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by (December 2001)

Being a security guard is not one of the most intellectually stimulating of occupations. Actually 99% of the time it is the most boring job in the world, but that other 1% of the time... Mike was an old high school friend of mine, in fact I was the one that got him the job with the security firm. His post was a large condo under construction down on Brickell Ave.

Mike worked the evening shift from 4 to midnight when he was relieved by another guard. I was the area supervisor. Today Brickell is all 15 to 20 story condos but back then it still had it's share of 3 and 4 story apartment buildings and bayside homes. One Saturday I received a call from the late shift guard that he was sick and couldn't make it in. Saturday night was the worst time as we could never find another guard on such short notice. I would have to fill in for him, another 16 hour day in front of me! Around 5 PM Mike called from his post, he was dizzy, with a headache and very sick to his stomach.

Damn, now I had to work the building all night. I wasn't looking forward to walking around a construction site all night, particularly a Saturday night. When I arrived at the construction site Mike was already sitting in his car waiting. "Well buddy, I'm screwed this time. Your relief isn't coming in either and I'm stuck here all night. You feel good enough to give me the run down"? I said "Yeah, nothing to it, time stamp the clock on each of the first three floors at least twice and keep the gates closed. Try not to fall off the floors the walls aren't up yet, oh and check the seawall for anyone trying to get in from the back.

It's always quiet so you should be OK. Sorry about your night but.. must have been something I ate"! Mike replied. "Get out of here and go get some rest" I replied as he slowly drove off. "Well lets get a lay of the land while there is still some light " I thought. I walked around the building, a luxury condo of about 15 or 20 floors, swimming pool and deck out back, and a beautiful view of the bay.

To the south side of the building stood another condo of about the same size that had opened the year earlier. To the north stood a 4 story older apartment house not 75 feet away. Each apartment had sliding glass doors and a small open brick balcony.

Neither the building I was in nor the apartment house had any outside lights, making navigation slow and careful, good thing I had a flashlight with new batteries, I would need them. My shift went rather smoothly, if a little boring. I dutifully punched the clocks making my rounds, the flashlight becoming more important as the sun set and the building became enveloped in darkness. I had a wonderful view from some of the mid story floors.

A gentle cooling breeze swept through the open building only hampered by a piece of lumber as a temporary guardrail. It felt good up here, besides I could see the whole site. I found a used cable spool, like what we made coffee tables out of in the 60's, pulled it over to about 10 feet from the edge and made this my command post, at least a seat not on the dusty floor. I sat on the spool enjoying the evening.

From the corner of my eye I noticed a light go on in the building next door. I watched the lighted apartment more of curiosity than anything. Soon another apartment was illuminated, a man walked to the glass doors and pulled the curtains closed. In another apartment an elderly couple was sitting on a couch watching TV.

A woman was fixing something in the kitchen on the second floor. It was like watching a documentary on TV. "Domestic Life", in color! Except this was in real life and I could see every aspect from only 75 feet away. I continued to watch the apartment building along with the moon shimmering over the warm bay waters. My butt was getting sore from the hard wood of the spool, besides I needed to make my rounds. I checked out the site, everything was locked and OK.

My car was downstairs and I made my way there to get a cold drink, I also picked up a blanket from the trunk to sit on and a pair of 10 X 50 binoculars. That way I could see every inch of the construction site without having to move.

Looking up at the dark tower before me I could not see into the floors they were so dark, great to see without being seen. Returning to my makeshift seat I sat down and intently scrutinized the scene below, especially the apartment building. More lights were on now, I watched each one for signs of life, occasionally getting glimpses of someone walking around, watching TV.

One apartment the light came on in the bathroom, I could see only a silhouette through the frosty glass. She opened the window and got into the shower, I grabbed my binoculars only to be disappointed by the height of the window. But I could see she was young and pretty. I kept my binoculars trained on her, ignoring all the other apartments. I heard a phone ring and watched as she grabbed a towel and ran for the phone in the living room. Here I had a perfect view as she answered the phone dressed in only a towel, water running down her shoulders, dripping on the floor.

