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Daddies Little Girl Ain't A Girl No More Part II

by Anon (July 2000)

After our first little get-together, my Daddy and I were desperate to get it on again. Unfortunatley, Mom decided to stick around for a couple of days, so we went out to a town miles from where we lived, so we could be natural without the fear of anyone seeing us.

Walking around the mall, we got a few dissapproving looks, but carried on regardless. We passed by a lingerie shop, I glanced at the window and pointed out a lacy pair of stockings, whispering "I bet they'd get you hard!" in my Daddies ear.
"We can go in if you want, pick out a few numbers..." my Father replied, almost drooling with the thought of me in some sexy panties.

We walked in and my father sat down whilst I picked out some matching pairs of bras and panties. I picked four in all, each different colours and all VERY sexy, with gorgeous floral lace patterns. It looked like a bored father doing his duty with his young daughter, but as I paid the assistant, she remarked at how grown-up the underwear was for a girl my age.
"Well, he enjoys it!" I giggled, nodding my head in my Fathers direction. We got back to the car and my Father was begging me to show him.
"No, you'll have to wait until tonight!" I said with a teasing smile on my face.
"Bitch!" my Father joked. I knew Mom would be out later, so I was going to give him a private showing, and maybe some afters!!! It took about an hour to get home, and sure enough, Mom was just leaving when we pulled up.

Giving her our dutiful greetings and goodbyes, we wnet inside and I told Daddy to sit on the couch and wait. I closed the curtains and went into the kitchen to change.
Pulling on the first outfit, I felt incredibly sexy and grown up; It was a red push-up bra which was slightly see-through and matchng high-cut panties, again slightly see-through. I walked through and watched Dad's jaw drop as he caught his first sight of my semi-exposed nipples and shaven mound.
"Wow baby!" was all he could say. I gave him a twirl, bending over slightly so he could get a good look at my tight ass and walked out without saying a word.

I changed into the next pair, a black underwired specimen with a thick lace pattern and a pair of thong panties. with the same pattern on. This was my personal favourite, and I was feeling a little turned on strutting around the kitchen, looking at my reflection in various objects.

Walking through, I noticed Daddy HAD got hard, after only one outfit! He'd probably cum by the time I get to number four! I bent down right in front of him, giving a perfect view between my small cleavage. His zip was almost breaking with the strain. Again I walked out without saying anything, just giving him a sexy smile. Outfit three was a pink sheer bra, I forget the name. you know the type, the give no uplift and barely any support, with little flowers dotted all over it. It came with silk French panties, very sensious.

I walked in and out quickly, I didn't want him to cum yet. I quickly changed into the final outfit, a big, white lacy bra and panties, see-through all the way down. showing off my wet lips. This was the kind of underwear I'd wear on my wedding day. I crouched down and opened my legs wide, as if begging him to come and fill me.
Daddy went to get up, vut I pushed him down and mouthed "One more" I walked out and stripped naked.

"This is the last outfit" I called out. It was, it was my birthday outfit. Waiting for a moment, I walked in and watched as Daddy grimaced and groaned. He couldn't hold on any longer. I couldn't blame him really, he'd just been treated to a 15 minute lingerie show by his thirteen-year old daughter, who he happened to be fucking.

I was just going to straddle him and see if he had anything left when I heard Mom's car pull up. "Shit! She always comes home at the wrong time!" Daddy shouted.
I guess he did have something left. I ran upstairs with my new purchases and put on some music, as I'd normally do.
It looked perfect, Dad watching ESPN, Daughter listening to Britney Spears.
Nice, real nice. Mom managed to bitch about the cancellation of the local Bingo all night, so I decided I'd better go to bed, I had to get up early and help Mom with some crappy Church Picnic we were going to.
Great, real great. "What colour shall I wear?"
"What colour underwear silly!"
"Oh, right, erm, the White, I liked that best"
"O.K., See you later. Bye"

I wasn't supposed to call Daddy at work, but I knew he'd be thinking about it all day now, and I knew he'd be at me like a rabbit.
I had one of the worst days of my life, hanging out with Mrs. Donnelly nd Co. whilst they moaned about anything they could think of, leaving me to set everything up for the Picnic. God did I want Daddies prick deep in me, pumping away at my fresh muffin. "Oh well, I'd better wait till later I geuss" I had to restrain myself from soaking my new panties through.

