Saturday, August 01, 2009

Viva-Ponata: Ray

One of my new diversions is Viva-Ponata. If you have not heard of it, you can check it out at the following link: If you use the link, I get credit for the referral (if you reach Level 5), and I get 25 diamonds (which is a type of currency in the game). Anyway, it makes me happy.

The game is a sort of a sexual simulation game, and in order to make a little more cash, I am whoring. There is a lot of ass on the site, and to turn more tricks and stand out a bit, I will write about the various johns from the game. Yeah, I know most johns want their anonymity. But every once in a while, a john will want to roar, "I fucked the crap out of this whore."

This is one of those stories; This story is for Stiff one, but I am going to change his name slightly, to Stiff One. It looks more like a proper noun, though when he uses my services, I use the name with the lowercase "o". Enjoy."

To earn a little extra money, Leesa was dancing at Purples. In walks Ray, tipping the woman seating him so that he could have a table near the action. Leesa was finishing up her number, having already lost her skimpy costume and dancing in a G-string and a smile. Sweat was dripping from her brow, and she was gathering some stray bills that were jarred loose during her athletic and artistic routine. She was looking forward to twenty minutes of rest, when someone whispered in her ear that Ray wanted a lap dance.

Leesa dumped her cash in her drop box and the parts of her costume in her dressing room before returning to the floor. She knew she looked a bit dreadful, sweat taking the volume out of her hair, with little make-up besides some left over glitter and fresh lipstick. She took Ray's money, placed it in her G-string, and started dancing around him. She gave him some pelvic thrusts, her crotch dancing over his bulging pants. Leesa danced provocatively for Ray, but because of the establishment rules, her G-string was to remain on at all times.

Then Ray smiled, walked over to a burley bouncer, and gave him some money. He returned to his seat, and by then the next performer was on stage. As she performed, Ray was continuing to get his private dance from Leesa.

"Take off your G-string," Ray said over the blaring music.

"Can't, Leesa offered in response, "house rules."

"I think you can," Ray said, though Leesa read his lips more than heard his words.

She looked over at the bouncer, and he nodded approvingly at Leesa. She slipped off her G-string, revealing her natural pussy, trimmed slightly but still a bit bushy. She knew it was not the cleanest look, but she hated shaving herself down there.

Leesa did a few more thrusts, and then sat on Ray's lap, her sweaty and naked body resting on his pants. She could feel his cock under his clothes, her pussy grinding into him.

Leesa looked around and most of the audience was still looking at the dancer onstage. A couple of guys were looking between her show and the stage show, spending more time looking at the stage show.

Leesa dry-humped Ray's bulge again and again, and there was a mixture of sweat and the slightest bit of cum that she now had. She was lost in the moment, and continued to dry fuck Ray. Again and again, until she had what she would later swear was an orgasm brought on by mere suggestion.

She looked around afterwards, and many eyes were staring back. She grabbed her G-string and the cash and made a dash to the dressing room. This was so embarrassing.

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