She was only a floor or so below me and so close with the binoculars I felt I could reach out and touch her. She abruptly ended the conversation, slammed the phone down and stomped off to her bedroom. The light went on in there but to my dismay the drapes were closed.

I turned my attention to the other apartments. Still just the usual, bathroom lights turned on and off but nothing much, at least what I could see. In the apartment with the woman from the shower, she eventually emerged from her bedroom, messed around in the kitchen and took a seat in front of the TV. She stayed there a while before becoming bored , then opened the sliding glass doors and stood out on her balcony looking sideways to the bay waters.

She glanced up at the building I was in, but there was not much to see in the darkness. A light went on in the apartment on the top floor at the end around 10. A couple had just arrived home. I watched as they went into the bedroom to change clothes. Being on the top floor and across from a dark construction site they didn't bother closing the drapes. He began to get undressed first pulling off his shoes, shirt, then pants. Dressed in only his shorts he walked back to the kitchen.

She was next pulling off her shirt and jeans. I watched her through the binoculars, my heart was beating faster and harder at the anticipation. She had her back to the window as she reached behind her back and unsnapped her bra. She pulled it from her and dropped it onto the bed, she moved to the side slightly and stood in front of a full length mirror.

She reached up to her breasts, slowly rubbing the redness from the bra. She had nice, small breasts with just a bit of a sag to them. Her body was firm and tanned. She stood in front of the mirror oblivious to my watching her.

She ran her hands down her body feeling the flatness of her stomach before reaching the waistband of her bikini underwear. She hooked her fingers in the waist band slowly bent over and pulled them down.

Straightening up she picked up her panties with one foot and tossed them over to the closet. My cock immediately hardened at the sight, I had to move my position to help release the tightness in my uniform pants. The woman rubbed her body from her breasts to her stomach, her hand moved lower to the thick mat of light brown hair at the V of her thighs, She lightly ruffled the hair making it fuller, softer.

My cock was straining for release as I watched her through my binoculars. The binoculars power gave me the vantage of being the equivalent of only 20 feet from her! Turning she walked the few feet to the bed and sitting down on the edge leaned over to open a drawer, her breasts hung down, shaking with her movements. I was in ecstasy, no wonder Mike liked the post. Did he come up here to spy on the neighbors too?

My woman in the apartment found what she was looking for, standing up she pulled on a very loose pair of drawstring shorts. She left her top bare and walked out of the bedroom to the living room and sat down on a couch opposite to the TV and at right angles to me. Her man came out of the kitchen carrying a plate of food and two glasses. He sat down next to her blocking my view. I quickly scanned the other apartments. In one apartment I could just make out the form of a couple in bed having sex.

Their bedroom was only illuminated by the light from the bathroom and the drapes were only half open. They were under the spread but I could make out the humping action of the man on top. "Damn, if only the lights were on! Oh well they are under the covers anyway" I thought Scanning the other apartments I could still see the woman on the balcony sitting in her chair in the half darkness.

In another I could see into the bathroom as a woman got out of the shower reaching for a towel to wrap around her wet, nude body. I watched as she stood in front of the mirror combing her short black hair. She took the towel from around her and squeezed the last drops of water from her hair before combing her hair again. She was older, in her forty's I guessed. Well preserved, a little paunch in her lower stomach and her ass wasn't as firm, having a little spread. Her tits were very large and full, hanging heavy from her chest. The nipples were hard from the exposure after the shower.

I watched her, my cock regaining the hardness from my earlier voyeuristic episode. A shifted my position, should I release my cock and beat off? Would it be right? I rubbed myself through my pants, could anyone see me? I quickly looked around, hell there was no one here. Besides I was sitting in a dark building. I unzipped my uniform pants, reached inside and pulled my underwear down to fee my hard cock. I pulled it out of my pants giving me release from it's confines, it felt good to be exposed. I held the binoculars in one hand my cock in the other watching the older woman at the dressing table. She had finished combing her hair and was blow drying it, each time she shook the dryer her tits would move and slap against her chest. I slowly and softly stroked my cock excited with the thrill of observing her actions.

