Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Part 3: I Spy . . . Innocence

Written by Bruce X (June 2000)

"What are you looking so surprised for John? That's what you told me to do....... Open my legs"

He smiled as he grabbed her ankles and pushed them upwards.
Lucy was embarrassed and resisted his attempts.He gripped her ankles harder and made her wince.....
"Don't fuck me about Lucy, if I have to, I'll force your frigging legs apart"
He pushed upwards again and this time she gave way. He raised her ankles until they were almost level with her small breasts.

Realising that any further resistance was futile she allowed her legs to relax and John was able to push her limbs even more, lifting her young buttocks off the seat.
Her vagina was fully exposed and her outer lips were open. He could see deep into the pink hole and it was moist from her juices.
A small rivulet of viscous fluid, it's source from deep within her hole, had meandered through her labia and had continued on it's journey over the flat planes between vulva and anus, gathering in a liquid glistening pearl.

As if to confirm her arousal, her clitoris had pushed aside the protective cloak and was protruding, pink and hard. He stared at her vulnerable flesh and lowered his face into it's inviting charm.
He didn't touch at first, he just placed his nose into the concave and breathed in deeply. The scent of her adolescent secretions intensified his excitement and he felt his penis strain beneath his jeans.

He began to gently kiss her inner lips again and again and he felt her legs relax even more as the pleasure of this soft affection manipulated her sexual emotions.
He began to lick the insides of her outer lips from top to bottom, first one side and then the other, each time opening the envelope imperceptibly.

On each ascending stroke of his tongue, he moved further towards her erect clitoris and, on each descending stroke, he travelled further towards her pinkie brown anus. She began to breathe heavily as his warm breathe caressed her soft flesh.

He looked up at her face through her wispy hairs, "Pull the skin back off your clit Lucy"

She looked down at him innocently, " I don't know what you mean"
He raised his voice slightly, "Yes you do Lucy, pull the skin back with your fingers"
She lowered her hands to her mons and, placing her fingers above her slit, stretched the skin upwards.

His reward was breathtaking as her clitoris revealed it's full length. He was surprised at the length of it. It was bright pink and shiny and emerged from it's protective sheath to a length of at least half an inch. John had never seen a clitoris as big.
He had considered that all clitoris' were approximately the same size, the same as Kate's, but this had surprised him.

He moved his tongue from her labia and was able to place it actually underneath her clit and lift it slightly as he licked. Lucy's legs began to shake as she began to orgasm. He pursed his lips and was able to suck the clitoris as if it were a small penis. She continued on her journey to orgasm and lifted her buttocks from the seat. His chin was nestled deep within the folds of her lips as he sucked her now red clitoris. She shuddered as the orgasm reached it's inevitable conclusion. Her legs now flexed and bearing down upon his grip. He found it difficult to restrain her strong athletic limbs and gripped her ankles more tightly. Her body began to relax as the orgasm subsided within her and she allowed her legs to return to there former position.

"How was that then Lucy, good?"
She sighed as she released the taught skin around her clitoris.
"Lucy, didn't you hear me, how was that?"
................her eyes remained closed, "What do you fucking think John"
He released the pressure on her ankles and allowed her legs to return to the floor.
He watched as her juices seeped from her vagina and onto the material of the couch seat.

He stood up and took his T shirt off. She watched him anxiously as he undid his jeans. They fell to the floor and he kicked them off his feet. He stood there in only a white pair of tight briefs

Lucy could see his erect penis stretching the material. She was shocked to see how big it was, restrained within the garment. "It's your turn now Lucy, sit up"
She sat and found her face level with the enormous swelling beneath his briefs.
"Just feel it through my pants first Lucy"

She hesitantly reached out and made contact with his bulge. She wouldn't admit it but she was excited at the prospect of holding his huge member in the flesh. She could see his large balls at the bottom of the briefs and then followed the path of his hardness all the way to the waistband.

"Take them off for me Lucy" She pulled the waistband outwards to manoeuvre the material around his member and then pulled them down. She gasped as his thick heavy cock fell, by the force of it's own weight, from it's hitherto vertical position to settle horizontally, pointing straight into her face. Without prompting she held his member with her right hand and began to move the foreskin over the shaft.

