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Afternoon Hotspot

by Linda Chorlton
(November 2001)

All that afternoon they had walked down by the river, laughing, joking, touching, holding hands, giving gentle love-pats, stroking or hugging, it was fun together. Summertime, and the living is easy. Sunshine kissed their bare shoulders. People they passed were either lovers oblivious to them, or just smiling passers-by.

Chloe took hold of her friend's hand, and began leading her towards her house. "But I'm not hungry at all, or even thirsty," protested Zara. Chloe smiled at her.

"Never mind, I'm sure you will be," she whispered.

Zara shrugged her shoulders in petulance, but,gave in to Chloe's tug on her arm, and meekly followed her indoors, into the large house. Chloe reached into the refrigerator and produced a bottle of Villa Bianchi, an Italian dry white wine and two chilled, tulip-shaped wine glasses. "How did ...?" Zara started to ask in puzzlement.

"Oh, you know me, I like to be prepared," said Chloe with a sly grin. Zara wondered exactly what it was that Chloe felt that she needed to be prepared for, but she felt unable to put this question, without sounding or appearing foolish. Chloe motioned for Zara to be seated on an exquisit chaise-longue, then sat down beside her, somewhat to Zara's surprise.

Chloe said nothing while she opened the bottle of wine and poured out two glasses, very professionally. After they had jokingly drunk a toast to each other they fell into a silence. Short, inconsequential, conversation took place,as the wine began to take its effect. So, increasingly flushed with an alcohol, and Summer's heat, they both needed to loosen their clothing.

Zara's exquisite decolletage was amply revealed to Chloe, who noted this with pleasure, while Chloe's own deep cleavage did not pass unnoticed by Zara, who, in her diffidence, imagined that Chloe possessed the superior feminine physique of the pair. She had a low self-esteem. Small talk turned to love matters, as Chloe skillfully manipulated the conversation towards a discussion of a more intimate nature. Being initially a little uneasy, Zara soon began to relax and reveal details of previous sexual relationships that she had always, hitherto, kept secret.

Talk of this kind tended to increase their flush as they began to share personal and private experiences with each other. Zara grew bolder, in stark contrast to her previous shyness and lack of confidence. By now it had reached the point where her blouse was unbuttoned almost to the waist and her shoes had been kicked off, and her long shapely legs were folded under her, showing vast amounts of upper thigh. Chloe was in a similar state of undress, although hers was consciously contrived to expose as many of her lithe curves as possible without frightening off Zara by embarrassing her.

Chloe passed a comment which was in the nature of a compliment to Zara, concerning the loveliness of her body. Zara giggled and blushed with modesty and an embarrassment. She pinked up, born of her realisation that she was partially naked in the presence of another woman.

Chloe laughed at this response to her compliment and in order to put Zara at her ease, continued passing compliments on Zara's choice of lingerie and the way in which it set off her magnificent breasts so well. Her bra was an expensive La Senza creation, with wired under half cups, which acted as a platform, thrusting outwards her fullsome tits.

Naturally, this course had the opposite effect on Zara, who grew even more self- conscious. Chloe pressed on with renewed vigour, inflamed by Zara's beauty and she reached forward and pulled Zara's blouse off her shoulders, exposing a fine white lace brassiere she had been given by her lover, after sex, just a few days before. "Let me feel the quality of the lace," murmured Chloe as she cupped one of Zara's large lace-covered breasts.

They were heavier than they looked. She could feel the nipple begin to harden through the brassiere silyness,and now, Zara's breathing became stronger, slower, and deeper. Chloe caressed the protruding nipple, and tapped on the swelling aureola through the fabric, enjoying the range of involuntary reactions she was causing. Zara became bolder, and she in turn reached for Chloe's bosom, cupping it similarly in her right hand and discovering Chloe's erect nipple beneath the black lace. Chloe moved forward and placed her other arm around Zara, drawing her closer.

Rather than pulling away as Chloe had expected her to do, Zara put her arm around Chloe and moved so that their heaving breasts were pressing against each other, while their hands still held one each of their tits. Both girls were getting doe-eyed, as they looked at their bodies, and then into the other's eyes to gauge what effect a movement or touch caused to the other.