I looked up from my show to see if there was any other activity in the other apartments. The couple was still sitting on the couch, his body still blocking my view. I could see the first woman still sitting on her balcony, sipping a drink. I returned to the older woman. She had moved from the bathroom to the bedroom. Here I found her laying back on her bed, the drapes were open and blowing in the breeze.

The room was illuminated by a bedside lamp. I raised my binoculars to my eyes to better see her. She lay there with her legs just slightly spread. Her tits were flattened and off to each side of her chest but still an impressive mound. She was slowly rubbing her hand through her pubic hair, searching for her button. Finding it I watched as she rubbed small circles around and around.

My cock was harder than ever, my chest felt tight, my heart pounding. I began to really stroke my cock, wanting to cum while watching this older woman masturbate herself. I could see her chest rise and fall with her heavy breathing as her hand pleasured herself.

The other hand was now pulling and pinching her nipple, occasionally reaching under her tit to lift and weigh their heft. She was clenching her legs tight together shaking as with a fever as she rubbed through her hair. I was keeping pace with her stroking with my own.

She was moaning with pleasure although I could not hear her, I could only watch her knowing the sounds escaping her lips. She arched her back lifting her ample ass off the bed as her orgasm overcame her. She shuddered and grabbed the bed spread on either side of her as her orgasm slowly subsided. I was trying to keep pace with her pulling my cock, seeking release.

I was almost there when she turned away from me and turned off the light by the bed, putting her apartment in darkness. "No, not yet" I groaned, "No, no , damn" I slowed the pulling on my cock, disappointed.

I looked at each apartment that had lights on to no avail. A few had various persons watching TV. Two couples were playing backgammon, nothing remotely exciting. The first woman was still sitting on her balcony with her legs up on the decorative open block wall. She looked like she was drinking something as I could see a flash of glass in front of her. "Please, let something happen" I thought. As on cue the lights went on in a bedroom I had not looked at before.

A lone young girl in her late teens or early twenties was getting undressed. "Yes, please show me" The young girl was quick to disrobe. Standing in the lights of her room, I could see she had the body of an athlete. Small tits topped by small nipples and soft pink areola, her stomach was taunt and muscular.

Her ass was high and tight with hollows on each side, I could imagine her small ass cheeks in each hand as I pulled my body to hers. I was erect again as I watched the unfolding strip tease. I would not be denied this time. I stroked my cock once again with one hand as I watched using the binoculars with the other.

The binoculars were so powerful and she so close I could make out a small mole on the right cheek of her ass. She continued to undress until all she was wearing was a pair of high heeled pumps. She turned to a radio and turning the volume up started to dance. I watched as she bumped and grinded to the beat. Her small tits were giggling to her movements.

My cock was uncomfortable just sticking out of my fly so I stood up and unbelted my pants and let them and my underwear drop to my ankles before sitting back down. I had exposed all of my cock and balls and they felt good to be out of the tight confines of the pants. I pulled on my heavy sack as I pulled my cock with the other hand.

I was close enough to see my unwitting partner as I masturbated to her dancing. I stood up to better pull my cock and balls. I rubbed my cock to the beat of her dancing. My cock was hard straining for relief watching her dance, her tight ass moving in a sensuous pulsating rhythm.

I watched her until the music stopped, when it did her dance ended as well. She quickly walked to the bathroom where the light came on, my view hidden behind the frosted glass of the closed window. "No, not again"! I was frustrated beyond endurance. I saw a movement from the woman sitting on her balcony. She rose to her feet, looked back at the building. and walked back into the lighted living room. "Shit.. Did she see me"? I wondered "No, I'm in the dark and two floors above her, she couldn't have. I better watch to see if she goes for the phone to call the cops. Help there's a guy sitting in a building jerking off"! Yeah right.

"I laughed it off. She didn't go to the phone. She walked to her bedroom put something up and walked back to the living room. The living room was brightly lit by overhead lights as well as lamps, one by the couch and the other a floor lamp by an overstuffed chair that faced the balcony. She sat down in the chair. I softly and slowly stroked my half hard cock.

The woman sank into the chair, She was wearing a pair of shorts and a large men's undershirt. Her movements gave me a good view of her ample chest and the creamy white softness of her breasts. She had long dirty blond hair, her lips were painted a bright red, to match her finger nails and toenails. She crossed and uncrossed her legs constantly in a restless manner.

