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Virgin Passion

Written by Michael (April 2000)

It was one of those warm sunny summer Saturday afternoons when I was relaxing in front of the TV with a beer watching a golf tournament when I heard a familiar voice call out from outside.

"Hi Uncle Mike, just come around for a dip in your pool"

It was young Susi, a neighbor from next door. She has always been allowed to come into my place for a swim in the pool since she was a child. Now she is nearly 17 and I have watched her grow into a young woman now but still with that child like innocence by calling me Uncle Mike but not a relation, just your friendly neighbor.

"Hi Susi, enjoy yourself," I yelled out from my prone position.

I began to think of how many times she must have been into my home over the years. Our families were always friends and we watched our kids grow up together during the past years. Now I am single again after my wife left me and my kids have gone their own ways.

Over the past two years life hasn�t been that bad, still living in my home after the divorce, despite costing me a small fortune and having the occasional lady friend at the time live with me but never for very long. In between I always seemed to manage to pick up someone from the divorcee set for one off stands or longer so my sex life has been reasonable.

Anyway time for another beer so I went to the kitchen and got another can out of the refrigerator. I moved to the window overlooking the pool area to see if Susi was in the pool, sure enough she was swimming up and down. Eventually she had enough and stood up in the shallow end, about waist deep, flicking her hair back off her face. I suddenly realized what a very sexy young lady she now was.

She had that trim, firm body of a teenager with smallish upright tits. As she moved towards the steps and gradually walked out of the pool front onto me I could see her narrow hips and long legs with a clear gap between the thighs to see the outline of her pussy inside her bikini. She dried herself off with her towel and placed it on the pool surround then laid face down it. Then her hands moved behind her back to undo her bikini top and with a flick it was off on the ground next her.

By now I was getting a hard on just watching this young nymph I had always seen as just the young daughter of a neighbor, now I saw her as a very desirable female. It is every middle aged mans fantasy to dream of such nubile young females just waiting to be fucked by them, I and was no exception. While I stood there watching, she moved up to lean on her elbows thereby giving me the side on view of her little tits. Then she reached for bikini top lying on the ground, stood up then tucked those delightful boobs into it as she fastened it behind her back.

I thought back to the TV you old purve just in case she sees you looking at her. So I went and lay down on the sofa again, beer in one hand and remote in the other, everyman�s dream of how to relax. Then I heard the back door open and the refrigerator door open and close. In walked Susi sipping on a can of cola in one hand, towel in the other in her bikini clad body.

"Have you been lying around all afternoon watching that silly golf Uncle Mike?" she asked.
"Sure have Susi, this is my time to tune out and relax, "

She put on her towel on a chair and sat down in front of me with her legs slightly apart, I couldn�t help but cast my eyes down on her pussy, and she noticed. As she saw my interest in her pussy she moved one leg over the arm of the chair to reveal a wide expanse of inner thigh.

"Do you think I am attractive Uncle Mike?" she asked.
"You sure are a very beautiful young lady now," I replied, "you must be plagued by all those young guys out there."
"Yeah, but they are so boring. All they want to do is grab a tit, or stick their hand on my crotch, with their sole intention of trying to fuck me as soon as possible. It is real turn off. What I want to learn is how to enjoy sex, to be treated properly and know what a man likes," Susi said with sincerity.
"Very admirable my dear, I can remember when I was around your age that all guys had their brains between their legs and their intentions directed at one thing, to screw the girl," I replied.

"You understand me Uncle Mike and have always looked up to you. I know this might sound strange, but would you teach me about sex because you are so experienced with women and you must know it all. I trust you and know that you would help me. What do think about idea?" she asked.
"Wow," I spluttered, " that is a real big request. Let me think about for awhile," I said.
"That�s enough time, yes I would love to teach you all the things I know but I am sure that in your own way you can teach me something too."
"Cool, what will we do and do we start?" she asked.
"Well I think we could do it in stages like first understand your body and mine, then begin to feel each other all over as foreplay and mutual masturbation, then mutual oral sex and good old fashioned fucking. That would cover your basic sex."
"That sounds fine Uncle Mike, when should we start?"
"Well first I think I should check out your naked body now for me to get an idea how to approach it. Just stand up and take your bikini off." I asked.

