Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Poolside in Miami

This story was sent to me from tangentviper (FC) [84086], a player in Viva-Ponata (see the side bar for more information on the game). He composed this story while playing the game.

We are pool side at my Miami villa, we take a bottle of champange and head out from the living room, double french windows slide open to reveal a covered decking area, which extends out to a 40sq ft pool, with steps leading into the water from the decking, and at the opposite end a water slide, leading into the same pool at the deep end.

We sit out on the decking, warmed by the summers heat, but cooled enough under cover, drinking our champagne, and cuddling, I am sat up, on a sun lounger, my legs raised slightly and open, with you sat between, laying back on my chest, my arms supporting yours while I feed you champagne, a little to quickly and it runs down your ample cleavage before you can stop me.

"you should be more careful, people will think you have a drink problem" I say, with a slight laugh.

"you'll be the one with a drinking problem, you wont be able to drink if you keep that up!!" is your light hearted, barbed reply, "now you'll have to clean this up" you add leaning further back, your head against my shoulder, spilling a little of yours on my arm, but allowing me to lean forwards with my head and lick the wet and sticky liquid from your smooth dark breasts, held captive by your under sized bikini top.

As I lean forward, I purposely spill the remainder of my cold drink onto your rainbow coloured bikini, the deep cleavage cut shows off your curves to perfection, as the liquid runs within and over the fabric, "we will have to remove this now its soaked" I say holding the knotted strap on your back, and as you startle from the cold, you lift forwards and it unties at both the top and bottom behind you. As you realise you instictively grab for the top and your breasts, you stand and turn around, I'm laughing now and begin to stand, we've both had a little to drink and its gone to our head slightly.

"You'll pay for that, and payback is a bitch" you say as a glass full lands on my face, I jump up and chase you towards the water, you run into the shallow sloped area, your heavy breasts bouncing in there new found freedom, and you skip into the deeper water as I reach your waist and tickle you suddenly.

I dive forwards and take you with me, , we are both in the cool but warm water, i surface and quickly spin to find you, for a second your nowhere to be seen, then I feel a rush of water, you pulled my shorts down and my cock and ass are bare in the water, I look down and fell you stroking my thighs, I drop my head into the water and see you swimming away, so i give chase and barely reach you as you make it to the furthest edge, next to the water slide.

"Now you can go get my shorts!!" i say with a smile, "Oh will I, you should be more careful where you undress!!" you reply as you lift your curvy ass out of the water and onto the side of the pool, you lift your legs out straight and splash me, so I push forwards and glide across your smooth skin from your shins and calfs up to your knees and thighs.

"Its only fair you should go with out your bottoms, we'll both be naked then?!" I say reaching up your legs to your nikini bottoms, and before you can stop me I pull the string ties on either side releasing them from your sensual waist.

I move my hands further up your thighs, and to your ass, dragging you closer to me, my lips can now leave small nibbles and kisses on your inner thighs, creating a path as my arms open your legs apart, my licks wipe the water from your thighs and that crease between thigh and your dark shiny pussy, lips still together and small light curly hairs damp from the water.

once at your entrance I lick up from the base, touching the bud of your ass and moving your lips apart as i continue pressing and licking upwards, then i flick your clit into view, moving your skin around under my tongue and pushing deeper betwen your lips and then up and onto your clit again. I bring your body closer to me, but you stop me saying "get out and fuck me Viper, I need that cock and now!" I near jump out beside you, then standing, my hard cock stood out, my whole body dripping wet, slightly cold, except for the heated tool i feel between my legs, you stand and I lean you against the column that forms the mainstay of the water slide, lifting your left thigh I insert myself into you, and feel your slick wetness allowing me access to your slippery cunt.

Up and Up, and Up I push you back and upwards with each thrust, gliding my hands up your waist, then grabbing at your breasts roughly with my palms pushing against your nipples, "uh, uh,uh" is all I can say as I lift you off your feet with each push. My mouth is at your neck, teasing and caressing your skin, changing sides each few seconds.

Your feeling my entire length getting deeper and deeper within, you can now nolonger stand and lift your legs wrapping them around me, biting your lower lip you mutter "come on, come on, make me cum Viper with your cock" your nails digging into my back and sides, sliding into my skin as I hump your tight strained pussy with all my might.

I hold you up, as if I've pinned up to the mast with my hard as nails cock, and cum inside you with a moan, my hands holding your shoulders and our heads resting on our shoulders. Seconds later I continue to thrust, not quite as powerful, or as fast, I bring my hand to your clit and massage it like crazy, quickly bringing you off, your legs tight as a vice around my waist, and your stomach pulled tight, you only say "Viper...Viper"

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