my attire when you instructed me to because I was worried someone might overhear”

“Correct. Your punishment will be straightforward as follows. When we return in the New Year you will ensure that your public hair has been completely removed and it will be kept like that in the future. In addition you will take today’s outfit home, wash and return it here for future use. Since your husband prefers you to be dominant this should not present any problems. You will not allow your shaven cunt to be seen by him, and if he notices your new clothes you will tell him that it is none of his business what you wear. Is this understood?”

A doubtful agreement and Anne then left the office.

After we returned in the New Year I checked out Anne’s compliance with the shaving order. She had complied in full ­ her blond hair had disappeared completely and her pussy lips were now fully visible for inspection and approval.

She had also complied with the washing order and her outfit was returned to my private cupboard for future use. Remembering my rules from the start of this relationship every day she proved that she was wearing the designated attire. Every time she sat down in my office her legs, stocking tops, and suspenders were on show.

Anne would at least once a day raise her skirt or dress up around her waist so that I could check she was remaining free of pubic bush and that her attire matched my various instructions. I had also begun to think of other ways to enjoy her increasing ease with this change, and her willingness to follow my instructions.

I finally decided that it might be fun to see if her exhibitionism could be used during normal business meetings. For that purpose I thought that she might attend some meeting with me when she had instructions to flash so that I could ascertain her willingness and the effect it had on my chosen “victim”.

The opportunity came when Anne was involved in helping me resolve specialised stationery supplies and a meeting had been arranged with a potential supplier. It would be natural to have my PA involved in the meeting since she would be in charge of the supplies, and furthermore the salesman sounded on the phone young and perhaps fairly new to the job.

I had Anne book a small meeting room in one of our remote offices where almost no-one would know us for early in the morning the following week, and then thought about her attire and behaviour.

Over the weeks I had gradually reviewed her business clothes and had had modifications to several. The modifications still made them acceptable for business use, but had, for example, involved shortening skirt lengths, or perhaps adjusting button configurations on blouses and jackets.

For this meeting, I called Anne into the office the previous afternoon and issued the following instructions, “For our meeting tomorrow with X, you will wear the following items, firstly your bra will be the black lacy quarter cup bra with the matching g-string and suspenders. I want you wearing your black seamed stockings, with the black 4-inch court shoes. On top you will wear your black pinstripe business suit”.

I perhaps should explain that this suit had been modified so that the skirt was about 4 inches above the knee (high but acceptable), and was very tight fitting, with the tight tailored jacket having its top button nestling in between Anne’s breasts.

She normally wore this on top of a blouse, but it was possible to wear it buttoned up and still be acceptable.

“We will meet a 8.00 a.m. so that I can arrange the room and give you your instructions before x arrives.”

As arranged Anne and I were in the meeting room before any of the local staff were around. I then arrange the seating around the small table so that as Mr X would be shown to a particular seat leaving me on his left on one side of the table and Anne would be opposite me on his right.

My assumption was that he would be right handed and would therefore place his brief case, and case of samples on his right on Anne’s side. If that were the case then he would have to look to his left to address me, but would, I hoped, have his eyes continually drawn to his right as he picked up samples and say Anne’s display.

For this first attempt, I was not planning anything too outrageous, and Anne’s instructions were as follows.

“When reception tells us the Mr. X is here, you will go to reception and greet and collect him. Make sure that he has an opportunity to walk behind you so that he can see your seamed stockings and if possible do not use the lift but go ahead of him up the stairs. When you arrive here we will make sure that he sits in the correct seat. As you are turned slightly towards him listening attentively you will make sure that during the discussion he will get accidental glimpses of your stocking tops and suspenders. Assuming that he is distracted you will allow him to gradually see more. If possible I want him to see your g-string. Also if the opportunity arises for you to bend over and help him you will do so, and so make sure that your jacket is open enough for him to get sight of your tits.”

I would not be able to have the view that Mr X would since I was on the opposite side of the table, hence the discretion allowed, but I would be very interested in his reaction. I also wondered if it would help me reach a more favourable agreement if he was distracted.

At 8.25 the phone rang and reception announced our visitor. Anne left to collect him as agreed. A few minutes later Anne entered the conference room ahead of Mr X, and already I could see that he had noticed my attractive PA. Coffee was served all round and after introductions and the usual small talk we settled down to our discussion.

He appeared to be early twenties, and relatively nervous, and as I had hoped placed a sizeable aircrew leather bag on the floor to his right containing, I presumed, his various samples. Undoubtedly as he bent down to pick various examples from his case I was certain that he was getting the view intended. It was clear that Anne was occasionally adjusting her position and it was also increasingly clear that as the view improved, Mr X became more distracted, and whilst trying to hold my attention his eyes continually kept glancing to the right and then down to Anne’s legs.

I assume that he was able to see a lot of leg, stocking top, suspenders, and possibly even the very tight and tiny g-string Anne was wearing, that I knew covered nothing and was no more than a piece of black string stretched tight between her legs. On a couple of occasions Anne also managed to bend down to help, and again I imagined that he would certainly see lots of cleavage possibly as far as Anne’s nipples.