The Picnic was setup in a large meadow which bordered some woods, so I knew that we could sneak away for some extra fun. I'd worn a light summer dress with small buttons down to my waist for easier access when Daddy arrived I waited and waited and waited until all the other people turned up and started filling their faces with cake and Jello and managed to put a smile on my face.

If I didn't relieve my pussy soon, I would have to scream. I sat down in a bit of a mood and waited a little bit more. Finally I saw Daddies truck pull up, "Great" I thought, "now I can have some fun!"

I ran over to him and hugged him, whispering in his ear "I've been waiting all day for you and your hard prick"
He just smiled and we walked into the crowd and mingled for a while. About half an hour later, everyone had finished eating and where just sitting about talking whilst the kids played about in the meadow.

We told Mom we where going for a walk in the woods, to see if we could find anything interesting to do, of course she took it as a criticism of her lovely Picnic, the silly bitch, I was tempted to tell her the truth, that Daddy was going to pull down my new lingerie and fill my hot little cunny with his straining dick, but he pulled me away.
As we walked away, he remarked on how my new bra gave me so much more cleavage, "That things a fucking miracle worker honey!"

So I undid a few more buttons of my dress for him to get a even better look. After about five minutes of walking, he looked back and declared we were safe. I leant against a tree and spread myself against it. I ran my hands down my body, over my titties and past my pussy.
When I got to the hem of my dress, I moved back up, going underneath it.
"Stop that!" My Daddy said, "That's my job!"

He came over to me and began to kiss me, undoing the rest of my buttons, exposing my new bra. He placed a hand on one and began tracing the pattern with a finger, making my nipples erect immediately.
"God your horny!" Daddy told me, I knew I was, and I needed him inside me soon or I'd burst. I grabbed on to his zip and began going down with it, his prick sprang out, ready for action.
"Please put it in me Daddy!" I cried out, hoping he'd ram my full soon.
"Your ready? O.K."
At Last! I could feel his cock poking me whilst he played with my little breasts, and I was longing for it. Daddy lifted my dress up and pulled my soaked panties down.
"Quickly Daddy! I need you!" I moaned out to him.

I saw him back up a little and then felt it, A hot rod of cock plunging into my little pussy, stretching me as it went deeper.
I brought my thighs up and clamped gainst him, my arms were wrapped around the small tree. Daddy kept pumping at me, realising the last few days tension in a piston like manner. We were both moaning loudly, wanting to cum for each other, Daddies body was rubbing against my clit, so I knew I would soon.

"I'm cumming Daddy! I'm cumming! YEESSSS!" I cried as his hard dick plunged all the way into me. My hands slipped from the tree, so all that was holding me up was Daddies cock, wedging me against the tree. He kept on pumping me, holding on for dear life, he wanted me to cum again which wasn't going to be a problem, as I was almost there already.

I began cumming again, moaning loudly to my Father to keep going, "I can't honey" he called out, and a big spurt of creamy white cum filled my fuckhole. It was the biggest spurt I'd ever felt, and it kept going and going untill it started to dribble out of me.
I was wasted, fucked real good, Daddy wasn't much better.
We laid down nearby and talked for a while, "I'm glad your a woman now baby, I couldn't bear much more of your mother" Yes! I was better than my mother, and there was no one better to judge than my Father, "Thank you Daddy, your a great fuck aswell".
He went on "I know this must look disgusting, I mean I'm a paedophile, a molestor, this is incest, but I couldn't give a shit, your so God damn sexy! And I must say, I've always wanted to fuck a young girl, your so innocent and yet so fuckable!"
This was turning me on again, "Don't say that Daddy, I'm horny again, but too tired to fuck!"
"Well, We'd better get back, your Mom will be wondering where we are" My Father said grudgingly.

"Yeah, lets go, and cheer up, you can fuck me again another day!" I told him and ran off giggling.

We soon got back and cleared up the mess before going home, Mom still didn't have a clue, she's too wrapped up in looking good for the community to service my Father.
Oh well, I'll just have to do her job for my Daddy!

this story is entirely fictional, but i would like to carry it on, so please fell free to email me with any comments/story lines to:, not the address given in the first part. thank you

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