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by Gavin (April 2001)

Lucy was having a bath the night that this account begins. She often became quite aroused following a hot bath so I was hopeful that we might go straight to our room when she got out. I was in the living room but I had ensured that our bedroom was very warm by turning the central heating up and that a bottle of baby oil was placed near the radiator. I had also left a low light on in the bedroom as I like to see her body and face as she comes.

I heard the water drain from the bath as Lucy came out of the bathroom and into the living room. She had on a black silky night-dress that came to mid thigh which showed off her red curly hair to perfection and also allowed me an unfettered view of most of her legs. I said to Lucy "You look wonderful in that".
To which she replied with a smile "I know". She looked at me in a slightly embarrassed way with her head slightly to one side and said "Do you think you could help me with something?"

"More than likely" I replied eagerly as I was hoping this would be a prelude to sex.

"You’ll need to come upstairs then" she said slightly nervously. She turned round and headed for the stairs which gave me the opportunity to study her bottom through the tight silk as she walked away. I rose to my feet quickly and followed her up the stairs to our bedroom.

I was already feeling turned on, indeed, I’d been turned in the living room imagining Lucy in the bath soaping her body. Remembering how she looked as she washed her breasts and then her stomach and finally between her legs rubbing her hand over herself gently. My cock was already really stiff and solid and causing some problems with my trousers.

I realised I’d better concentrate as I tripped on the stairs and nearly fell through my concentration on erotic musings. Lucy was in the bedroom bent over by her bedside cabinet when I made it into the room. This was too good an opportunity to miss and I walked forward to fondle Lucy bottom. This produced a moan in the back of Lucy throat and she slowly straightened and pushed back rubbing herself into my groin. This was too much for me to bear and I raised my hands to her breasts whilst nuzzling into her neck with my mouth.

Suddenly she stepped away from me breathing heavily and almost panted "Not yet! I need you to do something first". She smiled with a wicked grin and licked her lips slowly. "You see there’s something I want you to do with this".

She again smiled but was also blushing as she produced a brand new razor, a small bowl of water and some shaving cream from the bedside cabinet. She put them onto the cabinet and sat on the edge of the bed and slowly started to undo the buttons on the night-shirt. Lucy looked up at me and smiling said "I need you to shave my bikini line and trim my pussy, but be very gentle"

I nodded my agreement as I watched her reveal first the curves of her breasts and then the red triangle of her bush. I felt very excited and realised I had started to breathe very fast. She looked at me and asked "Aren’t you getting undressed too?"
I came to my senses and pulled off my clothes as Lucy leaned back on the bed to watch me. She licked her lips and swallowed as she saw how hard my cock was. It was sticking up and out and I could feel how tight my skin was over my prick.

I looked at Lucy, and saw her nipples pushing at the thin fabric covering them, I could see the silk moving over them as she breathed. This obviously increased her arousal as the silk rubbed softly on her nipples and they visibly erected more.

"I can see you’re keen to get started, but I just need something first". She said slowly whilst reaching forward with her hands. I gasped and moaned as I felt her hand encircle my cock and balls.

The feeling of her hot, soft hands on my sensitive skin was incredible but became almost too much bear as she stroked my prick slowly with one hand whilst lightly scratching the skin under my balls. I looked down at an amazing scene of Lucy slowly pumping her hand on my cock and watched a drop of pre-come form on the engorged head. Lucy turned her head up to face me smiled and put her tongue out and licked the head of my cock.

"Mmm" she moaned "I’d better stop soon before it’s too late". With that she leaned forward and took my cock in her mouth and sucked softly.

The feeling of warm all enveloping wetness was almost more than I could take. Lucy realised this and pulled her head back letting my prick spring to attention in front of her face. The sensation I was enjoying was over for the time being and Lucy leaned back onto her elbows on the bed.

"God, you’re good at that" I said with a gasp. Lucy beckoned me forward and lightly pushed me to my knee’s. I held my hands on her thighs and stroked them tenderly though all I wanted to was to push my prick deep into her and stroke away until I came.

