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The Boss and the PA; A Developing Relationship Part 4. By Henry

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(April 2001)

Having received Anne's unequivocal agreement I then allowed her to return to the ladies, restore her dress and continued with my work. Around mid afternoon I called her and explained that I wanted her to stay behind after work so she could show me the fruits of shopping trip yesterday.

At 6 o‚clock she arrived in my office carrying several bags from various stores around London. A veritable treasure trove was then revealed. Anne had followed my instructions and I was shown two very short skirts one black, straight, made of some type of stretchy material, and another in chiffon, pleated, gossamer thin and very mobile.

These were followed by two blouses one in white and one in red, both almost transparent, one with buttons and a deep v-neck, the one in red with a very obvious and I must say alluring zip that ran all the way down the front. The next bag produced a pair of shoes with what I measured to be 6' heels - black court shoes complete with ankle straps. Another bag labelled Agent Provocateur produced underwear of a very revealing and daring nature, again exactly as I had specified along with the 6 pairs of stockings specified.

Finally a dress that seemed to be ankle length made of a very lightweight but stretchy material. It seemed to be very straight, white, and met my requirements since it possessed many buttons in black all the way from neck to hem at about 1' intervals.

Having approved her purchases the bags were placed in my confidential cupboard whose keys were held only by Anne and me. Usually at some stage between Christmas and New Year I always go into the office to clear out papers and files no longer needed. Usually my PA assists and Anne and I had made such an arrangement for the Tuesday after Christmas. That was when the next part of this story takes place.

We were both dressed casually since it can be a messy job sifting through files and such like. We set to and very quickly accumulated bin bags full of reject paperwork. By early afternoon we were finished and I decided that I would use the time to test Anne's interest again.

'Thanks for your help, Anne. Since we've finished and it's only 2 o‚clock I think we could use the rest of the day productively. You can get dressed and I will take you for lunch in town'.

'Dressed? What do you mean?' she asked. I'm sure she had a good idea what was coming next.

'I haven't seen you in any of clothes you bought last week so this will be my first opportunity. Go to the ladies, clean up, put on fresh make-up, whilst I sort out your outfit.'

As she left, I opened the cupboard containing the pile of shopping bags and tried to decide on a combination. By the time Anne had returned about 15 minutes later the following items were laid out on the conference table - an Agent Provocateur underwear set in black, comprising and very lacy under wired quarter cup bra with matching thong panties that seemed to be made entirely from pieces of string, and the obligatory suspenders that had six attachment points rather than the more normal four and a pair of black seamed stockings.The shoes, obviously, along with the long white dress.

Anne looked rather worried as she saw my choice but nevertheless began to pick up the items arrayed before her.

'What are you doing?'

'I thought you wanted me to wear these.'

'I do, but you will get changed here so that I can watch you.'

After a moment of hesitation, Anne began to undress and in a few moments I had the pleasure of seeing her completely naked for the first time.

Deciding to enjoy myself and to subject Anne to some mild humiliation I instructed her to pose this way and that, facing me, with her back to me, bent over a chair, legs spread wide apart, walking around holding her tits out for me. It was indeed a pleasure to examine her rather perfect body in such detail.

She has blonde hair, straight, shoulder length cut in a bob, framing a beautiful face, with piercing blue eyes and a perfect set of teeth when she smiles. Her pale skin seemed to be flawless everywhere, and her graceful neck led my eyes down over her shoulders to a very pert pair of (I would guess) 34B breasts.

They pointed outwards with no sag and were tipped with pale pink nipples that jutted out in mini erections. Her slim waist both accentuated the size of her breasts surprisingly well and then flared out into a most appealing set of hips. With her back to me I could see firm, buttocks that were almost alabaster in colour, and that just allowed a glimpse of wet pussy as she bent over her chair.

When facing me her blonde pubic hair was fairly sparse, neatly trimmed and just framed the triangle at the top of her legs to perfection. Just visible between her legs was a delicate pussy that her pubes did little to hide, and that shone with moisture that was surely the result of sexual arousal.

