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Caring Neighbor

by Andrew Page (November 2001)

I have been fortunate to have a wife that thinks much the
same way as I do, sexually. We have enjoyed an open marriage
since we were married 12 years ago, when we were both twenty. We
take to bed whomever we like; and have also enjoyed the swingers
scene occasionally. However, what happened to me last week was
the most fantastic experience I've had in many years.
A neighbor woman with two daughters (18 & 20) had been
fighting with them and had thrown them both out of the house.

Heather, the eighteen year old, had babysat for us many times
and is practically considered one of the family. When we found
that she had nowhere to go we invited her to stay with us until
she could get an apartment of her own. Her older sister had moved
in with one of her girl friends. Needless to say with a
voluptuous young girl 14 years my junior, my thoughts began to
wander. So did my eyes as she was not particularly worried as to
how she sat or laid about the house. I was able to snatch
glimpses of what magnificent nipples her breasts had and saw how
incredibly well formed the firm cheeks of her buttocks were!

Occasionally she would run through the house with nothing but a
towel on; and it would be held just a bit too high. The sight of
her ass and the hair covering what every man desires began to
drive me wild.
I had just about decided to make a pass for her despite our
obvious age difference when she announced that her sister, Dreama
now needed a place to stay as the girl she was staying with was
getting married. I gave her the consent to move in even though I
knew this would destroy whatever chance I might have had to get
into Heather's pussy.

They shared our recreation room as we had set up a double
bed there for Heather. As Donna, my wife works in the evening it
was not unusual for the three of us to be alone in the house
then. Dreama suggested that I smoke some grass (that had been
given to her by one of her boy friends) with them as she had no
money to help pay for her staying there. After smoking a couple
of joints I half-jokingly told them they didn't need to pay
anything as long as they ran around the house practically nude
like Heather had done since she moved in. Dreama then said,
"Hell, I can do better than that", and slowly started to do the
most erotic strip tease I had ever seen! That alone was enough to
make my cock as hard as a rock, but then she came over and sat on
my lap when she had completely stripped! Not to be outdone by her
older sister, Heather immediately stripped in front of me while
Dreama was unzipping my pants! As soon as Heather was stripped
she came over to me and the two girls practically tore my clothes

I had almost forgotten how great a young girl's body could
feel but they sure jogged me memory fast! Heather thrust her
breasts in my face and I licked them greedily. as if I might wake
up from this beautiful dream at any moment. Dreama opened her
mouth and slid my cock between her lips (what ECSTASY)! I started
to finger Dreama's pussy while I got Heather into a position I
could lick her sweet smelling (and tasting!!) cunt.

I very quickly found out just how fantastic Dreama could
give head. She had started at a slow pace sliding her lips and
tongue up and down my cock, but had worked her way up to furious
pace, causing my cock to throb with the need to come. I could
feel my muscles begin to tighten up and I knew that I could not
stop from coming! Too bad, I thought, it would have been nice to
keep this up all evening. Dreama stopped bobbing her head up and
down the length of my cock as she began busily licking and
swallowing the come that jetted out of me. I wished that it would
never end as my orgasm spurt several large streams into her mouth
and then onto her cheeks as she pulled it out. I stayed fairly
hard due to all the excitement of having such beautiful young
girls paying attention only to me. Heather bucked with her own
orgasm as I continued to lick her while she watched her sister
finish me off.

As soon as Dreama had caught her breath she said" Hey I'd
like a little bit of action too"! Obligingly, I stopped working
on Heather and started to lick Dreama's pussy. Heather decided
she was too hot to stop there so she turned over. She grabbed my
quickly melting cock and started to lightly rub it until it was
semi-hard again. Then she started lightly licking it until I
could feel the desire rising up in me again. Heather then mounted
my cock pushing her body down on me until her pussy had made my
cock completely disappear. Heather had the most deliciously tight
pussy I had ever had in my life.

