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Once upon a neighborhood - Chapter One

Written by Humbert (July 2000)

Valerie Fox was sitting with her friends Andrea and LeeAnne in a quiet corner of the library during their study hall period.
The three of them were attending the Academy of the Little Flower, a Catholic school for girls grades seven through twelve. Valerie enjoyed the extra time and used it for doing her homework while the other two girls just gossipped or read magazines.
"Look at this mag I snatched from my mom's nightstand." Andrea giggled.
"It's like Cosmo, only it's in French."
She had cleverly disguised the magazine with a book cover so Sister Eileen wouldn't catch them. LeeAnne grabbed it from Andrea's hands.
"Let me see that." she whispered as she scanned the table of contents. "Hmmm, let's see. 'Swallowing and Breast Size: Is There a Connection?' page twenty-one. Hmph. Oh, here's a good one: 'Sex Secrets of Prostitutes, How To Please A Man Without Removing Your Pants.' Page Forty-four."

She quickly turned the page. As LeeAnne read, she started to giggle. "Listen to this: 'A man doesn't care about breast size, as long as they are presented well, a well-fitting brassiere that lifts the breats and shows off the fullness above the cups will heighten a man's interest in you.
A lot of women choose a color that contrasts with their skin tone, or one that highlights their hair, eyes, or some other feature, but the majority of men are still turned on by the old standby, white. While lace is prettier, satin is the prefered choice because it is smoother' It goes on to say that experienced women know that a man is turned on by what he sees and use this visual effect to bring him close to orgasm by rubbing their lover's penis over their chest and belly."
"Could be," whispered Andrea.
"When I was with Bobby Stetson last week, as soon as I took off my shirt he squirted all over me."
"What was it like?" asked LeeAnne.
"He was pretty embarrassed, but it felt kinda neat! I liked that warm goo all over me. As I was rubbing it into my belly, he got really excited and he squirted again! I guess that's the trouble with young boys, they can't control themselves."
"Oh well," sighed LeeAnne.
"I guess this was written for use on older men. Listen: 'When you see that your lover is as excited as he is going to get, slowly remove your brassiere, oil up your breasts and squeeze them together to form a tunnel for his penis.
Then, slide your body up and down. When the head gets near your mouth, give it a little lick, This will give him the impression he is going to get a blow-job. There is nothing a man enjoys more than the sight of his penis near your mouth. A few minutes of this will reward you with a chest full of his ejaculate and you won't have to worry about pregnancy or disease'.
Hmmm. 'Women with sensitive nipples report that the sensation of warm ejaculate on them causes involuntary vaginal contractions and heightened arousal'. Interesting." Andrea grabbed the magazine and began reading.
"It says here that this one whore uses this method exclusively and charges 1000 francs for the privilege. Wow! I guess men really do like this! Is that a lot?"
She had visions of paying her way through college. "I think it's a couple hundred dollars." said LeeAnne Valerie had her nose in her book and appeared to be ignoring the other two.
Actually, she had been hanging on every word! She had wanted so badly to learn about sex and pleasing men. She even had a man in mind. He was an older man too! "Hey Valerie, how's the studyin'?" giggled Andrea.
"I can't believe you guys." she scoffed.
"And I can't believe women actually believe that crap. Is sex the only thing you guys think about?"
"Sex is power." Andrea replied evenly. Geez, that girl is going to fuck her way right to the top, thought Valerie, putting her nose back into her book. She wasn't putting any thoughts into her studies now. Her mind was racing along. She thought of her breasts. Like most girls, she thought her breasts were too small. Not understanding relative size, she thought her litlle, 30C boobies weren't as appealing to men as LeeAnne's 34A's. She was wrong.
She thought about her bras. The bras her mom made her wear weren't anything to be confused with sexy.
They covered her entirely and had an ugly seam across the front. Her mom had explained that the white blouse of her uniform let people see her bra and she didn't want men staring at her little girl. Like other little girls, the object of Valerie's desire was a much older man, her neighbor, Stuart Spence. She had lived 4 houses down from him since she was born and knew him very well. She was friends with his youngest son.

She could just barely remember the funeral when Stuart's wife had died. She like Stuart a lot. He was very smart and always ready with something funny to say. He had always been able to make her smile and was the kindest man she knew. She frequently asked him for advice and he never failed to surprise her with his knowledge of almost everything. Stuart was like a father to her. He was always there for Christmases and birthdays.

He taught her to ride a bike and to swim. Valerie frequently helped him work on a boat he was building in his backyard. He called her 'mon petite angel.' At four feet eleven inches, and ninety-four pounds, the name fit Valerie perfectly. Some things about Stuart made Valerie wonder.