Zara leant her head forward and closed her eyes. Chloe was aroused by the sight of this beautiful creature who was submitting to her caresses, waiting to be kissed on her full, swollen, pert, red mouth. Chloe kissed Zara full on her lips and then gently inserted her tongue into Zara's mouth. Zara responded by slowly moving her own tongue into a slow erotic waltz with Chloe's.

Chloe could feel her cunt becoming moist with excitement, and the thought of Zara's cuntlips reacting similarly, titillated her further. Nonchalantly, Chloe had managed to remove most of her own clothing as they kissed, Zara now did likewise.

Chloe saw that Zara was still wearing her brassiere, and was thrilled to see she was also wearing a pair of white suspenders and a matching suspender belt with her white silk stockings. Chloe reached around Zara to unfasten her brassiere but couldn't find any clips to undo. Her hands returned to the front of Zara's firm boobs, in order to find the front clasp which was hiding between Zara's breasts.

She unclipped the hasp, held the fallen tits for a moment, giving them a gentle kneading, and a swift kiss. Zara's gorgeous breasts swung free, much to Chloe's delight. Their bouncing movement, and swaying motion as they broke free, was too much to bear, so Chloe cupped them both up into a mock bra, and let them rise and fall away again, in order to appreciate their poetry in motion, again. Cupping one round, naked breast in one hand, she put her mouth to the other and savoured the sensation of devouring such beauty.

As Zara moaned in pleasure, Chloe moved her tongue over Zara's breast, licking first the erect nipple, then the dark aureola around it, and then darting to the underside of the heaving tit to the place where it met Zara's body. Zara was surprised to discover that sensitivity to the erotic touch extended all over her breast, not just at her teat.

Nevertheless, her hands guided Chloe's head back to her swollen nipple at which Chloe sucked most happily for several minutes. Meanwhile, Chloe's left hand snaked down Zara's body and along her smooth silk- sheathed left thigh. Her hand moved back up again, up towards Zara's vagina, her love-box and the lace panties which covered it. Pulling them to one side, she felt resistance, the tangle of Zara's pubic hair and the damp heat below it.

Both girls were ready to abandon themselves to the lust that was coursing through every vein in their bodies, but at the same time they wanted to go slowly, savouring every thrill-packed moment of rampant emotion, and discovery. Gently, but firmly,Chloe pushed Zara back on the couch, until Zara was lying on her back. She continued licking the left breast as one of her own bosoms was crushed against Zara's mons veneris. As they made contact, both girls shivered with an excitement the which they had not previously experienced.

This was almost like taking drugs, so intense, and yet so fulfilling to both body and soul. Suddenly Zara sat up with an excited look on her face as if she had been possessed of an exceedingly lewd idea which intoxicated her greatly. She turned Chloe around so she was facing in the opposite direction and then forced Chloe's torso forward so that she was on all fours on the couch with her ass-cheeks pointing towards Zara.

Zara saw the damp patch at the crotch in Chloe's panties and smiled to herself as she caressed Chloe's sweet fanny, now an inflamed pink rim of venus, through her wet knickers.

Chloe's moans in response inflamed Zara even more so, and she spread her legs and ground her love-box, her sex source, against the rough fabric of the couch, in an attempt to bring herself to an explosion of satisfaction and relief. Zara pulled Chloe's knickers down to reveal her vagina, whose pink inner lips glistened with moisture, above which, in the cleft between her buttocks was Chloe's small puckered rear opening. Zara pressed the fingers of each hand against the lips of Chloe's sex and pulled them apart to expose the inner parts which were, by now, slippy with Chloe's juices.

Zara sighed lovingly as she prised Chloe's lips apart and gently began inserting a finger into the open slit, the fount of her coming pleasure. Chloe uttered an even longer moan at this action, realising that she was now so vulnerable to another woman's penetration, but as to what with, she had no idea. Zara's head was so close that Chloe could feel her warm breath on her rim of pink, and on the cheeks of her firm round arse.

She was in Heaven by now, but this was just the beginning of this voyage to excitement. Now that all their shyness, inhibitions were cast to the winds, pleasure was the only game in town. Lusty, unbounded, flaming passion their goal. Encouraged by Chloe's moans, Zara continued her exploration of Chloe's dripping cunt with her fingers.

