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Hotel Sauna

by Andrew (November 2001)

Andrew had been driving now for about 4 hrs, as he approached the hotel.
Andrew was in his early thirties, had Black hair, Browny green eyes, people
(girls) had always told him he was attractive, but he was unsure of this, he
was 5'8" and had a fair body.

As Andrew unloaded his luggage from the car, he thought to himself "I'll
check in, get changed and use the gym, then have something to eat".

Andrew entered the hotel and walked to reception. At the reception he rang
the bell, a couple of seconds later the receptionist came from the door
behind the counter.

Andrew read the name badge on the young ladies waistcoat, which read
Samantha Mckee, Hotel manager. Samantha was approx 5 foot tall, Blonde hair,
Blue eyes, and an attractive face.

She smiled showing her white teeth, dimples and high cheek bones, "Would you
like to check in Mr O'Connor".

"Erm yes please" said Andrew surprised that she new his name.
"Your'e our only guest tonight most people are coming tomorrow, in fact
there's only 4 of us working tonight, myself, the chef and the 2 girls in
the gym."

Andrew signed the papers recieved his key and proceeded up to his room.
Andrew quickly got changed, and checked the times for the gym. It was now
9PM and the gym closed at 9.30PM, "half an hour" he though, "are well just a
quick swim I suppose".

Andrew proceeded to the gym, on arrival he was greeted by a girl of about
19, and he could see from her name badge she was called Claire Thompson,
Claire was blonde, green eyes, extremly good looking, and from what Andrew
could tell from the baggy track suit, she also had a fantastic body,
probally from using the gym.

"Hello, I'm Claire"

"Hello, I'm Andrew, I noticed the gym closes at 9.30 tonight", replied

"don't worry about that" said Claire "Me and Lisa are going to stop a bit
later to have a swim anyway, you can leave when we do, would you like a

"That's great" said Andrew.

Andrew went to the changing rooms and got changed. When he arrived at the
pool, he saw a girl, she was about 5 foot 2, shoulder length dyed browny red
hair, she was sittinh on the pool side putting up her hair in a pony, she
was wearing a white all in one swimming costume.

"Hi" smiled Lisa "Just you tonight then"

"Yes" said Andrew "Just me"

Lisa jumped in the pool and was away up the lane at quite a speed.

Andrew jumped in and stared swimming. When he got to the other end, Lisa was
standing facing the opposite side of the pool.

"Just catching my breath" exclaimed Lisa.

Andrew looked, and couldn't help but notice, the swinning costume had gone a
bit translucent, and he could make out that Lisa had fantasic breasts.
Lisa met Andrew's stare, looked down and said "Whoops, it's the first time
I've worn this."

"Sorry" said Andrew blushing a deep shade of red.

"Well I'm sure I've haven't got anything you haven't seen before," laughed
Lisa, and as she surfaced dived back up the pool, her backside thrust into
the air. Andrew thought "Nice arse", and went back to his swimming.

As Andrew left the pool,he could still see Lise jetting up and down the pool
and said to himself as he gazed at her "I Know what I'll be dreaming of

Andrew entered the sauna and sat, 10 mins later Lisa and Claire entered the
sauna, they were both wrapped in towels.

"hi ya", theysaid in unison.

"hi ya" said Andrew. Claire continued

"We thought you'ed left". "Oh do you want to lock up," said Andrew.

"No," replied Lisa.

"do you mind if we stick our towels on the bench behind you" said Lisa.

"No go ahead" answered Andrew.

At this Lisa unwrapped her towel, Andrew thought "The costume must have
dried off by now" disappointedly. But as she peeled the towel off Andrew's
jaw dropped, not only had it not dried but it was no longer on Lisa's body.

Lisa had a deep tanned body, magnificent pert breasts and a neatly trimed
bikini line, unfortuanatly she was siiting down so he could not get a glimse
of her cunt.

Lisa noticing Andrew's look said "well you've more or less seen the body

He then looked and noticed Claire sitting stark naked on the other bench.

Claire's tits weren't as big as lisa's but were still fantastic, she also
didn't have the tan, but she was sitting with her legs slightly opened and
Andrew got a glimse of her tight little fanny.

"oops" said Claire, quickly closing her legs

Things were happening in Andrew's shorts, he jumped up looked at the floor
and said "Well I'd better go now", blushing bright red.

"I'm sorry did we embarass you, we've been drinking, please don't tell Sam",
said Lisa.

"No I won't" said Andrew.