"My God it's big!" She pulled the skin backwards and, moving forward, took the thick, unfettered glans into her mouth. He shuddered as he felt her warm moist mouth come into contact with the sensitive head.

Remembering what she had witnessed in the porny video's, she slid her mouth down the shaft until it made contact with her throat. He arched his back as her tongue began to play with the flesh inside her mouth. She withdrew until the glans rested on her lips and then lunged forward again. The thick head touched her throat again but this time she held it there.

She had taken all she could but there was still a good four inches remaining outside her mouth. She started to wank the remaining shaft, which could not be accommodated within her mouth.
She felt good, she was in charge, she was the one making him breathe heavily. She was the one who was making him arch his back. She tried to relax the muscles in her throat to facilitate a deeper penetration.
John felt her pushing her mouth harder and harder onto his cock and slowly but surely the thick head began to inch it's way into her throat. Deeper and deeper it went until there was only about two inches left protruding. The muscles in her throat were so tight that he began to orgasm.

She felt him harden and he began to push even more. He knew that his thick cock was half way down her throat and he loved it. He grabbed hold of the back of Lucy's head and pulled hard in an effort to sink his member even deeper into her.

He felt the rush of hot semen course through his cock and he cried out as he deposited his cum in her throat,. spasm after spasm, emptying himself deep within her. He watched her face as he came. Her eyes were closed and she had a pained look upon her face as the meat within her stretched the linings of her throat. Eventually, his orgasm faded away and his hitherto hard penis began to shrink. He did not attempt to withdraw his member from her.

They both remained stationery as his now shrinking cock automatically extricated itself from the clutches of her throat. She pulled her head away from him. She looked up and smiled. There was no trace of semen on her lips or mouth, she had consumed it all internally.

"Where the fuck did you learn to do that?"..................
"I didn't learn to do it, I've never sucked anybody off before, I suppose it just came naturally. I take it you liked it then?"

"Like it, fucking like it, it's the best suck I've ever had, in fact it's the best cum I've ever had.You were fucking awesome Lucy"
She cupped his balls in one hand and began to slowly wank the flaccid cock with the other.

The phone rang and John pulled himself away from Lucy's busy hands. He walked over to the telephone and picked up the receiver.
"Hello" There was a silence
" Yes, fine" He began to stroke his now recovering penis as he spoke to the caller.
"Yes honestly............ I know.......

I think that would be all right" He turned his back to Lucy and whispered into the mouthpiece,

"But be quiet...................... Byeee"
He replaced the receiver and walked back over to Lucy.

She was sitting on the couch with her knees bent and her feet propped on either side of her thighs exposing her small open vulva.
"Who was that then?" He lowered himself to his knees in front of her, "Oh, just somebody from work"
He slid a finger into her waiting lips.
"Do you think you could take my cock then Lucy?" ........
"What do you mean, in my........."

She tried to think of a word which wouldn't sound crude. He interjected, "Cunt Lucy, Cunt, that's the word you're looking for"

She shook her head from side to side, "Not a hope in hell's chance John, you'd split me in two, anyway, even you wouldn't be that stupid"
He looked surprised "What do you mean stupid?" She looked down at him sternly.
"Well you see John, if you put that thing inside me and you let it ............ Erm ............ Spit, then guess what happens?" .............
"I don't know lucy, what does happen?"................
"I get a baby, that's what happens John, honestly, that's how you get babies, didn't you know?"

He pulled his finger out of her and rested it on the cleft of his chin, as if in thought. "Ah, you thought you'd got out of that one didn't you Lucy?" She smiled back and nodded.