She started licking the cheeks of Chloe's backside and giving them occasional small bites to which Chloe responded with cries of delight. Zara's tongue roamed into the cleft between Chloe's buttocks. She had never tried anal foreplay before.

Chloe moved her pelvis back and forth with this new assault as Zara's darting and diving furled tongue finally found her small hole. Chloe shuddered in ecstacy as Zara ran her tongue around her rear opening, darting sometimes quickly in and out of the small hole as Zara's fingers kept up their attack on Chloe's wet centre. Zara stopped suddenly and pulled Chloe up till she was kneeling on the couch, facing towards the backrest. She lifted one of Chloe's knees up onto the back of the couch to expose her cunt and labia.

The lips were full by now, bursting with a throbbing and yearning to get into action. Next she sat facing forward and slowly leaned backwards until her face lay just below Chloe's wide-open twat. Sucking, licking, slapping with her finger tips, served to heighten her partners wriggling and squirming pleasure. Jism was mixed with spit. As Zara brought her body just that little bit closer, Chloe reached down to her cunt, and pulled one of its lips to the side in anticipation of Zara's attentions.

Zara brushed Chloe's hand away and held onto Chloe's hips to steady herself. Pulling herself upwards, she moved her face to the quivering quim and passionately kissed the lips of Chloe's vulva as one would kiss a mouth, first chastely with her lips closed and then with them open, her tongue seeking the deepest recesses of her cock-scabbard

. The first contact with the lips of Chloe's vagina was like an electric shock, as if she had put her tongue to the terminals of a battery. Her own saliva and Chloe's liquid excitement served to smear her face with wetness which began trickling down her chin. Zara's own arousal increased at the thought of what she was doing to this beautiful woman. Chloe was at this stage being driven almost wild with the attentions being given to the interior of her sex by Zara, and she moved her hips in a circular motion, even as Zara thrust her tongue still deeper.

Zara eagerly drank the juices which poured from Chloe's sex and inhaled deeply through her nose to savour the other woman's dark aroma. She ran her tongue up along the inside of Chloe's pink rim, until she reached her erect clitoris. When she flicked it once with her tongue, Chloe let out a shriek of pleasure. Zara flicked it again, and again Chloe shrieked. Zara used her fingers to spread the lips of the sex wider and covered the small, hard protuberance with the soft, wet lips of her own mouth. She began sucking gently on it, and this made Chloe writhe like an eel, almost uncontrollably with pleasure.

As Zara continued sucking on her clitoris, Chloe began shrieking wildly and bucking her hips as if to escape the caresses of Zara s hot mouth. This only served to further encourage Zara, who renewed her assault on the interior of Chloe's sex, using the fingers of her right hand this time instead of her tongue. Zara's left hand, which she had been using to support herself on Chloe's firm buttock, now was freed to explore, and she ran her fingers along the cleft.

This produced further audible results in Chloe, so Zara let her fingers toy with Chloe's asshole. Chloe's shrieks began to increase in frequency, and Zara realised her peak must be approaching. In order to hasten it, she increased the rate at which she sucked Chloe's clitoris and toyed with her two orifices. Jizm from Chloe's fanny began pouring into Zara's mouth more rapidly than it had done before, and Zara drank it down with a greedy thirst.

Chloe's shrieks reached fever pitch, it was all Zara could do to hang on to the wildly gyrating pelvis that threatened to shake off her lips' hold on Chloe's clitoris. Chloe's body suddenly went all stiff, her back arched, then she let out a series of screams which did not abate for what seemed like several minutes. During this time, Zara kept up her ministrations without cease, as Chloe's orgasm continued unabated. When finally Chloe's body came to a slow, shuddering halt, Zara gave her love entrance a long, last tender kiss and drew herself up to look into Chloe's eyes.

To her surprise, Chloe was sobbing quietly. Zara put her arms around her girlfriend and kissed her on the cheek to comfort her.

"I'm crying because I'm so happy," smiled Chloe through her tears, and then began sobbing, uncontrollably, again. Eventually, a little while later, she stopped, she looked at Zara then kissed her fully on the lips.

Tasting her own juices on Zara's mouth, she opened her lips and thrust her tongue deep into Zara's mouth, seeking with her tongue any juices that were left inside. Zara responded with equal fervour and felt Chloe licking the wetness off her cheeks and then chasing the last drops that were trickling down her chin. They continued kissing each other for some time as they gently caressed each other's soft breasts and faces. Some time passed like this as they covered themselves in a cocoon of feminine tenderness.