"You don't have to go" said Claire

"We'll stick our towels back on if you want". Andrew looked up and was to
his surprise Lisa was standing about two inches from him, looking at the now
obvious bulge in his shorts

"I haven't seen one of those for about 3 month's" said Lisa, eyeing Andrew's
shorts. "same here" said Claire who was now standing by Lisa with her hand
round Lisa's waist.

"Look's painful, all cooked up in there" exclaimed Claire.

Andrew nodded in agreement.

At this Lisa gave Claire a quick but passionate kiss, which didn't help
Andrew one bit. She then dropped to her knees and removed Andrew's shorts,
she quickly looked up to his eyes and noticed he obsiusly was thinking
that's better.

his cock sprung free, but not for long, to his great
satisfaction, Lisa with his shorts still in her hands slowly enveloped his
cock with her mouth, slowly he could feel her tougne tracing down the shaft
as her mouth had nearly took all 7 inches, she then stared moving up and
down so slowly, Andrew thought he was going to pass out, and with this he
sat back down, Claire was sitting staring at Lisa, and then said "Well, can
I join in"

Andrew just nodded.

Claire turned to Andrew and grabbed his face and pulled it to hers and
kissed him deeply, she than pulled his head down her body to hers tits and
said "Go for it".

Andrew thought this proves there is a God and not knowing were to start
grabbed the left tit first and found it fitted perfectly into his hand, and
with his mouth started biting and sucking the other, Claire threw her head
back and squealed with delight.

Lisa at the other end had now removed her mouth and was gently sucking
Andrew's balls one at a time, which made Andrew tense and by mistake he bit
Claire a bit hard, she screamed and kepping hold of his head she lay back
and pulled his head to her cunt, Andrew got a whiff of her and thought he
was going to explode, but Lisa stopped sucking and waited,Andrew calmed down
slightly, but Lisa stared licking and sucking his cock again, "Slower" he
shouted "OK" she said and stopped.

Andrew now though was licking and sucking Claire like a mad man, she was
"saying YES COME ON NEARLY THERE", through her gritted teeth.

Lisa seeing this straddled Andrew's Thighs and slowly lowered herself onto
Andrew's cock, Andrew looked up and saw that Lisa's cunt had swallowed him
upto the hilt. She was now girrating up and down. He returned to Claire and
with two and three more lick's he felt her contracting and then felt the
inside of her vagina contacting and releasing as she came "oh god she
screamed no" she tried to remove his head but she couldn't Andrew waited and
them slowly started again and after what seemed like 5 mins but was actually
more like 30 secs she came again and Andrew relented. Andrew's mind then
came back to Lisa who was bouncing up and down on him her fantastic tits
were bouncing up and down, he couldn't take any more and immediatly exploded
inside Lisa who then gave him a smile and said "Enjoy that did you, I did, I
haven't had any for about 5 month's".

Claire was now recovered sitting next to Andrew.

Andrew looked at Lisa and said "what about you, you haven't finished yet".
Claire replied "you rest I'll sort that" she went to Lisa, layed her on her
back and shoved her head between Lisa's legs, Lisa gasped and moaned with
delight, after 5 mins Lisa's body stiffened and she screamed, "That's it".

The three of them were now lying on the benches, Claire looked at Andrew and
noticed he was now rock hard after the floor show, she stood up walked to
where Andrew was lying and stradled his now hard cock "You've got to fuck me

Andrew's hand's grabbed Claire's tits and started massaging and kneeding, he
didn't see Lisa coming over, she grabbed his hands placed them by his side
and proceeded to straddle Andrew's head, she them lowered her moist cunt to
Andrew's Mouth and said

"You licked Claire out, you'll have to do me now".

Andrew thought "I've died and this is heaven".

He grabbed Lisa's arse and pulled her further to his mouth, prodding his
tounge as deep as he could into her exquiset cunt, drinking down the juices,
Lisa and Claire who were facing each other were kissing and rubbing each
others tits, it was hard to say who came first, but thay collapsed on the
bench some 20-30 mins later.

Andrew looked at his watch it was 10:52PM, he said to Lisa "Sam could've
caught us"

"Hardly" said Claire "I locked the doors at 9:30" and there's only 3 of us
with the keys me Lisa and Dave, and he's not back until tomorrow, anyway I
told Sam we'd left".

The three of them dressed together, exchanged kisses, Lisa then said to
Andrew "Thank's for the sex, it was great, might see you again sometime"
Claire handed Andrew a video tape and said "A little something to remember
us by" and nodded to the corner of the sauna at a camera.

"I've got a boyfriend, so please just say goodbye and as Lisa mentioned, thanks for the

They all left via the fire exit and Andrew walked round to the reception of
the hotel, and went back to his room. As soon as his head hit the pillow he
went to sleep, happy and exhausted.

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