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Written by Adam (May 2000)

So a new story of the further developments in what 3 months ago was a struggling marriage.
You may have read about Pam and Sam and how they enjoyed themselves and me, this time my story is just about Pam and me.

Every year we have tried to be away for our anniversary and since the lad was born it is a case of get him sorted and then start a meal or whatever.
This year we went to Portugal for the sun and had a nice apartment with 2 rooms so little man had a room to himself. Anyway the anniversary came around 5 days into the holiday, which until that time had been uneventful (in terms of raunchy sex).

It had been a nice time and the 3 of us were enjoying ourselves. In the morning Pam said we had a busy day and if I was a good boy I would have a treat to remember. So of we went to the beach, as usual I got bored lying in the sun and so did Paul (my lad) and decided to do some exploring. We were exhausted when we met Pam you was lying all day in the sun. We went back to the apartment to shower and quickly went for something to eat. We got back from eating about 10 O�clock, which was early, but all my work trying out Paul paid off he went to bed and was asleep in 10 minutes.

I came out of his room to be informed I should strip naked and wait for Pam to come out of the shower. As usual I did as I was told. Pam entered our room naked except for a PVC string, which I had not seen before. Her body was brown especially her nipples (thank God for sun beds) and I thought glistening from the water but turned out to be baby oil.

Pam then asks have I been to a lap dance club? No I reply. She called me a coward but because it is a treat she would show me what I had missed and then some. She then turned on some music and began to dance. It was incredible sexy as she gyrated and ran her hands over her body. She then moved towards me, as you may have guessed I had a very hard cock by now, she smiled at me and said I am so pleased he still likes me. Then she really started to work me, turning around she thrusted her bum into my face, warning me if I touched her with my hands all bets were off. She rub her bum up and down my face and body teasing cock by squatting but her string blocking entry.

She then told me I should stick my tongue out as far as I could. I did as I was told (who wouldn�t). She then slowly, oh ever so slowly rubbed her bum and pussy up and down my face, this time with the string pulled to one side. I alternated from the taste of her juiced up pussy and her tight bitter ring. I was beside myself and desperate to fuck her in both holes.

She then stopped, I looked hurt and bemused she laughed and told me don�t worry I would get to fuck all 3 holes by the end of the night but not before I had made her come 3 times. I said what do you mean, she said make me come once then you can have one hole, do it again you can the second and so on. I said what if I make you come while I am fucking one of your holes?

She said then she had a bonus but I didn�t because I was going to have my dreams fulfilled. Where do I start? I asked. She suggested I stick my tongue as far up her pussy I could and she would fuck my face until she came. I eagerly dived between her legs and began licking up and down ensuring I wasn�t too rough as it was going to be a long session. Pam grabbed my hair and really started to fuck my face grinding her pussy ever deeper, and then she demanded I stuck some finger up her because my tongue was not big enough.

I immediately put 2 fingers into her dripping pussy, No that is not enough, so I stuck 2 more into her dripping pussy, now that is better she moans and tells me to stick my tongue up her arse because she is going to come and the first place I get to fuck is her arse. So being a gentleman with a vested interest I stick my tongue in as far as I can get it. I feel her cramp and nearly crush my fingers as she comes big style while telling me I am a good boy who will soon be fucking her arse.

I sit back expecting Pam to want a rest, no chance she immediately flips over and tells me to grab the KY and lube up her arse and my cock. I do so as quickly as I could and then cock in fist I moved to her puckered ring. She tells me to keep still and she will rock back and forth to let my cock loosen her up and then bury itself to the hilt. She takes her time knowing I am getting closer and closer to coming as her arse grips my cock head and then lets go.

I could have push forward because she was wide open by now but rules are rules. I cannot stand much more and say, so Pam laughs and says I never thought you had such self-control go on fuck my arse bury your cock to the hilt. That is the sort of invite no man could resist. I pushed forward and as I suspected I slid in right up to my balls. The build up had been too much within about 8 strokes of fucking that beautiful arse I started to cum, I shot my hot spunk deep in Pam�s arse not letting her move, I seem to spurt about 6 or 7 times far more than normal.

Pam began laughing saying that next I would be able to fuck her mouth because if I left that till last she get nothing to drink. We both went for a shower to clean up or so I thought. As soon as we got into the bathroom Pam informed me that I was to clean her all over and then lie down on the floor. I gave her a really good wash ensuring all her private bits were given special attention. She then told me to stop and do as I was told. I lay down on the floor and Pam slowly walked with legs either side of my body dripping what I thought was water from the shower; she reached my face and without warning began peeing in earnest. I didn�t expect it and opened my mouth to complain, which as you can imagine was a big mistake, I took a big mouthful of her piss before I closed my mouth.