She stroked her thighs, it looked like absently mindedly. Gradually she began to rub her breasts through her shirt, first with the sides of her arms, gradually becoming more obvert and using her hands. I could see through the binoculars her nipples harden and their darkness through the thin material of the shirt. One hand reached under her shirt to squeeze a nipple, she rolled her head back as she continued to squeeze and pinch.

Both hands reached down to the tail of the shirt and standing up she removed the shirt. My cock involuntarily jerked at the sight of her topless. She caressed both breasts in her hands looking as she was milking them for me. As she ran her hands to the nipples she would give each a pinch. Her areola visibly wrinkled from the excitement. My cock was as hard as it could have been, it throbbed for her, lusted for her. I stroked it as if my hand was a pussy. Wanting her. She bent over from the waist and reaching to her sides pulled down her shorts in a slow, teasing manner. Once off she stepped out of them leaving them to lay at her feet. Totally nude now she slowly turned around giving me a great view of her firm, womanly ass.

Oh I could feel my hands on her! As she turned she looked back over her shoulder with a large smile. After a brief pause she moved the few steps back to the chair and quickly sat back down. Her hands moved back to her breasts, she lifted each one in turn, feeling their weight, then pulled them hard forward, as if to make them even bigger. Pushing them together now made a valley I longed to run my very hard cock through. The hard cock I was now vigorously stroking to her show.

She continued to manipulate her chest, bringing a red flush to her entire upper region. With one hand she played with her breasts, the other moved down to her pubic region. Sitting there with her legs together I could not see the object of my desire. Her hand was busy between her legs for a short while before the feelings got to her. She spread her legs giving me a perfect view of her pussy.

Her lips were shaved smooth allowing me to see every fold with my binoculars. Above her slit was a patch of dark brown hair, full but not a thatch, neatly trimmed in a triangular shape.

Her long delicate red tipped fingers rubbed up and down her now open slit, I could see the redness of her outer pussy lips, her inner lips a slightly darker color, glistened with a wetness emanating from within. She rubbed higher and with small circular motions until she was circling her clit exclusively. Her other hand left her bruised tits to join the excitement between her legs. As it did my mystery woman shifted her position placing each long leg over the arms of the chair.

This brought her ass forward giving me an unobstructed view of her pussy and the tight little hole below. I couldn't help the lust I felt in my groin. I continued to stroke my cock. I felt the wetness of pre-cum and used it to coat the head of my cock. I usually don't emit pre-cum but the erotic situation before my eyes caused my mind to lose control of my body. I felt uncomfortable with my uniform pants around my ankles so briefly stopping my stroking, I pulled off my shoes and pants, my shirt quickly followed until I was left totally naked. I stood in the warm breezes of the sixth floor, my nudeness giving me an even greater erotic feeling.

My cock stood up at an angle from my flat, rippled stomach. I went back to stroking it's length, my hand not quite fitting around the fat shaft. I used the loose skin to stroke with. I was so close I could cum any moment but wanted to wait and cum with my stranger, masturbating in her apartment, oblivious to me. She was in total abandon, the fingers of one hand pulled open her pussy, while the other dipped into her bringing it out covered with her pussy juice. She used the liquid to lubricate the rubbing of her clit as well as occasionally to rub small circles around the little brown hole below.

She was evidentially free in her enjoyment of her body. Her manipulations rapidly accelerated, her chest heaved with her heavy breathing. She couldn't be far from her orgasm. I found it harder to keep the binoculars steady as my stroking increased in pressure and speed in an attempt to keep pace with her. Her head was thrown back, her eyes closed. She was frantically rubbing and pulling her pussy, on the verge.

Her back arched as I could see her mouth open in a silent scream, her legs trembled, she clutched her pussy with both hands and tightly held them to her. I felt the pent up cum rise in my cock, my ass cheeks clinched as the first wave of my own orgasm overcame me.