"Well, you're a very lucky girl, because this magnificent example of true manhood kneeling before you, has been"
He removed the finger from his chin and made a scissor action with the adjoining finger.
"Cut, snipped, vasectomised or what ever you call it" ..............
"I don't believe you John, you're just saying that....... Aren't you?"...................
"No it's true Lucy. You see, when we had Jake, we both decided that we didn't want anymore kids so I drew the short straw and went and got a vasectomy. You see Lucy, even I wouldn't be that stupid, as you put it"

She lowered her feet to the ground as if to conceal her vulnerability, and moved her face towards him. "Listen John, seriously, I couldn't take that"

She pointed to his regained erection.
"You can see how small I am, it just wouldn't go in"............ Oh come on Lucy, you must have had something in there....... Haven't you used a dildo or anything?"
She blushed, "No I haven't".......
"What about your fingers then, remember I saw you on video. You seemed quite happy to slip the odd finger in then!" .............
"Yes but........ Nothing as big as that" He held both of her hands and looked into her face, "OK Lucy, perhaps another time"............
"I don't think so John"

He let go of her hands, "Turn over Lucy, on your knees" ..............
"For God's sake John, haven't you humiliated me enough?" She knew that by turning over she would expose the most personal part of her body.
"I'm not trying to humiliate you Lucy, just do as I say"

She stood up reluctantly and then kneeled on the couch, dropping her head over the backrest.

Her legs were closed and he could see her lips, now tightly framed in between her young thighs. He put both hands in between her thighs and gently prised them apart until they were as wide as they would go.

Her young tight vulva hung from her pelvis rendering her lips open and exposed. He followed the contours of her cheeks and honed in on the tight pinkie brown hole, moist with vaginal lubricant.
"Christ almighty Lucy, I've never seen anything so fucking horny" She said nothing, her reddened face remaining out of sight behind the backrest.

He identified his target. It had to be her tight anus, it just had to be. He knew that a woman's anus was, if she was very aroused, just as sensitive as her vagina. He moved forward and touched her young sphincter with the tip of his tongue. In a flash, her head straightened and, lifting her right leg over his head, she jumped off the couch.

She walked backwards covering her breasts with her crossed arms. "Listen you weirdo, I've gone along with your little games up to now but that's enough. I'm not going to let you lick my fucking arse you friggin perv.

She had almost reached the lounge door when John made a lung at her. He caught her around the shoulders as she was just about to turn and run. She froze as she felt the power of his grip. She could feel his erect penis pushing into her lower back.
"Go on, try and get away you little fucking thief, go on, try" She tried once more to release herself from his grip but couldn't.

"Let me go, let me go, John let me............" He thrust his hand over her mouth and squeezed tightly. "I'll give you a good fucking up your arse now if you don't fucking behave yourself"

He pushed his huge penis between the cheeks of her buttocks and pushed. "Is that what you want Lucy? Is that what you really want? She tried to speak but couldn't get a word passed the tight fingers covering her mouth. She shook her head in desperation as she felt his penis pushing harder into the crevice between her cheeks.

She tried to let out a scream but the sound was stifled by the pressure around her face.
"Do I take that as a NO then Lucy? Is that a NO Lucy? Do I take it that you're going to behave yourself?"
She nodded her head. He released the grip on her mouth.
"Are you going to behave yourself now Lucy" Her head dropped in shame, "Yes"...........
"I'm sorry, I didn't hear you Lucy. Did you say you were going to behave yourself?"
She released herself from his grip and turned around, "YES" He led her back to the couch by her hand, "Now turn around and kneel down" She obeyed and resumed her vulnerable position. He kneeled down in front of her exposed vagina and anus and touched her tightness with his tongue.

Her head hung down behind the backrest in shamed resignation as she began to endure this most intimate of invasions.
"Pull your cheeks apart Lucy" She didn't protest, she didn't hesitate. She was resigned to her fate. Her fingers gripped both cheeks and she pulled them apart, the stress of which deformed the hitherto symmetrical form of her anal sphincter. "That's a good girl Lucy, now just feel how wonderful this is" He began to circle his tongue around the outer fringe of the puckered skin and then moved towards the seal.

She began to breath more rapidly as the sensation of gentle touch on her most intimate parts continued. He slipped two fingers into her vagina and began to massage her G spot.
She began to sigh as the beginnings of an orgasm started to creep from within. He noticed how her anus contracted and relaxed as she reached increased levels of vaginal orgasm. He waited until she reached the critical point of no return and then slowly slid his tongue deeper into her anus.

As soon as she felt his tongue being inserted, she shuddered uncontrollably with a shattering orgasm and pushed her buttocks backwards to allow deeper penetration of his tongue.