Moving down over her legs, my eyes could see what I now believe to be the most shapely and perfect pair of thighs and calves I have ever had the pleasure of admiring. Whilst it had been obvious that Anne was very attractive when clothed it was difficult to believe that she was so perfect in every way when unclothed. This lasted just long enough for her to feel uncomfortable but turned on before I then instructed her to proceed with getting dressed.

Whilst naked bodies are certainly interesting it is also clear that partially clothed bodies, or sexily dressed bodies are much more interesting. As Anne dressed in the clothes I had laid out this fact became increasingly obvious to me and no doubt to Anne as my erection increased in size, and increasingly pressed against my tight jeans.

The underwear had the desired effect of emphasising her body - the black against her pale white skin with the bra pushing her tits up, out, and together complete with nipples prominently on display. The black miniscule G-string only emphasised how inefficient it was at covering her secret parts, and of course suspenders and black seamed stockings merely served to ensure her legs screamed, 'look at me!' By the time this underwear was covered in the white dress nothing much was left to imagination.

The dress was long, very tight and clingy and semi-transparent and so delivered a clear message by showing the black underneath, and also allowing every item of underwear to show its contours. The black buttons on the dress completed the effect by pointing out the contrast between the black and white. In short a most satisfying ensemble. The only decision left was what instructions should I provide regarding the buttons.

After a few seconds of thought, I decided initially to instruct Anne to button all of them. 'Let's go have lunch.'

Anne's coat covered her near nakedness as we left the office but we both knew that once at our destination that modesty would have to be discarded, and that Anne would be put on display for everyone's pleasure. We got into my car and headed of into town to a Bistro bar that was both popular and that served good food and drink.

We arrived towards the end of the lunch hour rush but the bar was still busy with people out enjoying time off work. We arrived and I asked for a table for two and was told it would be about 15 minutes so we could have a drink at the bar. Anne was clearly very on edge by now knowing what she was wearing and uncertain as to my intentions.

I took off my coat, held my hand out to Anne and said 'If you give me your coat I'll hang it up for you. A moment's hesitation, and a look that pleaded for mercy, mixed with nervous excitement and she slowly slipped her coat off her shoulders.

I am sure that the bar want quiet about 2 seconds later as people began to notice her attire or perhaps it was my heart beat that stopped instead. Either way it didn't take too long before she was on display with all around her looking her way with a variety of expressions - shock first, followed by lust from the men, admiration from certain women, horror from others, and not a few sexy expressions from the remaining women.

Anne leaned over to me 'I can't believe that you have made me wear this outfit in public, or that you've made me put myself in this situation. Everybody is looking at me and they can pretty well see me virtually naked. This outfit is only making me more noticeable than if I was naked. I'm embarrassed, nervous, scared, excited, all at the same time. How far are you going to take this game we are trying?'

'I haven't decided yet, but if a choose to show you off in public, and if I tell you to remove your dress right her and now, in this bar with everyone watching then you will do it or face the consequences won't you?'

A sharp intake of breath followed this question as Anne thought about her vulnerability and contemplated whether she would do exactly as I told her regardless of what I told her to do.

'Answer me or we leave now.'

Again a moment of hesitation as in succession, fear, thoughtfulness, defiance, and finally submission followed by excitement crossed her face.

'I will obey your instructions even if that means taking off my clothes right here and now and standing naked in the bar full of strangers.' Satisfied with this reply we went to the bar ordered drinks and stood whilst waiting for our table amidst the mainly admiring glances from the crowd.

For me it was an incredible rush to have Anne so willing to submit to my exhibitionist demands so quickly and to be standing here in public with her dressed in such a revealing manner and with in effect carte blanche to demand what I liked of her in the reasonably sure knowledge that her burgeoning exhibitionist tendencies would make her acquiesce.

