Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Turn

(April 2001)

My last story "My wifes hot date" was submitted by anonymous, however I have decided to write under my middle name, Jacob which I go by. If you read the first story you know my wife fucked a black man named Sam, while I watched, since then they have become steady lovers.

At breakfast three days ago, my wife told me how sweet I was for letting her have Sam and now she really thought it should be my turn. My turn? yes darling, I want you to find a woman you want to fuck and let me watch you, wow! blew my mind.

However I don't want to watch from the closet as you do, just sit on a chair in the corner where I can watch in comfort and I promise not to make a sound or distract you and she, ok?. sure that's fine. Now the hunt began, the next day while driving on a main street in our city that had a traffice light every block, I hit the first light red, oh damn, now I would hit every light red, oh well, then to my left I saw a beautiful woman in a new expensive looking car, she was about mid 40s with medium lenght red hair with copper highlights, she had long nails, i'm guessing 2" past the tip of her fingers and nicly tapered and polished bright red,as she turned and looked my way I could see she had, full beautifuly shaped lips and her lipstick was a close match to her nail color, she had amber colored eyes and her brows were perfectly arched, as my van is a bit higher than her car I could see she was wearing a red dress,with low neckline that allowed her ample clevage to show, perfectely, not vulgar, by any means but very sexy and she wore medium sized gold, hoop earrings, damn, what a fox, I winked at her and she flashed a dazziling smile and winked back, the light changed, but as expected we hit the next light red now she looked my way and licked her lips, sexily and traced the crease of her cleavage with the nail of her forefinger and winked again, I rolled my window down as she rolled hers down and I said I need to talk to you she said," lead the way", when the light changed she changed lanes and followed me to a nearby shopping center lot , got out of her car walked in front of my van on her way to the passenger side, and damn, what a figure, large breasts, tiny waist and perfectly shaped ass and about 5' 5" tall. she got in and asked, " whats on your mind handsome?" as if she didn't know.

I told her my name was Jake, she said hers was cora, she held out her hand as if to shake mine and I took her hand and lightly kissed it, she blushed, and said why thank you , how romantic. I related to her the story of my wife, sam and I , what my wife had said to me about my turn, Cora thought a minute and said, she would love to make love with me while my wife watched as long as it was understood there would be no girly sex as she wasn't to that, not a problem I told her ellie isn't wired that way either. Cora leaned over and kissed me lightly on the lips and said so when is the big day, jake?.

I called ellie on the cell phone and she said tomarrow is fine , about 7 pm?, Cora said, sounds good to me, I gave her our phone number and address, she kissed me again, said, see you baby, and left. I was on air! this going to be so fucking good. Cora showed up looking like a goddess, dressed beautifuly, makeup perfect and nails polished , a medium lavender, after introducing the girls and having a drink to relax a bit we went to the master bed room and ellie took her place on a corner chair. Cora and I embraced as her lips parted in anticipation of my kiss I pressed my lips to her full, sexy, moist lips and tasted the sweetness that exuded from her mouth, feeling her lipstick between us and our tongues loving each other for the first time, my cock grew hard as a rock pressing against her love nest through our clothes, we began to kiss with more passion and began undressing each other, slowly, now naked ,we stood as before kissing, hotly.

I swept her up in my arms and laid her on the bed, gently, laid down slightly on top of her, our lips locked and kissing the whole time, I began to kiss her ears and down her neck to her shoulders, as she began kissing my neck at the same time, kissing down to her ample breasts,and kissing every inch of them very quickly, as she cupped her tits in her hands,holding them out to me and i observed those incredible, polished nails as my lips closed around her right nipple my tongue swriling over it, as I sucked in as much tit as my mouth would hold and alternated between her tits until she moaned, low, jake let me suck your cock, lover, I want to taste you, we rolled over so she had complete acess to my large stiff cock, and I watched as she slid my dick between those sexy, lips, omg, I thought as I felt the heat and moisture of her soft mouth, she began to slide her mouth up and down my cock taking more in on each down stroke until she swallowed my entire length, omg, Cora, you suck cock, so good, baby, don't stop sugar, she applied suction until her cheeks had a caved in look and her tongue seemed to be all over my cock driving me crazy, she began to lightly scratch my balls and I thought I would lose it, just then she raised up winked and got on top of me, guiding her wet pussy onto my stiff member and it seemed to devour me , omg, fuck me Cora, fuck me baby!, she exclaimed, omg i'n going to fuck this dick to death, omg what a cock! with that, she placed her palms on my chest and rode my cock until every cell in my body cried for relief! with both of us screaming fuck me!, fuck me!, omg, fuck me! and suddenly my hot seed spewed into her love tunnel and I felt her hot female cum release all over my cock, omg!, omg!,we screamed in unison as we had our orgasms together, damn, what an incedible, fuck she was!. then she leaned forward my cock still inside and kissed me tenderly, and rolled off lying beside me and we embraced and kissed so sweetly and brought out of our dream world by the sound of applause, coming from the corner. we have to do this again!, ellie squealed with delight, and you know,I think we will.

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Passion said...

Fuck, thats hot! I was nice and relaxed until I read this, and me with no fair..LOL