He allowed her orgasm to fade and then pulled his fingers from her young vagina. She sighed as his tongue disengaged from her anus. "You OK?" Her head remained behind the backrest,

"Yes" She sounded shy and embarrassed. He gently stroked her back, almost as if he was apologising, "You can turn round and sit down if you want Lucy".........
"Oh can I! Thanks a lot" She replied sarcastically.
"You've had your fun with me then?"............
"Listen Lucy, you can't say that you didn't enjoy that can you?"..................
"Fuck you John"
She turned around and was aghast to see Kate sitting at the table.

She had silently opened the front door and had moved into the room without Lucy even noticing. She had sat there for at least ten minutes, watching, as her husband had violated this young beautiful creature. Kate stood up and moved over to them both, "I don't know, I leave you both for half an hour and come back to see you fucking each other"
Lucy stood up quickly, covering her breasts, "Kate, it's not what you think...... John made me do it....... He told me he'd go to the police if I didn't do what he said"

Kate held Lucy's wrists and pulled her hands away from her small breasts, "Quite right too, you little thief. Have you learned your lesson then?"
Lucy held her head down
"Yes, I'm sorry" Kate pulled her close and put her arms around her shoulders, "Let's go and get you cleaned up Lucy"

They walked out of the room with Kate leading Lucy by the hand.

John was still on the floor. He pulled himself over to the couch and rested his back against the seat.
He grinned as he realised what young Lucy had in store.

The two girls reached the bathroom together "C'mon Lucy, let's get you showered down"

Lucy stopped in her tracks, "No, I can manage thanks, I'll just have a quick shower and then go home" Kate cupped her cheeks in her hands and looked into her eyes.
NO Lucy, I wouldn't think of letting you do that, not after the ordeal you've just been through, now come on in with me and we'll get you nice and relaxed"
She led her into the bathroom and turned on the taps. "There, that's nice and warm now, jump in" Lucy stepped into the cascading water and wet her hair, throwing her head back in relief. ..........
"Does that feel better Lucy?".............

"Oh God, that's much better. Do you know what he's been doing to me?"..........
"Well, I've been watching you for the past ten minutes, you seemed to be enjoying it!" Lucy stopped washing her hair and looked Kate straight in the eyes, "You were watching and you didn't stop him............ Didn't mind?"
................ "Didn't mind Lucy? I thought it was the most horny thing I've ever seen"
Lucy shook her head in disbelief and then continued with her shampoo.
She spoke as the foam ran down her face, "You planned this didn't you!"

Kate sat on the toilet lid.
"Listen Lucy, I've fantasised about you since the first day I saw you, all those years ago, I think you were fourteen. Do you know how beautiful you are?"

Lucy stopped her shampoo again and listened to Kate, wiping the errant foam from her eyes.

"I never thought that I was beautiful, I mean I know that I must be attractive to some people but I've never thought myself as being beautiful! Anyway Kate, your married, you have a husband, how come you think I'm beautiful?"..............
"Do I have to spell it out to you Lucy?".............. "Are you a lesbian then?".................
"If I was a lesbian Lucy, I wouldn't be married would I! No, not a lesbian Lucy, I love my husbands big cock too much to be a lesbian, I'm what you call.......... A bisexual. It means I like both men and women"
Lucy nodded her head "Oh" Kate stood up and moved over to her, "Here, let me do that for you" She raised her arms and attempted to massage Lucy's scalp. Lucy backed off "No I'm fine, I'll do it"
Kate swung back with her arm and slapped Lucy hard on the arse leaving a red mark.

"I said, let me do that Lucy" She tried to push her away and after a few seconds struggle, Kate stood back with her arms on her hips and shouted, "JOHN"
Lucy froze to the spot then put a finger up to her lips, "No, don't do that Kate, I can't take any more. Lock the door, tell him it's OK, leave him down there...... Please"
Kate shouted again "It's OK John, we're all right"

John had made his way to the stairs and he smiled at what he imagined was going on in the bathroom. He made his way quietly up to the top stair and sat down to listen.
Kate moved over to Lucy again and picked up the soap. She ran her hands under the falling water and began to form a rich lather.
She raised her hands and cupped both of Lucy's immature breasts.

Her nipples became erect immediately and she ran her fingers softly over the stretched flesh.