She opened her legs and pointed at the shaving gel and water.

"I think its time to get this done now".

Her breathing was becoming faster and her face was slightly red with lust. I looked down and could see the red curls of her bush between her wide open thighs. They were as red as her hair which was a deep autumn leaf shade with tight little curls still covering the lips of her sex.

I looked at Lucy and brought my hand onto her stomach which shivered beneath my touch. I stroked my hand down into the curls feeling the thickness of the individual hairs and ran a finger tip over the slit under them. I felt the skin part and the fleshy soft area become wet and silky with her juices. Lucy started to move her hips onto my hand but suddenly pulled back and said breathlessly "Not now! After !"

I obeyed her command and reached for the warm water. I dipped my fingers in and rapidly brought them to her hairs to dampen them slightly.

Next I reached for the can of shaving gel and squirted some onto my hand. As I put my hand onto her wet hairs I looked up and made eye contact with Lucy. She was smiling slightly nervously but was obviously turned on. I cleared my throat and as I rubbed the gel into her bush I asked "How much do you wants trimmed off?"

Lucy was obviously finding it difficult to concentrate on what I was saying as I massaged the gel over her as it took some time for her to reply. She too had to clear her throat before speaking.

"Some from around the side and top but I’ll let you know when to stop". Her hips were again making circular motions and pressing her wet cunt onto my fingers and this started to mix her juices into the foam.

I took my hand away and wiped the foam off it in order to get a better grip on the razor and started to bring it to the edge of Lucy’s groin.

"Wait". Said Lucy suddenly. "Before you start just rub yourself quickly for me".

Lucy likes to watch me wank when we’re making love and so I needed no further prompting as I was turned on so much. I grasped my prick with my left hand and gently stroked up and down over the head of my cock a couple of times whilst looking at Lucy. Her nipples poked the material even further out and her breaths came in quick gasps. I stopped and Lucy smiled at me and lay back on the bed with her bottom on the edge. She then said very softly "OK, now please, and a little later I’ll tell you a sexy tale".

I brought the razor to the edge of her pubic mound and started shaving the hair off. Lucy’s sex became slowly more exposed as I made soft strokes through her bush. First I trimmed the edges and made sure the skin was smooth and hair free. As I leaned back to admire my work and rubbed a finger over the hairless areas I asked "Is that enough ?"

Lucy replied throatily without bringing her head up "Not yet, bring the razor in further".

I could see that Lucy was just concentrating on the erotic sensations from her body and not really worried about what I did as long as I didn’t stop. I too was seduced by the moment and decided to carry on. As I watched Lucy brought her hand up to her breasts and rubbed a nipple through the material.

I was so turned on by this I rubbed my prick with my hand and wanked myself slowly. I looked down once more and saw Lucy cunt lips open fully and noticed how wet she was. I looked over to see Lucy hand slide under the silk of her night dress and start caressing her naked breast.

As she did so she moaned deeply and gasped bringing her hips up again silently imploring me to continue. I stroked my cock and began shaving again but this time I had decided not to stop until Lucy’s cunt was bald.

My strokes with the razor had soon produced the desired effect when I next looked at Lucy. I slowly ran my gaze from her newly bald cunt with its smooth white skin and wet pink centre, over her stomach which was moving in time with her hips to her hand on her breast. I watched her hand under the silk gently rub and squeeze her breasts as she moved it from one to the other.

I said "I’ve finished" somewhat sheepishly being unsure how exactly she would react to this exceeding of her instructions.

"Good" she murmured as I washed the remaining foam from the smooth pliant skin. This action produced an almost violent pelvic thrust onto my hand holding the towel and this along with her hand tugging her nipple exposed her breasts to my gaze for the first time that night.

The breath caught in my throat as I looked at her breasts with their taut, erect nipples. But it was not merely the sight of her breasts that caused this. There were love bites below both nipples which I knew I had not put there. They were both brand new which I could tell by the redness of the bites.