The maitre d‚ appeared a few minutes later and I must say recovered his poise with remarkable professionalism as he came to lead us to our table. As Anne walked her skin-tight dress accentuated every movement and her breasts jiggled very obviously as the bra emphasised those pink erect nipples, that by now were jutting hard against the thin material. Her whole body was swaying and rippling under the dress as her muscles worked hard to keep her balance in the 6-inch heels of her shoes.

A most satisfactory sight as everyone in the bistro watched her sashaying past on the way to our table. Once seated at a fairly discreet table towards the back I contemplated my instructions to be issued to Anne at the table. In preparation, I asked the Maitre D‚ to allocate a young waiter I spotted in our section of the bistro, and also emphasised that he himself may want to check with us at regular intervals that everything was fine.

He seemed to understand the implications and after he had helped us to our seats spoke quickly to the waiter I had identified, came back and informed that all was as I wished, took another few seconds to let his eyes rove over Anne's seated form, left us menus, and said he would return in a few moments to take our order. 'By the time we have finished lunch you'll have allowed that young waiter and the maitre d‚ to see you with your dress completely unbuttoned and your underwear on display.

In fact we may as well start now. How many buttons are there on your dress?'

Anne counted 40 buttons. After a quick bit of mental arithmetic I decided that they would be divided into 4 batches of 10 each and then said 'You will divide them into groups of ten - the first group of 10 starting from the top will be unbuttoned now before we order, the next group of ten from the bottom will be unbuttoned before our main course, the next group from the top will be unbuttoned before dessert, and the final group before coffee. That means that the dress will be completely open and of course that means that the waiter, and the maitre d‚ and of course anyone else that comes near will be able to admire your nakedness. Your very revealing black underwear will be on display, and of course your bra only serves to emphasise your tits since it leaves your nipples exposed, and pushes them up, out, and together for inspection. Your panties are so small and transparent that your pubes can be clearly seen, your cunt lips bulge around the tiny piece of material between your legs and naturally the black suspenders and stockings draw attention down to your long legs. So get started with that first group, then you can tell me how that makes you feel'

As I was learning, Anne was enjoying not only being 'forced' into acts of exhibitionism, but was also being excited by me telling her that she was going to be exposed, and describing what others would see. She also seemed to want to be made to describe her mixed emotions and feelings as a further turn-on in this interesting game.

Her head turned this way and that, looking as if to make sure that no-one could see despite the fact the she knew anyone who chose to could see her. As always, mixed emotions of embarrassment, defiance, excitement, resignation, submission, and finally acceptance crossed her face, before the first ten buttons came undone at the ends of trembling fingers.

Those ten buttons were a revelation - because the dress was so tight, as soon as the buttons were loosened the edges sprung apart down to just below her bra. Now she was sitting at the table her extremely revealing bra on display, massive cleavage and very erect nipples just visible as the dress material barely reached them.

'My god, this is incredible, I cannot believe that this is happening to me. I am so wet, between my legs, I am so nervous - what if people complain? I am so uncomfortable being exposed like this, but I love it at the same time, I just don't how this has happened so unexpectedly'

'Anne, let me tell you that this is just the start and over the next few months you are going to do things, wear things, and have things happen to you that you cannot imagine. Let me give you something to think about over lunch. Today you have gone out in public with a very revealing outfit, you are going to allow complete strangers to see sitting here at the table with your dress completely opened, but not naked. In future people will see you naked as and when I decide, I will be telling you to shave your cunt completely so that it is more visible, we will be taking photographs in the office and outdoors, you will be restrained, gagged, spanked, and punished arbitrarily at my whim, you will not be allowed to have sex at home unless it is at my direction, you will build up a wardrobe of interesting clothes, you will obey my directions regardless of your own wishes.'

With that thought in her mind, the maitre d‚ arrived to take our orders. With Anne squirming in her seat as he admired her partially exposed body.

After we had finished with the menu, in order to further subjugate her to this excitement, I told her to explain to the maitre d‚ what was going to happen to the buttons of her dress during the course of the meal. She did so; exactly as I described it to her, and I could see that making her talk like this was also increasing her excitement. So, not only did she have this exhibitionist streak that was enjoying the physical exposure, but also her submissive trait loved the humiliation of being made to explain to this stranger what she was going to expose during the meal.