"Is that good Lucy?" She said nothing. Kate moved back and began to take her own clothes off.
She lifted her blouse and exposed her breasts to Lucy.
She slipped her thumbs inside the waistband of her tight skirt, slipping it over her hips and thence to the floor.
"Don't you find me attractive Lucy?" Lucy wouldn't look at her. "Lucy" She still didn't make eye contact.

Kate put a cupped hand under the running water, catching a few fluid ounces and then, returning to the toilet seat, sat down and poured the contents over her white pants.
The material became almost transparent and revealed her curled pubic hairs beneath and outlined the fleshy cleft and swollen lips.
"Lucy, don't you find me attractive?"
Lucy turned to her and allowed her eyes to travel down to her now semi exposed vulva. "I suppose so" Kate lifted her feet off the floor and opened her legs.
She began to stroke her cotton clad vagina with her wet fingers.
"What do you think of John's cock then Lucy?"
She slipped her hand inside her pants and found the slit............. "It's erm............... Big!"
She looked at Kate and giggled. Kate slipped a finger into herself.
"It is the most fantastic feeling ever when he's deep inside me"

"Does he really put all of that into you?"
Kate withdrew her finger from her vagina and standing, pulled her pants down. She walked over to the shower and stepped in. She faced Lucy and began to talk.
She spoke as if they were two girlfriends sharing secrets.

"When we first got married it really used to hurt, mind you, once you get the head in, it slips in nicely and it's fabulous. Would you like to see us do it?"
Lucy said nothing and stood revolving the soap in her wet hands.
"You can if you want to, I'm sure John won't mind"

They both laughed at such an absurd statement and Kate put her arms around lucy's waist. She pulled her gently closer and Lucy made no effort to stop her.
She began to whisper into Lucy's ear, touching her soft flesh with her mouth.
" We use loads of oil and once the head's in, it feels so full. It stretches your lips so wide that your clit sticks right out.
My God I'm nearly coming just thinking about it"
Lucy placed both hands on Kate's shoulders.
"Is it really that good? I mean it wouldn't go in me anyway would it!"
Kate lowered her hands and began to massage Lucy's buttocks. It felt beautifully smooth with the combination of soap laden foam and incredibly soft and childlike skin...........
"Yes, to both of those statements Lucy. Yes it really is that good and "......

She slipped a hand between Lucy's cheeks and traversed down to her vaginal lips. Lucy didn't protest. She parted the immature lips with two fingers and entered her slightly.
"Yes, it would go into you. I mean it might not go in on the first attempt but I can promise you that it will"..........
She smiled at her own presumption.
"I should say WOULD go into you eventually......... if you wanted it to" Kate had placed a hand onto one of Lucy's breasts and she was deftly manipulating her vaginal lips with the other.

"Anyway, don't let's talk about John now, let's concentrate on us" She moved her face closer to Lucy and kissed her gently on the lips.
Lucy didn't flinch as she felt Kate's soft lips connect with hers. She felt Kate's tongue slipping into her parted lips and she tingled as it made contact with hers.
Kate's tongue was gently gyrating and Lucy, aroused by the oral experience, reciprocated.
Their lips were gently pressed together and they revelled in the sheer sensuousness that only two females can attain. Kate began to speak as she kissed Lucy.

Speaking in short breathless phrases as her hands caressed her young body. " I've dreamed of this Lucy. I've wanted to kiss you and cuddle you since the first day I saw you"
She moved her hand around to the front and searched for her slit. Lucy opened her legs slightly as she felt the probing fingers.
She began to breathe heavily as Kate inserted a finger into her tight vagina.

Without prompting, Lucy began to massage Kate's small breasts. Her nipples were hard and she squeezed them until she moaned. Kate slipped another finger into the inflamed inner flesh of Lucy's crucible and raised her thumb to search out her young clitoris. Kate broke away from their sensuous kiss as she found her target.
"Wow" Lucy looked at her inquisitively, "What's the matter?" ..........
"Nothing ......... I've........ I've never seen one that big before that's all" ........

She continued to manipulate the pink erection and watched Lucy's face as she closed her eyes and began to breathe heavily through her nostrils.
Lucy tried to talk as she was swept along into the turbulence of a clitoral orgasm.

