Saturday, August 08, 2009

Oriental Secretary

by Andrew Page (December 2001)

I had just finished business school and taken a job for a small dot com in San Jose. It required me moving across the country from Columbia, but I didn't have any objection to that. As I was considering offers, my then-girlfriend, Jenn, told me she was sleeping with someone else. We broke up, and it wasn't much to get me as far away from New York City as possible.

I moved and started my new job, which is fantastic. I'm responsible for coordinating strategic alliances for our small B to B company. I have a staff of five working for me, and it's long hours. But the pay, and the benefits, are beyond compare. The one drawback to moving was not knowing anyone. And since Jenn and I broke up, I hadn't seen anyone else.

To say that I was slightly horny would be an understatement. One Friday, Brenda, my secretary, asked if I wanted to join her for a drink after work. I'd always flirted with her, thinking it harmless. Around five foot three, oriental, with long jet-black hair and dark eyes, and a very firm and trim body, Brenda is often commenting how much time she spends at the gym. I looked at her; she was wearing a short black skirt and a billowing cream blouse. I agreed immediately. An evening having drinks with her would be a whole lot better than another evening at home alone. We left work and decided to grab some food. Brenda knew a great Chinese place up in Chinatown in the City, so off we went. I was very surprised when, upon arriving at the restaurant, she greeted the employees in fluent Chinese.

She noticed my shock and explained that the restaurant was owned by her family. The meal was incredible. I love Chinese food, but this was absolutely amazing. I don't even know what I ate; I left all the ordering up to Brenda. We started with dumplings and soup and then finished with rice and a dish of braised meats and vegetables. I guess it helps when you know the owners. We finished and decided to walk around Chinatown together. It was a languid stroll, with a slow pace, so we could talk quietly with each other.

Soon, though, we were standing in front of a large red door leading inside an apartment building. The building was only three or four stories tall. "Well," Brenda asked, "do you want to come in?" I couldn't really believe what I'd just heard. "You live here?" I responded, nodding at the building. She took me by the hand, opened the door and led me inside. It was dimly-lit, giving the entryway an air of mystery. We walked up two flights of stairs, arriving at another door, this one painted a dark lacquered green. Brenda took out her keys, quickly unlocked the door, and pulled me into her apartment.

Turning the lights on, my eyes were greeted by a wealth of colors: golds, reds and silvers. Black furniture with silk coverings. An elaborately-patterned silk rug on the floor. It conveyed an image of eastern luxury and decadence. Brenda walked into the kitchen and returned with a pair of glasses of wine. We drank as she led me through on the guided tour of her apartment. A lot of the décor turned out to be family heirlooms that had been in her family for hundreds of years. Then we got to the bedroom. There was a double bed, dressed in pure white silk.

She sat down on the edge and pulled me on top of her. Our lips met, and her tongue immediately darted into my mouth, probing it needingly. I reached up to feel her breasts. I couldn't believe it: my tongue was in Brenda's mouth and my hands were all over her beautiful tits! I pushed my hips into hers, and she ground her small waist back against me. We explored each other with our hands before I slid off her body and started unbuttoning her blouse. Off it came, quickly followed by her bra.

Then I turned her over and unzipped her skirt. It, along with her hose, was rapidly removed and sitting on the floor. She was entirely naked. She was naked, and wet. She spread her legs and I could see the moisture between her legs, clinging to the dark hair of her pussy. I leaned over, kissing her firm stomach, finding a path downward to her inner thighs and her pussy. It was absolutely dripping. I kissed her flower delicately, savoring the flavor of her excitement. She tasted wonderful. Keeping my face firmly planted againt her cunt, I knelt down onto the floor. She was moaning and I started really licking and tonguing her pussy in earnest.

I lapped her opening from stem to stern, pushing my mouth hard against her clit. Then, suddenly, she started bucking her hips against my mouth, crying softly to herself as she came. After Brenda's orgasm subsided, she pulled me up off my knees. I quickly shed my clothes, my suit and tie joining her skirt and blouse on the floor. Then I was on the bed, lying on my back. She straddled my head, holding her pussy right above my mouth as she sucked my cock into her tiny mouth. I licked and sucked at her cunt lips before biting on her clit. She responded to the aggressive nature of my play, moaning and taking my cock as far into her mouth as she could. I knew I had to have her.

I rolled Brenda onto her back and positioned myself between her legs. Holding my cock, I placed it at the entrance to her wet hole. Then, with one deliciously long slow thrust, I slid all the way into her. Wrapping her legs around me, she ground her clit up against the base of my penis. I pumped her hard with long strokes. In and out I pounded, reaching around to grab the flesh of her ass to pull her harder against me. When my finger touched her asshole, she went wild. Moaning and grunting, she rocked her hips so that my fingers were directly on the entrance to her ass. I pushed a finger in and she immediately came, her pussy clenching down like a vise on my shaft.

I knew that I was going to come soon, so I pulled out for a quick breather. I urged her over onto all fours. I knelt behind her, looking at her inviting pussy lips. They were naturally open and glistening with moisture. I placed the head of my shaft against those wet lips and slipped in easily. Deep inside her, I pumped her over and over again. Then, leaning over and putting my weight on her, I reached around to take hold of her breasts. I pinched the nipples firmly before pushing down with my hips and collapsing her onto the bed. I reached up, taking her forearms and held them above her head, pinning them down against the silk sheet. She couldn't move. I was fucking her hard from behind while holding her arms still and she was going crazy. She loved being dominated, being possessed by a man.

The scent of out sweat and sex filled the room. I pounded into her with long urgent thrusts, and both of us were groaning loudly. I though we were going to break the bed or, at least, disturb the neighbors.

She came again, thrashing up against my body. I pulled out of her again, grabbing her narrow waist. With some persuasion, she got back up onto her hands and knees.

I reached out to her pussy and rubbed her sex juices all in and around her back door. She sighed with anticipation as I touched and massaged her ass. Readying herself, she arched her back, presenting that other entrance to my rock-hard cock. I pushed up against her, the head slowly penetrating her tight hole.

She grunted, bearing down against my weight, straining to allow my cock into her. The tip slid in and she started bucking against me, panting and moaning. I reached over, held her hips still, and slowly slid in until I was buried to the hilt. I started pumping slowly, getting used to the sensation.

Then I reached around to play with her clit. Brenda was practically screaming with pleasure. She was moaning and crying to herself, telling me to fuck her hard, to fill her with come. I started really thrusting into her with hard and insistent stroked. She cried that she was coming again, and I joined her. It was like an explosion between my legs, a geyser of cum erupting from my cock to fill the dark depths of her ass. I withdrew and we lay there still, trying to collect our thoughts and our breath. Then we fell asleep.

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