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Daddy's Little Girl Ain't a Girl No More Part III

Written by Anon (August 2000)

After what had happened at the picnic, Daddy and I were at it like rabbits, at every possible moment we were fucking or groping or something.

It lasted all summer and we had done it just about everywhere and everyway we could, even with Mom in the house!
This next account happened during our holiday, we went to visit my grandparents who live in Sweden, where my Mother's family originally came from.

After a long flight in which my father and I sat next side by side, desperately wanting to touch each other, we finally landed in Stockholm, where Gramps and Gumma (I couldn't say Grandma when I was small) picked us up.
We drove and were on a train for I don't know how long, as I fell asleep. We eventually arrived in Umea, around 300 miles away, where they have a large house on the shore of the Gulf of Bothnia.
It is a truly beautiful home, slightly set into a hill, covered in snow, a traditional timber home.

We had been travelling for an entire day, so I just stuck my bag in my room and fell onto the bed. Gramps and Gumma moved to Sweden about ten years ago, and we've been going every year since. they went back to their homeland after Gramps retired. He was a stock broker, so he had a bit of money stashed away, which enabled them to buy a large country house, with its own sauna, spa and jetty, the works.
We all love it there, it is so peaceful. we were going to stay with them for a week, and then go back to Stockholm for a week, to take in the sights and do touristy stuff. Gramps had us booked into the poshest hotel ever, I couldn't wait to get there.

I woke up the next morning with a smile on my face, the view from my window was of picture-postcard quality. I quickly showered and dressed and joined everyone for breakfast and planned the days activities.
For once Mom was not a bitch, she loved coming here and as she always did, she had arranged to do boring cultural stuff, she wanted to learn more about the country, which left me and Daddy to find something to do all day.

Hmmmm, I wonder what that would be! We decided we'd just hang around, go for a walk in the pine forest behind the house in the morning, catch up with the grandparents in the afternoon, etc. With that decided, we all went off to get ready.
We wrapped up warm and set off, playing about in the snow and generally mucking around for about an hour when I asked Daddy if we could "Play a different game in the snow"
"Christ honey! I thought you'd never ask!" came his eager reply.
We walked on some more and came to a small clearing in the trees.

I laid down and unzipped my coat. I was wearing pretty much normal clothes, I was freezing, but I knew my Daddy would soon warm me up! I unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them off, quickly followed by my shirt, so that I was lying on my coat in just my red lace bra and panties.

Daddy smiled and undid his jeans too, releasing that magnificent dick of his. He joined me on the floor and straddled me, leaning down to kiss my red cheeks and gently running his hands along the pattern of my small bra cups. with the cold, my nipples were already hard, and his gentle caressing of them through my bra was heaven. He reached round and undid it, taking it off and casting it into the snow.

He leant over further, taking one of my freezing nipples into his warm mouth. they were so cold they felt as if they were burning as his tounge slowly circled them. He got off of me and started placing kisses all the way down my body, untill he got to my panties. He slid them off and put them with my bra before he began kissing all the way up my legs until he reached my wet little cunny.

I'd let more hair grow recently, enough to shave into a triangle above my lips, it was all that was keeping me warm.
Daddy began licking me out, he was an expert at this, he knew exactly what to do and how to bring me to orgasm. He concentrated on my pussy for about ten minutes, slowly licking my swollen lips and probing me with his tongue. It was enough to bring me off, covering his face in warm girl cum.

I was losing control by now, the sensation of his warm parts entering my cold body was killing me, I wanted him in me bad! "Come on Daddy, satisfy me, I need you to fill your little girls' tight box"
He loves it when I call myelf his little girl, it almost makes him cum there and then, it definetly gets him in the mood!
With my persuasion, he placed his cock at the entry to my pussy and rammed me full "Does that feel good honey? Does it feel hot?"
"Oh yes Daddy, that feels real nice"

It felt incredibly hot, so hot I grabbed a handful of snow and threw it down there. This sensation was immense "Oh jesus baby! That was amazing!"
All I could manage was a groan of pleasure, I was close to cumming already. Snow was getting everywhere, all over my pussy and ass, and the continual heating up and cooling down made me cum in huge waves of pleasure.
"From behind daddy, do your daughter doggie style!" I pleaded with him, any more snow up my ass would have wasted me too quickly.

