Saturday, June 21, 2008

1000 Words and a Little Fluid

By Leesa

Recently, I was looking at who was linking to my site, and one of the new links was a Masturbation Site. From there, I stumbled onto another site, and instead of it being a masturbation site (where they talk about masturbation and provide images), this site had the results of said masturbation (think cum on pictures). Since then, the site got hacked and all of the images and stories were removed, so you can't find the site I found. Anyway . . . .

The first thing I thought was, "how weird." Then I looked at image after image of what was normally a very sweet-looking girl, and the cum that was covering the picture. The milky cum, splattered on the page, and I started, to my surprise, to get very aroused. I did not want to get aroused, and typing it now, I am thinking, what the fuck, but at the time, I was aroused. Talk about perversion. Or is it fettish? Again, what the fuck. But let me continue.

I was thinking of the tributes these men were making to these beauties. They were suggesting, through their pictures, that the girls were sexy – so sexy, that they inspired a masturbation session. Now I am trying to figure out this fetish. Jees.

To my surprise, for some reason, I really liked the way one man's cum looked, and the pictures he chose. I started assuming things about him by these two attributes alone.

This is an entry, just wondering if I had taken things further than thinking about his attributes.

Against my better judgment, I emailed him. This unknown man I will call Jesse in this story.

We were going back and forth, chatting about what was going on in our lives, nothing terribly sexual actually. I had mentioned that since Halloween was on a weekday, I had to have two costumes for Halloween – one for a fancy party we were invited to on Sunday, and then my costume for Halloween.

I can be more discretionary about my costume on Halloween, but the costume for the office-sponsored party on Saturday had to be special. It could not be lewd or crude or sexy; not that I would ever chose a lewd or crude costume.

You see, I was Elizabeth from the movie "Pirates of the Caribbean." It was an easy costume to come up with – I got the medallion from a shop that sells lots of costume jewelry, and that was really the hard part. I will have to admit, I love costume jewelry, but I rarely wear any.

I have a Victorian dress that I wore when I was much younger. It is an Ivory-colored dress, with lots of intricate work. Now, I do not have a stay to go under the dress, but I did wear one of my VS push-up bras. I wore my hair up, with ringlets framing my face. In all, I tried to make myself look in the right period, even though the dress was probably made 100 years after it should have been made. Okay, this is probably too much detail for this audience . . . .

So anyway, I went to the party as Elizabeth.

Well, Jesse suggested he honor Ms. Knightley, and you know, him just talking about it seemed, how shall I say it, rather sexy. Sort of using one's mind to get excited.

Now Jesse and I have not discussed it, but I imagine he got hard just looking for a nice pic of Ms. Knightley. Me, I am fortunate that he is choosing the picture, as I really am curious about what sort of picture he will eventually "do." Then after he chooses the picture, he has to print it out somehow, avoiding detection from others. Does he use the nice color printer at the office during the lunch hour? I have not a clue.

And then, when he is stroking himself, looking at Ms. Knightley, is he thinking of Keira or our email chats? I know I want him to think of me when he cums onto her page, but I really don't know what will be going through his mind.

Is it strange that I am jealous of someone who only exists in film? Oh, how weird I feel at revealing this perversion. I think I need a shower. And I am not talking butakke. Unless Jesse's game. Damn perversion, in less than one thousand words.

De-facing Danica


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Anonymous said...


wow. your honesty is so compelling. the height of seduction is the possibility of things happening that never entered the conscious mind.

i love your blog.


Anonymous said...

I have seen a site just liked you mentioned, and believe it's still up and running. At the time I thought it was rather strange practice, and had very little reaction to it. However, your comments here certainly put it all in a differnt and erotic light to which I surprisingly got a hardon reading! Whew! You certainly have a way with words that stimulates one's imagination.