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Meeting, by Chance

by Karen Stratford
(November 2001)

There's nothing like a Good Girl gone bad, I know, I've met one.
There was great pleasure at watching her.....the way she moved, so slinkily.
Other things flit into my memory, too, about her. I can
picture her skirt gently folding into the crease of her bum cheeks,
which accentuated their firmness, a tight knit pattern. Then
I remember how her legs were perfectly formed at the calf,
not over-muscular through aerobics training - or should that be
- aerobics straining? Stretched tight on the stiletto heels she wore...
but finally - those fish nets nylons, accentuating her calves,
with an outline of a spider's web just showing through her pants.

Then, as now, I stood there mesmerized, letting the world pass me
by ...totally lost in my vision of lust.. I could almost feel her
body warmth...smell her sweetness. Her shoulders rocking...with
barely a hint of her generous bosom when she moved.
She must have felt my eyes fixed upon her, suddenly she turned
and looked directly at me, engaging my vision. My stare now
transfixed with her own. I smiled and she winked with just a
hint of a eyes moved down taking in her high lights...
mentally undressing her where she stood, both eyes almost devouring her,
letting her know what was on my mind. No doubting what outcome I was promising.
Her long dark hair floated from framing around her face...those parted
ruby red lips slightly parted showing a hint of white
from within...unusual eyes, the colour of grass on a warm spring
hillside. She stood staring back at me...the tight leather skirt
and top suggesting what lay beneath. Long thin arms to match her legs
....... nails long, very long and wicked, and as red as her lips.
Wishing I could experience her charms, even just once...
would have lasted me for a lifetime. The woman was what dreams are made of.
I felt myself stiffen as my mind wondered what she was like in bed
...oh how I wanted to feel her in my arms. I yearned to know her
flavour, desperately wanting to savour the taste of her body fluids.
How hot and how sweet was the essence of her, my
cock palms sweating...I moved across the space towards her.
She stood her ground, brazenly looking down to my I moved
..I knew she wanted me too. There was animal instinct at work,
a sexual chemistry flowing between us. I reached out my hand and
gently touched her cheek with the back of my index finger...
removing a lazy, wayward strand of hair from her eyes. She
looked deep into my eyes, a really deep searching..I too searched.
She put her hand to my chest and slid her fingers
through my shirt..feeling the hair and muscle hiding in there.
I could see her nipples rise through the leather
of her top..breasts growing firm and erect. I took
her hand and led her to the privacy of my apartment.

She followed willingly...blatantly aware of what lay in store.
We just got through the door and could not hold back any longer from
this raging inferno of rampant lustfullness we both felt. I took
hold of the back of her head and pressed my mouth to hers...
my tongue probing ...finding her tongue. Then we tongued with vigour.
Both moved in a synchronised rhythm..tongues dancing..enjoying the excitement.
She slid her hand down my chest and over my now rock hard cock...
pressing her breasts forcibly against me. Making me stop fondling them.
I changed from her mouth area to her neck..behind her ear.
I could taste her sweat..smell the perfume she'd put on earlier
that day. She grabbed at my shirt and tore the buttons
loose...kissing my chest..licking from one nipple to
the other. I pulled the leather top up over her head
and found her tits were really firm, hard and sweet, bouncing freely.
Taking them with both hands, I massaging gently...kissing them,
at first from the centre...then slowly out to the stiffened
ends. Demanding the most of the moment. She unfastened
my belt and pushed my pants to the floor. She knelt..taking
my cockpride into her hands...looking up at me with a sinister
grin...she kissed the head of my cock...moaning as she did so.
I felt a shiver run through my body, triggered by her touch.
Moving her tongue in small flicks just around the ridge....
drooling, she slowly took my length into her mouth, deep throating
me, and she moved down...down...full down. Fingers tickling
and stroking my balls and scrotum, like nobody had done to me before.
I closed my eyes and shuddered...then opened them as
she moved her hands up my thighs to clasp the cheeks
of my arse...squeezing and stroking,as she worked her magic.
I felt rally weak and leaned back against the wall...then slid
down to the floor. She lay back, too, and then I moved to her...
taking off her belt, moving her skirt away. The fish nets were
secured by a garter and she wore no panties. I was thrilled
to see she had shaved her cunt, I love bald pussy. I eat bald pussy.
I fondled her feet, whilst kissing her long sensuous legs.
As I moved closer to her hidden pleasure, I could smell the
fragrance of her passion, she was wet already, even before
any foreplay, she was going to get nasty, no teaser this girl.

Filling me with desire...anticipation, I got my fingers sticky,
and began a light game of finger-dipping, to see if she was a tightfit.
It was easy to see that she was so tight, that she could wank me off,
with her cunt, no need to use hands masturbating me to get the jism flowing.
I ran my hands gently along the length of her legs, shaven, silky, sensuously
moving ever closer...savouring every touch. She was so smooth and soft to the touch.
She spread her legs and seized my head forcing me closer in onto pussy...waiting
to see what I would do in her love-slit. I kissed her on the inner most
thigh just out of reach of her womanly joy. By now I could smell and
taste her sweat...vowing never to forget what it was like, ever...I nudged
my nose to her lips. Slowly probing with my tongue..I
parted her love-canal lips...flicking the labia madly. She jerked and
struggled...arching her back...pushing my head inwards to her crotch if to force it inside. Her over flowing juices mingling
with my saliva. I thust my tongue deep...tasting her essence.
I moved my hands near...helping my advancement...massaging
her clitoris. She let out a scream and stiffened as she wanted to fuck,
I now worked my magic. Her back arched, my head was forced upwards.
She pulled at my hair and growled..."Make me cum, you bastard," her
breathing becoming violently more rapid. She said "I want you....I want you
deep, Shaft me, stop this warm up. Go for gold"
I teased her again, by not doing what she wanted right away...
I smiled, again I worked my tongue...moving from top to bottom...
my cock so hard it hurt. Then I stopped....then,looking into her
rage-filled eyes, I lay on top of her...forcing my mouth to hers...
still full of her sweet juices.. She groaned...I skillfully manoeuvered
my stiffy to her G-spot...around her inner thighs...slowly pressing it deeper
...she clung to me, her nails digging into my back. I moaned as I slid my
shaft deeply in...the sucking, wet, grasping cunt was as firm as any virgin's,
but this was no first time shag, she clutched at me and screamed out loud..

Oh my god! Yes...Yes...Yes..!!!" Give it to me, I want all your spunk, cum
like a fountain, I want to fuck your balls dry" she growled, I love dirty talk,
I shot my load, instantly, almost a gallon it seemed, as I could
hold back no longer. We fucked for quite some time, both of us
still longing for more.

This was pure animal shagging, bold, fierce, physical.
No words of romance, no poetic whisperings, just rumpy pumpy.
After the second cumming, I moved slowly so as to not to withdraw, and so
lose my hardness...not that I would with such a sexy creature as this!
Then she clenched my arms...wild fire in her eyes...spasms twitching her body.
My cock again moved with the will of my existence...and once more
I let myself release my jizm deep up into was though we were preying
upon each another... demanding the sexual release, a satisfaction we both needed.
The rest of that summer came , and went, and with the cool of autumn, she moved on,
with her husband, somewhere down Oxford way. I know not where. She slipped away.
In the words of Edith Piaf - "non, je ne regret rien" - No regrets,
........Karen Stratford.........

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