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by Andrew Page (December 2001)

I first met Isabella on a dodgy phone chat line. I had recently returned
from a year travelling overseas and while I was happy enough to be single, I
was bored and after some uncomplicated but raunchy female conversation.
Isabella had the sexiest voice I had ever heard, bar none. It was sensuous,
sweet and innocent, which of course only heightened my arousal when the
words that came from her sweet mouth were so filthy, so dirty, so fabulously
horny. Using my personal theory on the laws of inverse probability, I
surmised that this meant she was ugly as sin and probably the size of a barn
door, but as I didn't intend to ever meet her it really didn't matter.

The first time we spoke, she wanted to listen to me masturbate. While I beat
my dick furiously until I spurted in record time, she alternated between
uttering filthy and arousing comments down the phone line and listening to
me wank while she played with herself.
Before long we had exchanged numbers and she was calling me every night to put me to sleep with that sexy voice and that kinky mind.
I was in seventh heaven.
I have always had a good imagination and hers was just as good. She had a
great libido for a woman, needing some form of sexual release on a daily
basis. For my part, I loved the idea of daily sessions where I could
envisage her as a glamorous babe on the other end of the line while she told
me to do dirty depraved things to her and to myself. Now I had a phone
girlfriend, with no hassles and no complications.
Even our personal lives suited our phone fun perfectly. I had no interest in
getting into a physical relationship at this stage, preferring to focus on
whether or not I was going to return to travelling overseas by next year or
return to my former corporate life.

For her part, Isabella was married, at least technically. She and her
husband James had been going through a trial separation, living in separate
bedrooms while sharing the same house. He wanted them to get back together,

she was not so sure. The conditions were perfect for what we had, and what
we had was great!
One night she called me after midnight as I lay almost asleep on my bed.
"Hey," she whispered, "you still awake?"
"Uh huh," I said sleepily.

"Good, I'm so horny, I really need some sex" she whispered quietly.
"Why are you whispering?" I mumbled, slowly coming awake.
"Well, James is getting some work done on the house and my bedroom's got
plaster and paint tubs all over the floor, so tonight I'm sleeping in
hisbed," she replied in a tiny whisper.
"Where's James?" I asked, a sick feeling in the pit of my stomach telling me
I already knew the answer.
"Asleep beside me!" she whispered, tiny giggles carrying across the line.
"Don't worry" she added furtively.
"He's out like a light!"
"What? You can't have phone sex with me while he's lying right next to you!
You'll get caught!" I said incredulously.

"Guess what I'm doing right now?" she said, ignoring my concerns.
"I'm sitting up against the headboard with my legs spread wide and I'm
playing with my clit" she breathed.

"My knee is almost in his face" she added with another whisper.
"You little slurry!" I exclaimed, surprised and yet excited at the same
"My pussy is soooo wet, I'm so turned on by this!" she whispered to me,
ignoring my comment again.
"Wanna hear me finger myself?" Her voice was taking on a slight but familiar
"What are you wearing?" I asked, my hand beginning to stroke my slowly
hardening cock. I could feel myself becoming aroused, despite my concern at
her situation, or perhaps because of it.
"I have a t-shirt on and g's" she responded.
"My t-shirt is up above my waist now and I've pushed my g-string out of the
way so I can play with myself!" I could hear her breathing becoming rapid
and irregular and her voice was trembling.
"I'm gonna cum soon, I'm so horny. Shit! Hold on a sec!!"
I heard a clunk as the phone was put down on a hard surface somewhere

"What are you doing?" I heard a male voice say sleepily.
I couldn't believe this! She had been sprung!! Why hadn't hung the phone
up?! Maybe she thought he hadn't heard her on it, that he would roll over
and go back to sleep!!

I could hear the bed creaking, clearly that wasn't happening. A strange
fascination stopped me hanging up the phone right there.
"No James, don't." I heard Isabella say, her voice still thick with sexual
There was the sound of movement, then a gasp. I could hear wet noises, the
sound of, what, licking?
"James, we shouldn't. I don't want you too!" Isabella said, but her voice
was far from convincing and trailed away into a sigh. Suddenly the sounds
got louder, closer.

"Shit. Oh God, that feels good!" came Isabella's voice right in my ear.
"Do you like me sitting on your face, James?" she moaned loudly.
Wet sloshy sounds were the only reply.
"I think I'm going to let him fuck me" she added in a whisper.

"I don't believe you, you horny fucking bitch!" I muttered hoarsely as I
fisted my cock furiously, listening to the wet sounds of sucking and licking
and her breathy cries.
Suddenly the sounds got muffled and as if from a distance I heard the breath
punch out of Isabella in a groan of anticipation.
"Oh, what are you doing, God what are doing?" she moaned as the bed began to squeak rhythmically. I could hear the slap of skin on skin and then a man's low gutteral groans joined her moaning sounds.

"JESUS! God I love doggie! Fuck me, James!! Fuck me, you bastard!!"

Isabella shouted right in my ear again, while his groans increased and the
rhythmic slapping sound got louder and faster.
"He's fucking me doggie style with my head in the pillow, fucking me soooo
hard!!" she breathed jerkily into the receiver.
I was jerking my cock mercilessly now, unbelievably turned on by being a
hidden witness to this late night sex session. I could hear the pace
continuing to increase and realised he was probably going to come very soon.
"Grab my arse, hold me by my hips, you fucker!" Isabella shout forcefully in
my ear.
"Jesus! Fuck me harder! Harder you prick!! Make me cum!!" she screamed down the line as the noises continued to increase in intensity.

"I wish it was your cock! God, I wish it was your cock" she muttered almost
unintelligibly into the phone as the noises reached a crescendo.
I was on the brink of spurting, trying to hold myself for the climax of this
voyeuristic adventure.

"Uhhhnghhhuhhh!!" came an unmistakably male groan, quickly followed by a
disappointed, "Shit!! You're coming! Pull out! Pull out!!" from Isabella.

I could hold my load back no longer. I squeezed the now purple head of my
cock and watched as a small river of ejaculate flowed down the side of my
cock towards my emptying balls. Drops splattered onto my stomach and legs
while I grimaced, while the wave of pleasure crested and then slowly drained
from me.

In the background, the noises slowed then stopped. I could hear panting and
scrabbling sounds as if sheets and pillows were being rearranged. I should
hang up I thought dreamily, still coming down from the most intense orgasm I
had had in months.

"Did you cum, baby?" came the muffled sound of a satisfied male voice.
"I'm OK!" I could hear Isabella say dispassionately from a distance.

Suddenly I heard a bump and then a male voice as if he were right beside me.
"Isabella, what's the portable doing on the bed?!"
The line went dead.

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