The cum spurted from my cock landing on the dusty floor, I continued to stroke, one stream after another escaping the head of my cock. I looked back to the woman. She was still orgasming but did not have her back as arched as before and her eyes were wide open, as if she were looking into the lens of my binoculars back at me. My cum subsided, leaving a few drops to ooze out of my cock and drop to the floor and over my hand. I relaxed back to the edge of the spool, trying to calm my heavy breathing. I dropped the binoculars to my side.

I closed my eyes. When I looked back at her apartment it was dark. It took me a moment to see her form standing on her balcony in the shadows. She stood there for a minute before turning around and going back in, disappearing from my sight. I stood there still nude for about five minutes, not ready to get dressed, still aroused by my nakedness. Although my cock hung at half mast. I walked over to the edge of the floor and looked out to the bay, then back to the apartment building.

I was sure my voyeuristic night was over. I scanned the apartments, all were normal or quiet except the apartment with the couple. He was laying nude on the bed, she was evidentially in the bathroom where the light was on. I continued to watch, the man occasionally stroked his limp dick. It was the longest limp dick I had ever seen! He held it in his fist and another few inches protruded and hung limply, not covered by his hand. I sat back on the spool not dressing hoping for another opportunity to spy on the neighbors. I didn't have to wait long.

The woman turned off the light in the bathroom and walked to the bedroom. She stood at the foot of the bed looking down at her man, she cupped her tits briefly before joining him in the bed. The foreplay was exciting to watch. I could see clearly by the illumination from the bedside lamps, although they gave the scene before me a soft tan tint. I watched as she lay on her side stroking his cock as he kissed her.

My cock was stirring again. I began to stroke it, softly and slowly. I was mesmerized by the sight of the unaware couple before me. I held the binoculars with one hand, stroking my member with the other. "Have a good view"? a voice asked from behind me. My heart jumped from my chest, the adrenaline began to flow as total terror overtook me.

I whirled around to see a figure standing in the dark shadows. I stood there nude with my cock pointing out from my belly. Who was it? Did Mike come back? Was it a cop? "Who.. What the fuck"! I exclaimed "what are you doing here"?

"I'm just here to watch you" the voice replied, a feminine voice. "What do you mean"? I questioned as I moved to the spool to try and get some clothes to cover my nakedness. The figure moved towards me slowly emerging from the deep shadows of the building. "I've been watching you tonight. I don't know what you were looking at earlier but .. I liked how you jerked off" she said. I reached down for my pants and held them to my nude form. "No, don't cover up" she softly said " I like what I am seeing". She kept walking towards me. Her voice was soft and gentle. I could see she was wearing a shirt with bare arms and shorts. She stepped into the dim light emanating from the apartment building. I could now see the red, glossy lipstick on her mouth framing a beautiful, white smile, the long blond hair falling down to cover her shoulders and arms. It was the girl from the apartment!

"You. you" I sputtered, "how did you know I was here, why are you here? You going to call the police"?

"No, I'm her because you turned me on. I wanted to see you up close, see who I was showing myself to." She went on to explain. " I broke up with my boyfriend tonight, the ass hole! Anyway I went out on the balcony to just have a beer and some fresh air. I could see you going up and down the building making your rounds.

I decided to watch you. Just out of curiosity. I got a pair of binoculars that we used on the boat, and followed you. It was kind of exciting watching without you knowing you were being watched." She had turned the tables on me. She was having a conversation with a nude man late on a Saturday night about watching me watching others. I stood there in shock my pants held in front of me but other wise still nude, not making any move to get dressed, frozen in place. "It was just a lark until you saw something that excited you.

I couldn't believe my eyes as you started to jerk off. I have never watched a man jerk off before." She was looking directly at me, her eyes roaming up and down my body. Continuing in a softer tone, " I watched you fondle yourself and the sight really turned me on. I was rubbing myself too." She looked down but continued " I saw you didn't cum, I felt sorry for you so I decided to.."

She had masturbated for me!

She had deliberately showed me her sex just to get me off! The thought of the private show began to manifest itself in the stirrings in my groin. The erotic situation of standing nude before her as she talked of showing herself off to me was causing my cock to harden.

"You don't have to cover up now" she broke the silence.

