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Girls Will Be Girls

Written by Jem (August 2000)

Lee sat on the steps infront of her school. She looked down at her watch again. It was 4:33 pm.
She looked up the street again but nothing was coming down it.
Where was she? She asked herself for the tenth time. She got up and stretched.... she hadn't been waiting for long.. just 40 mins.
She rubbed her ass before dusting off her skirt. Walked around in a circle for a while then looked at her watch again.. it was 5 mins later.

"OK.. that's it I'm going home." She told herself.
She bent to pick up her book bag and lunch kit. Just then a gust of wind blow up her skirt..
She almost flinched but then remembered that she wore her underwear today.
Besides she told herself.. no one was out here besides her.

She got her stuff into a good carring position and started walking down the street. She was at the conner of the block and looking both ways like the good little girl almost everyone thought she was and was about to cross when her friend screached to a stop infront of her.
"AH!" She screamed as she cluched her bag back to her chest and her lunch kit in the hand that wasn't diging into her arm.
Kim sat there looking up at her. Lee slowly looked down at her, as she was looking back up at her as she chewed some gum.
"Are you insane!" She yelled at her. Kim smiled up at her as she said, "No.. just late."
"No.." Lee said as she opend the back door and put her books and suff in, "You are insane."
She finshed as she shut the door behind of her as she was seated in the front passinger seat. Lee turned her head to Kim.
"Why are you so late anyway? I waited for 40 mintues for you."
"My mom got me to do some stuff for her. Pick up some stuff from the store.. from the dry cleaners, my little brother. Just because I have the car today." She told me as she turned down Furn Street to take me to my home.

I just sat there in my seat, leaning more to the door than her. I was mad at her and I wanted her to see it and try and be sorry. I looked up from the car door's inner handle 7 short stops later to see my house. Guess she wasn't going to say anything today. Not that I really expected her too. It was not a big deal I told myself. It wasn't that big of a deal. We pulled up to infront of my house and I got out and bent in the back to get my things.
As I was walking off I heard Kim talking to me. "Can I call you tonight Lee?" She asked.

"Sure." I said. I turned away for her and headed for my front door again, then I heard her talking to me again.
"Can I get a kiss so I know that you aren't too mad at me?" She asked me. I had turned arounded and now I just looked at her. I waited, and made her squirm in her seat. I then walked over to the car and put my stuff down on the side walk and reached in to hold her head in my hands. Our lips meet and melted.. I licked her tounge and the sides of her lips.. kissing her lips I slowly let her go.

TWO HOURS LATER..... I heard the phone as it rang.. I just stayed on my computer typing away at my english homework.
It was easier than I thought and figured that I could do this with some police playing. Got up and walked over to my cd stack and looked for them... got it. I opened up the case case as I walked over and sat down to my computer.

I press the eject button, but the cd down on what came out and pushed it back in. picked up the head set and started typing away until I heard it start to play. I was singing along until I heard someone knocking on my door.. I took off my head set and walked over to the door.
"Yes" I said as I opened the door to my little brother who looked rather dressed up.
Oh yea.. I said to myself as I remembered that he was going out with Mom."Oh, ready to leave are you?" I asked him as I leaned up against my door frame.
"Ya.. mom wanted me to tell you that we were leaving now and to take your head set off so you could hear the phone when it rang."

He grinned up at me then ran down the hall. "Bye mom!" I shouted down the hall before I closed my door. I could see my mom as she shook her head down stairs. I took out my head set and stopped the computer's cd player.
I got the cd out of it and put into my cd player over by my bed. I went down the list to numbers to seven. I loved this song. I then started to walk back over to my computer when I heard mom gasing the car up to leave.

