Monday, June 30, 2008

Dads Lesson

Written by Just Looking (June 2000)

Tim couldnt believe his luck.
He'd landed a date with Marci, a hot, full bodied red head from his high school class. They were both seniors, and Tim had been looking for an opportunity to take a shot at Marci since they were freshmen.

The evening had gone well, they went to a movie then for ice cream. His parents were out, not expected back until after 1AM, so he suggested that they go to his house and watch TV. They settled in on the couch, all the lights off, just the glow from the TV lighting the room.

Tim had been half hard all evening, a couple of times giving way to a full blown erection that had threatened to explode in his pants. But being a virgin himself, he was unsure as to how to proceed. Marci, it was rumored, was far from a virgin, but very selective about who she engaged in sexual activity with. As they sat watching a somewhat torrid movie on HBO, Tim glanced over at Marci's tight t-shirt top.

The rounded neckline teased the top of her cleveage. She had huge firm breasts, a luscious figure. Tim was starting to get hard again, and this time he was determined to get the relief he needed. He slipped his arm around Marci's shoulders, pulled her close and kissed her.

She did not resist. They kissed longer and deeper, with Tim's cock throbbing at the mere pressure of her breasts against his chest. When she broke away from him to turn on the couch, he glanced down and was horrified to see a huge bulge outlined in his jeans.
He quickly looked up to see Marci staring at it too, with a little half smile on her face. He could not believe his luck! He said, "Oh God, Marci, i need you so badly".
She said in a husky voice, "Let me see what you've got in there Tim".

He was momentarily struck dumb, not knowing what to do next. Marci flipped off her snug tshirt, revealing a lavendar lace bra, her nipples large and protruding. Tim scrambled ot his feet, quickly stripped off his jeans, revealing a massive mound in his briefs. To his horror, a wet spot was starting to show on the front. Marci reached up and in one movement slid them down to his ankles, and his far, red, dripping cock sprang out like a rocket.

She laughed, and Tim thought that it was not a nice laugh. He quickly sat back down on the couch, his cock standing at atention, unwilling to be hidden away by his hands. Marci started to rub her breasts, pinch her nipples, watching Tim's face redden, his cock strain.
"What is it you want me to do Tim" she asked tauntingly.
"Uh... oh god Marci, just touch it, please?".
"Touch it?!" she snorted. You are pitiful. I bet you've never even had a woman touch your sorry little dick before, have you?".

Tim was mortified, what was he going to do? He was preciously close to cumming all over himself, something he did not want Marci to see.

"Oh please, Marci, just touch it. Once, jsut let me feel what it's like? Oh please???" He was practically crying.
He just needed her soft silky hand to stroke the head of his swollen raging cock and he could cum.
Marci laughed again and mocked him "Please?? Oh please?? Touch my weenie, please touch my little weenie!!" she stood up to leave, when the door burst open and the lights flashed on.
Everyone froze in place as Tim, Marci and his parents stood staring at each other.
Tim seemed not to realize that he was standing ther in front of his parents with a rock hard dripping cock in his hand.
His mother stiffled a scream. "Margaret? Leave this room immediately" his father ordered.
"But Frank...." she stammered.
"JUST LEAVE" be barked.

She backed out of the room and shut the door behind her, running up the stairs. Marci was the first to move, reaching for her tshirt laying on the floor.
"Freeze young lady" Frank said, his voice horse and thick with lust.
Marci's eyes bulged. "But Mr. Smith..."
"Shut up you slut!" he barked again.
"Dad..." Tim started to speak up for Marci.
"You shut up too you miserable loser! Look at you? Sitting there with your cock in your hand beggin her to touch it. What are you stupid??"
"And you", he turned to Marci, "how dare you come in here and cock tease my son? Is this how you get your jollies? Well let me show you how real men get their jollies young lady!"

With that, Tim's father unbuckled his belt, and dropped his jeans in one motion.
Tim moaned in disbelief and his father's massive cock was displayed underneath his briefs.
Marci gasped and said "You can't!!! I will tell my father!"

Mr. Smith let out a cruel laugh, "Tell him what? That you were sitting here in the dark with my son with no shirt on teasing him as he jerked off?? Yeah, go tell your father."

He walked toward her and in one quick turn had Marci on her stomach, over the wide arm of the family room couch, her legs spread on either side of the arm. He held her down with one hand, slid up her skirt with the other. Her silk panties were wet and had a clearly visable wet stain on the crotch.

"Yup, just what i thought", Mr. Smith said, "You need some lessons in how to behave like a real woman!"

With no further ado, he slid her panties down, slipped his huge throbbing member out of his briefs and positioned it at the lips of her swollen, slippery pussy.

Tim could not believe what was happening. Marci was sobbing, squirming, trying to get up, but was no match for Mr. Smith's strength.
Tim felt his cock pulsating in his hand, he felt a mixture of sexual pleasure and deep humiliation.

"Now, son, this is how you tame a wild woman!" With that he thrust his huge member swiftly and roughly into Marci's pussy.
She let out a shriek as his cock head banged against the top of her cunt, and his girth filled her whole inside.

"Stop Stop!" she screamed to no avail. Tim's dad was lost in the moment, his eyes glazed over, his balls drawing up to his cock. "This is how a man fucks a woman, son" he growled. He pounded his cock into her driopping cunt over and over and over. Tim could stand it no more.
Just as Marci turned to look to him for help, his cock exploded into his hand, gobs of white cum running down his fist and soiling the couch. And she saw the whole thing! Tim's dad made short work of Marci.

With a roar he reared back and slid almost all the way out, then slammed into her with such force her head banged against the back of the couch. He moaned long and deep as his hot juices spurted into the sobbing girl, running out of her pussy and down her legs.

He removed himself after the last spurt, and stood ther with his spent cock dripping onto the floor. Tim was humiliated, Marci even more so. She pulled her skirt down around her hips, gathered up her tshirt and ran from the house. Tim's father looked down and saw her silk panties in a heap where he had tossed them.

Smirking, he picked them up and threw them into Tim's face.

"Here, clean yourself up with these. You're a mess, son."

The End

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