Instead of turning me off I realised I was pumping my cock harder. I also realised instantly Lucy must have known that I’d see them and draw the only possible conclusion. That she had had sex with someone else and that she wanted me to know about it.

Lucy brought her head up and leaned onto her elbows and looked at me with my cock in my hand and said "I hoped that’d be your reaction" in a relieved but still sexy tone.

"Come onto the bed and I’ll tell you about it" Lucy said with a lewd smile. I started to rise from my knees when Lucy suddenly said "No! I’ve had a better idea. Watch this."

She then lay her head back on the bed and moved her hands down over her stomach. She stroked herself gently and murmured "I want to feel myself first".

So saying her hands pressed onto the newly bald skin and I watched as she caressed herself. Her fingers next moved to her cunt and she spread her lips apart and stroked her clit with one finger whilst opening herself. She started to moan softly as she stroked her clit and then said quietly.

"That’s just what I wanted, my skin’s really smooth." I watched her fingers spreading her juices all over herself. She then said "I need you here."

"Not just yet" I managed to gasp through my arousal. I quickly moved forward to put my cock on her clit. It felt warm, wet and silky all at the same time. This produced a loud moan from deep in Lucy’s throat and she rotated her cunt over my cock spreading her juices all over.

I pushed the head of my cock just into the opening of her cunt so that I could feel the soft skin of my cock getting wet with her juices. My cock felt the heat from her cunt and I knew that all I wanted was to fuck her hard until she screamed her pleasure.

I pulled away reluctantly and got onto the bed and we lay next to one another looking into each other’s eyes. Her hands were caressing my chest and over my back whilst I slowly massaged her breasts. Her nipples were hard points pressing into my palms. I gently tweaked them between my fingers and brought my mouth to one and sucked it lightly. Lucy moaned very softly and said "Do you want to know what happened ?"

I thought about this for a second and replied with a slight hesitancy "Yes I would".

Lucy reaction to this was to sigh, roll onto her back and take my cock in her hand. I leaned over and kissed her deeply and felt her tongue press into my mouth. I enjoyed these sensations for a minute as our bodies touched along their entire length but I needed to hear from Lucy what had happened. My curiosity was soon to be assuaged as Lucy cleared her throat and started to tell me.

"You know I take the swimming classes ?"

"Yes" I replied.

"Well today I had a problem with a child who couldn’t use the float and the attendant helped show me what to do with her." Lucy looked at me fully again and squeezed my cock.

"He asked if I’d like some different equipment which was easier for the kids to use and, of course, I said yes." She moaned softly to herself and shut her eyes as I brushed the naked skin of her cunt. I slowly stroked two fingers into her soaking hole and felt Lucy push upwards onto them.

My fingers took on a rhythm of their own matched by pelvic thrusts from a gasping Lucy. "Well he said to return after school so I did" so said in a halting voice, obviously concentrating hard through her arousal. "James, could you get some oil ?" She asked.

I reluctantly moved my hand away from her cunt to reach for the bottle of warmed oil and also picked up the dildo and vibrator. These too were warm. I poured some oil onto her already moist cunt to sighs of approval from Lucy and watched the trickles run on her clit and skin.

Lucy reached down both hands and started to masturbate herself slowly, sighing gently all the time. "That feels nice and smooth" she commented with approval, she then moved an oily hand onto my prick and massaged me. This soft slipperiness was almost too much for me but I was able to resist the urge to move quickly in her hand and come.

Lucy continued with her account which she was patently reliving in her mind. "So after school this evening I went straight round to the pool. It was closed but Mark met me at the door and let me in".

My cock was getting larger than it had ever been before with the events Lucy was describing and so I decided to help Lucy along with her own stimulation. I picked up the vibrator and brought it to her clit and turned it on. Lucy groaned and murmured "Yes. Right there. Move it slowly".

She pushed her groin up to meet the delicate strokes of the vibrator. This gave me the opportunity to study the bald skin of her cunt with the black vibrator rubbing against it.

