Sunday, June 08, 2008

Nina welcoming a neighbour

Written by Tan (August 2000)

Another boring Saturday, Nina muttered to herself.
Her husband just called to tell her that he'd to stay another day as he just missed his plane and will be catching the next day flight instead.
Bored and randy, she decided to watch her husband's porn movie and get some "relief".

She took off her bra and let her 34B breasts swung free. She had on an oversize shirt and since its long enough to cover her bum, she took her shorts off, leaving her black panties on. It was still 9 in the morning so she left the curtain open.
Besides it turns her on to think that someone could be watching her masturbate.

She sat down on the sofa and started her VCR.
She chose "The sexventure of Mrs. Smith" in which a housewife get to have sex with a lot of men other than her husband.
Very much like my life except that I'm better looking, Nina smiled to herself.

After 10 minutes into the movie, Nina was so wet and was biting her lips trying to stop her loud moans.
"I'm coming," she whispered to no one in particular.

Suddenly the door bell rang. Nina groaned aloud. She was nearly at the edge and would have had her first orgasm had it not for the door bell.
She wiped her sopping hand on her shirt and straightened her hair and shirt. She paused the video, not expecting somebody who would be coming to stay. Must be some bloody salesman or something, she muttered angrily.

She took a look from the peep hole on her door and saw a man. Frowning, she took another look from behind the curtain of a nearby window. She saw a man with face she have never seen and a body to die for.
She gasped and her mind started racing, considering her options. She opened her door slightly.
"Mrs. Ashbrook?" a deep husky voice emitted from the man.
"Yes, what can I do for you?" she replied.
"I'm Randy Lar, from across the road. I was wondering if I could borrow your phone. I just moved in and I don't have a line installed yet," he said apologetically.
"Oh," she managed and let her eyes travelled down his body.

Unconsciously, she bit her lower lips in appreciation of his body. Her crotch started to tingled and her hands ached to touched him.
She invited him in and caught a gasped from him when he realised her near nakedness. She directed him to the phone, swaying her hips seductively. She heard his breath drew deeper behind her and smiled. The phone was on the floor and she bent in front of him to pick it up. In doing that, her shirt raised and exposed her naked bottom and wet crotch.

She had taken her panties off while watching the video.
This time, she heard a very pronounced groan coming from him and expected to feel his hand on her bum. When he didn't move, she stood up and turn to hand the phone to him.

She noticed that his breath was faster and a big bulge on his pants.
"Take your time," she whispered and walked away. "I'll be in the shower" she informed him, smiling to herself. With you, she breathed to herself as she left him to consider her offer.
She took her shirt off and entered the shower. She fingered herself in anticipation of what is to come. With the water running and her moaning, she did not hear when the door open.

Suddenly she felt something hot and hard on the back of her bum and moments later two pair of hands started to caress her breasts. She moaned in surprise and delight. So he had understood her invitation.
She held on to the wall of the shower room while he gently thrust his hips. He had placed his manhood directly under her and she felt it rubbing against her crotch. She closed her legs to tighten the hold on him and he groaned appreciatively. He started to rub faster and his hand became more insistent. She moaned to the sudden increase of pace.

He licked her ears and thrust his warm tongue in her.
"You want me to fuck you?" his warm breath caressed her ears.
She nodded, moaning too much to say anything. He moved one of his hand and moments later, she felt it on her clit.
He inserted his finger into her wet hole. "Yes!" she gasped.
"Do you want to feel my cock inside you?"
"Do you want me to fuck you with my cock fast and hard from the back like this?" he added, his own breathing becoming faster every time.
"Yes!" she cried. Suddenly he spread her legs apart with his leg and rammed his manhood inside her.

She screamed in ecstasy and supported herself with both her hands. He started to move in and out of her, alternating his pace every one in a while, driving her crazy. "Fuck me!" she gasped as she approaches her climax.

She felt him became even harder inside of her and knew that he is coming very soon and felt very aroused by the thought of a stranger coming inside her. She thrusted herself against him harder, forcing him to increase his pace. He groaned louder and fucked her harder.
"I'm coming!" she screamed and spread her thighs wider and thrusts herself into him harder.
"Ahh..!" he groaned aloud and burst himself into her as the same time as her own climax. He felt her hole grew tighter in her orgasm and kept on thrusting her to prolong her come.

Minutes later, he left the house.
Interesting neighbourhood, I can't wait for the dinner this Monday, he thought with a smile.
Nina watched him leave through her window.
I can't wait for the dinner, she smiled to herself.

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Now I have a sudden feeling to go meet some new neighbors...