Daddy withdrew his glistening cock from me. I looked at it and saw the steam rising off of it, grabbing some snow, I threw it at his dick, making him wince "Your gonna pay for that little lady!" my father joked as I turned around, raising my ass up to meet his cock.

Daddy filled me again and was pumping hard at me when he came "Oh JESUS!" he shouted "This is the best fuck EVER!"
He was creaming me like never before, I didn't think he would stop, and he had soon filled my pussy. I turned around and took it into my mouth, getting shot in the face in between, swallowing the last few spurts of his hot jism, and cleaning my juices off of it.

He was right, it was our best ever fuck.
We lay next to each other for ages, not saying anything, I was still holding onto Daddies dick, gently stroking it and squeezing his empty balls. His cum was still dripping out of me, still steaming.
I couldn't believe that we had two more weeks of this left! I knew we would have some fun!

The next few days were indescribably frustrating, we had to hang around with the grandparents all day, catching up and stuff, leaving no time for fucking, which left my little pussy aching. The next oppurtunity we had to talk arose when we went into town by ourselves.
Daddy went grocery shopping whilst I just looked around, I noticed I was being checked out by some local boys, so I decided to tease them, bending down in my tight jeans, giving them a look at my ass, quickly tweaking my nipples, letting them stand up. As I was walking round town, I found a lingerie shop, looked behind me, saw the boys were still there and went in.

Staying purposly by the window, I pulled out some incredibly sexy underwear and put it against my body, showing them what it would look like on my little body.
They were positively salivating, when I beckoned one over and asked him what he thought of some stockings and a suspender belt I had picked out.
They all speak good English in Sweden, so I acted confused when he couldn't answer, knowing full well he was going to cum soon.
"Come on, answer me! I want to know if you think these look good on me?"
"Oh ja! Er, I mean yes!"
"Good, then so will my Daddy!" His face went blank, then he finally figured out what I'd said "Oh, you joke yes?"
"No" I turned away and went to try them on. they were gorgeous, and at Swedish prices, very expensive.

I bought them anyway, using Daddies credit card, knowing he wouldn't mind when he saw them.
They'd go great with my sexy black bra and panties he bought me. The boy was still there when I was leaving, not sure what was going on.
I couldn't help laughing at him, and his wide-eyed mates, who were hanging around outside.

We got back to the car and I showed daddy what I'd purchased, and told him about the boy.
"Your nothing but a cock tease baby, and at the price those cost, you'd better give a good fuck next time!"

We got back and despite my mother's repeated rquests to see what i had bought, i managed to sneak my new purchase into my room. 'they'll come in handy soon' i thought, grinning at the prospect of having Daddies cock ramming into me. the next day was to be our final day in Umea, before we went to spend the last few days of our holiday in Stockholm.
During the day, grandpa and gumma took us out to a few local tourist spots, showed us the sights and stuff, but once we'd got back and had some dinner, me and daddy were left alone in the living room.
"so baby, when are you going to wear your new purchase?" daddy said excitedly "as soon as i get the oppurtunity, you randy little boy!" i replied, grabbing his dick under the table.

We spent the best part of the next day travelling down to the hotel and settling in, it sure was a good one, i had my own room with satellite tv, mini-bar, room service the works, all on grandpa. at about seven o'clock, my phone rang, it was daddy "er, baby, mom's not comming to dinner tonight, she's got a headache"
"oh yes!" i squealed, knowing i could dress up a bit "I'll pick you up in a half hour, ok"
"ok, bye daddy" i quickly showered and got out my black bra and matching panties, slowly putting them on, followed by the suspender belt and stockings.
I wasn't sure how they worked at first, but soon got the hang of it. when the were all on, i looked at my self in the mirror. with my hair up and in these sexy garments, i looked like super sexy, if i say so myself i stepped into the black evening dress i'd bought with me and zipped myself up.

The velvety material strained between my little titties and the split on my thigh stopped just short of the stocking band, so it looked like i was wearing tights. this was my favorite dress, it clung to my body like glue, and i've noticed a lot of men checking me out when i wear it. i nervously looked at the clock, 7:21pm, it said. i sat down and watched a little tv, until at seven-thirty sharp there was a tap on the door.