As can be imagined it was a very exciting meal. Anne performed according to instruction with the gradual revealing of her body. Every waiter in the place found an excuse to visit our table. Anne was flushed red from her cheeks down her neck, over her breasts, and on her very erect nipples. With the dress fully unbuttoned it lay completely open, covering nothing. Of course I could only see her top half over the table, but I assumed that the waiters could see her suspenders, tiny black panties, and all of stockings as they served from her side of the table.

I don't think I have ever had better service! Once we had finished, the bistro was fairly quiet, and after I had paid, I asked the waiter to bring our coats. As we were preparing to leave, Anne began to raise her hands to the buttons of her dress. Of course I immediately stopped her with a command 'You will leave them unbuttoned until I tell you otherwise!'

I rose from the table, with one waiter helping me into my coat, and Anne had no option to do likewise. Now she was standing with the dress completely open at the front and the sight was truly spectacular.

All the male staff miraculously appeared as Anne stood up sexy underwear fully exposed, breasts presented for inspection, the bra acting merely to emphasise their fullness, and their state of arousal. If possible her nipples had grown even larger and the whole of her upper torso neck and face were aglow with blushing from presumably embarrassment and arousal.

Her suspender belt drew attention to her very small waist and of course our eyes followed on down to those tiny black panties framed by the straps of her suspenders and the tops of her stocking tops.

The panties were riveting because they had obviously become very tightly pulled into her pussy lips whilst sitting, and I could just see her prominent pussy lips protruding each side of the material. They were unable to cover her very light blonde pubic hair, but most astonishing of all was the dark wet nature of the material.

It was almost as if they had just been washed they were so wet.

We could clearly see moisture glistening on her pussy lips, her mound was very obviously soaked in her juices, and I was certain that I could see more of those juices running down the inside of her thighs into her stocking tops.

By now Anne was undoubtedly in an advanced state of sexual arousal, and any inhibitions she may have had upon entering the bistro two hours earlier had obviously vanished. As she stood up, and in front of the audience of waiters (and me) she put her hands on her waist, pulling the dress well back at the sides, then proceeded to move her hands up to her exposed breasts and under the guise of adjusting her bra cupped her breasts seeing holding them out for us to see.

She pinched her nipples between her thumb and forefinger for an instant releasing a noise that was a cross between a sigh and a moan as she did so. In that same instant her eyes closed and her tongue appeared momentarily licking her lips.

Apparently satisfied with the comfort of her bra, her hands then moved down her body to her thighs and the suspender straps, and stocking tops were adjusted with great care.

Her audience was held spellbound as her long fingers capped in bright red nail varnish, pulled her stockings up, tweaked and adjusted the metal clips until again she appeared satisfied.

This involved much turning, posing, and other erotic movements seemingly designed to show off her legs, bum and crotch to best advantage. At no time did she look at us - it was almost as though she was unaware of our presence, or of course more likely was that she was so turned on that she was putting on this show for us.

The piece de resistance came when Anne left her stockings and began to adjust her panties for comfort. The sight of those long slim pale hands with red finger tips reaching her panties, and pulling the material away from her cunt and bum crack had everyone adjusting their trousers for comfort.

By now her eyes were closed again, as her right hand slipped into the space vacated by the panty material between her legs and her left hand disappeared behind her back and seemed to be worked her from there. Almost as soon as her third finger reached that wet puffy pussy she orgasmed.

Just like in my office she went floppy, and she fell back into the chair, twitching and jerking like a rag doll, whilst producing quiet guttural sounds from her throat. I was probably more stunned even than the waiters as we witnessed this sexy woman, only a few days into exploring her exhibitionist and submissive tendencies masturbate and cum in public, in front of this group of strangers. What better way to end a meal?

This ends part 4 of the ongoing story.

Still to come - the photography sessions, Anne's assistance in commercial negotiations, and the spanking party.

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