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Boss/Secretary Part 6


(May 2001)

This instalment discusses and describes the photography sessions in which Anne has been the model.

I have used and owned cameras since I was a young teenager and now own both a small Ixus camera and a more comprehensive Nikon. In addition I own a variety of studio flash equipment with backdrops on so on. It was natural, therefore, that I would want to get Anne in front of the camera, although clearly there is a big step between flashing in 'real time', and leaving behind physical evidence that may come come back to haunt the model.

We have all seen and heard of stars who posed early in their career and who have those photos come back to be published much later. Understandably, therefore, Anne certainly needed to feel she could trust me and that her life outside our relationship would not be affected by the existence of any photos. From my perspective she had already described how her husband liked her to be dominant, but that this was difficult for her, and that he had bought and wanted her to wear black thigh length rubber boots, and long black rubber gloves, along with a black basque whilst acting in this role.

I most assuredly wanted to see Anne in this outfit and also to take photos. I chose not to have Anne pose in this outfit immediately so instead decided upon using the Ixus in the office to take photos and see how Anne reacted in front of the camera.

Of course it was also more satisfying and exciting to take photos in our office environment with the attendant risks of discovery. So, one day I announced to Anne that on the next day it seemed a number of my staff were scheduled to out of the office (but certainly not all ˆ I didn't want it to be too easy!), and that gave us the opportunity for a photographic session.

Her instructions were that she should wear her usual office attire and that I would decide where, when and how we take the photos. Next morning, Ixus loaded, spare film in the brief case I set off with a certain degree of anticipation, excitement, and nerves. Up to now, Anne's revealing attire could be attributed solely to her being unaware of the effect, and certainly not unacceptable behaviour.

Being discovered together, posing for and wielding a camera would obviously be inappropriate corporate behaviour for Anne and I respectively. On the day in question our office had around 10 of my staff present in a mixed, closed office, open office, conference room environment. Anne brought the usual coffee and was wearing black court shoes, probably 3' heel, flesh coloured stockings, under a short brown flared suede skirt. On top a thin, tight-fitting, knitted, silk top in a light beige colour.

This showed off her figure admirably, since it hugged her breasts, which always seemed large in relation to her slim waist with the suede skirt then flaring over her hips emphasising her classic figure and drawing attention to those long, shapely, and stocking clad legs.

The overall effect was very erotic, whilst being entirely reasonable at first glance for a business environment. A second or more prolonged assessment however would bring a few observations to the fore ˆ Firstly the fine silk top was very thin and tight so Anne's breasts were very subtly displayed as a result with the bra outline showing through.

This only served to further emphasise those perfectly shaped tits, since one could see that the bra only existed underneath, and around the side, leaving the main part of her breasts, and most especially her nipples uncovered.

Anyone other than me would certainly be asking themselves all sorts of interesting questions about her attire ˆ why is she wearing such a bra, why is she wearing a top that makes this obvious, is she even aware of the effect she is having, and so on? This is just the way I liked her to be ˆ just on the wrong side of normal, but not so far as to be worthy of management interference. Similarly, the suede skirt was shorter than one would normally see in a professional office, made of an unexpected material, and of a design that drew attention, as it's tight and narrow waist flared out into a very mobile hem line that swayed and moved as Anne walked.

The design also made it difficult for Anne to sit without exposing more of her legs, and usually her stocking tops than one would expect in the office. This skirt, in turn drew ones eyes to Anne's legs ˆ her major asset in my view- slim, well shaped, and with stockings, that again one would not normally see in an office.

They were 'real' nylons, so not stretch that wrinkle at the knees and ankles as the wearer moves around. This is a sure sign to stocking and leg lovers that these are nylons from a past era, as in fact they were. Anne and I had found a specialist supplier that uses an old 1950's hosiery machine to make faithfully accurate nylons of that era and that was what Anne was now confined to wearing on her legs.

The nylons inevitably drew one's eyes down from the skirt, to Anne's legs and then down to her shoes ˆ obviously quality manufacture - and just a bit higher and with thinner stiletto heels than one would expect for daytime wear in the office. In summary the whole effect was erotic, somewhat risqué, certainly noticeable for those looking closer (most men and many women!), but nevertheless not so obvious as to cause either offence, or to attract any 'advice' as to suitable and acceptable office attire. However, to return to the narrative. Anne brought in coffee at around 11.00 a.m. and I asked her to stay and close the door.