"Can I.. ah.ah... can I see all of you"? I slowly lowered the pants I was holding and placed them on the spool table. She could see my half hard cock, twitching in the moonlight, barely illuminated. Now it was I who was giving a show.

She slowly looked me up and down, her eyes tracing little shock waves on my body. I reached for my cock and gave it a gently pull, like scratching a sexual itch. I could see her eyes widen, even in the shadows she stood in.

"When I came up here I was watching you, what were you looking at"? she asked I turned and pointed out the apartment at the end of the building. We could both see the couple still engaged in foreplay on the bed. She let out a small gasp at the sight. Quickly she reached for the binoculars on the spool table, brought them to her eyes she drank in the sight of the nude couple. "Damn," she said " I can see them like they were in the same room with me. These sure are powerful, I can see them so clearly and so up close". Then it dawned on her how I could look at her, how closely I could see every detail of her body. I swear I could feel the heat of her blush rise in her. "you looked at me like this" she asked, knowing the obvious. We stood there together for a moment, gazing at the apartment building. She raised the binoculars back to her face as I gazed at her body. She looked even better in the soft light of the night.

With her hands holding the binoculars up the large openings of the undershirt exposed almost all of her creamy white breasts to me. I could make out the silhouette of her nipples poking through the thin material. My cock quickly rose to attention pointing skyward for the third time that night.

Standing with the object of my desires of earlier, not even knowing her name, my lust filled me, but I knew not how to fulfill it.

How far could I go? The eroticism of the moment had my heart once again beating so hard I thought she could hear it as it attempted to rip through my chest. I softly stroked my cock. She started to describe the action she was watching. "She's holding his cock, gawd, I can't believe how big it is."

"Oh but yours is too", she quickly added. "Look she's going down on him, oh he's so hard" I was too, but not from her narrations rather her presence. I watched her. She began to squirm, crossing and clenching her legs together, rubbing her thighs. I reached for her waist. She sunk back into my arms, not resisting. She stood in front of me, her back to me, between my spread legs. I held her by the waist, slowly rubbing her. I reached around to the front under her shirt to rub her stomach. At the same time I pressed my hard rod against the small of her back. I knew she could feel it and the heat of our bodies. She continued to watch the couple as I took greater liberties with her.

I reached up under her shirt to run the flat of my hand up and over her breasts, feeling the roughness of her nipples in the palms of each hand. Her breathing was coming a little faster now, breathing out of her mouth and nose at the same time. "Ohhhh... " she let out a low moan, "that feels good, oh she's going down on him. Oh man she's sucking his cock"

. "Can you see them"? she asked I moaned a yes I rubbed and pulled her tits as I had seen her do earlier. I pinched each nipple between my fingers, gently but firmly pulling her nipples to stretch the skin as far as it would go. I wanted more. I grabbed the bottom of her shirt to pull her shirt off and over her head. She had to lower the binoculars to let me accomplish this. As I did she turned and gave me a little look as she bared her torso to me. Once off I tossed it in the pile of clothes next to us.

My hands returned to her chest rubbing, pinching, hefting the full, heavy creamy breast. I pushed her away from me slightly, moved partially to her side and lowered my mouth to the nipple of her left breast. I sucked it in, tasting a slight salty taste from the glistening on her bare skin.

The taste and texture were delicious in my mouth as I continued to lick and suck. "She's sucking his balls" she told me. " It looks so delicious, I've never done that." My balls churned at the thought of her sucking and hefting my large soft sack. I could feel my sack contract and tighten, only to relax again, over and over. Still watching the couple she reached back to grasp the root of my cock in her delicate little hand. It must have been more than she expected as she quickly turned around and looked at the rock hard cock in her hand. "Oh. it's so big, a lot bigger than it looked when I was watching you"

My cock stirred at the thought of her observations and a drop of pre-cum or left over cum leaked from the head. She took a finger scooped the drop up and slowly brought it to her lips. Her tongue reached out and tentatively removed the drop from her finger, tasting the salty, sweet flavor.