"Is it really big Kate? Isn't yours like that?" Her legs began to shake as a powerful orgasm racked through her young body. Although her legs trembled, she still found the control to push her pelvis forward giving easier access to Kate's probing fingers. Kate forced a third finger into her and immediately felt Lucy's vaginal muscles contract.
As she reached the pinnacle of her orgasm she grasped Kate's shoulders and squeezed hard trying to steady herself. She began to cry out, softly at first, a quiet high pitched monotonous sigh. Her legs trembled uncontrollably as her pelvis flamed into a shattering orgasm.

Losing all physical control, her bladder opened, and amber jets of warm fluid were expelled from within, splashing into the upturned palm of Kate's hand and thence trickling down her forearm and dripping from her elbow into the shower tray.

Her orgasm finally subsided and she feebly straightened herself. She was embarrassed. "I'm sorry Kate" .............
"What for Lucy?" ............
"Well I peed on you" Kate raised her hand to her mouth and licked off the remnants of Lucy's urine, "Don't be sorry Lucy,

I quite......erm ........... Enjoyed it" She smiled at her.
"Correct me if I'm wrong Lucy but I'd say that was a pretty good cum, am I right?"............. Lucy looked down, her face still flushed from her recent excitement. Kate held her closely, "C'mon Lucy, let's get you dried off"

They both stepped out of the shower and Kate began to pat her dry with a warm towel.

Kate held Lucy's hand and led her to the door....... "I think you need a bit of oil on you now Lucy, just to keep your skin lovely and smooth"
She pulled the door open and saw John sitting on the top stair.
He looked up at both of them and smiled. He took hold of the bannister and raised himself up, his large penis bobbing up and down with the sheer weight.

"I've got an admission to make girls......... I've been here for the last ten minutes and I've been listening to you erm........ Having fun"

Kate reached down with her free hand and grabbed his cock, pulling the foreskin to the end and then pushing it back again.
"No shit sherlock" Both Kate and John laughed but Lucy stood looking quite self conscious as she stood there naked in front of both of them.
Kate held Lucy's hand on one side and slowly wanked John's huge member on the other. Without a word Kate began to lead both of them into the bedroom.

Right Lucy, let's get some oil on you. She let go of her hand and went to the dressing table, opened a drawer and took out a black bottle containing lubricating oil.
She motioned with her hand, "C'mon Lucy, lay down"

Lucy climbed onto the bed and Kate kneeled down beside her. She unscrewed the top of the container and poured a small amount of the clear liquid into her cupped hand.
"Have you ever used this before Lucy?" ...........
"Well, I don't know what it is, so I don't suppose I have!"............. It's the most sexy, sensuous, randy oil you can get"

She inverted her cupped hand and allowed the liquid within to dribble onto Lucy's small breasts.

Kate smoothed out the oil over Lucy's chest and then began to circle her nipples.

Lucy sighed immediately as she felt the incredibly smooth lubricant glide over her erect nipples.
"Good aye Lucy!" Her eyes were closed again and she was breathing deeply through her nostrils. John stood at the side of the bed, leaning on the wall and slowly wanking his hardness as he viewed this most exciting spectacle.

Lucy's legs, hitherto closed, had parted slightly as she had felt the first drops of oil being massaged onto her skin.
John moved to the bottom of the bed and watched her vagina as his wife continued with her preparations. He could see the pink flesh being slowly exposed within her slit as she became increasingly excited. He watched as her emerging clitoris became engorged and protruding. He couldn't believe the size of her clitoris as it pushed it's way free from the incumbrances of her immature lips.

He kneeled down and drew himself closer to her inviting mound. Kate looked down at him, "Don't you fucking dare"
He looked surprised as Kate's admonishing voice broke the silence.
"You just stand up and watch for the moment, you've had your fun"
She stared at him until he complied.
He moved back to the wall and replaced his fingers around his huge member.
"No, no, ........ You two girls just carry on, don't mind me, I'll just stand here and have a wank while you two bastards get it on!"
She smiled at him sarcastically, "There's a good boy"

She continued with her administrations and moved her oil laden hands down to Lucy's abdomen.
"Feels good Lucy?" Lucy's legs opened slightly wider as she moaned with pleasure, her hands taking up where Kate's had left off. She cupped and massaged her own small orb's as Kate's hands crept inexorably to her wispy blonde pubic hair.

