Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fun in a Mall Dressing Room

This story was sent to me from tangentviper (FC) [84086], a player in Viva-Ponata (see the side bar for more information on the game).

After a few days of our constant love making, I see you searching for clothes online, and realising I'm keep you a virtual prisoner, I suggest "Lets eat out, and do some shopping at the Mall!!" Your eager and we drive uptown.

Once at the Mall, you pass lots of shops and buy you a new wardrobe, but one shop we pass catches my eye, Simone Perele, "We havent bought you any lingerie yet, you should wear only the best".

The shop is quiet, just one assistant acknowledges us as we browse, you select a few basque outfits, red, black and white, I dont know which colour suits you best, so you have to try them on. We head to the changing rooms, simple cloth curtains around the side of the sales desk. The assistant is busy with some paper work so you just head on in, I stand outside, my mind wandering thinking of the bath we should share this evening, and the fun we can have in it.

Then I hear a noise, and you put your head around an edge of the curtain. "This is the red one" you say as you whisk open the curtain revailing your majesty, stocking to mid thigh and suspender belt, a red thong underneath and a generous lacy red bra, with your feet together you twirl around to face away from me, twisting your waist back to see me, your pert ass is framed beautifully with a red line parting your curvy cheeks, "good, but not good enough for you" I say, "how about the black one?" I add.

You smile that wicked smile, and close the curtain again.

It isnt long before you "Pssst!" again and once I'm fully attentive the curtain is raised again, this time a White basque with long suspenders leading to high cut stockings and a white lacy brazilian brief. "This is so much more sexier, dont you think?" You bend one leg infront of the other and lift your toes, I instictively step forwards a little without realising it. Your beckoning me with your toe and foot. Adjusting myself you stop and turn around slowly, stepping in to the small cubicle then spreading your legs and bending forwards, hands resting on a hanging rail in front of you.

You turn your head to me, and as we make eye contact you say, "these briefs are cut really high!!" with that vixen look I'm becoming very used too. I step forwards, but quickly you turn, close the curtain and block my path, "one more to try" you exclaim.

"Hot in here isnt it!" i say to the assistant casually looking at me, with a venomous smile as I open my collar and undo my tie.

I step a little back, to maintain at least a pretense of calmness.

I'm staring at the curtain, willing it open, when you swoosh it aside and reveal a stunning sight, stocking in black to mid thigh, with pink on black detail in lace and silk threaded through, the suspender at your waist the same black with pink details with clasps in front and back, the knickers are the same brazilian type, the bra is well shaped and holds your ample breasts well, but allowing more cleavage than the previous sets, the reddish pink of your aereole showing just above, they are a matching black lace, with see through sections and pink detailing, with silk threaded through the cup edges.

A wicked grin appears on my face, as you turn again, this time to your side and out your hands on the large mirror within the cubicle, looking at me you whisper "cat got your tongue? close the damn curtain quickly and feel this material".

I glance at the assistant, but shes gone, so I cant get in quick enough, closing the curtain I face the mirror and your back as your spreading your legs. I stroke my hands up your thighs, feeling the exquisite fabric and your skin beneath, I bend and kiss your ass cheeks, biting into one, you "Yelp" a little and add "Get your cock out and get a move on!"

I drop my trousers and shorts, and hit yout ass with my hard cock as it jumps out, I pull down the knickers enough to gain access, and can smell your sex already, and see the damp patches on the gusset, I wack you pussy once with my cock and then slowly enter your slipper pussy. Your tightness surprises me everytime, but I move my hands over your back feeling the suspender belt and your sooth creamy skin, then reaching around I cup your encase tits, squeezing them, but not releasing them yet, then one hand I move to your shoulder to pull you back, even though your pushing back iwth all your strength already, the other hand is under you caressing and squeezing your stomach and above your pussy, we keep this up for just a few minutes when I cant hold on, both hands on your waist I pull you back and hold you, cumming within your tight confines, realising your near i pull out.

As we try to get our breath back, i sit you down on the simple bench, kneel between your thighs I begin to drink from your pussy my cum and your juices, frantic to bring you off and quickly, then behind us we hear "dont rush on my account" the shop assistant makes me jump as your breathing increases, I slow a little and begin to massage your clit with fingers and tongue as you put untold pressure on the back of my head to make you cum. You make your gasping sounds, getting louder until your body shivers under me, your scrunch your stomach up and pull a grimace as you climax. My face wet and shiny I plant small kisses on your light hairs up to your stomach and belly button...i guess we have to buy all three sets now.

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