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Written by The Smooth Rebel (April 2000)

I threw my bag into the back of the minibus and jumped in, I looked around for Mark, a friend of mine whose idea it was to go on the ski trip.
My heart sank as I found out that he had broken his leg just yesterday! I didn�t really know anyone else on the trip that well and I was supposed to be sharing a room with him. I had been looking forward to this trip for 6 months and now it was going down the tube!

Still, I was determined to have a good time, the ride up to the airport was about an hour but that was fine. There were two good-looking girls on this trip, Sandra and Sally. Sandra was just less than 2 inches shorter than me at 5�9, she had long black hair down to the small of her back and wide piercing blue eyes. I had fancied her all through the year but although we were friends I never asked her out.

She was now going out with some tall handsome football player with a big frame and a big ego. He was the one all the girls fancied. Sally was the girl that all the blokes fancied, she had a reputation as the college slut but that did not stop me staring at her round breasts pushing out her tight crop-top that finished above the belly button. Her skirt was pleated and showed off her long, smooth legs. Her blonde hair was cut down to her shoulders with two thin strands always falling forward over her face. Her current boyfriend was not on the trip.

After an hour driving and a 2-hour flight we arrived at the hotel. It was too late to start skiing so everyone went straight to the restaurant to get a meal. Afterwards I caught Sandra alone in the bar, I walked over and offered to get her a drink. It turned out that tower of a boyfriend of hers had gone for an early night! We laughed and joked for about an hour before, at midnight, we both decided to get to our separate rooms. I admired Sandra�s figure, her cute butt hugged by her tight black jeans.

My room was empty, with no Mark to talk to I switched on the TV, stripped to my boxers and T-shirt and slumped onto the bed. After about half an hour I heard a quiet knock on my door. It was Sandra. She had her nightclothes on and her travel bag in her hand. I smiled at her and asked her in, she brushed past me as she padded, barefoot, through the door. I looked down her figure, she was just the same beautiful girl I had been admiring the entire trip up here.

She wore a baggy T-shirt with a sports logo on the front, her large and obviously unsupported breasts swayed underneath it as she moved. The shirt came down just low enough to hide her knickers as she sat down on the bed, revealing her long, shapely thighs and smooth calves. I walked over there and sat next to her, I asked her what was wrong. She seemed upset. It turned out that Jason had been cheating on her, and to make matters worse she had walked in on them while they were in the middle of something. Sandra explained how she had found Sally, the tart, on her knees sucking his cock.

I tried to hide it but the thought of sexy Sally naked, giving head gave me a hard-on. Combine this with the beautiful, young wonder sitting next to me and my dick was pulsating like mad. I shifted to try and make the bulge in my boxers less noticeable but it was impossible. Sandra asked if she could sleep in my room for tonight and I said she could have Mark�s bed.

She leaned over and kissed me lightly on the cheek to say thanks. My dick was really being tortured here. As she got her stuff ready for bed I quickly hobbled to the en-suit bathroom. I locked the door and pulled out my dick, slowly I moved my hand up and down the shaft, it felt sooooooo good knowing she was on the other side of the wall and here I was tossing off.

I lost myself in the pleasure and let out a low moan, suddenly I heard her knocking on the door. I jumped. "What are you doing in there?" she asked in her sweet voice.
"I�m just, erm, doing my teeth" I stammered, still stroking my engorged cock.
"OK, as long as you�re decent" came the puzzling reply.
I was just starting to think I had gotten away with it when the latch opened from the other side and the door swung open.

Sandra stood there for a second not knowing what to do.
A smile broke out across her lips as she walked towards me. "Here, let me help you with that" she said smoothly and took my sensitive member in her hand.
Slowly she started to jack me off, rubbing the long shaft and head with each hand. It felt amazing.
Her expert fingers teased and tantalised my manhood. Just as I felt myself get close to cuming she stopped, turned around and walked into the bedroom. I followed her. She beckoned for me to lie on the bed, I did exactly that!

Her arms dropped and pulled her T-shirt over her head, her rounded tits fell forward as she bend down to remove her knickers. I pulled off my shirt and boxers, allowing her to kiss me all over before her head lowered to my crotch. Her tongue licked all round the head of my already wet dick. She then took my cock past her lips into the warm, wet recesses of her mouth.

Her head bobbed up and down, sending me higher and higher each time. I was quickly ready to come again. I let out a groan but she did not stop. I tried to hang on as long as possible but she carried on sucking, her head rising and falling with increasing rhythm.

It all got too much for my rookie dick, what felt like a pint of cumm burst forth into her waiting mouth.

She kept swallowing as spurt after spurt rushed forth. Finally she let my softening cock out of her mouth and smiled up at me.
She slipped into the bed beside me. Now it was her turn�

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