Now or never! I pulled my Ixus from the brief case, switched it on and turned to Anne. 'Remain seated and look directly into the camera lens as though you are looking at your lover, and I want you to think dirty thoughts' Anne settled in her seat, stocking tops and suspenders (black) on display and I took the first picture. Initially a degree of stiffness was present in Anne's body, as I had her move around, cross and uncross her legs, turn this way and that. But gradually the strangeness, and the nerves began to dissipate and after only a few moments and probably no more than a dozen pictures, I was amazed to see Anne relax, move and pose naturally in the right ways, and to bring that sexy, direct into the lens look that epitomises all good erotic photos from the viewers perspective.

The feeling that the model is looking directly at you the viewer and is thinking sexy thoughts of you the viewer, is posing specifically for you alone and is almost asking you to touch, her directly, willing and wanting your touch. Anne was a natural in front of the lens, her personality and looks blooming visibly as the camera began to capture her enjoyment, delight, and excitement as being a model for the first time.

The poses were merely mildly exhibitionist, stockings, legs, hint of panty between the legs and so on. Posing as the PA, notebook and pencil in hand, bending over the bottom drawer of the filing cabinet, stretching up to the top shelf and so on.

When the film was finished, I called a halt, 'that's enough for now. I'll put in a new film, and we will use the conference and meeting room for our next session. Did I detect a hint of disappointment that the session was coming to an end, that Anne wanted to continue, and that the risk of discovery combined with the posing was getting to her? I would wait a while, knowing that this state of excitement would only increase as she thought about what next.

At lunch time, a few people left the office, reducing our risk of discovery, so I slipped the Ixus into my pocket stopped at Anne's desk and said 'Conference room 2 is empty let's go!' The ground floor room had three internal walls with the outside wall completely glass with venetian blinds. The glass wall opened onto the rear of the building looking out over an access road that led to the delivery area, and the back entry for the security staff. It housed a large conference table with 12 chairs, and full presentation facilities.

We entered, closed the door, and I decided that I would leave the blinds open. 'Okay, get up the conference table, kneel and pull your skirt up over your hips.'

This left Anne's stockings, suspenders, and bottom cheeks fully exposed, her tiny thong a piece of black silk string threaded between her legs, and pulled tight up her butt crack. Several shots like this then 'turn over onto your back and spread your legs' immediately Anne's excited state became visible as the tiny piece of material pulled tight into her pussy lips did nothing to hide her exquisite pussy, or its wet state.

More shots with Anne now moving like a professional model. 'Now I want you standing in front of the projection screen, leave you skirt around your waist, and gradually pull up your top.' More photos as Anne faced the camera, legs, stockings, suspenders and almost non-existent panties fully visible as the top gradually was pulled up revealing first waist, then stomach, then the edges of her bra (black) until her swelling breasts, and finally her by now very erect nipples, and brown aureole came into view.

I continued snapping ˆ'Keep going, pull it right up, over your head and off!'

A nervous glance at the door and windows, then Anne carried on as I captured exciting photos as the silk top covered her head and face, was then removed leaving her hair in the tousled, 'come to bed' state.

'Skirt off next ˆ slowly and seductively' Again the nervous glance, but by now it was obvious that Anne was in a state of high excitement gradually the skirt came down, with Anne posing all ways under my direction 'Back to the camera, bend over, now look over your shoulder, that's it, hands on hips, now face the camera, look straight into the lens, tell the camera you want to be fucked, open your legs more, turn to the side, hold your nipples, pull them out, pinch then hard, let me see that sexy pout, and so on.'

Anne was now standing in one of our major conference rooms, in the middle of the day, wearing black, tiny thong panties, matching quarter cup bra, and suspenders, bare breasts and pussy effectively accentuated by her choice of lingerie that simply served to present those parts of her body for attention and inspection.

'Now we want the gradual removal of the bra, followed by the panties, done slowly, and erotically' Again Anne complied as I clicked the shutter until she was left naked except for suspenders, stockings, shoes, and jewellery. By now things were very sexually charged, Anne obviously very excited, and me with quite possible the biggest hard-on I had aver had.

The combination of risk and sexual excitement was heightening our mutual desire to continue. I walked over to the A/V equipment, switched on the projector, that then acted as a spotlight, the bright light illuminating Anne's erotic nakedness against the white screen.

