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Lady Rosemere

(April 2001)

I caught her eye again and was now certain she was responding to me. As the group continued to wander around the group of condemned buildings, listening intently to the guide explaining the function of each, we gradually fell towards the back. At the next turn, I jerked my head in the opposite direction, and we turned a corner away from them, into an alley. We could talk there, I thought.

There was one door at the end of the alley 'Through there!' she whispered 'the group might return at any moment.' I wasn't sure we needed to be quite so secretive, but, whatever! I opened the door marked 'FIRE EXIT' and walked through.

She followed closely and the door clanged closed behind us. We found ourselves in a stairwell, lit from above by a skylight. Judging by the dust all around, the place hadn't been used in years. An old chair stood in a corner. She shucked off her overcoat and threw it over the back of the chair. She was wearing an expensive tailored jacket with a short skirt and sheer, black nylon stockings. A pair of high heeled leather shoes completed the ensemble.

She was a woman with great fashion sense and great taste in classic clothes. She pulled me towards me and to my amazement began to kiss me deeply. She leant back against the wall and I leant into her. I stroked her cheeks with my hands.

She broke away, breathing deeply. Reaching behind her head, she pulled out the clip that held her hair in place. She shook her head and soft auburn curls cascaded around her shoulders. I put up a hand and began to stroke her hair, and she turned her head to kiss my forearm. I placed my other hand on her hip, massaging gently.

She threw her head back and shook it again, removing her jacket in one movement. She tossed that on top of her coat. I put my arm further round her waist and pulled her towards me. We kissed again, more passionately this time, and I was aware of her breasts pressing into my chest.

The material of her blouse was very light and I could feel the warmth of her flesh against my base forearm. I moved my hand up her back, and as I caressed her I realized that the blouse had spaghetti straps, plunging low at the back. I broke away from the kiss and turned my attention to her shoulders. I kissed all around the nape of her neck, she throwing her head back again so I could better reach her. I spun her round by the hips. until she had her back to me and she put her hands out, supporting herself against the wall. She pulled her hair aside, so it was all draped over one shoulder, and I began to kiss the back of her neck.

I ran my hands up the front of he blouse and found her breasts. She breathed in sharply as I took hold of them, and then signed 'ah...'. My cock began to stiffen as she pushed her buttocks backwards into my groin. She began to tug urgently at her blouse, freeing it from the waistband of her skirt before pulling it over her breasts. As she returned her hands to the wall, I saw her breasts were held by a pretty white lace brazier, held at the back by a bow. I continued to squeeze her breasts gently and kiss the nape of her neck.

She ground back towards me and began to moan. The she leant back into me, and over her shoulder I could see the outline of her breasts held gently in their lace pockets. She broke free and spun round. She looked directly into my eyes, challenging, sexy, inviting. She put a hand on my groin and began to rub. My cock stiffened further. I pulled off my tie and added it to the growing pile of garments. She stopped and pulled the blouse off completely. The she undid my belt.

I began to unbutton my shirt, and she scooped out my cock and began to massage it. I was already rock hard, and my glans was pushing its way free of my foreskin. Suddenly, in one movement, she dropped to her knees and took my cock deep in her mouth. Se began to pump immediately, swirling her tongue along the shaft as she stroked me in and out. 'Jesus' I gasped, between breaths. She paused, licked her lips, tool a deep breath and resumed. She pulled at my trousers, and so I undid my belt and let them slip to the floor.

Again she paused, this time to pull at the waistband of my boxers, maneuvering them over my extended cock, and then letting them slip to the floor. Then she returned to her ministrations, harder and deeper and this time also playing with my balls. I began to lose it. 'I'm gonna come!' I warned, expecting her to stop.

Instead she pumped faster and squeezed my balls. She pulled my foreskin fully back and her tongue swirled around. Pleasure welled up within me and I put my hands on her head, urging her on. I thrust my hips towards her. She paused once more looking up to me with a look of unconcealed lust. She began to wank me, kissing the tip of my glans at each stroke. The first spurt of semen came as she drew back from the kiss, and spattered her chin.

