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The Tutor

by Joey Blaine
(November 2001)

I usually get home from school after basketball practice, but today it
had been cancelled, so I got to the house before my younger sister
Sheila. I'm 18, a senior, and she's 16 and a sophmore. I went upstairs
to take a shower, and was drying off when I heard her come in. I yelled
down to her so she wouldn't think I was a prowler.

"Hi, sis, it's just me."

She didn't answer, but I could hear her coming up the stairs, so I
wrapped the towel around my waist and headed for my bedroom to get dressed. We passed each otehr in the hallway and I could see she had been crying.
"Sheila, what's wrong? Is everything okay?"
"Oh, it's - I mean - well, it's kind of embarrassing," she said,
"Don't be silly," I said. "Who would you rather ask, me or Mom?" Our
mother was a good woman, having brought us up after Dad left, but she was a little old fashioned, especially about sex, which I suspected was the problem here.
"Well, I've been going out with Billy, and today he broke up with me
because I won't, well, you know, do it."
"Well, that's okay," I said. "You don't have to put out to keep a
boyfriend." She was very pretty, and had a great body, although she
tended to hide it under baggy clothes, thanks to Mom.
"That's not it," she said. "I want to. I just don't have a clue what I'm
supposed to do. I don't want to look like an idiot." And with that she
burst into tears again.
"Hey, it's okay," I said, pulling her toward me and putting my arms
around her shoulders. She put her head on my chest and cried for a
minute or two. "Thanks," she said. "You probably think I'm a jerk,
"No," I said. "I didn't have anyone to help me with this stuff, and I
felt like an idiot my first time."
"You've done it?" she asked.
"Last summer, at the lake. With Donna Hanson."
She put her hands on my chest again. "Joey, could you help me out here?"
she said. "I can't ask Mom, and I don't want my friends to know what a little kid I am."
"Well, okay," I said, a bit nervous, "what do you want to know?" I was
still wearing nothing but a towel, and was starting to get a little
hard, to tell the truth.
"C'mon," she said, and led me into her bedroom. We sat on the bed, and I squirmed around a bit to hide what was becoming more and more obvious.
"Okay," she said. "Kissing. It seems to get you guys all hot, but I just
don't understand how pushing your lips against somebody else's is so
"Sounds like you're doing it wrong, then," I said. "Kissing is a real
"Well, how am I supposed to do it?"
"Gently, at first, so your lips work together with his."
"Show me," she said, and before I knew what was happening she was
kissing me. I pulled away.
"Hey, sis."
"Oh, come on," she said. "It's no big deal, and you said you'd help."
"Okay," I said, still squirming. "But gently." I took her face in my
hands and slowly pulled it to mine, until our lips were just brushing. I
tilted my head a little and started to kiss her. After a minute she put
her arms around me. I pulled back. "See? Gentle, work together."
"Oh, wow! Do it again."
I kissed her again, keeping my lips closed. Neither one of us broke off.
After a minute I let my lips part. She pulled back. "What are you
doing?" she asked.
"That's how adults kiss," I said. "It feels better."

"Okay. Let's try it." She kissed me this time, but let me take the lead.
I opened my lips and rubbed the back of her neck, shifting my body
toward hers, still aware of my erection but a little less concerned
about her noticing it. We must have kissed each other for fifteen or
twenty minutes.
"Okay," she said. "I think I have the hang of it now."
"Well," I said, "there's more. French kissing."
"What's that?"
"With your mouth open, you use your tongue."
"I wan to try that, but let me change first." She took off her sweater
and blouse, under which she was wearing a cropped jersey that ended just below her breasts. She was wearing a skirt, which had ridden up over her thighs on the bed.

"Okay," she said, and sat down next to me again.
"This one," I said, "we do lying down." She put her head on the pillow
and I lay down next to her. "More comfortable," I said, "and most guys like to lie down anyway."
I kissed her again, parting her lips, then gently probing her open mouth with my tongue. At first she was a little shy, but quickly got the hang of it. "Oh, that feels great," she said, after we stopped. "Joey, am I a good kisser?"

"You are now," I said. "All it takes is practice."
"One more," she said, and pulled me back toward her. My arm was across her chest, and I could feel the heat of her breasts against me. Our thighs were touching, and I was practically falling out of the towel.
The kiss lasted a long time.