I soon heard her engine dying down to nothing. An hour later I was done and changing the cd to my pure moods cd. I sat on the bed and just went with the sounds until I heard the phone ring about two mins later.
"Hello, this is the Kensy's. May I ask who is calling?" I said into the phone.
"I"m sorry." I heard Kim say over the phone.
"Sorry for what?" I asked her. "For being late to pick you up this afternoon." She said.
"It's ok." I told her."You said that you had to run some erruns for your mom."
"I didn't. I hadn't even gotton home yet." She then said.
"Then where were you?" I asked her.
"I.." she stammered then stoped .. then started to speak up again.
"I was over at Kenny field." She finshed.
"What were you doing there?" I asked her. I walked back over to my bed and sat down, as I waited to hear what she had to say.
"Well?" I asked a bit later when she hadn't said anything.
"Well..." She started to say, "I was making out with a guy at the end of field over by the grove."
"What!?" I shouted into the mouth piece.
"I had sex with a guy. Don't worry. He used a condom." She told me.

"You just slept with a guy?? Did you even know him?" I asked her.
"No.. not really.. we only meet that day." She told me.
"Did you even know how old he was? How long did he have to sweet talk you beofore you let him fuck you? How long did you let him fuck you? Tell me!" I asked and demanded from her.

Slowly she started to tell me about it. I saw myself right next to her as she said that she had left school early and was just driving around town looking for something to catch her eye.
Then when she was driving by the Kenny field she saw a game was being played and for some reason went in to see who was playing and who was wining. She payed for her ticket and took a seat and looked out to see that it was some minor league teams playing.

About ten mins later this guy came and sat next to her. He looked to be between 26 and 30.
He just said hello, and she said hi back.
Then that was it for about ten more mins. Kim being the rebel that she was, pointed to him the legs on the girl that walked up the steps next to them. At first he looked at the girl then back to her then back at the girl as she got higher up and her skirt looked like it got shorter, and shorter.

He didn't say anything to her and she didn't say anything else to him. The game ended about 40 mins later. She started to get out to leave when he lifted his foot and stopped her from getting out.
They were off to the side on one of one of those short rows next to the wall. When just about everyone was gone. He looked up at her and asked, "Are you a lesbeion or bi, or did you just say that to see what I would do or say?" She said did that he didn't look mad so she sat back down and looked at him for a while.
"Why do you want to know?" She asked him.
"So I'll know what next to ask you." He told her.
She thought about it for a while. "I may be bi. Is that the answer you were looking for?" She said.

He then stuck his hand out and waited for her to do the same. She looked down at his big hand then gave him hers.
"My name's Glen. What's yours and wouild you like to find out if you would like being with a guy?"
Then he just smiled at her. At first I thought that it would be on of those sick slimly smiles, but then she said that it wasn't like that. He just smiled like something good just happened.
"My name's Kim, and do you mean to say that you want to sleep with me??" She told and asked him.
"Yes if you have no objections to it." He told her, then said. "Nice to meet you Miss Kim."
Then he let go of her hand. I felt as their skins slid along each other's.. She told me how she felt goose bumbs go up her arm as their finger tips touched. I seem to have felt the same thing.
Then she said that he got up and then said. "If you want to, follow me."

She said that she just sat there and watched him for a while as he walked up the steps, and that by the time she had to desided to do it with him.
She stood up and checked her small front pocket. Yes she had the pack of three. As she was walking up the steps she stopped to look up and she saw him there looking down at her.

The room was starting to get too warm for me... I undid the buttons down the front of my shirt, and layed back on my bed.
Kim walked by his side as he led her down to some side exit. People were still milling about outside in the halls so she felt safe. They walked along a few tresses then they became thicker, then they got to a spot that had them hidden from the playing field but not lacking in space to spread out. She leaned up against a tree and looked at him. He pulled off his shirt and came over to her.

He pushed her back against the tree abit more as he came closer to her.. I felt my hands as they got sweaty. He stood infront of her.. then came closer and closer, pressing his body up to hers.
His face just stayed abover hers. Not touching her lips or any part of her face. Just looking at her. Slowly she felt as he moved his hands along the tree towards her. He moved his hands up to her face. Moved his fingers over her cheeks as he rocked his hips into hers.