She handed me the binoculars and quickly fell to her knees on the hard concrete floor. Holding me with both hands she commanded me to watch the couple and tell her what was happening. I took the binoculars and held them to my eyes described their actions. "She's sucking him real hard now" I described As I did I felt my lover draw the head of my cock into her pretty red lined mouth. My cock twitched at the sensation. I felt like I was going to cum immediately and fought the urge. "She's squeezing and twisting his balls' I continued, " oh, it looks so good, she's sliding her tongue up and down his cock.

It must be at least 10 inches"! The scene I described was beingmatched blow by blow by my half nude partner. As I described the oral sex she reciprocated. Reaching up to fondle my balls while her mouth descended on my cock, her tongue snaking out to lick as she withdrew her mouth to the head.

Up and down the pattern continued, bring me closer and closer. "They've stopped. Oh. She's laying back on the bed, he's getting between her legs. His cock and balls are hanging down obscenely between his legs. He's spreading her legs" I told her Getting up my partner stood in front of me, she reached up to my head and brought my mouth down to hers in a deep kiss. Our tongues found each others and fought for control in our open mouths. Breaking the kiss she stepped a few feet away from me. She stood there in the half light, watching each other.

She ran her hands down to her side hesitated a moment as if in thought then quickly pulled her shorts off, leaving her dressed in only a pair of open toed leather sandals. Walking back to the spool table she hopped up on the blanket and laid back bringing her knees up and spreading her legs.

Not a word had been said. I walked to between her legs. She brought the binoculars to her eyes she looked sideways at the couple in the apartment. "He's between her legs, I can see him licking her" her description continued I followed every direction my lover gave me. I lowered my mouth to her smooth, open pussy lips.

They were baby soft and had a slight fragrance of peaches. I licked around not making direct contact with her pussy, getting her more aroused. I hesitated a moment and drove my tongue deeply into the opening of her pussy. I found a warm wetness enveloping my tongue. I wiggled my tongue attempting to penetrate her deeper.

My lips found her inner lips and sucked each one individually into my mouth, attempting to stretch each to their fullest size. The wetness gushed from her pussy lubricating and coating my face with it's wonderful nectar. I circled her clit hood, pushing it up and back with my tongue attempting to find her hidden clit. "Oh, baby it feels so good"! she exclaimed. Oh. he's eating her real good now, she's arching her back and holding his head to her pussy. I think she's having an orgasm". There in the dark my lover reached for her own pussy with one hand, never lowering the binoculars from her eyes. She pulled back the clit hood to give me total access to her little pink button. My own hands were stroking my cock, the pre-cum still seeping from the small slit in the head. I sucked her clit into my mouth and she gave out a moan and shivered from her head to her toes.

I sucked her clit like a small cock, trying to get it to ejaculate. She tasted so sweet I could lick and suck her sex forever. "They moved now" she continued, I hadn't been listening, too engrossed in giving head.

"He's trying to put his cock in her, he's on top" I sucked harder directly on her clit. The first waves of her orgasm began to roll over her. She dropped the binoculars to her side and held my willing mouth tightly to her sex.

My tongue attempting to go deeper into her pussy, her hair tickling my nose. I was in heaven. She arched her back raising from the makeshift table. I reached under her to hold each ass cheek in my hands sucking her pussy even harder as she moaned and shuddered. Her orgasm slowly subsided as I softly licked and sucked on her pussy lips.

Relaxing on the table she was a sexy, erotic sight laying there her knees up, legs spread wide, pussy wide open to me and the night breezes. I stood before her, bent over and kissed her full on her lips. She parted her lips slightly and licked the remnants of her pussy juice from my mouth and lips. Her taste was delicious, her lips soft and yielding. As we kissed I could feel the tickle of her pussy lips on the head of my cock, my cock twitched at the contact. Raising my head from hers I looked down to our sex softly rubbing each other. I held my body above hers, only our sex touching. She reached down to my cock, took it firmly in her hand, began to rub it on her naked slit. My ass thrust forward to the movement of my cock on her pussy. She masturbated herself with my hardness. My cock ached for the warm wetness of her waiting hole.

I pushed forward more insistently. She got the hint and lined my cock head up with her open, waiting pussy. I pushed forward until the head was just within the folds of her pussy. I could feel the heat from her blood engorged lips as they slowly enveloped me. She raised her ass up slightly and scooted forward impaling herself on my meat. Liquid lubrication squeezed from the folds of her pussy, coating the fuck stick moving inside her.