He had plenty of money, yet he had no job. The rumor in the neighborhood was that hes an ex porn star, and was quite 'gifted.' Her mom was a frequent visitor at Stuart's house (as was Andrea's mom), and she wondered about that sometimes, but whenever she saw them together, they acted more like brother and sister. Valerie's thoughts drifted to the carnal. Although Stuart was two years younger than her own mom, she considered him to be 'old' at thirty-five.

He didn't have a rippling body or anything like that, he was just in good shape and very handsome. She imagined herself on her knees in front of him, his come raining on her like a shower.
The warmth of his goo on her nipples . . . "Earth to Valerie, earth to Valerie." said LeeAnne "Huh?"
"Um, you haven't turned a page in the last five minutes. Something on your mind?" "Oh shut up! We're supposed to be studying" Valerie's cheeks flushed red. She started to formulate a plan.
"Listen, I won't be walking home with you guys today, I gotta run some errands."
Valerie took the bus to the mall and headed straight to the fancy lingerie store.
Standing among the rows and rows of merchandise, she was feeling overwhelmed and a little unsure of herself.
"May I help you, miss?" inquired the salesgirl, a stunning beauty of about twenty-one with apparently huge breasts.
"I'm looking for a bra." she replied, trying to sound older. "What kind?"
"It should be low-cut and smooth fabric. I need a 30C."
"Thirty-two is the smallest we carry. I'm sorry."
Valerie felt that the clerk was mocking her for her small breasts. "That's what I meant, 32C."
"Right this way" Valerie was amazed by the variety. The fourth bra she looked at seemed about right. The cups were smooth and seamless, and small enough to reveal not only the tops of her brests, but the sides and the valley between them also. It came in many colors but she decided that the bright white one would contrast with her dark tan best.

When she tried it on in the dressing room the material almost glowed against her skin. The cups fit perfectly too, but the strap was too loose in back. What the heck, she thought, I can fix that! Valerie hurried home. Her mother would be home at 5:30 today, so she had to work fast.

She practically ran to the sewing room. Once there she took her bra out of the bag and proceeded to do the necessary alteration to make it fit perfectly. She didn't want to look like a lttle kid in a grownup's bra. When she finished, she quickly tried it on. Valerie didn't need any support, and the material was too shear to provide much anyway. She stared at herself in the mirror.

She thought she looked pretty good! She put her tiny hands on her waist and slowly drew them up until she was cradling her breasts. The sight of herself sent a chill through her body. As the chill reached her nipples, they poked out throught the soft, shiny fabric. She turned to the side and noticed that her nipples were about the size of her little fingertips.

She rolled them between her thumbs and forefingers and reveled in the feelings it caused deep within her. All of a sudden she felt a wetness between her thighs. Not being experienced at what was happening, she thought something might be wrong with her. She felt a strange longing inside, as if her body needed something. She had felt this way before, but it had never been this intense. She decided to take a shower to wash herself off. As she stood in front of the mirror undressing, her thoughts again turned to Stuart Spence. She imagined herself undressing for him.

She turned the water way down and adjusted it to hit her chest when she reclined in the tub. She imagined the warm water was Stuart's juices washing over her. Slowly she started to caress her breasts. Again, she rolled her bullet-size nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

This time she felt a slight pulsing in her vagina. She put one hand on it and noticed that her lips were engorged and puffy. She started to pet herself. The sensation caused by her petting caused a soft moan to escape her throat. She quickly discovered a little button just above her vagina that seemed to be the most sensitive spot. She touched it with her finger and was practically jolted by the sensation! She felt more juices escaping from her vagina. She wetted her finger and slowly circled it on this wonderful spot.

Her breathing was becoming rapid and her hips started to move of their own accord. She closed her eyes and and enjoyed the sensations she was feeling, they seemed to be building towards something . . . . That's when Valerie heard the front door.
"Damn! Is it 5:30 already?" she cursed.
She quickly got out of the shower and started to dry herself off.
She was trembling now. Not just because she had almost gotten caught doing something 'dirty,' but because she hadn't gotten 'there' yet.
She wasn't sure where 'there' was, but her body was telling her there had to be something more to this.
Well, I'll find out tomorrow. She smiled.
"Hi mom," she called out from the shower. "How was your day?"
"Fine, honey. Did you learn anything today?"
"Plenty mom. And I'm gonna learn more tomorrow." That's what Patricia Fox liked to hear, even if she had no idea what her daughter was talking about. The next day Valerie dressed for school.