She felt his belt buckle as it pressed into her tummy and soon she started to feel as he started to grow at the top of her thigh and across her panties. As I heard about how she started to feel her knees go weak.. I knew that mine were, but that was not the only thing that I felt. I pushed the button on phone so I could hear her over the speaker. She talked about how he kissed her, and how she kissed him back. Placeing both her hands on either side of his face as she kissed his lips. I stood up and walked around my room after I took off my skirt. With my open shirt moving around my sides, I saw as he undid hers. Pulling it down off her arms, and thowing it over to where he dropped his.

I saw her skin on her back as she pressed back into the tree turning it red as he sucked on her breasts. I felt her stiffen nipple in my mouth as he sucked on her. I licked my lips.
I felt the waves that went through her troso as he kissed her belly button. I started to walk a bit faster around my room.
I saw as he put his fingers on the inside of her jeans and tugged her towards him three times before starting to unzip her. I felt his hair under her hands as she placed them there to keep her steady. He left her jeans at her anckles for awhile as he kissed her down there. Below her belly button and going lower. Lower.

I leaned against the window as he licked the first hair, then moved down to her clit. I could see her back go stiff as he started to lick her pink little clit. I saw his hands as they moved her legs furter apart.

I felt my inside side and move. As my shirt moved over my nipples they harded, and harded even more as it passed over them time an time again. When I started to feel my breasts becoming heavy I layed back on the bed. I felt his hand on her ass kneeding it and using it to pull her closer to him. She said that she was starting to moan louder when he pulled her down to her knees infront of her. He kissed her and she tasted herself on his lips and tounge and how she kissed him back just to taste that.

As he undid his pants, she felt his hands moving against her as he moved his belt out of the way, then unzipped his pants. He pulled his pants off then his brefs. Kim sat back and watched, when he stood up to do this. He then inched closer to her while he was still standing up, and her lips were so close to his cock that she could taste the salt from his skin.

Kim told me what she was looking at. It was long and still growing as she breathed on it. It had a sheen to it. It looked inviting in a way, and she knew what he wanted her to do with it.
She didn't look up at him as licked the end of his cock.. then moved her tongue up along his shaft, then sucked on parts of it on the way back down again to the head.

I saw her as she raised her had to his cock and lifted it to her lips.
My mouth felt empty as she sucked part of it in. I saw as she moved her tounge around, and around it.
I saw as he bent his head back, and heard him moan over her.
She took him in a bit more, and a bit more until she had to stop.

He placed his hand on her head and slow moved her head back and forth, back and forth. I could see in his face how he loved the feel of her lips brushing up and down his cock. Feeling her tounge as he pushed into it again, and again. The warm breath that covered his cock each time he pushed in. I slid my hand down to my pussy and just pressed my hands there. I was wet.

He stopped her before he came in her mouth, walked around and got their cloths together and layed them out behind of her. He sat down beside her and kissed her well, pushing her back to lay on the make shift bed.
He ran his hands over her breasts. Pulling at them. He slid his hand down furter to her pussy and felt that she was wet as he sucked her nipples. He then moved myself into between her legs, and she opened wider for him. She said that she felt her clit twiching as she looked at him between her legs with is big cock, that looked longer and harder then when she was sucking on it. He then tore open a packet that he pulled out of shirt that was under her thigh.

He put he condom on just before he started to ease his way into her. Kim said that she tensed a bit when he started to go into her, and as he went in further, she begain a low scream. She said that she had never felt that before. I saw him over me. I felt his cock up my wet pussy. I felt his hips on the inside of my thighs as he moved in and out of me. In and out of me. In and out of me. In and out of me.
I got up and walked over to the phone.
"I don't want to hear any more." I said into the phone before I hung it up.