My hot cock slid inside her hot sex hole.

"Oh, oh, oh," she moaned. Her eyes open looking into my face as I fucked the beautiful stranger. "Yes, baby. Do me, do me like they are doing it" making reference to the couple. I thrust my cock hard into her, pushing her, raising her from the table with a gasp, as my cock hit the back inner walls of her womb. I slowly withdrew my cock. Only to ram it quickly, deeply back in. We continued fucking like the animals we had become, overcome with just lust for each other.

My balls slapped a rhythm on her ass as I thrust and she met each thrust with a grunt and push, trying to take me deeper into her. She looked over to the apartment building, "they're still fucking" she intoned. "Oh it's so nasty watching them fuck as you fuck me, oh baby fuck me, fill my pussy with your hot cock"!

I abruptly stood up and pulled my cock from her pussy. She looked at me with surprise as I pulled her to her feet. "What.what"? she asked, pleaded. I grabbed her hand and pulled her with me away from the table. I could see the juices flow down her legs from her overheated pussy. Drops of her fell from my cock. I pulled her with me to the edge of the floor. We were out in the half light now and somewhat visible to anyone that cared to look up and see a couple fucking on the 6th floor of a building under construction.

I leaned her against the 2X4 wood railing and placed my cock at her pussy, pushing in. Her pussy welcomed me back. I resumed pumping her pussy from behind as one hand steadied us and the other found her heavily hanging tits, pulling and pinching her swollen nipples. >From our vantage point both of us could plainly see the couple fucking in the apartment.

Even without the binoculars I could see the enormity of his cock as it pistoned in and out of his mate's hairy pussy. My partner groaned from the eroticism of watching them fuck, as we fucked in the open on this warm summer night.

He was pushing harder into her, we could see the headboard bouncing against the wall with each thrust. Each thrust was getting faster and shorter. He was going to cum soon. I wanted to cum with our unsuspecting partners. My hand found their way to my lover's pussy. Her clit was exposed to me, I took advantage of it and rubbed it hard as I pumped into her.

She shook with the excitement. "Oh , yes, fuck me, fuck meeee.... Oh look at her getting fucked. So fuckin good. Look at his huge cock in her pussy" she said with a groan. " Do me, yessss, cum in me, I want to feel you fill me with your sperm, I wanna feel that hot nasty cum fill me". We watched as the huge cocked guy arched his back and held still for a moment. His cock was shooting into her waiting pussy. That sent my partner over the edge. "Cum, baby, cum for me" she pleaded I did as I felt the cum well up from in my balls.

My ball sac contracted as the cum was pushed up and out of my fat cock into her willing waiting pussy. I could fell the added hotness of her pussy contracting down on my cock and she gushed a stream of female cum over my cock. I exploded in her, I shot stream after stream into her pussy, filling her until it began to leak out as I continued to slowly thrust in and out. I groaned loudly with my release into her. Her legs shook and her body trembled with her release. We held tightly to each other so as not to collapse to the rough dirty ground. We slowly straightened upright, my cock plopping out of her soaked pussy.

I could see the juices running down her legs. She put a hand to her pussy, then placing the hands to her lips tasted our sex. I held her in my arms and kissed her, tasting us. We stood there in the open holding each other until she shivered from a cool breeze. I followed her to the spool table where she picked up her shorts and shirt. She turned to be and gave my soft cock a squeeze. We looked back at the apartment, the lights were off. She turned from me and walked back into the dark shadows. She was gone from my sight. I sat naked on the makeshift table for quite a while, reliving some of the night's activities.

I looked over to the apartment building. Her door opened letting light in from the hall. She closed the door the room again becoming dark until she could reach the light. She turned it on, she was still nude, holding her clothes in her hand. She had walked home and into the building naked.

She walked to the sliding glass door. She stood there for a minute, trying to find me. When she did she ran her hand down to her pussy and rubbed. I sat there in the dark, one hand on my hard cock, she brought the hand to her mouth and sucked our cum from her fingers, blew me a kiss and turned off the lights..

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