She promptly stood with hesitation and removed her top revealing smallish, but very firm tits with tiny nipples. So young compared to the old divorcees I have been fucking recently with droopy tits and large nipples from having kids. Susi then dropped her bikini bottom to show me that fluffy mound between her legs.

"Fantastic body Susi, definitely a 10 with me once we get rid of those pubes," I said. "What�s wrong with them?" she queried.

"Well sweety, I like most men love to see a bald pussy. All those pubic hairs get between your teeth and in your mouth when sucking your cunt, not good. So first move is to shave them off, come with me and I will do it for you., I�m expert in shaving"

So we walked off to the bathroom with my arm around her shoulders, casually glancing down at her young boobs. In the bathroom I laid a towel on the bench top near the hand basin and lifted her up.

She sat there sheepishly as I put some warm water in the basin and reached for the scissors, razor and shaving cream. Once the basin was full I asked her to spread her legs wide apart to give a good working area and a great view of her cunt. She was a little shy at first, understandably showing me her so private parts. Then the legs opened to show her tight pussy lips, no sign of sag or overworked from fucking or childbirth like I have seen over the past 20 years, just the slim slit. I took hold of a patch of pubes and proceeded to cut them with the scissors and carried on until her pussy was short cropped.

Next step was to splash some warm water onto it then squirting some shaving cream into my hand I began to gently rub it all over her pussy, trying to give her a lesson in touch and sensation. I could feel her tenseness as I rubbed the cream around her cunt lips, even straying towards her arsehole. Next I took the razor and began to shave away the stubble.

When I had finished, I washed away the remaining shaving cream and touched up the bits I missed. Eventually she was smooth as a baby�s bottom as I stood back to admire my work.

"Now that is a work of art," I said, "what a beautiful pussy."
"Do you think so Uncle Mike? Is it really good or are just being nice?" she replied.
"Being an experienced old purve now I can truly say it is fantastic. It really turns me on to see you with those firm tits, little nipples and tight pussy. The perfect package."
"OK, you have been purving at me for a long time now and you said the first lesson was to get to know each others bodies. So, show me your cock," she asked.

I obliged by removing my tee shirt, then my shorts, standing there in only my jocks revealing a huge bulge. Her eyes focused on it so I just stood there letting her wait in anticipation. She smiled at me as I slipped my hand inside my jocks and took hold of my cock then peeling back the jocks to reveal my now hard on. She gasped as she took a deep nervous breath.

"Wow, it is so big," she said, " I never imagined a cock to be that size"
"Well guys have all shapes and sizes, just like tits really. And just like men, women have their own preference on size and shape."

I moved to help her down from the bench and took hold of her hand leading into my bedroom. As we walked along I moved her hand to take hold of my cock. She readily took a firm grip with a gentle squeeze and smiled at me as I placed my arm around her shoulder reaching down to her small right breast. I cupped it in my hand it was tiny and gentled rubbed her little nipple until it became quite pointed with excitement. As we reached the bedroom I said, "OK, first lesson Susi, lay back on the bed on masturbate for me, you do know how don�t you?"
"Sure I do," she replied, "one of my little pleasures."
She jumped onto the bed and set up the four pillows against the bed head then turned and nestled her back into them, spreading her legs to reveal that tight little pussy. Her hands moved down to her crotch, peeling back her cunt lips, then zeroing in on clit straight away rubbing in a circular fashion.

She slowly inserted a finger from her other hand into that small moist hole by now, moving gently in and out. She carried on doing that for a few minutes as her breathing became heavier and hips swayed with her pelvic thrusts as began to reach her orgasm. By now I was standing at the end of the bed pulling on my cock in pure ecstasy watching this nymph in action on herself. As she started to reach her peak her eyes opened and she stared at me pulling my now large cock..

I moved around to the side of the bed slowly still pulling my best friend to give her a side view and position my cock over her tits. I could feel my surge flooding through my body as my stokes become faster.
"Come on Susi, come for me," I said, "rub that clit real hard."
"I am, I am," she said as her legs tensed and moved with the flow of excitement oozing through her cunt as she now had two fingers inserted in her hole.