Then she swallowed my cock up to the hilt, and I leant back as I pumped spurt after spurt into the back of her throat. 'Argh...' I groaned. My legs became weak an I took step back. My cock slipped out of her mouth, softening now, and I sank onto my knees, facing her.

She licked her lips and wiped her chin on the back of her hand, giving me another look of undisguised lust. 'And now', she announced coolly, 'you can suck me off'.

She stood up and pushed her skirt roughly down over her hips and, reaching up over my head, she tool hold of the banister rail. Then she lifted her left leg over my shoulder, and wrapping it down over my back, pulled my face into her groin. Her panties had rolled into a thin line clinging to her hips, revealing a neat triangle of pubic hair. I began kissing her through the lace which still covered her most intimate place, and I felt her shudder.

I ran my hands up and down the back of her legs, from the knee, up over the roll of her panties to the firm roundness of he buttocks. Her skin was smooth and cool, and with each stroke of my hands I rolled the panties a little lower. Meanwhile I continued to stimulate her with my tongue and a damp patch began to develop through the lace. Finally, with one last caress, the panties rolled off her buttocks and I tugged them free, pushing them all the way to her ankles. I drew back to get a better view of her, and she stepped out of her panties and planted her feet further apart.

The triangle of hair crowned a beautiful pussy, which glistened with moisture and had begun to unfold. Her lips were bright pink, engorged with blood. She grasped my head then, urging me forward to continue. I applied my tongue in long strokes, reaching as far back as I could between her legs, probing deep as I pulled forwards and upwards, finishing each stroke with a slow whirl around he clitoris.

With my hands I continued to stroke the backs of her legs and buttocks, exploring deep into the wonder between her legs. My attention to her was having a profound effect. She was breathing heavily, and whimpering with pleasure at each stroke, gyrating her hips and pushing herself toward me to better enjoy the feeling. The dampness had become a full wetness, with juices tricking down her legs, onto my fingers and chin.

I myself was not unaffected. My erection had returned despite its recent exertions, so hard it was almost painful. 'My leg hurts now', I heard her say. 'Lie down' she said, and disentangled herself. I quickly rolled up her coat as a makeshift pillow, and complied. Even before I had settled myself she was upon me. She sat squarely on my face and began to rub her vulva over my mouth. I responded by tonguing her enthusiastically and squeezing her buttocks. She brought her hands down over her stomach and opened herself up more. 'LICK MY CLIT' she demanded, leaning forward to give me better access.

Two minutes of this, plus my exploration of the back of her cunt with my fingers brought her to the edge of orgasm. 'FUCK. FUCK. FUCK!' she panted. 'You'd better be good with that cock of yours 'cos I'm gonna need a great fuck soon. I lifted my hands to her breasts then, kneading them gently. She reach behind and undid the clasp, then discarding the garment with a sweep of the arm. Caressing her nipples pushed her over the edge, and she came then, bathing me in more juices and wailing incomprehensibly at the top of her voice. She rammed her mons harder into my face before collapsing forward onto all fours, dripping with come and sweat. She rolled to the ground any lay inert, legs apart, utterly spent.

I realized then how dirty we had both become, in both senses. Our damp bodies and sticky organs had picked up the accumulated dirt and dust from the neglected stairwell. Her beautiful, pristine body, naked now but for her high heeled shoes was smeared with black marks at every point she had made contact with floor and walls, and I was similarly decorated.

We both needed a wash. I decided to investigate the building. Having recently been vacated, there was a chance the water might still be turned on, so I pulled on my boxers and went in search of a wash basin. I reached the first floor and pushed through a frosted glass door into a corridor. It was floored with linoleum and seemed rather institutional. Striplights hung from the ceiling, although plenty of daylight filtered through the glass panels that separated the offices on either side.