Lucy took the vibrator from me and slowly started to wank herself with it. She knows I find this really erotic and opened her eyes lazily and tried to focus on me. I slipped my fingers over the naked edges of her cunt and massaged the entrance to her vagina.

"Ohhhh, please put one inside again ". She said softly. I slipped my middle finger in and rubbed around the walls of her cunt with it. This made Lucy push up onto my hand and I slipped another finger into her dripping wet hole.

"Mmmmm, yes more like that" she groaned throatily so I pushed a third finger in which produced an even greater thrust and moan. Her hand on my cock briefly tugged up and down very fast before letting go. I watched as Lucy brought her hand to her cunt and lay it onto top of mine. "I need all of you" she whispered and pressed my little finger in with the others.

She then moved my hand to make my fingers slide in and out until she had established the rhythm she wanted and returned her attention to my cock. Her cunt lips were so lubricated that this all went smoothly until I felt some tightening of her vagina walls and Lucy moaned "Mmmmmmmaaaaah!!!!!"

She finally was able to say softly "That was a little come, I’m sure I’ll scream later". She shut her eyes again and began to speak hesitantly with little gasps and moans as punctuation.

"He took me into the pool area and showed me the new type of floats and said that it would be better to try them first". A picture of these events came into my mind and I could feel pre-come leaking from my cock. Lucy softly whimpered with desire as she recounted what then happened. "I said that I didn’t have a costume with me and he said not to worry as it was only us there."

When I got back Mark was already in the pool swimming. I walked to the shallow end where the floats were, got in, and waited for him".

I interrupted Lucy "Did you realise you fancied him?"

"Oh god yes, in the staff room we used to discuss what we’d do with him if we ever got the chance. When I’m horny and you’re at work I’ve been masturbating and used the fantasy of him as my lover for a while now."

She held my cock harder and kissed me on the mouth and whispered "But I never thought this would happen". She lay back again and turned up the vibrations and shuddered. "As he stood up in the pool his shorts clung to him… I realised his cock was massive from the outline. I also realised he was staring at my breasts and that turned me on. My nipples started to poke through the material of my swimsuit. Aaaaaaagh!" Came a groan from deep in Lucy throat as another small orgasm hit her as she remembered her evening.

"He asked me to lie forward in the pool and hold the float. I did it and he put his hands on my tummy to support me. My skin felt all hot where he touched me. God I wanted him! He told me to swim forward holding the float." I brushed Lucy’s nipples with my free hand and she shivered and looked at me. She was so aroused her pupils were wide and her breaths were shallow pants.

"My breast brushed against his prick in his shorts and I felt it stir. I carried on deliberately swimming so that I brushed him with my breast every time I moved. His cock just kept growing". She said longingly. She shocked me from my mental picture when she said "The dildo, you’ve got it there ?"

"Yes I replied"

"Good. But not yet." She stroked my cock with a new determination and kissed me before starting again. "He obviously decided that I was doing it deliberately because his hands slipped over my costume and he cupped my breast. I just couldn’t believe he was rubbing my breast but it felt so good I just couldn’t stop him. I swam forward a little way and his fingers carried on stroking me. He moved just as I kicked my legs and he was stood in between my thighs and he held me by my hips and pulled me back pushing his groin into me.

I could feel the heat and thickness of his cock through my costume onto my clit and I just lost control. He had hold of both my breasts and I was wanking his prick with my cunt." I could feel Lucy rotating her groin using my hand to masturbate herself and her voice was quivery with frequent gasps for breath and moans.

After taking a few seconds to regain some composure she continued. "This wasn’t enough for me and so I stood up in the water and kissed him. God, I don’t know how long we kissed but when he stopped he’d slipped my costume straps off my shoulders and down to my chest whilst stroking me all the time. He pulled away from me slightly and looked at me whilst he brought his hand up and tugged my costume down over my breasts to my waist. I watched his head lean forward and felt his mouth close around a nipple and I knew that I would make love with him. That’s when he gave me these love bites. He carried me to the shallow end sucking my nipples all the way". Her breathing was very ragged now and her face and chest were flushed with excitement.