She continued to pump me while Ilicked her sister. I moved my hands over her to feel the cheeksof her ass. She moaned with increased pleasure as I very gently
slid my finger up her asshole. She began to buck as I licked her
clitoris and slid my tongue in and out of her cunt. I slipped my
other hand out and played with the two girl's breasts as well as
I could manage! The whole scene was as thrilling as I could
stand. Heather started to sway her ass up into the air and
increased the speed. I hoped she would come soon as I knew that I
couldn't last much longer. Suddenly her muscles tightened up and
her cunt got even tighter around my cock than it was already.
That was it for me! I came as hard as I ever had in my life! My
cock throbbed with orgasmic delight as I rammed my come filled
shaft as deep into her as I could! We all came very close

As I lay there resting from the workout these two vixens had
given me I suddenly realized that four beautiful eyes were
looking at me. The way the girls were smiling I knew that they
had liked what they had just sampled and were determined to have
a full course meal. I let them know that I was just too fucked
out to do anything more for awhile. Heather pushed out her bottom
lip in a girlish little pout and in a whining voice that could
have lured any man to do as she asked, said that I was being
unfair; "You'll just have to grab a quick rest while we try to
rejuvenate you".

Dreama and Heather laid down beside me and started rubbing
my back in long slow strokes. It was a very warm and relaxing
atmosphere until their hands began to wander down to my ass. I
could feel the skin around my balls begin to tighten as they
lightly ran their fingers along the crack of my ass. Heather then
continued to reach underneath me and started to slowly caress the
insides of my legs and move very lightly toward my already
hardening cock. I reached over to Heather and kissed her lightly
on the lips, moving down to her neck and running my tongue
underneath her cheekbone. I then moved my mouth down to her
petite but exquisitely formed nipples which were standing out
from her breasts in anticipation. I lightly swirled around each
nipple with my tongue going in ever increasing circles until I
was encompassing each entire breast.

Dreama had moved in andbegan to rub my cock using baby oil. With my free hand I startedto stroke her hair moving down her shoulder to her breasts. I
moved my mouth down between Heather's legs. I knew now that rest
time was over. Both girls had started rubbing my cock and
surrounding area with the baby oil. My cock was very sore but I
decided the pain would be nothing in comparison to the amount of
pleasure I hoped to gain! Dreama took over as she wanted to get
to fuck this time. She licked my cock along the length and then
gently sucked just the head of my pole. I knew that I would have
to get off one more time before I could call it quits for the
night. Heather let me move up to her breasts so that I could
maneuver enough to accommodate entering her older sister.

As Irolled my lips around her breasts and lightly nibbled her
nipples, Heather ran her fingers through my hair and reached down
between Dreama and me and proceeded to rub my body just above my
cock. Dreama's body glistened in a lightly covered layer of
sweat. She squirmed around, not really moving her body in any one
direction, but moving all around while maintaining an intensity
in the action as only someone near orgasm could. I began getting
very excited in watching her come to orgasm as strongly as she
had and marveling at how long she was able to maintain that high.

Heather then began getting all my attention as I pulled my
cock out of Dreama. She took my cock and guided it with her hand
down between her legs. I held it outside of her pussy and rubbed
her vulva to excite her more than she was before I gained access
to that nice tight pussy she had given me earlier. As I slid into
her I got extremely hard feeling how wonderful her moist
clutching channel held me. Dreama laid back smiling as Heather
and I played with each other's bodies increasing our lust and
desire for each other. I reached down and embraced her with a
tight hug and kiss. Heather twisted underneath me to get as much
friction between her legs as possible. She moved with a rhythm
that increased in its regularity. Her excitement began to peak
and Dreama and I smiled and winked at each other as we knew the
kind of delight Heather was experiencing as we watched the waves
of her orgasm take control of her emotions and body.

Heather shifted into high gear and bucked me strongly enough
that I immediately got high enough I would rather not come down
without shooting my load. I increased my pumping until my body
could not stand that terribly wonderful tension that demanded to
be released. I felt that sudden surge that helped insure my come
would be delivered. A wall of orgasm hit my body causing me to
come almost as strongly as I had before. Heather's beautiful body
and desire had pushed me over the edge. I was definitely finished
for the night. The three of us lay closely together to rest from
our activity.

At that moment the side door opened wide and my wife walked
in. Donna smiled rather wickedly at the two girls and said, "I
hope you girls have gotten him all worked up because I'm horny as
hell and want to get laid!" Send in the reinforcements, boys!

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