Chloe ran her fingers through her friend's hair, smoothing away the dampness which was the product of her own excitement. She bent lower to browse tenderly at Zara's warm bosom, playing gently with the nipples which slowly began to re-harden. Meanwhile, her right hand caressed Zara's smooth, flat belly and soft, down-covered legs, not stopping until it reached the tuft of carefully-trimmed black hair at the junction of her legs.

The dewy drops of moisture betrayed Zara's state of mind, for she had been quiet to this point. Zara drew her breath in sharply as Chloe reached the hair that surmounted her sex. Chloe murmured something in her ear which Zara did not catch, but soon forgot this as she felt Chloe's fingers part her sex and the room's slow-moving air cool her wet centre. Chloe pushed her finger deep inside Zara and pulled it out, glistening with lubrication.

She looked deep into Zara's eyes and slowly licked the finger that she had just withdrawn. Zara flushed in anticipation. Chloe plunged her finger into the sex again, but when she withdrew it this time she placed it in Zara's mouth, who sucked the finger eagerly, tasting her own juices for the first time. Chloe then kissed her on the mouth and commingled the moisture from both of their sexes and mouths. Chloe bent her head forward and brushed her lips over Zara's stomach. She pushed her tongue inside Zara's navel and sensed the heat that lay within her body.

The hot, wet tongue poking into her navel tickled Zara and she giggled and squirmed at the feeling. Her response provoked a heightened amorous passion in her new lover, who hungrily licked her way towards the dark patch of hair between Zara's legs. Her tongue explored the trimmed triangular thatch that covered Zara's sex before descending lower, where between the silky thighs, her tongue gently parted first the fringing hair and then Zara's soft, pink nether lips.

Chloe's tongue softly probed deeper into Zara's dark, wet interior as her attentions were rewarded with moans and whimpers of pleasure. Zara began slowly rotating her pelvis in response to Chloe's explorations inside her. Highly aroused herself by the musky aroma of Zara's sex, Chloe lapped up the juices that flowed from within her friend as though the wine had done nothing to quench her thirst.

Her hands crept around and beneath Zara's body where they took hold of Zara's lovely buttocks and pushed them up, raising the sex closer to Chloe's mouth and providing easier access to its delights. The moans that were coming from Zara grew steadily louder and she began to buck her hips as she became more excited.

When Chloe shifted the attention of her tongue to the other girl's erect clitoris, Zara suddenly clamped her legs around Chloe's head as if to restrain her. Knowing she was nearing her peak, Chloe pressed on, flicking her tongue against Zara's little bud even faster.

Finger dipping is cruel at this moment, both a tease and a stimulant to a climax.Zara began whimpering in an excess of pleasure, pleading with her friend to stop, saying that her loving attentions were too much to bear. Since Chloe's ears were covered by Zara's thighs, she was unable to hear and actually started sucking the clitoris as well as licking it.

Zara screamed in ecstasy at this and her body shuddered deeply. Chloe thought that signified Zara's orgasm, but continued making love to the girl's cunt. In fact, Zara's scream was merely a prelude to a scream that rent the air.

Zara's body went stiff with an extreme pleasure and this was followed by shuddering that lasted a full minute. During this time, Chloe did not cease licking the climaxing girl's sex.

Finally, Zara's body suddenly relaxed and her thighs, now weakened by her powerful orgasm, fell apart, releasing Chloe's head. Chloe licked the last drops of moisture from the nether lips of Zara's hugely swollen labia, and then raised her head from between Zara's legs. She drew herself up so she was level with Zara and gave her a very wet kiss on the mouth, her own lips still moist from Zara's lubrication.

Zara, sated by now, smiled lovingly and hugged Chloe tightly. Their embrace is the kind that only Lesbians can experience, unlike the resting of a man and a woman. In that case, so much humping has been done, that physical weakness overcomes the senses.

This female debilitatation is more of a welding together of souls. When they released each other, they began lightly caressing one another, like tigresses.

Time passed slowly, the evening moved in, the burning sun fell lower in the sky. This was a day to remember, when all others have faded into grey.


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