Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Favours Returned

Written By Shocker (May 2000)

We hurriedly got dressed realising that the bus was due to leave in 10 minutes.

When I got off the bus I realised that Nat and Janine must already have gone home, which was OK.

I got home at about 20 past 12 after the best night out of my life, I went straight to bed and decided that I must have a wank before going to sleep.

I was awoken at ten am the next morning by the phone ringing. I struggled to get it having gained a hangover from hell the night before. When I got there I was delighted to realise it was Nat.
She said "I didn't get my moneys worth last night, read the note in your jacket pocket". She then hung up.
I was a little confused but I rushed to my jacket.
The note read;

Dear James(not my real name) I want more, come to my House tonight at 9pm and Bring lots of condoms.

I immediately rushed to my pot to get some before dashing off to work.
I got back from work and went straight to Nats.
I remember her telling me that her whole family were going out that evening and so I just opened the door when I got there.
She came out of the kitchen to meet me in her corridor.

She said "Kiss me!"
I walked forward and kissed her, and whilst doing it I tried to find her bra strap.

She noticed my struggling and said "what is wrong?"
I said, I can't find your fucking bra strap.
She said "do you want to know why that is?"
I said "more than anything in the world"

She slid her hand around her back to grab mine.
She than pulled my hand along her tanned flesh around the front of her body and I was shocked when I felt my hand on top of her firm uncovered breast.

She said "that's because I'm not wearing one".

My cock immediately began to moisten.
She said "do you know what else".

At that point she took my other hand and slid it down the front of her skirt and onto her warm pussy, without pants.

At this point I took her upstairs.

We were standing in her bedroom, and I undid the strap on her top and it fell away to reveal her huge breasts hanging like ripe fruit with her dark nipples in the middle.

I began to suck one of them slowly whilst sliding her skirt down. While this was happening she got a knife and cut all of my clothes off.

She took one of my 12 condoms and places it gently on her mouth and then sucked my cock and slid it onto my cock at the same time.

I laid her down on the beat and then knelt above her.

I kissed her lips and then her neck.
I then began to slowly suck her nipples, then I licked all of the way down her body until I reached her pussy, she had shaven it.

I slid my tongue into it, and began to lick her juices up.

She shouter fuck my, so I began to kiss her mouth and slid my hard cock into her pussy.

I could feel her vaginal muscles tighten around it, as she began to milk my cock of its semen.

We both came violently.

Next she asked me to christen her ass.

I stood her up, and then turned her around and asked her to bend over on the bed, I gave my uncovered cock a couple of good tugs to start the juices flowing and then I slid my cock into her near perfect ass,

She groaned and screamed as I shot my hot load deep into her.

After she had done, she insisted on wanking my off, and so I said only if I could finger her, and so we both masturbated each other.

We both came again and we licked up each others juices.

Unfortunately 10 minutes later her dad came home, unwell.

I jumped out of the window and she threw me a pair of her pants she said she had wanked in.

I gave them a lick and set off on my way.

I got back to find a note from my mum.

It said: Janine rang, ring her back urgently, she has to return something you gave her�����..

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