"you ready honey", daddy enquired "ready for anything, daddy" i replied, feeling incredibly sexy and grown-up.
"come on in" daddy opened the door and his mouth dropped, he looked me up and down twice before finally saying anything.
"fuck me honey, where did you learn to dress like that?!"
"from your porno channel at home daddy, you know the program about escort girls, do you like?"
"Like? i could eat you!"
"well, we'd better go then, 'cos i feel like fish, cock will be for afters!" as i walked to the door, i gave daddy a quick flash of my suspenders.
He almost fainted! we got to the restaurant and altough i didn't look out of place there, i could feel all the mens eyes burning into me, especially my ass as we walked to our table. i could hear little whispers, in all sorts of different languages, all probably along the lines of one english guy who i heard say " i've always wanted an ass like that on my cock!"

I was feeling a little self concious by now, and i knew i was blushing terribly. suddenly i felt like a little girl again.
"it's ok, sweetie" my father attempted to reassure me "i'm the one going home with you tonight"
My daddy always could say the right things to cheer me up. we sat down and ordered our dinner, waited, talked (mainly dirty talk) and played footsie inder the table. Daddy was telling me how he wanted to fuck me right there, on the table, i was telling him how much i was looking forward to "desserts" aswell. we were getting hornier and hornier all the time, when the meal came, i threw it down our necks, and left as quick as we could, running all the way back to my room.

I eventually managed to open the door, switched the light on and led daddy in. i was going to play the role of the high-class prostitute, so it was me who had to do all the moves. "lay on the bed" "yes, miss" as he watched my young body intently, i began a slow strip, teasing him with occasional glances down my small cleavage or the tops of my stockings.

I let both the thin straps of my dress fall off my shoulders and turned around. reaching high up my back, i began to slowly unzip the dress, Daddy watched my hand move slowly down my back, dip inwards at the small of it and rise outwards again as i reached my ass. i let the dress drop away, and stood facing away from him. i bent over at the hips and ran my hands down each leg, giving him a great look at my pert butt. i stood up straight again and turned around. his face was like a schoolboys' after he'd just felt his first tit. I walked over and put one leg on the bed.
"undo them" was all i said, and it's all he did, undoing each clip on both legs. i placed my thigh directly in front of his face, level with the stocking band and in turn, began taking them of slowly (kinda like the reverse of that scene in The Graduate).

I straddled his lap and sat up. i could feel him fighting his urge to touch me, he didn't know what to do with his hands. "unclip the belt" i told him. once that was off, i raised myself of him and undid his zip.

his magnificent dick sprang out, splashing me with a little precum. "you'd better calm down boy, i'm high-class, you need to keep going all night..." i traced a finger nail along the soft underside of his cock, up and down, whilst placing gentle kisses on his bell-end. i then began licking around the ridge of his glans, continuing with the finger nail treatment. daddy was sweating by now, i knew he was doing his best not to cum. so i thought i'd let him, but only after another five minutes! opening my thin lips, i placed his dick in my mouth and closed around the bell end.

I looked up at him with my best innocent-little-girl eyes and watched him wince with the excitement. I began moving up and down his shaft, but only a few millimetres, never moving too far away from the ridge, whilst i also began moving my tongue between his japs-eye and the valley created by his banjo string straining when i moved his foreskin back with my lips. he began to moan quietly.

"you'd better phone mom, tell her your going to be late"
"what!?" my daddy almost had a heart attack
"she'll worry"
"yes, now" daddy reached over and grabbed the phone
"hi, it's me, listen, i'm going to be a little late" a little pause "i'm gonna stay here with her, she said she's feeling a little lonely"
another pause "no, no need for you to come down" daddy was sweating by now, by fighting the urge to cum and also worrying that mom would come down "o.k, see you later"
He placed the hand-set back and let out a huge sigh, whilst i continued to suck his cock. "you little bitch, that was the hardest thing to i've ever had to do"
"yeah? well judging by the size of your cock right now, i'd say it turned you on too"

I pulled my head away from him so he could see it. it was magnificent, so hard the skin could barely contain the gigantic muscle it held. i climbed back up his body and straddled his hips.
sitting up again, i told him to unclip my bra. once it was off, i fed him a little tittie, he sucked and licked it as if his life depended on it, whilst circling my other nipple with his hand.