"I knew I wanted his prick which was pushing hard between us but before I could get my hand there he pushed his hand down my costume and onto my clit. Mmmmm it felt wonderful to have someone new probe my cunt and he was very good at it too. His fingers stroked my clit and it felt so good I knew I’d do anything he wanted me to. He pushed two fingers into me saying I needed to get ready for him, but James, I was so wet and ready it was untrue.

He pulled my costume all the way off slowly kissing my exposed skin all the time. He slipped my costume over my bum and down my thighs and I was naked before him. He leant forward and licked my hips before he worked his way round to my clit and I just melted on his tongue." Again her voice descended into moans and I waited for her to continue as she wanked my cock which was bigger than it had ever been before.

Her voice returned and she spoke softly "His tongue ran all over me and I nearly drowned him when he put his tongue in me. After a while I pulled him up and tasted myself on his face. I needed to get at his prick so I pressed myself onto him and started to kiss my way down his taut body. He leaned back and sat on the edge of the pool as I pulled the waist band of his shorts down. His prick sprang out and god James it was huge. It was even longer and thicker than Darren’s and his was big! I kissed it and sucked the head with my mouth wide open and sucked as much as I could in. I could hear him grunting with desire but it wasn’t long before he pulled me up and lifted me onto the edge of the pool, Oh god!" She gasped. I took this as my cue and reached for the dildo.

Her breathing was now out of control and her hips bucked in a remembered rhythm as she gasped "I held his prick in both hands and wanked him. I was worried about the size of him but I pulled him towards me by his cock and touched the tip to my cunt anyway. I let go with one hand and rubbed the head around my clit and cunt. I couldn’t believe it would go in but I was just so turned on I had to try".

At this I rubbed the thick head of the dildo around Lucy’s cunt as she described her sexual adventure. "I put my free hand on his hip and felt him rock back and forth trying to work his cock into my tight cunt."

The dildo moved gently in and out of Lucy’s well lubricated cunt simulating this feeling.

"God it was thick, I felt my pussy stretching as he rocked back and forth trying to push just the tip of his cock in. I opened my legs a little more and just concentrated on relaxing and then he was in a little bit. Aaaaaaaah. It was better than anything I’ve had and that was just the head of his prick. He slowly continued his rocking motion pushing his prick in and out of me whilst I just stretched back and put my legs round his waist. He just slowly inched himself in whilst I concentrated on relaxing and taking him all". She stopped for a second obviously too turned on to speak for a while as I slowly slipped the full length of the dildo inside her.

"The sensation of being fucked by that monster cock was unbelievable. I felt his hot thick prick so deep in me I couldn’t control myself and I started to whisper Fuck me. Fuck me into his ear. He pushed harder at this and I felt this incredible sensation of his thick cock sliding into my pussy and then his entire cock was inside my cunt filling me up completely. He just stopped then and let me relax around his thick cock. Then he slowly pulled out and started a slow motion pushing in and out which just made me want him and then he went mad fucking me so hard I thought he’d shoot come to my throat."

Her moans becme uncontrollable at this point and I rammed the entire dildo in and out as fast as I could. Her face was contorted with ecstasy as she screamed "fuck me Mark! Fuck me! Fuck meeee!" As she orgasmed.

This was all I could take so I pulled the dildo back out and scrambled on top of Lucy and pushed my cock inside her. I could only last a few thrusts before I came I was so turned on by her revelations and ministrations.

I lay on top of Lucy whilst she stroked the back of my head as we both recovered from our respective orgasms. I could feel my cock still hard inside her being gripped rhythmically as her orgasm subsided. We were both gasping and panting with the intensity of the feelings and exertions and I was also concentrating on the feeling of Lucy’s body sliding against mine with the oil acting as lubricant.

Eventually Lucy whispered in my ear "You’re not angry then ?"

"No I’m not" I replied. "I just wish I could have seen you with him". I said with a hopeful tone.