Then I pulled one of the leather covered chairs forward into the spotlight. 'Now I want you to sit down, hook your legs over the arms, and I want you to play with yourself until you bring yourself off with a big orgasm.' This was certainly dangerous, the bright light of the projector possibly attracting attention from anyone that passed the conference room door, or anyone passing along the rear access road.

Nevertheless we carried on, and sure enough I have photographs of Anne displayed in this crude, and provocative manner, cunt and clitoris fully visible in her shaven state, fingers at work from both hands ˆ one concentrating on her prominent sex button, the other playing with her pussy lips, and working inside her dripping wet cunt ˆ until she reached the demanded orgasm, that came quickly, easily, and shatteringly, Anne's body convulsing as it usually did, jerking like an out of control string puppet, noises that came like whimpers one second, short sharp exclamations the next, low moans the next, and so on until finally the convulsions, and the noises diminished in frequency and strength ending in a collapsed quietness that managed to emphasise all of the movement and noise that had gone before.

I slumped onto the nearest chair, hot, excited, and shaking. My cock was hard, demanding release, both from the tight confines of my Gucci, underwear and business trousers, and from the pressure of cum pumping from my balls, down the length of my penis, and threatening to burst out of the eye at its end.

I enjoy that feeling, and then denying its release until much later, when I can relive the episode and have a controlled release so prolonging the pleasure. We recovered, Anne dressed, my solid bulge gradually subsided, and undiscovered we returned to our respective offices. I had taken a total of four films amounting to 100 photographs and I am sure that neither Anne nor I managed to do as much work for what remained of the day as we would normally.

Three days later, over lunch at the local, I was able to let Anne see the results of our session. She had been nervous about how photogenic she would look, but both she and I were very impressed by the end result. Erotic without a shadow of doubt, clear and good quality despite using my limited functionality Ixus, Anne very obviously able to take up a career in modelling if she so chose (a natural, with great looks, a great ability to project personality, and with natural posing ability).

All in all a great success, and Anne certainly gained the confidence to agree that I could take pictures of her in my home studio, and that she would smuggle the rubber clothing out of home in order to pose in her husband's preferred dominatrix outfit. True to her word, within the week Anne had removed the said articles of clothes from home, and they were now stowed in our cupboard awaiting the right opportunity.

That opportunity arose a couple of weeks later; I was going to be working from home on a special report and knew that I would be able to finish it in less than the allocated day.

'Anne, I'll be working on the report tomorrow from home, and I will call you around 2 o‚clock with a request for additional information that I need you to bring over in order to complete it. When you receive that message you will collect up some papers I will leave on my desk, you will remember the package you have brought from home, and tomorrow afternoon you will be my model in the studio. I will also need you to bring your makeup bag so that we can do this properly. Understood?'

2.45, the next day I had made the call, set up the studio, and as instructed Anne arrived with the papers (in case anybody asked, the bag containing the outfit, and her complete makeup kit. Showing Anne upstairs, I said, 'The bathroom is here, and you can use this bedroom to get changed, I'll go get the lights set up, and pour some wine. Take your time, see you when you‚re ready.'

It was clear that we were both in a state of nervous tension so wine would be a good way to help relax. After what seemed like ages, I heard Anne descending the stairs, and as she walked into the studio I could not believe the transformation. She had carefully applied makeup and fixed her hair in accordance with my instructions ˆ makeup a bit heavier than usual so that it would show better on the photographs, bright red lipstick that really made her full lips stand out, blue eyes sparkling with the eye shadow, liner and eyelashes she had applied.

Her blond hair beautifully combed, bright red fingernails matching her lipstick. It was the rest of her that had however made me catch my breath. She was wearing long thigh high very tight black rubber boots with very high, probably 6' stiletto heels and long pointed toes. Her gloves, again black tight rubber ran all the way up arms almost to her shoulders.

A black, very tightly laced basque covered her torso, pushing her tits up and out to give accentuated cleavage above an impossibly narrowed waist before it flared down to her hip bones.

Tiny black silk panties that were pulled up tight displayed the bulge of her mons, hinted at the lips between her legs, and as she twirled her derriere was amazing ˆ framed by the base of the basque above, the split between her cheeks black from the narrow strip of the panties, and each thigh held tight by the tops of her rubber boots. I have said this before, but I do not believe that I have ever seen such a perfect shape or such an appealing rear view.

