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by Dave Parker (December 2001)

My wife and I had decided to do our own painting of our new house to save some money. Unfortunately, when the drywall crew was done and the house was ready to paint, it was the middle of a heat wave. Temperatures hovered around 100° with equally high humidity levels. Although there wasn't much physical exertion while painting, we were both drenched with sweat.

My wife, Sue, was painting our daughter's room upstairs, while I was putting a second coat of paint on the kitchen walls. I went upstairs to see how she was doing.

She was bent over, her delicious derrière swaying at me, as she moved the roller back and forth along the bottom of the wall. The old t shirt and cutoff jeans she wore, the standard painting outfit, was soaked with sweat and clung deliciously to her body.

The thin white shirt, almost totally see through, clearly showed her thin lacy bra, itself nearly transparent, and allowed her nipples to show right through, like the winner of a wet t-shirt contest. I just stood there staring at her breasts, as her chest heaved with every breath.

"What are you staring at?" she said, a little tersely, getting tired of the constant heat.

"Your tits", was my reply, never one to mince words.

"It sure is hot, I don't know how much more of this I can take", she said, wiping back a strand of damp brown hair from her face.

"Why don't you paint in the nude?" I asked. "None of the neighbors can see into the room that you’re painting."

"Yea, right" was her reply, "Go finish the kitchen".

I knew full well that she wouldn't strip right then, but I knew from her expression that I had planted a seed that I hoped would sprout before the day’s end.

I went back downstairs to finish painting the kitchen with a large bulge in my shorts. With two small children, it had been difficult to fit sex into our hectic schedules with the frequency I desired, so I'm always on the lookout for opportunities to 'mate with my mate'.

With my mind still on my wife's 36C's upstairs, I tried to continue painting. But while moving the roller up and down the walls, all I could think of was using that roller and painting my wife's gorgeous body. Up and down her asscheecks , back and forth across her tits. That gave me an idea.

I found an extra paint tray and a clean roller. I emptied the jug of ice water we had brought into the paint tray, put the roller into the water, and waited for a while. Sue is a master of the tease, of the seductive smile. She knows how to get me going and keep me waiting like nobody else can. It’s as if she can read my mind. So I really had little doubt that if I went back upstairs, she would be painting in the nude.

I just had to plan what to do. I decided to sneak up and surprise her.
I snuck up the stairs with the paint tray full of water. The radio was playing pretty loud, so she couldn't hear me. As I came up the stairs it was almost as if my cock was straining to get out of my pants and look for itself if she was nude.

I caught a glimpse of her over in the corner and my cock nearly burst right through my shorts, she was buck-ass naked. I slipped into one of the other bedrooms without her noticing, and removed my clothes as quickly as possible.

I picked up the paint tray, and like a diving rod, just followed my cock to her bedroom door. I stood in the door just mesmerized. After twelve years and two kids you think that I would be used to seeing her, but I'm not.

She was standing on her tip-toes, trying to reach the top of the wall by the ceiling. With both hands on the roller high above her head, her position was downright erotic. Her ass sticking out, her tits thrust forward, her head tilted back, and standing on her toes.

I just stood quietly in the doorway. She made two trips back to her paint tray, bending over with her ass wiggling as she got more paint on her roller, and giving me a clear view of her neatly trimmed bush.

When she finally saw me, standing there with a paint tray in hand and my cock pulsating, she said it was about time I had finished with the kitchen, and could I give her a hand with the higher portions of the wall.

"Sure" I said.

I walked up behind her, dipped the roller in the paint tray, and began to paint her back with the ice water. She jumped when the cold water touched her and then slowly relaxed as she continued painting. She turned her head and asked what was in there. I hesitated with my answer because as she turned, I was staring at the most erect nipple I had ever seen. I didn't know whether it was from the cold water or from arousal, and I didn't care. "Just some water" I said, reaching around with the roller to spread some on those breasts I was dying to touch.

Sue dropped the roller and turned toward the wall assuming a spread eagle position. I took that as a hint to continue with the paint job. I soaked the roller and went across the top of her head, allowing in to run down her face. As I applied more, it continued to run down her face, down her neck, down her cleavage, down her stomach, and into her pubic area. She let out a moan and a little shiver as the water found its way onto the sensitive skin of her vaginal lips.

She began a subtle forward rocking of her hips, trying to find something to press into to further the sensation in her loins, but to no avail.
I continued paining her back with the cold water, where it flowed down between her asscheecks and across her anus, and, again to her vaginal area. Now she began rocking her hips forward and backward trying to maximize the sensation of the cold water against the sensitive skin down below. I continued with the roller going lower and her back until I was going back and forth across her ass. "Lower" was all she said, pleading.

As I moved the roller down the back of her legs, she just said "higher". Her cunt was dying for attention. When the roller reached her foot, I brought it up along the inside of her leg. The higher it went, the louder she moaned. I brought it up to within inches of the cunt, pushing against her inner thigh, but I refused to touch her yet. I continued this way for a few more strokes on each leg.

I got down on the floor, between her and the wall, and began to paint her front side with the cold water. With all the attention toward her cunt, she had forgot about her nipples, until the cold water hit them again. Now she was thrusting her chest, trying to get more stimulation, as well as her hips. I moved the roller sideways, slowly, a few times over each nipple, giving them a lengthy, direct stimulation. It caused her to hold her breath and pump her hips at the cock that just wasn't there, yet. I moved back around her, and began the same treatment on her legs that I had done before, up the thigh until she begs, and then back down.

This time, however, I was soaking my right hand in the cold water. When she finally said, "Touch me, damnit", I quickly inserted two fingers of my now cold right hand into her cunt. She began pumping furiously on my fingers.

"Fuck me, fuck me" she cried out. I quickly replaced my fingers with my cock, as I stood behind her, still spread eagle against the wall. My hands flew around to her tits, as I pinched and rolled her nipples, and alternately, reached down to massage her clit. I kept pumping furiously to match her tempo and was squeezing my asscheeks as tight as I could to keep from dumping my load too soon.

Finally, after she kept taking in breaths, but not breathing out, she let out a scream and at the same time I shot my load. The two of us writhing in orgasmic bliss. We laid out a drop cloth on the floor and fell asleep for about and hour. I was awaken up by the feeling of cold water from a paint roller as it was moving up my leg.

This time she gave me a 'paint job' and after we got home, while the neighbors were watching the kids for the night, we did it twice more. There's something to be said for pent up sexual energy.

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