I walked around and around my room. I felt him inside me.. my nipples hurt.
My pussy was twiching and very wet.

I leaned up against my window and spead my legs apart as put my finger in. I almost dubbled over. It felt good. Oohh.. so good. I stoped and tryed to stand. When I looked out my window I saw him looking at me. The man across the street. I just looked back. Still with that feeling inside me I slowly pressed my body against the window.
My breasts.
My tummy. I turned around and pressed my ass up to it also. Then I saw him in my head.
He wasn't fucking her anymore, he was fucking me. And it was from behind.
"Ahh." I moaned to myself. I turned around and looked at the guy again. I saw him with the phone in his hand. What was he doing? I thought as I sucked on my finger that I had in my pussy. I heard my phone ran and jumped. I looked back at him then at the phone.

I walked over and picked it up.
"Can I come over?" He asked me.
I looked back over to his house and his window.
"Yes. I'll open the front door." My fingers went cold. Then I hung up the phone. I slowly walked down the hall, down the stairs and down to the front door. I looked out the side window to see him, Mr.Neil, crossing the street.

As he knocked on the door I opened the door, staying behind it so he didn't see me untill he came in. Then there I was standing infront of him in the crook of the door and wall. Young, horny, and ready for good fuck. I pushed the door shut, and he stepped forward to started kissing me.
I started to take off his shirt. Then pants, then underwear.
I held his arms and pulled him into the living room. I sat him down in my dads arm chair and started to suck on cock like Kim did with that guy. He held my head in both his hands, and he was moaning from the time I layed my tounge on his cock.

His cock grew in my mouth. I knew that he would want to fuck me soon. He held my head back with my hair to keep me from making him cum. He then got up and pushed my towards the chair. I layed my breasts on the seat and rested my head againt the back of the seat.
"AHhhh"..He had his hand on my pussy and was moving his fingers around in it. He bent his head and kissed my ass before he bite me. Pulled my body from him, but he just pulled my back with his fingers that he had in me.
"Oohh.." I moaned.

He moved his finger in me. Soon I was rocking unto his fingers until he took them out. He opened my legs more. I held on to arms of the chair. "Aahh.." I amost cried as I felt his cock touching my pussy.
Then he slowly pushed his way in, and pushing, and pushing. I started a low scream, that got higher and higher. I felt everything building up in me. My screams became louder. "Aahh..Ahh..Ahh...".. and louder."AAHh..AAHh..AH.Ah..AH.."

He started to fuck me harder, and harder. I was like her. I Liked it when I screamed, and I screamed. "Harder."
"Yes, Yes." "AAaHh..Ahh..AAHH..AH..AH...AAhH.."
I felt and heard his body as he was slapping against. I felt him driving his cock deep into my pussy, over and over and over, and over, and over, again.. yes, again, and again, and again. "Ahhh..AAHH..Ahh..AAHh..AAHh.. AAHHH..AAHH.."
My pussy spasmed, my body's nerves went on fire.

He pulled me to him so hard I could bearly breath, and that only highen what I felt. I would have shouted so louadly.. but my mouth was just ajar as I screamed air that parched my lips. As he came his mouth was resting against my right shoulder. The sound that he vibreated thought me was a cross between a scream and a cry. He continuted to fuck me as he came, while I just tryed to stay as still as possible as the sensasions went through out my body. "AHH.."

'AHh". I could scream again and it came out in bits as it slowly died and I felt both our cum coming back out of me and down my thighs. They soon died down to very deep breathing as I layed back down into the seat of the chair. He slowly started to pull out of me and get up.
I started to miss the heat of him behind of me. He layed back for awhile on the carpet and we both just rested for a while. He soon got up and walked back to the front door area, to get his cloths.

I turned my head to watch him as he leaned back against the wall in the small hall way to pull his pants up with out tipping over. I closed my eyes and was just going to lay there for while longer when I felt his lips on the side of my face.

Then I heard the door as it was pulled close.

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