'Well?' came the question as Anne twirled, posed, and strutted in front of me. Clearly she had arrived here determined to enjoy herself, posing uninhibitedly and was already beginning to strut her stuff before I had even picked up the camera. It took a few moments to recover my composure.

'Absolutely magnificent, stunning, sexy, and oh I don't think I can find the right words' as I trailed off into silence. She picked up her glass of wine, raised it towards her mouth, opened her lips in what could only be described as a sexy pout, smiled a satisfied grin and then finally placed the rim of the glass delicately against her lower lip and sipped the chilled Chablis with a contented sigh. I did recover, and quickly moved into my professional photographer persona.

'We'll start with straightforward portraiture, head and shoulders only first.' Lighting checked, flash readings calculated, exposure adjusted and we were off.

Anne is certainly a natural in front of the camera, and the portraits taken than day remain amongst the best I have ever managed, helped not least by a particularly attractive and photogenic model.

We then moved on to take full length portraits, sitting, standing, bottom raised, close ups of Anne sucking her rubber encased finger in her mouth, legs spread, and gradually progressed through basque top being pulled down, milky white breasts, erect nipples coming into shot, panties being teasingly drawn down, shaven pussy becoming visible, legs opened to allow rubber clad fingers to reach Anne's intimate regions, bent over, asshole pulled open, pussy lips opened wide moisture dripping onto the rubber boots, black rubber vibrator (a shock when Anne produced this!) inserted into her ready cunt, switched on and orgasm after orgasm photographed as Anne put on a brazen, erotic, display for me and posterity.

The huge black vibrator disappeared inside Anne as she filled her cunt, moved on to fill her other hole, returned to her cunt, worked her clitoris and seemed to want to insert fingers and vibrator into both her orifices in her sexual exhibitionist frenzy. As I witnessed this increasingly uninhibited performance, I eventually had no option but to relinquish my hold on the camera, sit down on the floor, back propped against the wall, and remove my rock hard, pulsating cock from its prison by unzipping my jeans, hauling them plus my Calvin Klein underwear down around my ankles and joining in this masturbation frenzy.

As Anne moved through orgasm after orgasm, I pumped at my cock with one hand, fondled by staining balls with the other an brought my whole body to a shattering explosion of spunk that flew everywhere ˆ over my hands, up onto my belly, on the carpet and down my thighs.

As I slumped back against the wall, sweaty, trembling and spent, Anne finally gave up ˆ stretched out on the floor utterly exhausted and satiated, drained of all energy as though she had used up all her available energy reserves in cum after cum after cum. My dick gradually softened, in my hand, and my breath became more controlled as I came down from the sexual high that comes from such a powerful climax.

As I did so, I watched the changes in Anne's body, the bright red flush on her face, neck, and breasts diminished, her engorged nipples moved from erect straining peaks pointing up to the ceiling towards softer puckering circles, her gaping cunt, lips pulled back, slash exposed, running with sexual juices, swollen with pumping blood slowly returned to normal, her lazy fingering motions slowed, and eventually stooped, her ragged panting breath became more controlled, steadier and slowed, her heaving chest stopped making her tits bounce, her dilated pupils narrowed and their brilliant blue colour returned.

The final act in this dramatic change came as her entire musculature, instead of being strained, tense and taut, relaxed and flopped into what seemed to be a skeleton-less, soft, pliable body stretched out on the carpet completely satisfied, drained, and relaxed. We remained like that, looking directly at each other in wonder, amusement, and sexual gratification for some time.

'Wow, that was amazing and I've made an awful mess here' finally broke the silence and the spell as I gathered myself, helped Anne to her feet and we staggered off to clean up, and get dressed. Once suitably attired and returned to the studio we finished the wine, with little conversation ˆ the mood demanded quiet reflection, and any ordinary conversation would have been insensitive to what we had shared.

The photos have turned out to be amongst the most erotic, sexually charged, and fascinating that I have in my collection. Anne appears to be speaking directly with the camera and hence the viewer, the photos have a quality and spontaneity that is not normally conveyed by professional models, and of course every time I look at them I remember a session that will live with me until the day I die! It seems that after such a powerful and mutually satisfying episode that any attempt to recreate another studio session would inevitably fall short, or seem in some way forced, and so we have not, by unspoken agreement, discussed another session. I guess that doesn't rule out future use of the camera in other circumstances, but to date I have kept the camera and Anne apart.

This ends part 6 of the story.

The next episode will cover our shopping expeditions.

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