"I feel all tingly," she said, when we finally stopped. "Is that
supposed to happen?"
"Yeah, it means you're enjoying it."
"And some other things are happening."
"Like what?"
"My, my nipples," she said, blushing. "They're really sensitive and
I glanced at her jersey. Her nipples were clearly standing out.
"That's a sign of sexual excitement," I said. "It's normal."
"Does it happen to you too?"
"Well, yeah, but not so much to guys. See?"
She looked at my bare chest. My nipples were hard, but obviously nothing like hers.
"So you're not excited?"
"Yes, I am, but guys show their excitement in other ways."
"Well," I said, "our penises get really hard, like your nipples." Now I
was blushing.
"Is yours?"
"Ah, yes."
She looked down at my crotch, where the towel was doing a very poor job of hiding my hard-on. "Can I see it?"
"Sis!" I said. "You're my sister!"
"Joey, come on! Who am I gonna ask?" She grabbed the towel and lifted it before I could stop her, and to be honest I didn't want to stop her. My seven inches of hard cock stood revealed. "Oh, wow! Can I touch it?"
I lay down on my back and let her play with my cock. She had no idea
what she was doing to me, and every now and then I had to tell her not to do this or that. She stroked me, held my balls, rubbed me, and
fondled me. Finally she broke away. "Is that what you put in a girl's,
you know, vagina?" she said.
"My nipples are really sensitive. And my vagina is all wet."

I took a deep breath. "Sheila," I said. "Take off the jersey."
She looked at me for a second, then pulled the jersey over her head. Her breasts were full and firm, her nipples dark red and taut.
"Now lie back." She did. I leaned over, cupping one of her boobs,
squeezing it gently, pinching the nipple. "How does that feel?"
She closed her eyes. "Fabulous!"
I lowered my head to her nipple and took it into my mouth, pulling on it with my lips, sucking, gently biting her, while working at her other
breast with my hand. "Oh, God, that's good!" she moaned. "Don't stop."
She put her hands on my head and held me in position.
After a few moments I let my hand run down her stomach over her skirt. I reached under it and rubbed her thighs, going slowly higher till I came to her panties, which were sopping wet. I began stroking her pussy through the cotton fabric.

"Sheila, I want you to take off the skirt and panties," I said. Without
getting up, she slid them down and kicked them away.
"Now, let me look at you," I said. My eyes followed my hand as it ran
down her body, over her hips to her full bush. "You weren't kidding -
you are wet," I said. "Open your legs and let me see your pussy."
She did as I asked. "Sis, you are gorgeous. Turn over - I want to see
your ass."
She flipped over. Her cheeks were full and pert and very tempting. I
cupped them, then bent down and kissed her, working my way up her back.
"You wanted a lesson," I said, "and you're going to get one. Turn over again."

She lay on her back. "Now spread your legs."
I got into position between her thighs, and placed my throbbing cock at the entrance to her sopping pussy. "This might hurt a little," I said.
"Let's take it real slow." She held her lips apart and I entered her,
slowly, going in and out, a little deeper each time, till her cunt
muscles had settled around my cock.

"Oh, that feels wonderful," she said. "It doesn't hurt at all." She put
her hands on my ass and pulled me into her. "Oh, Joey, yes, oh, yes, do it do it do it do it!" she yelled, and I could feel her pussy start to
contract and I knew she was cumming. She bucked and spasmed and yelled some more, then lay still. "Oh, my God," she said. "I can't believe how good that was."

"There's more," I said. "I didn't cum yet." And I started to pump into
her, harder this time, till I could feel the orgasm start deep in my
balls, and the head of my cock started to twitch, and I shot my load
into her just as she started to cum again.
We both fell back on the bed, sweaty and spent, smelling of cum and sex.

I put my hand on her breast again, and kissed her gently on the lips.
"Well, what do you think?"
"Oh, man! Can we do this again?"
"Any time you want."
"How about every day?"
"How about later tonight?" I countered. "After Mom goes to sleep I'll
sneak in here."
"I promise. And maybe tonight we'll have another lesson, on oral sex."
"My tutor," she said, laughing, and grabbed my cock. "How about if you go over what I just learned one more time."

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