"Would you like too?" said Lucy very quietly in my ear.

This had the effect of reinvigorating my shrinking prick which was slowly sliding out of Lucy’s cunt. It immediately started to harden again and so move back deep inside. "I think that means yes, doesn’t it James ?"

I nodded my agreement when I lifted myself up onto my elbows above my newly eroticised wife. I knew I was agreeing to her having sex with him again but I also knew that this excited me incredibly. My own body’s reaction to everything I’d heard so far was a testament to this.

She looked fantastic with her red hair tousled and stuck to her forehead. Her face was glowing and she was smiling with a wicked grin. I could see a love bite on her shoulder which I had just put there in my excitement and I could feel some scratches on my back done in reply by Lucy.

I said with a slight hesitation "So what do we do then?"

Lucy looked up at me and indicated that I should move to the side of the bed. She reached for the telephone and dialled. She turned to me and said "You’re sure about this?" I nodded quickly and awaited developments.

The phone was answered quite soon and Lucy said "Hi, it’s Lucy, you can come in now". I realised from this that Lucy and Mark had planned this to happen and this was more than confirmed by the almost instant knock on the door. Lucy jumped up and buttoned up her night-shirt "Wait here a minute" she said quickly and ran from the room.

I lay on the bed slightly dazed by the speed of events and wondering what I would see next. I heard Lucy open the front door and then nothing for a minute or two. I began to wonder what was going on downstairs but before I got up to find out I heard footsteps on the stairs. My heart was beating so hard I could feel it through my chest.

Lucy’s head appeared round the door and she seemed quite breathless as she said "Ready ?" I could only nod in reply and she walked into the bedroom holding the hand of another man.

"This is Mark and this is James". She said by way of introduction. Lucy looked over at me on the bed again and turned to Mark who simply nodded at me. They looked at each other and Mark put his hand on Lucy’s waist and stroked her through her night-shirt. Lucy sighed deeply, looked over at me and smiled, then looked up and started to kiss Mark.

All the time that they kissed they stroked each other over their clothes and I saw Lucy slide her hand into Marks trousers whilst he lifted her night-shirt up. He moved his hand from her bottom to her hips as I watched from the bed. Lucy moaned softly as his hand slid between her legs and she pressed her cunt onto it.

"You’ve shaved yourself like I asked then" he said throatily to Lucy.

She smiled at him and replied "Well James did, look" and she stepped away from him and slipped her night-dress off. It slid down over her shoulders and breasts and lay pooled around her ankles as she stood naked in front of both of us. I couldn’t help myself and I just had to start wanking at this point as I was so turned on.

Mark looked up and down at Lucy and said "Lie down next to James so I can see all of you". She got onto the bed beside me, lay on her back with her legs wide open, and held my cock whilst I caressed her breasts and sucked her nipples as Mark took his clothes off. She watched his every move as he undressed and reached her free hand down to play with herself. She turned and looked at me and said "Watch his cock". She then returned her attention to Mark.

As he pulled his trousers off I understood what she meant as I could see his cock and it was absolutely massive. It was only semi-erect and must have been at least nine inches long and it was much thicker than any dildo Lucy had ever used. He lay down on the other side of Lucy and took a nipple into his mouth so that both of them were being sucked.

We kept bumping into each others hands as we stroked the rest of her body as she writhed on the bed. She had a cock in either hand and a mouth on both nipples. All I could hear was Lucy gasping and moaning as she became more and more aroused. Lucy moved again so that her legs were wide apart resting on top of our thighs.

I put my hand over her wet cunt and started to gently stroke her clit which felt slick and wet with all of the juices I was rubbing in. Mark and I looked at each other as we both slipped a finger into Lucy’s cunt and listened to the moans increase in volume. Lucy started to scream "oh yes, god yes" as she pushed her cunt back and forth on our fingers.

I could feel the juices running from Lucy’s cunt wetting my fingers as Mark and I each slipped another finger in producing louder but incoherent mumbling from her. The muscles at the entrance to her cunt were rhythmically contracting on our fingers squeezing them deeper inside her as her pelvis thrust up.

