Sunday, May 17, 2009

ellie and cora discover each other

by jacob (April 2001)

since my last story quite a lot has taken place, my wife, Ellie has told sam her lover, that I had watched them make love and he was a bit miffed but saw why, saying he would have been somewhat uncomfortable with me watching as I may not be able to handle it, but knowing now that I can and in fact enjoy watching them fuck, he's quite comfortable with it. cora and I have become steady lovers also and ellie enjoys watching us very much.

About 3 days ago cora and I just finished fucking wildly and ellie made a surprising announcement,

cora dear I know we agreed there would be no woman to woman sex between us but watching you and jake, I couldn't help but notice how sexy and beautiful you are and for the first time in my life I find myself desiring to have sex with a woman, not just any woman, but you and knowing your pussy is full of jakes seed makes it all the more exciting, I know you are no doubt shocked and if you don't want me I understand.

omg, ellie wants to fuck cora!, now what?

after a moment of silence cora spoke,

you know ellie I think your also beautiful and if I was a cheap whore, I could have sex with you easily so put a dollar on the dresser for my services, which should make me the cheapest, whore ever, and come here sweet love and we will fuck.

ellie got a dollar from her purse and did as told and I went to the chair in the corner, damn this is going to be so fucking good.

I was hardly seated until they began, cora and ellie embraced, ellie's hot pink lips met cora's bright red lips, the kiss began tender, in appearence at first, with cora slightly on top of ellie, her hands found ellies tits and began massaging them as their kisses grew more passionate, ellie began tweaking coras nipples and they kissed with as much heat, as I have ever wittnessed, they broke the kisses and cora began kissing ellies neck quickly reaching down to her shoulder as she kissed the tip of her shoulder

ellie responded, kissing coras neck, sucking it, damn she was so hot, ellie was eating coras neck , alive, cora kissed quickly to ellies right nipple and took it all into her mouth, ellie gasped, and cupped her tits in her hands offering them to cora, damn the sight of her hot pink polished nails in contrast to her creamy tits was mind boggling, omg, omg cora, suck my tit's baby, cora responded , not missing any part of ellies tits, then cora looked up and said, ellie baby spread you legs for me , honey,

ellie spread her shapely legs as she would for a man, cora began kissing ellies lips, hotly, hungarily, as she moved her pubic bone against ellies pussy, grinding it as hard as possible,

ellie moaned as cora kept the pressure against her pussy, her hips dipping as if fucking her with a cock, ellies hips thrust up to meet her hot fucking, cora moved her pubic bone all over ellies pussy, humping her, until both pussies gleamed with wetness, no doubt some of that juice was mine , suddenly both women convulsed in orgasm and ellie screamed cora! let me eat your pussy! cora wanted to eat ellie also as they quickly moved to the 69 position and began to devour each others pussy

from my vantage point I could see red lips and pink lips kissing and licking and eating pussy, now ellie was on top going after coras pussy wildly, her tongue filcking in and out getting my cum along with coras love juice, both my lovers carressing any part of their bodies they could reach, ellies hot pink nails anainst coras golden flesh, coras bright red nails against ellies creamy , white body. omg,. almost more than I could stand, as cora suddenly screamed,

ellie fuck my pussy baby!,

they moved into position and ellie began to use her pubic bone on cora both fucking wildly kissing as if to devour each other, still naked , my hand found my hard cock and I began stroking it like a wild man watching my lovers fucking , omg, omg I screamed, as my load spewed forth, both women were screaming ,omg cora your pussys so good! oh shit ellie fuck me, fuck me! until both shuddered over and over and my cock exploded in my hand again as I moaned in unison with ellie and cora. as the girls looked over at me they could see my cum covered cock and motioned me to come to them and as I lay on my back watching them take turns cleaning the cum from my cock with those talented tongues, I have to think, how lucky can a man get!

next time we need to get sams big black dick into the act, ummm , me and ellie and cora and sam in a big exciting daisy chain, ah yes I think it highly possible.

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