She put her new bra on and covered it with a t-shirt so that no one would notice it. She spent the day in a trance.
All she could concentrate on was the signals her body sent her yesterday, and what she was going to do about them. In Study Hall, LeeAnne and Andrea were commenting about the way she was acting.
"Hey, space cadet, what's wrong?" whispered LeeAnne. "Yeah, you're acting pretty weird today." added Andrea. 'I just got a lot on my mind," replied Valerie. "would you guys mind going home without me today? I got a stop to make."
"Sure." they replied in unison.

After school, Valerie headed straight for Stuart's house. Her mom would be gone until 6:30 tonight. She figured three hours would be enough time. She got to Stuart's house and heard him playing his guitar out in the garage like he did almost every day after school.

Valerie waited for Stuart to finish the song he was playing and knocked on the garage door quietly. He came around the side and greeted her with his usual smile. "Ah, mon peteite angel! Bon Jour!." said Stuart.
"HI Stuart." she replied in what she hoped was a not-too-eager voice.
"may I come in?"
"Why, sure, honey. What's on your mind?" he asked as she entered and he closed the door behind them.
It had been some time since Valerie had visited. Stuart was glad for that. He had known her since she was born. Her father had ran out on the family before then and Stuart had been at the hospital for her birth.
He had been like a father to her. But since rapidly becoming a woman, he found that his affections for her were changing and he didn't like that. He knew on a logical level that it was evolutionary biology that made young girls in the bud of their womanhood the most desirable.

He knew that in some cultures, he might be negotiating with her family to marry her. But this wasn't some other culture. He knew it was just plain wrong, and yet he still had those thoughts.
"Sex." she replied evenly.
"What?" he choked out. "C'mon, you're just a child, for chrissakes, when I was your age, I'm pretty sure little girls weren't thinking about sex." he said, feeling suddenly older.
"Well, there was this one girl in 6th grade, Kimberly Wall, man I had such a crush on her, the rumor was that she was making it with a few 8th-graders in the bell tower during lunch. Hmmmm."
He was daydreaming now. Valerie could tell that Stuart was in a daze thinking about that other, little girl from long ago.
She decided she was going to jolt him back to the here and now.
"You like little girls, don't you?" she asked. "I saw this show on The Learning Channel and it said that older guys liked young girls because youth equals 'good maternal qualities' and it's a part of evolution, and men can't really help themselves"
"I saw that show too," he sighed.
"Yeah, it's true. But, in our culture it's frowned upon--big time" he said as he sat down on the sofa. She straddled his legs and sat on his lap, saying "That's too bad. Something so normal and natural, and then society says you can't. I mean, you're normal aren't you?"
"Yeah" "So, you like young girls don't you?" she persisted.
"Well, uh . . ."
"If you had the chance, you would, wouldn't you?"
"What chance?"
"The chance to teach a little girl about sex."

Stuart was having trouble maintaining control. With this little girl squirming on his lap and with the conversation going the way it was, He felt a strong stirring in his loins; a feeling that he knew to be wrong--but a feeling that couldn't be helped.
"Look honey," he protested.
"This isn't right." Her eyes leveled with his as she bored in on him.
"Please?" With that she started to unbutton her school blouse. As she removed it, she could feel a subtle throbbing against her crotch--she was making him hard! Good! she smiled to herself.

She removed her t-shirt over her head as slowly as possible in an attempt to be sensous. What she felt under her panties was getting harder and throbbing more strongly now.
"You like 'em, don't you?" She knew the answer. She squirmed down harder on his lap and she could feel his answer.
He stared in awe at her body. She had the broad shoulders of a swimmer. Her body tapered down to a rock-hard belly that was only nineteen inches around.
Planted high on her chest, barely held in by her new bra were her firm young breasts. He could see her dark aureolas through the fabric. He noticed they were about the size of silver dollars.
He couldn't help himself. He grabbed her arms and pulled her breasts towards his face.

He buried his mouth in her cleavage and let out a groan as he covered them with kisses and licks.
"Mmm. That feels good!" she whimpered as she arched her back and lifted them even higher on her chest. "You have no idea what you're doing to me" he groaned. She rubbed her pussy front-to-back over his erection and said, "Yeah, I think I do."
Valerie knew that her time as a little girl was about to end.
"I wanna see it!" Stuart's mind was reeling!
He thought again about Kimberly Wall, about how she lost her virginity to that slob, David Drake.
Hell, she probably didn't even enjoy it. Maybe that's why she grew up to be such a slut. He decided that this little girl was going to become a woman the right way. "Give me a minute" he said. "let's do this right."

He led her into the house and down the hall towards his bedroom.
"I'll be right in." he called as he stepped into the bathroom. He opened a panel where there were no less than two dozen electrical switches.