I was ready to cum then, I was wetter than ever before.
"that's enough" i said, Daddies face went into a sad expression i stood above him and pulled my panties off, standing before him.

I sat down on his lap and felt his dick rubbing along my lower pussy lips and the crevice between my ass cheeks. i began moving myself along it's length, getting his dick well covered in my juices.

"daddy, we've done almost everything in bed together, except one thing" i said, in a tone like i wanted something expensive for my birthday "you've never taken me in the ass, daddy, and i want you to. now"
"jesus honey! your not shy are you?"
"is that a yes?"
"does the bear shit in the woods?"
"thank you daddy!" i shrieked, i had been thinking about this for a while, it was my fourteenth birthday soon, and i knew i wanted to do something special for it.
This was like an early present, a special gift from daddy.

I stood up and went into the bathroom, and began looking for the little first aid kit hotels like this have. finding it, i took out the little jar of vaseline they keep in them. going back to the bed, i threw daddy the vas' and got on all fours.

I was trembling with nerves and excitement, and daddy wasn't much better. first of all, he rubbed my pussy and gently gripped it, like he did the first time we made love. a little puddle of my juices settles in his palm.
he lubed up my ass with them and once it was glistening in love juice, he applied a little vaseline, for extra smoothness.
"you're sure about this, yes?" daddy asked "like never before"
i could barely talk through anticipation "it will hurt a little, ok?"
"just fuck me Daddy!" i whined daddy held me by my hips and manouvered his dick to the opening of my butt, paused and began to slowly insert himself into me a soft groan escaped from deep within me.

The sensation was wonderful, i can only describe it as like when you peel two orange segments apart, just a lot more sensitive! the pain was unbearable at first, but it soon subsided as i got used to this wonderful invasion of me.
"there, all the way in. you ok baby?" daddy broke the silence.
"oh, yes daddy, now pump your little girl good!" daddy started off slowly, building up a rythym and speed, until he was going like a piston, pulling out to the edge of my butt, and plunging himslef all the way in again.

His balls were slapping against my pussy lips, giving me a little sensation down there that was rapidly pushing me to orgasm. daddy was getting there too, he was snorting like a horse. he moved his hands up from my hips to clasp hold of my little titties for dear life, pulling at my nipples and further pushing me to orgasm.
The bed was rocking back and forth, keeping time with us. my soft moaning had turned into full-on porn movie groaning now, i knew i was going to cum very, very soon.
"uh, Daddy..."
"yes honey?"

"I'M GONNA CUM, YOU'VE FUCKED YOUR LITTLE GIRL GOOD AND PROPER THIS TIME!!!" i had to scream, the joyous sensations were beginning to hit me like a tidal wave. after one more pump, i came like a waterfall, girl cum was dripping out of me like there was no tomorrow.

Daddy kept pumping me for a minute or so longer, until he came inside me, giant squirts heating me from within.

"why, thank you daddy" that was all i could manage, I was truly wasted, our best ever fuck. What a holiday, two fantastic fucks and some stockings. Daddy collapsed on top of me, making me fall onto the bed.

I could still feel his dick twitching inside of me as I got rid of its last few drops of cum. I reached round and felt my butt, it was dripping his his baby-gravy. I took some on my hand and licked clean, it tasted so good. I fed some to my spent daddy, who was drifting off to sleep. the wonderful taste couldn't revive him and i eventually fell asleep too.

I woke up the next day to find daddy getting hard in me again. i tried to move but my butt ached. i shook daddy awake and told him to get his dick out of me. I was in agony as I tried to walk to the bathroom.

I don't think we'll be doing that again! the last two days in Stockholm were pretty miserable, as we couldn't fuck, I was still hurting, so that was our last fuck of the holiday, altough we did manage to join the 'mile-high' club on the way home!

this was the third and (possibly) final part of my story.

if i get any new ideas, i promise i will write them up.

if you have any queries/story lines/analysis/coments, or if any one would like to add to the story, send me an e-mail with your thoughts to:

KURTDOESLIVE@HOTMAIL.COM with 're:daddies girl' in the subject line.
thank you for reading.

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