I began opening doors at random. Nothing but desks, chairs filing cabinets, papers and books neatly arranged as if their owners might return at any moment. At the far end of the corridor, one office was more comfortably appointed. An easy chair, a coffee maker and pictures on the walls made the room more comfortable. In the far corner was another frosted glass door. I moved across the office and opened the door. A bathroom, complete with bath, shower stall and a vanity unit. Clearly its owner had been a woman. The room was warm, and a quick feel of the towel rail confirmed the heating was still on.

I returned to the corridor to find her. She was stood at the far end, her overcoat draped round her shoulders, her hair still awry. The coat framed her body perfectly, and she looked almost edible, from the high heeled feet to the wonderful rounded breasts.

'In here' I called. 'A bathroom!'. She grinned and began to walk towards me, swinging her hips in an exaggerated fashion. She wanted more, no doubt. He high heels clicked on the linoleum as she approached. I returned to the bathroom, opening cupboards. I found soap, towels and other lotions. I opened the door to the shower stall . The fittings were old fashioned but clean and well maintained. I turned on the taps and was rewarded with a satisfying jet of hot water. Steam began to fill the room.

I turned around and she was there, holding a key in her hands. 'No point being disturbed' she chuckled. 'Where did you find that?' I enquired. I had not recalled seeing a key. 'From the desk draw' she said dryly. 'This used to be my office suite'. My head reeled, and I sat down on the toilet seat. 'So you're Lady Rosemere' I croaked, the enormity of what I had just done to a member of the peerage dawning on me. 'Well were not all old wrinklies you know!' she said, with asperity. 'I never had much use for this room, apart from spending a penny' she said primly. 'Until now.' With that, she disappeared into the shower.

I sat there, at a loss. I'd never had so much as a peck on the cheek from a stranger, and yet I had just sucked off a 'Lady'. My mind flashed back to the scene, reliving those wonderful moments. I began to harden again.

Suddenly, she stuck her head round the shower door. 'Get yourself in here now! You've a job to finish'. This imperious command was impossible to ignore. I stepped into the shower, feeling rather sheepish. I stood there letting the water flow over me, and took in the sight of indescribable beauty before me. Her hair was wet now, and flowed away down her back. Her breasts stood, pert, nipples erect, and she looked at me through large brown eyes. Her long, slim legs were planted apart and the water flowed over the barely discernible curve of her stomach and down between her legs.

'A few moments ago', she said, 'you were sucking my fanny like your life depended on it. Why so shy all of a sudden? The title makes no difference. I'm a woman, and every woman likes to fuck a good looking man'. She paused, and looked at me pleadingly. 'Please, finish what you've started'. She grasped my wrists and pulled me towards her, under the torrent of the shower. Soon we were kissing deeply.

Showers were my favorite venue for stand-up sex, and rear entry my favorite form. As we broke from the kiss, I decided to chance my arm. 'Turn around' I said, with as much authority as I could muster. She seemed surprised by the change of tone, but the she smiled and complied. The jet hit her back, and the water streamed down between her buttocks.

I dropped onto my haunches and began to kiss the twin orbs, whilst I ran my fingers up the inside of her legs. She grasped the rail in front of her and thrust her bottom towards me. I opened her with my fingers. Finding her clitoris deep towards the front of her cunt, I began to caress it.

She wiggled her ass in approval, and murmured 'mmmm... I like that.. ahhhh'. I stood up again, my rock hard cock inches from her open twat. I hesitated, so she took the initiative. Reaching round, she grabbed me and pulled me toward her, simultaneously thrusting herself backward so that I plunged into her cunt. My reflex was to thrust still further forward, and in an instant I was buried to the hilt. She let out a yelp of triumph.

'Yes! Now ride me 'til we come!' I needed no second bidding. I began to thrust full, long and fast, pounding my stomach into her buttocks as the water splashed around us, my cock stretching the walls of her sopping cunt. After a few minutes of this, during which I experienced the most powerful sexual feeling I had ever known, she pulled away and said 'let's go next door. I need a little more room'.

