Monday, August 03, 2009


by Andrew Page (November 2001)

It was late Friday afternoon. Andrew was ready to leave the office.
He wondered if Natasha, his secretary of six months, had left yet. Probably
not. In the time she'd been here, she'd worked more overtime than any of his
employees. He didn't have anyone to go home to and maybe she'd like to go
for a drink.

He stepped into the outer office. Tasha was putting away some files. He
admired her slender figure and the outfit she'd decided to wear for casual
Friday, a slinky black skirt that stopped above her knees, a leopard print
shirt and a sleek black leather jacket. Those long legs were clad in lace
top stockings and a pair of high heels. Andrew swallowed and reminded
himself to breathe. At 25, he was sure of himself, but when it came to

"Tasha" he said.
She turned around. "Yes, sir?" Then she noticed his briefcase and
glanced at her watch. "I didn't realize it was already time to go. Let me
finish here and I'll be out". "There's no hurry, Tasha" Andrew said. He
smiled at her and Tasha felt her knees go slightly weak. She'd already
admired her handsome boss, but she figured at 23, she was no more than his
Andrew put down his briefcase and stepped toward her. "Tasha" he
whispered. "Let me do something I've been dreaming of for the past six
months. " He placed his hands on her shoulders and turned her to face him.
Tasha swallowed hard and dropped her eyes. "No, don't, Raise those pretty
blue eyes and look at me." Tasha slowly lifted her lids. Andrew was looking
at her with undisguised passion.

Then he leaned forward and kissed her. Tasha closed her eyes and sighed
into his mouth. He pushed his tongue into her mouth and twined it with hers.
She clung to him. He lifted her up and sat her on the edge of her desk. Then
he reached his hand under her skirt, finding the tops of her stockings. He
brushed his fingertips over her silk covered pussy, revelling in the
dampness he felt.

Andrew was close to losing his control. He never expected Tasha to be so
physically responsive, as she reached down and stroked the bulge in the
front of his trousers with her fingers. "Mmmm, Sir" she sighed. "Your cock
is so hard. It's just begging to be sucked". "Call me Andrew" he said
hoarsely, as he eased her jacket off her shoulders and unbuttoned the
leopard print shirt. He reached for the front opening clasp of her bra. Her
firm tits fell out, the nipples hard and erect. Andrew kept one hand on her
pussy and began sucking her nipples. She moaned and began tugging at the
waistband of his trousers.
Soon, she had him down to his boxers and with a low growl, he bit
her nipple and ripped off her panties, then thrust two fingers into her
dripping pussy. "Oh yes, finger fuck my cunt, Andrew!" Tasha cried in
ecstasy. **** shoved a third finger in. "God Tasha, your cunt is so tight,
hot and wet." He withdrew his fingers and licked the juices off his fingers.
The sight of that caused her to get off the desk and jerk his boxers down to
his ankles. She took his hard, hot, pulsating cock in her hand, admiring it,
then she took it deeply in her mouth.
Andrew groaned deep in his throat, grabbing her by the hair and
pushing her face into his groin. "Yesssss, oh, God, yes, Tasha. Suck my
cock. Ohhhhh yes." Tasha was thoroughly enjoying herself. She cradled his
balls in one hand, feeling them start to tighten and knew he was going to
cum in her mouth very soon and she knew she was going to swallow it. "Ohhhh
shit, I'm cummmmmmming!!!" Andrew shouted and shot stream after stream of
hot, salty spunk in her mouth. She gulped it eagerly.

Then she stood up and pulled her skirt up to her waist. She spread
her legs and smiled at him. "Come on, baby," she cooed. "Take that big hard
cock and put it in my cunt. Fuck me deep and hard with that gorgeous cock."
Andrew didn't need to be asked twice. He stepped between her legs and thrust
his cock into her waiting hole. Tasha moaned aloud and then leant back
against the desk as Andrew began pumping his hips into hers. He put his
hands on her hips and ground them into his."Oh God, Andrew!!, Fuck me !!!,
Fuck me hard !!!, Make me cum !!!". "Yes. Oh God yes, Tasha !!!".

He pumped his cock into her harder and faster. She was meeting him
thrust for thrust. Andrew groaned, "Oh God, Tasha. You are so beautiful.
Come on baby, fuck me back. Squeeze that tight little cunt around my cock
!!. You are so fucking hot, I love fucking you !!"

"I'm going to cum !!!" Tasha cried, pumping her hips against his.
"Come on, baby. Cum for me," Andrew hissed between his teeth. " Cum all
over my cock !!." Tasha came and came again. She was having multiple
orgasms. Andrew couldn't believe his luck. Then he felt his balls beginning
to tighten again. This time, he knew he was going to spunk in her sweet
little pussy. "Oh baby, I'm going to cum," he gasped. "Cum Chris !!! Cum in
my hot little cunt !!!!" Tasha yelled.

Pumping his hips into hers like a madman, he erupted in Tasha's tight
cunt, causing her to cum again, as she felt his hot spunk spraying the walls
of her pussy. Then he collapsed against her, both of them sweating, on the
desk. "That was wonderful boss" Tasha sighed, pushing her sweat soaked curls
off her face, then snuggling against him. "I agree with you Tasha. But let
me tell you something, my sweet little secretary. I have a new project for
you and it's going to take lots and lots of overtime!"

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