Pam was laughing saying I now knew what it tasted like when I did not wash before blowjobs. I promised I would in future. She said I should shower again and meet her in the bedroom. I walk in to see Pam with a banana, cucumber and squash looking like they were going to be used for something other than eating. She said she wanted to see how much her pussy could take and how many times she could come without a cock in her. So we started with the banana slowly inserting it passed her wide-open lips she was moaning nicely rocking backward and forward.

She then said when I felt her coming I should pull out the banana and stick in the cucumber as far as I could. She began her come and I did as I was told and nearly all the cucumber disappeared into her swollen sodden pussy. She began moaning and fucking the cucumber like crazy saying she had never had anything that deep and she was going to come very quickly.

She did but told me to leave the cucumber in her because she wanted another cum with it deep inside. She began rocking again and this time was fucking the cucumber for nearly ten minutes before she tensed and began an even stronger come. She decided that she would not bother with the squash, which she had chosen to stretch her pussy wide and told me I should lie down and she would suck my cock until I exploded. I did just that an she moved down my body first just flicking my cock with her tongue then sucking deep in her mouth. She sucked and licked slowly then quickly then she slipped a finger into my arse and clamped her head so my cock head was in her mouth and sucked.

I could feel myself coming and Pam knew as well she took the first spurt in her mouth then pull my cock out and wanked it over her face and tits I came with another few spurts but if you would have seen her face and tits you would have thought gallons. She then sat up and opened her mouth to show she still had a mouthful of cum. She then proceed to slowly extract bits of come and rub it in to pussy and then she flipped over and use my come to grease up her arse and stick 2 fingers up her arse. She worked the fingers in and out and fingered her clit, I could tell she was close to coming and was transfixed by the sight. She suddenly stopped and informed me I was to take over as she had done most of the hard work.

I immediately slipped 2 fingers into her mouth, which she sucked hard and covered them in saliva then I pushed them into her arse. I moved them in and out and rubbed her clit she was almost there so I decided to re-introduce the cucumber into her pussy. She nearly leap of the bed as I drove the cucumber even further in than last time. She called me a bastard and told me to fuck her with the cucumber hard. She started biting the pillow and calling a fucking bastard begging for me not to stop. She clamped her arse around my fingers as she came and the cucumber survived some how but I am not sure how. Pam took a few minutes to calm down and then said I had another come to go.

She knelt up and I got behind her and slipped my cock up her juiced up pussy. It felt nice and wet and she began moving back and forward. Pam then says I feel small after the cucumber (hardly surprising) did I want to fuck her arse again. I said yes but to make it different I would lie on my back and she could lower her arse onto my cock. Pam got the KY and smeared my cock and then spent longer greasing her anus slipping 2 fingers in and out moaning softly.

Then she squatted over me and slowly lowered her arse on to my cock. It was a great sight to watch seeing my cock slowly easing into her arse then I told her to frig her clit and tell me how she felt having a cock to ride. Pam began explaining that my cock was making her pussy wet by rubbing the thin membrane between her arse and pussy and she needed me to come up her arse as she was going to come and milk my cock with the cramping.

She then sat down hard and began to cramp her arse. It felt great as if she was milking my cock with her arse I knew I was near and thrust upwards moaning loudly as I spunked for the third time deep in her arse. She raised herself of my cock and knelt up on the bed so my spunk dribbled out of her arse over her pussy lips. She then said get the camera she would pose for some shots to remember the holiday by. Thank god for digital cameras because Boots would have had the vice squad round.

First of I took a picture of my spunk dripping out her arse while she had 3 of her fingers in her pussy, then the cucumber (I suspected I would be expected to grow them next year) was stuffed up her pussy, then cucumber in her pussy with a banana up her arse. Anyway Pam posed for another 30 or so photos by which time I was hard and wanting more. She said I had had my 3 comes but because I was a good boy I could screw her pussy. So up she knelt and I put my cock into pussy and really took my time slowly building her up and taking my time enjoying the experience.

She started come and began moaning slowly and some how I started to come my balls ached but it felt great as Pam came buckets all over my cock.

Then as if nothing had happen Pam flips over pecks me on the cheek and says good night.

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