Lucy suddenly turned over and moved onto her knees looking a us lying on the bed with our cocks in the air. Her face was flushed with her arousal and her chest was heaving with rapid breathing. Her nipples were both pointing straight in front they were so erect.

She smiled at us both and said to me "Watch me now James" in between gasps. She then grasped Marks prick and started to slowly rub her hand down the shaft to his balls and back up again, he was now fully erect and appeared to be at least 11 inches long and so thick Lucy's hand only just went round. A drop of pre-come appeared at the tip of his cock and I saw Lucy bend down to lick it off slowly with a smile on her face as Mark groaned loudly. She then opened her mouth and started to suck the huge head of his prick into her mouth. He groaned again and said "Let’s give James a bit of a show" and with that Mark reached over and pulled her on top of him into a 69 position and started to lick Lucy’s bald cunt.

I watched as he pushed his tongue into her hole whilst pressing her clit with his thumb. Lucy’s moans were muffled by the giant cock in her mouth but it was easy to tell how excited she was by the way she pressed into Mark’s face. I looked at Lucy's face as she took his cock out of her mouth and rubbed it around her face. She looked over at me with my cock in my hand and put her tongue onto the vein around the head of his prick and licked it slowly.

Mark said "I want to fuck you" through gasps as Lucy’s mouth devoured him again.

"Good" she replied sitting up and turning round to face him. She turned to me and leant over and kissed me deeply then pulled my hand between her legs and into her cunt. It was so wet and open I slid four fingers straight in. She shuddered with the excitement of the moment but pulled away from me and lay on top of Mark.

Her breasts were covered with a light sheen of sweat and swayed with the movement of her rapid breathing. Lucy slowly raised herself back onto her knees over Mark and held his prick with both hands and I could still see a good two inches over her hands.

She looked at me and whispered "Watch me now". She moved forward and put a hand on his chest and started to wank his prick with her other hand. She gradually moved her hips forward until she could hold the top five inches with her hand whilst her clit and cunt was rubbing his shaft. She started to rock back and forward and her juices smeared his prick until it became very slick and shiny with her wetness. I watched with amazement as they carried on with this erotic display moaning with excitement all the time.

She then bent forwards and pressed her breasts to his cock stroking back and forth with her nipples. Mark wriggled his hips with excitement which moved his cock between Lucy’s breasts. She then put her hands onto her breasts and squeezed them onto his prick slippery with her juices.

Mark started to thrust his hips making his cock slide in-between her breasts and this made his cock bump her neck with each thrust. Mark was groaning with increasing excitement and Lucy obviously decided that she wanted his prick inside as she reluctantly sat back releasing his prick.

Lucy shuffled forward and raised her hips as high as she could and pushed the bulbous head of Mark’s cock to the entrance to her cunt. She rotated her hips smearing even more of her wetness over his cock. She then moved his cock over her clit and wanked herself with it whimpering softly to herself. Her hips moved higher again and she looked into my eyes and indicated I should watch what she would do next.

With a loud groan she settled down and I looked as her fleshy lips stretched over Marks monster cock just taking the head into her cunt. Her face was contorted with ecstasy as she felt herself being stretched open and her breathing was ragged and noisy.

Lucy moaned gently with a high pitched cry each time she slid down a small way onto his prick. The moans got higher in pitch as she took more and more in until after almost a minute she had taken it all. Her breathing was rapid and her eyes were shut as she slowly leant forward onto his chest pressing her breasts onto him.

She kissed him on the mouth and whispered to him "I’m going to fuck you hard now!" With that her bottom raised into the air sliding her cunt over his prick and with a grunt she forced herself back down onto him impaling her cunt again. She cried out "Aaaah" as she descended on his prick and her face contorted with the effort of forcing him back inside her.