Anne and I would glance at each other across the table in amusement as the negotiation continued. We successfully concluded a beneficial agreement, and I informed Mr X that Anne would be in charge of our arrangements and that he would in future liaise with her during the execution of the initial twelve-month term of the agreement. At the end of the meeting, Anne helped him pack his samples, no doubt giving him plenty opportunity to view her charms and then proceeded to escort a rather flushed young man back to reception.

On her return we agreed it had been a success, and I then had Anne return to her seat whilst I took the place of Mr X and made her repeat the actions so that I could enjoy the view he had. Whilst doing this Anne was instructed to explain to me her thoughts and feelings and as a finale she was made to sit on the edge of the conference table in front of me, one leg on either arm of the chair I was sitting in.

That gave me an eye level view from about 12 inches of her wet pussy, the thin string between her legs passing between her lips and making them bulge prominently. She was then made to pull her panty crotch to one side and bring herself to orgasm by recounting a fantasy about the next meeting where Mr X was overcome by excitement at her display, forced her to bend over the conference table and then cocked her thoroughly.

This fantasy she had to describe in detail until she came. During this performance I inevitably became erect and having unzipped my trousers, pulled out my cock and masturbated Along with Anne, until I too reached climax and spurted cum all over the meeting room floor.

This was the first time that Anne had seen my cock since up till then I had been entirely a voyeur and Anne the exhibitionist. Whilst I had been hard on many occasions over the past few weeks, I had always kept my penis firmly inside my trousers, enjoying the thrill of watching.

I had obviously now moved into realms beyond the merely voyeuristic. A bit of cleaning up was required before we vacated the meeting room and headed back to our own office building.

On the way back to the office, I thought about the meeting and began to wonder if Anne might be able to help me in similar situations. As long as her display was being perceived as accidental then we could include this corporate flashing into our repertoire and it may even possibly assist in negotiations if it was true that the distraction made the negotiation easier.

I also began to wonder how far she might voluntarily go in future meetings with Mr X when I was not present or had not given her specific instructions. All in all a rather interesting number of scenarios were beginning to play through my head. It is worthwhile mentioning another successful meeting we held a few weeks later………..

By now spring had arrived and the weather was warming up, and I had been gradually exploring Anne’s spring and summer wardrobe. One particular dress that I liked was a very flowing, sensual number with a fairly tight fitted bodice buttoned from the V-neck line to the waist, and then flaring out from the waist into a full pleated skirt. The material was silk, coloured in pale pastel colours that set of Anne’s blonde hair and complexion to perfection.

I particularly enjoyed the way that the skirt part swirled around as Anne moved, and also the way that the bodice managed to accentuate her breasts and her small waist. The dress was fairly see through and contained a separate underskirt to provide a level of modesty appropriate for most normal wearers.

The dress had been modified so that the underskirt could be removed. The meeting to which I am referring was to be held with a number of overseas visitors in our main conference room and was to present our organisation structure, and roles and responsibilities of the various staff members, so that our structure could be reproduced in other countries where we were setting up new operations.

I decided that I should host the meeting and after having presented my overview, would then have key members of my staff come in and present their particular roles and responsibilities. As each slot was completed the person would leave to be replaced by the next presenter. Anne was to present on the various financial, administrative, and operational activities that she carried out for the group.

This seemed a great opportunity, so I arranged that Anne would wear the dress described without the underskirt, and with pale pink bra, g-string, suspenders and white stockings. I then arranged the conference room so that the presenter would have their back to the large south facing windows whilst making their 20-minute presentation. With the late morning sun behind her, everyone in the room was transfixed by the effect.

Anne’s dress was in effect transparent as the light shone through the windows through the thin silk of her dress, showing up every item of her very skimpy underwear. Her tiny bra, barely covering her nipples, and the tiny g-string emphasised rather than covered her body.

It was clear that she was wearing stockings and suspenders, and as she moved around the tight bodice emphasised the apparent large breasts when seen against her tiny waist; the flowing movements of the full pleated skirt accompanied by the erotic sounds of her nylons rubbing against each other as she moved had my cock hard for 20 minutes, as I am sure it did for every other man in the meeting.

When she turned her back to pick up examples of the stationery her beautiful cheeks appeared almost naked framed by the straps of her suspenders as the thong of her panties was invisible tightly pulled up between her bottom cheeks.

On a couple of occasions as she bent down to pick up various folders we used, we saw not only the lovely bottom through the dress, but the tops of her stockings and a couple of inches of bare flesh at between her stocking tops, and the hem of her dress.

Anne was undoubtedly the star of the show that day, and I did feel sorry for her colleagues, as everyone else was a disappointment after her display. Anne has attended numerous meetings over the past twelve months and has contributed a number of erotic and sensual moments to a high number of business colleagues and associates.

All they believe is that I have a very attractive and proficient PA who seems to be unaware that her very chic and expensive clothes seem sometimes offer tantalising glimpses of her underwear, and sometimes lack of underwear!

Anne enjoys the feeling that she is being exposed “accidentally” and of course I enjoy the flashing, the fact she is following my direction, and the obviously jealous looks I get from my various colleagues.

I have always acted as though I am unaware of Anne’s displays and curiously none of my colleagues has mentioned it to me, even in social chat in the pub. I guess they perhaps worry that it may end if it is remarked upon or discussed.

The next part will move on to tell you about the various photographic sessions Anne has been the subject of.

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