Sunday, May 31, 2009


by Peter
(April 2001)

Peter's girlfriend is wilder than he thinks.......
This is a true story about me and my girlfriend when I was just 14........

I'd been going out with Kelly about a month. She was by far the horniest girl in school and everyone wanted to go out with her. Anyway, She was blonde, about 5 and a half ft tall. Her tits were relatively small for her age which was Ok as I am turned on by small tits!

Everyone in school said they'd either got off with her or fucked her, which was probably true-but I didn't care. I thought I knew everything about her- But as I was soon to find out, I did not........

It was a Saturday. And we had arranged to go swimming as usual- but this time we weren't gonna have my nagging parents tagging along like we usually did, they had to go out and wouldn't be back for about 7 hours. When Kelly arrived at my house I opened the door, she had a strange look on her face that I had never seen before. She told me to hurry up, so I did.......

When we got to the swimming baths, we got changed-in seperate cubicals, as kelly did not like to be naked in front of people-apparently anyway. It was so obviously not true.We got into the pool and began racing, as usual. After two lenghths I suddenly realised Kelly was missing.

She must have gone to get a drink or something, I thought, and carried on. Suddenly, I felt something reaching for my shorts underwater, I thought it must just be the flow of the water, But then suddenly, it yanked my shorts down! AHHH, I was naked in a public swimming pool! Luckily there was no one else in the pool, and the lifeguard was a bit thick, and couldn't care less, so I dived underwater to find out what was going on.

As soon as I dived down, I saw Kelly, completely naked in front of me! I felt my cock getting harder and harder, as Kelly swam over to me. In one swift movement she swam down below me and I felt her soft, warm, 14 year old lips incase my cock! She was giving me a blow job underwater! The fact she was giving me a blow job amazed me, but underwater!

At that point I stopped thinking about why she was doing it at decided to make the most of it. I reached down below me to find one of her tits, but instead I found her shaven pussy!

As my fingers began to find their way up inside my beautiful girlfriends pussy she began to suck my cock even harder. I knew what was coming, I had to cum!

Hey, I'm gonna cum inside the most sexy and beautiful girl in school's mouth! I inserted two, then three fingers into her tight little pussy, and I moved my other hand towards her ass.

Almost without realizing it, I began to trace her muscular ring before slowly, but oh so pleasurably shoving two fingers up inside her rectum! Suddenly I got a strange feeling. I was going to cum! I knew I couldn't hold it, and after she'd run her lips up and down my fully erect cock a few more times I exploded into her mouth!

She looked at me with a sexy half smile and swallowed the sticky fluid in one gulp. It was then I realised I had been underwater for at least two minutes. In needed air! I quickly grabbed my shorts from the bottom of the pool and swam to the surface, with them on as best as I could do. Kelly surfaced next to me and slowly swam over to me. She wispered in my ear, "You liked that didn't you? You wanna fuck me don't you? You wanna stick your cock up my sweet little pussy don't you?"

At this the only answer I could find was, "Uh-uh, err, yeah, yeah......"

I couldn't believe she was coming on to me in the swimming pool.

"Follow me to the changing rooms...."

I obediantly followed.

Back in the changing rooms we both went into our seperate cubicals, only for Kelly to emerge a few seconds later and come in with me! I could fell myself getting hard again, She slowly took off her wet bathing suit. Finally I could see her perfect, teenage body clearly. Fuck she was hot!! She knew I was desperate to fuck her, so when I moved towards her she turned to me and told me to be patient.

" Take off your shorts, You won't be needing them for a while."

I quickly took them off and my rock hard member sprang out just inches away from Kelly's ass-hole. I was tempted, but she told me to wait, but I couldn't. I slid my manhood into her ass and embraced her from behind.

She let out a small gasp as I penetrated my girl for the first time. The gasp soon turned to small moans of pleasure as I began to rythmically move my dick around inside her anus. This was the first time I had ever done anything like this, so I didn't really know what to do.

Luckily, I had picked up some useful hints from the infinte porn movies I'd seen (note to parents: TV quite definitely IS good for you!) and I moved my hands round to her chest. I traced my hands over her petite little tits before holding both her erect nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I squeezed hard and gently pulled her nipples away from her. Kelly let out a very loud groan and told me to rub her clit. Shit I hope nobody heard that groan. Still ramming my cock in and out of her ass like a piston on speed, I moved one of my hands away from her tits and towards her hot, sweaty, tight little pussy. Just like I did in the pool, I traced her pink folds slowly and lightly. I felt her shudder at the feeling. Ha I just made KELLY shudder with the beggining of an orgasm! I was so proud of myself!

"Fuck me harder"

Harder? I was going flat out for fuck's sake. Suddenly I had an idea. I reached into my bag to find a piece of string. I also shoved my swimming shorts, that were covered with cum from earlier, into her mouth. Then I tied her hands together and ran the string between her legs and round behind her. Now she couldn't speak and if she moved, the string would rub HARD against her pussy. Through my shorts she mumbled something to herself that sounded like, "this is more like it"

I carried on until she was bound completely and laid her on her back on the floor. It was very sexy seeing her lying there at my mercy! I straddeled her and sat down so that my member went inside her moist vagina. Then I leant forward and flicked her left nipple with my toungue. She made a muffled gasp as I began sucking on my new slut's nipple. I cummed many more times before I decided to finish. We had only ten minutes to get out before the place closed! I untied her and she kissed me softly.

I could taste the taste of my own semen on her lips. She got dressed and so did I. I ran my fingers through her blonde hair and wispered in her ear, "You liked that didn't you."

We left the pool and walked home.On Monday at school I told the friend I could trust what happened. He believed me completely, and I spared no detail.

By lunch time it was all over the school. I sat down next to Kelly in the hall and we got some funny looks from the surrounding tables. Fuck. Even the newest kids knew about us. I couldn't see what the big deal was. After all everyone't they?

Shit! I was the first person she'd ever fucked! Unfortunately the news spread too the headmaster in fact.

We both were expelled from school. We still go out with each other, we're both nineteen now, and fuck have we had fun!

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