Thursday, August 20, 2009

Site Name Change and Explanation

Since January 2006, I have been using the Wayback Machine, an internet archive site, to retrieve information from the Camilla's Archive site:

I finished placing most of the stories on this site less than a week ago. Since then, I noticed another site has uploaded the stories, well, the entire site. I am not going to take down these stories, as they are interlaced with some more of my original content, as well as to some videos. It would be too hard to delete all of the stories.

I do want to record, however, the title, tagline and explanation that I had in the sidebar all of these years. I will be transforming the blog in the future, making it a bit different.

Title: Camilla's Erotic Archives

Tagline: I did not write any of these stories - I contributed to a site that went down several years ago, and I am attempting to bring back the stories to the Internet for others to view and receive pleasure from. Enjoy!

Camilla's Comments: Back in 1993, I started writing erotica. I found a woman named Susan who ran an adult site, and to drive traffic to her site, she posted other people's stories. I was one of her contributors. The site died out, but I did not want these stories to die out as well. Here is my attempt to save these erotic stories. I will not edit them, other than to take out double-spaces. And I will attribute the stories as they were attributed on the now defunct adult site. Some of the stories had links to erotic pictures, though I am not sure that these pictures are of the people who wrote the stories. Probably a ploy to drive traffic and increase arousal - not necessarily a bad thing.

Some of the stories are disturbing to me, but in the interest of preserving online erotica, I will publish them as well. Because of the volume of online erotica that was once housed at this site, I may not read all stories I post. Some of the erotica is well-written, some is poorly written (with spelling errors, grammatical errors, etc). I will not edit these stories, as I want to preserve the original authors words as closely as I can. And I plan to post every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

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Anonymous said...

I can relate to what you are doing and why. I had a personal erotica site that was mainly between myself and some previous girlfriends. It got demolished, and after some time I decided to bring it back online.

Thanks for doing this. -

Katalyst Oman
Your Deepest Orgasm