"Oh god!" She gasped "That’s fantastic!" She turned to me and smiled. She then sat back up and she started to fuck Mark with a slow rhythm at first raising herself up on his prick exposing her wide open cunt filled with his by now shiny cock. Her face was flushed and her hair was stuck to her forehead but she looked amazing as I watched her gently raise and lower her cunt onto Mark’s prick.

Her hand reached to me and took my cock. She tugged it softly pulling me towards her and I happily obliged.

"This is what I wanted" she said throatily. "Two cocks at once" and with that she put her mouth next to my cock and sucked it in. I again was able to feel the warm, soft wetness of her mouth sucking me. In addition I felt a vibration which I realised was Lucy moaning with pleasure at the sensations of Mark’s huge cock in her cunt and my prick in her mouth.

Her moans took on a higher pitch and she started to thrust on Mark’s prick harder while sucking me deeper into her. I realised she was about to come so I pushed quickly in and out of her mouth. Mark too was about to come and I could see his hands on Lucy’s bottom setting a faster rhythm whilst he moaned loudly.

Suddenly Lucy became almost rigid and I could hear muffled screams from her throat. This was too much for me I started to shoot my come into her mouth. Mark too obviously came with her contractions massaging his prick and he pulled her hard onto it with his hands gripping her bottom.

She continued to suck me through this as both her cunt and mouth were filled with come. I watched as she swallowed most of my come though some started to trickle from the corner of her mouth as I withdrew from her mouth.

I lay beside them and waited for Lucy’s breathing to return to a normal rate as she still lay on top of Mark trembling with the force of her orgasm. She was still moaning softly to herself as Mark rolled her onto her side so that he could slip out of her. I watched as he withdrew from Lucy and his cock was still stiff although it appeared much softer. We all lay on the bed recovering from our orgasms and wondering what was to come next.

I sat up on my elbows to look at Lucy and saw she had a pink flush over her face to her breasts. Her nipples were tight little buds pointing at the ceiling and she had more love bites on her chest and one on her neck. My eyes ran over her stomach which still contracted with little muscle spasms every now and again.

Her fleshy mound above her cunt was beaded with sweat and, as I looked down, I saw come on her thighs and thought to myself "My wife has been fucked in front of me". I realised that I was getting turned on again with this thought.

Lucy was still recovering but was now able to look around and turned onto her side to face me. I stroked her cheek with my hand and drew her face towards my mouth and kissed her.

"You really enjoyed that, didn’t you?" I said with a smile.

Her reply was a wordless smile of the cat that's had the cream. After a while she said "And so did you" with a small giggle.

Suddenly she gasped and moaned deeply as Mark pressed up against her and held her breasts in his hands. She bent towards me and kissed me and then whispered "I think he’s ready again, look". She turned onto her front and Mark’s cock sprang forward and landed on top of her bottom with a slapping noise.

"I think so too" I replied to them both. I looked at his cock lying on Lucy’s bottom and saw that he was not yet fully erect but I was still surprised at the speed of his recovery.

Mark stroked Lucy’s back with one hand whilst propping his head up with the other and leaned in to nuzzle at her neck. Lucy loves this and true to form she responded with a low groan from the back of her throat.

She lay like this accepting all of Marks attentions for several minutes. I watched a she slowly opened her legs silently imploring him to touch her cunt again. Her hips thrust up which merely made Marks cock slide on her bottom. She turned to him and said "Please touch me". I could tell by the tone of her voice she was very aroused and was desperate to be touched.

Mark turned to me and said "I think she needs to do something for us first, don’t you?" I nodded my agreement wondering what he had in mind but willing to go along with him for the moment.

"What do you both want me to do then?" Lucy said as she started to sit back on her knees. I looked at Lucy as she settled back exposing herself to our gaze. Her nipples were just little bright red points they were so erect and as I trailed my eyes down to Lucy's bald cunt she parted her legs to allow us a better view.

The fleshy, bald lips around her cunt were parted and I could she her erect clit poking out slightly whilst come slowly slid out of her engorged lips. She was rocking back and forth on her heels obviously wanting to be fucked.

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