Eventually I could feel my load ready to explode as I pointed my cock towards her boobs, then I blew my hot white cum all over her tits. This seemed to trigger her moment of peak as well as she moved her hips off and on the bed in an upward motion for awhile then relaxing back on the bed.
She then directed her attention to the cum all over her chest and began to rub it all over skin, slipping a finger into her mouth for a taste.
"Mmm, tastes nice bit a little salty," she said.
"Take your word for it Susi," I replied. "You were great, very sexy lady."
"I really enjoyed it to just to see a guy jerk off, particularly watching me, that is a real turn so I think I could get used to that. Love your cock, it really is bigger than I anticipated, cant wait to feel it inside me."
"OK Susi, that was your first lesson as I said. How about you come over tomorrow evening and we will continue your studies?"
"Cool Uncle Mike," she eagerly replied, "see you about 7.30"

We got dressed and she left as I slumped onto the sofa to relive the experience I just had and to pinch myself to make sure I was not dreaming.


Just before 7.30pm Susi came bouncing through the door looking absolutely nymph like wearing small denim shorts and a tight fitting top that showed her braless tits. "I really enjoyed our session yesterday, all I thought of last night in bed was your cock and that cum spurting all over me" she said. "Can�t wait to suck it and feel it inside me" "OK Susi, into the bedroom we go" I replied as we walked off.
I sat on the edge of the bed and asked to go first to undress so I could watch her. She was quite a tease the way she did it giving me a real hard on. As I moved off the bed and had her lay down as I quickly took my gear off.

Then I went to the end of the bed moving up between her spread legs to look at that delightful pussy again. I began to gently run my tongue around her cunt lips, gradually plying them apart to reveal her pink love canal. My tongue moved into the hole and I began to suck her sweet flesh until I could distinctly feel her clit becoming harder.
By now she was gently swaying her hips and breathing heavy in rhythm to my sucking. Eventually I buried my face hard into her pussy as her love juices began to flow making me wet. I sat back from her and began to finger her hole in and out to give her the sensation of my cock. She was now clearly coming out with a constant low moan of ecstasy as she obviously was enjoying the feelings.
After about 10 minutes of mutual pleasure I moved away and said.
"You taste so sweet Susi, I hoped you like that?"
"It was great, I don�t want to stop" she replied.
"Well onto part two, this is where you get to suck your first cock. Just think of it as licking a lollipop and sucking a salami sausage, the rest will come to you and I mean come. You sit on the edge of the bed and I will stand in front of you so you can easily reach" I said.

So I moved into position giving my cock a few pulls to make it nice and hard, then slowly she moved toward it. She took hold of the cock and cautiously began to lick my head then gaining confidence moved down the shaft with her tongue.
I put my hand behind her head to guide her as I asked her to open her mouth and take my cock in. She obliged and gently began to suck on it as I held her head and moved my hips back and forward to force my cock deeper inside her mouth until she got the hang and began doing it her self.

As she got into the swing I was able to reach down and caress her tits squeezing those small hard nipples. The gentle moan began to happen again as she was enjoying her sex lesson and so was I. Here was this beautiful young virgin sucking me, my cock had never had it so good.

By now my thoughts had turned to what her pussy will feel like. So I had to break off the sucking and asked to lie down on the bed. I moved between her spread legs again and gently rubbed her cunt again, it was still wet and well lubricated as I moved my cock onto her pussy lips.

I gently moved around her pussy to give her the feeling of my cock in that area then slowly began to push in and out, edging slightly deeper on each thrust. She let out little gasps each time as I went in. With gentleness and patience I finally was deep inside her tight pussy, I could really feel the difference from all those scrubbers I had been fucking for years.

The feeling of that tight pussy and those muscles gripping my cock was unbelievable. The pressure was too much for my aching cock and eventually I withdrew my cock from her cunt and let blow with my load of cum all over pussy.

She reached down and began rubbing it all over stomach. We lay down on the bed together for ages just feeling each other and talking about sex.

I managed to give her three more "lessons" before she found a regular boyfriend and began her life experiences of sex, hopefully better prepared to enjoy it and to give pleasure.
It was certainly a fantasy come true.

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