He thought to himself as he turned them all on, Well, if I go to jail, at least I can afford bail! He returned to the bedroom and sat on the dressing bench like he had been doing in the garage.
"Now, where were we?" She got right back on his lap and said "I was telling you that I wanted to see it. I wanna see it, I wanna touch it, I wanna suck on it, I wanna see it come, I wanna feel it squirt all over me"
"I think that can be arranged, take it out." She slid off his lap and down to the floor on her knees. She was staring at his bulge while she worked to get his pants off.
As she pulled his pants past his boner it sprang stright up in the air.
"My God" she breathed. She had seen a man's penis before, but never like this!
She grabbed it with her small hands and could barely close them around it. She felt it pulsating. Of course it was pulsating!
This was every man's fantasy coming true! He had a beautiful young girl half-dressed in a Catholic school girl's uniform and an incredibly sexy bra on her knees in front of him with her hands wrapped around him--he was ready to shoot right now! She leaned forward and guided the head between her breasts and moved it up and down between them.

The softness of her frim globes against his glans was causing him to leak.
"Is that it? Is that your goo?" she asked.
"No, that's just a lubricant that comes out when a man is getting ready to come."
"Are you gonna come?"
"Big time."
"I wanna wear it!"
"You will. Well, you can wear the first one." he smiled.
"What do I do, Stuart?"
"Well, the first thing you can do is call me daddy--I've always liked that."

He handed her a small bottle of oil. "Here, take this and massage me up and down."

She poured some oil into her hand and started to slowly jack him up and down.
"Like this?"
"Yeah" he panted.
"Now use your tongue and lick all around that groove just under the head there, when you're done, suck the head into your mouth and pull it out slowly." She did as ordered and left a sting of fluid extending from her lower lip to the head of his penis.

Stuart couldn't believe his eyes. She could feel the throbbing increase to a fever pitch and realized it wouldn't be long.
She wanted his goo on her, not on her bra, so she unhhooked it and slowly drew the cups away from her breasts.
"Oh God," Stuart heard himself moaning.

Her breasts were the color of milk and stood out sharply against her tan. They were the size of baseballs, almost perfectly round, but a little fuller on the underside.
This caused her nipples to be perched on the top side pointing up and out towards his hungry mouth.

He pulled her close and sucked first one, and then the other into his mouth, nibbling gently on her nipples. She arched her back and lifted them even higher as deep moans escaped from her throat.
"God, that feels so good," she groaned.
Those sensations were again running riot through her tiny body. Her hips started to rock back and forth over his member and he could feel the wetness of her panties.

Valerie decided that her turn would come next, she slid back down to a kneeling position in front of him.
She slowly poured some oil on her breasts and belly. She grabbed his cock with one hand and slowly drew it all over her body, feeling its heat.
Next, she positioned his cock in the groove of her taut belly and slid her body down, holding her breasts together to form a tunnel.
She slid down his shaft untlil the head was even with her mouth.

She gave little, teasing licks on the head of his cock. She gave special attention again to the groove that ran around it. After a few minutes of this, she knew he was close. "Stand up." she ordered. Stuart did as he was told, his cock was bobbing up and down an inch from her face.
She grabbed it with her mouth and slowly sucked it in as far as she could. She pulled her mouth away, looked up at him, and pleaded in her best little-girl voice "Come all over me daddy!" That was all it took.

Stuart grabbed his cock and aimed it for the center of her chest. "UNNNNNGGGHHH," he screamed as the first jet of juice shot from his jerking cock.
It covered her from the middle of her belly up to her throat.
"Oooh, that's hot! That's hot!" she cried.
"UNGH, UNGH, UNGH!" Stuart kept repeating as shot after shot of his hot, sticky goo landed all over Valerie's quivering body.
"MMMMMMMMmmmmmm," moaned Valerie as her body was being showered with his come.
"I love it! I love it!" She rubbed her hands all over her body, smearing his goo around and rubbing it into her titties.
She fell back on his thick rug and started tweaking her nipples. With them covered in his come it felt much better than the afternoon before.
She was in a trance as she savored his warm juices on her body. Stuart collapsed back on the dressing bench and was watching Valerie. She was laying there with her eyes closed, moaning softly and slowly moving her hips up and down as she touched herself.

Stuart had been with a lot of women, but he had never seen anything as erotic as this little girl. He was going to make her a star!
Stuart reached down and touched her shoulder gently, shaking her from her reverie.

"C'mon, let's get you cleaned up."

I hope you enjoyed my story.
Chapter Two will be published shortly.

Humbert Humbert

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