We stepped out of the shower both breathing heavily. We toweled one another down frantically, eager to continue. She unlocked the door and stepped into the office. The she used another key from the drawer to lock the office door. She returned to the centre of the room and swept the few items on the top of the desk into a wastepaper basket. then shoe took off the towel she had wrapped round her and laid it on the desk. She sat down on the edge of the desks, planted her hands behind her and her feet on the edge of the desk either side. She was clearly VERY supple.

She lifted one had to her cunt and open her lips, sliding a forefinger into her cunt. She looked up at me, pleading. I stepped forward until my glans rested between those lips, and, holding my cock in my hand, began to use it like a dildo to stimulate her clitoris. She began to twitch with pleasure, throwing back her head, groaning and, to my surprise, swearing like a trooper. Presently, she reach behind and pulled open a drawer. From it she pulled a bottle of massage oil. She pointed it at my cheat and squeezed hard.

The jet of oil hit me and began to trickle down my stomach, and on over my balls. She directed a similar jet at her own chest, and, sitting more upright, we began to massage one another, I paying particular attention to her wonderful, firm, rounded breasts, whilst she concentrated on lubricating the shaft of my cock. Finally, she reached round and grasped my buttocks, jerking me forward. My cock disappeared into he sopping cunt and our bodies met with an oily slap.

I quickly fell into a rhythm, thrusting deeply forward, drawing back and then thrusting again, pulling her toward me by grasping her waist. I felt my self began to lose control, and she too was reaching her climax. She was gabbling unintelligibly, thrusting towards me and breathing deeply. I ran my right hand round across the beautiful curve of her bottom and under her leg until my little finger found the back of her twat. I began to rub it vigorously during my backstroke and it had the desired effect. Suddenly she stiffened. 'AH!!'. 'YES!!' 'JESUS!!' she yelped.

Her cunt tightened around my cock, pulsating as her orgasm set in fully. That set me off. My cock hardened again, more than I had thought possible, and I slammed forward one last time. She screamed in ecstasy as I began to pump my seed deep into her cunt. 'Ee..ee..ee..ee.ee..arghh!'.

She fell backward and away from me, her arms collapsing under her. She lay back on the desk and I saw her beautiful body in its completely abandoned state, splashed with water and flushed with sex. She squirmed in the aftermath of her orgasm. My cock spurted one last load onto her belly, and I too collapsed, leaning back against the far wall of the room..

If I had thought that was the end I was wrong. She clearly had a voracious appetite. A I sat back against the wall, breathing hard, she got off the desk and dropped to her knees. Leaning forward, she took my soft cock in her mouth and began to suck. She clearly wanted to harden me again, and with her technique, she would surely succeed. I reached between her legs and pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy. Curling them round inside her, I began to pull her toward me. She began to suck harder and faster, attempting to say something without stopping. But she came toward me. She lifted a leg over me, until her peerless bottom was inches from her face. Her head bobbed up and down as she sucked me, and I began to open the lips of her cunt with my fingers, licking at each orb of her arse as I did so. She stopped, breathing heavily, and said, 'suck me NOW, please.'

She was hairless all bar a small tuft on her mons, and so I had a clear run. I began to lick her cunt in long strokes from end to end, spreading her open with my fingers, and swirling my tongue around the bud of her clitoris at the low point of her inverted lips. She began to moan, pushing harder into my face, forcing me back against the wall. I responded by licking more wildly, rocking my head from side to side, smearing her juices across her bottom and all over my face. And then she pulled away, shifting forward, squatting above my cock. She grabbed, my now fully erect member, guided it into position and sat down hard.

My cock penetrated fully, the wet, warm flesh firm around it, and I bucked upwards with the sheer pleasure of the sensation. Then she began to ride me, up and down, her bottom slapping onto my stomach. I reached forward and grabbed her breasts, pulling her towards me until her back was against my chest. I massaged her breasts, tweaking her nipples occasionally. He movements became uncontrolled, and I had to move continually to keep inside her. She was shouting raucously, sexy, dirty words, egging me on, and they had their effects. I began to come, pumping come upwards into her.

I squeezed her harder as I came, and she began to come too, her cunt gripping my cock in fact, rippling pulses. Finally spent, she rolled off, and lay on the floor.

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