Lucy gasped quietly as kate's fingers found her clitoris. Kate moved down the bed in order to gain better access to her ultimate prize.
She ran her fingers down the lips and, placing the fingers of both hands gently inside her lips, she pulled them apart slowly.
"Open your legs wider Lucy" She complied and lifted both knees off the bed. Her clitoris completely penetrated the protection of the fleshy cloak and stood erect, glistening with sexual secretions.

Kate retrieved the black container again and dribbled more oil onto Lucy's clit. She squirmed with pleasure as the warm viscous fluid fell onto her tumescent erection and then meandered it's way through her ruffled swollen lips.

Lucy's eyes were still closed and she didn't see Kate motioning to John to grab her ankles.

The first Lucy knew of the increased activity was when she felt the mattress move as John, cock in hand straddled her. He settled, facing Kate and had a knee on either side of Lucy's body. She opened her eyes and was greeted with John's large member and scrotum inches above her face. John leaned forward and grabbed hold of Lucy's ankles.

He pulled them back gently and felt resistance. He squeezed her ankles to exert just enough pain in order to inform Lucy of his complete control. She relented and he was able to pull her legs backwards sufficiently to raise her buttocks off the bed. Her knees were now level with her shoulders, her elevated thighs pressing and flattening her immature breasts, her vulva completely exposed and gaping.

Kate surveyed, in wonder, at the sight before her. Her husband was holding this young girls legs apart, his large penis hovering above her face. He was pinning her down, giving access to Kate's lust. Lucy's labia were wide open and glistening.
Kate could see the openings of the void within, pink and moist.
She looked lower and saw the tight brown sphincter of her anus.

She moved forward and touched Lucy's clit with her tongue. She began to encircle the protruding flesh and felt Lucy's hitherto tense thighs relax. She placed her tongue underneath the swollen clitoris and nudged it in an upwards motion, flicking the tip at it's zenith.

Lucy was becoming increasingly excited as Kate inserted a finger deep within her vagina.

Lucy's eyes opened as she felt a tiny drop of clear liquid fall on her nose. She looked up and saw the large head of John's penis shining with pre cum. Gravity had acted upon the ever increasing accumulation and had stretched a drop of the viscous fluid into a pear drop of excitement, then falling reluctantly earthwards. The natural lubricant had been unwilling to relinquish itself from it's source and had maintained a tenuous link, in the form of a glistening thread, to it's master.

Kate continued to lick Lucy's clit as she slid another finger into her vagina. Lucy groaned again as she felt the additional intrusion. She looked up at Lucy's face, noticing her fixed glare on the errant fluid emanating from John's cock.
"I think John's a bit..... Erm....excited Lucy, don't you?"
She said nothing but lifted her hand to break the silky thread. The tail of the thread fell laterally across her nose and she wiped it away with her fingers. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, she placed her fingers over the head of his penis and spread the glistening lubricant.
"Fucking hell Lucy, you're going to make me come" She closed her eyes and began to slide her hand up and down the shaft, ignoring the foreskin which by now had settled beneath the engorged head.
She smiled as she felt his penis become ever harder. Kate grabbed the bottle again, "Lucy.... Hold your hands out...... Here, use some of this"

Lucy reluctantly released her grip on John's cock and, pushing her hands between her open thighs, received the oil in her cupped hands.
She returned to his penis and began to rub her fingers up and down the shaft. He arched his back as her other hand cupped his balls and she began to massage the oil into his scrotum.
"SLOWER LUCY........ For Christ's sake, you'll make me come"
She looked down at Kate and they both smiled.

Kate returned her attentions to Lucy's clitoris and inserted yet another finger into her.
"You are really open Lucy, I've got three fingers in you and it's really easy"
Lucy's eyes were closed again And she was breathing heavily.
She didn't answer.

Kate cupped her three inserted fingers and, turning her hand upwards, found Lucy's "G" spot on the front inner wall of her vagina.
She started to pump her hand slowly inside her, massaging her most sensitive spot. Lucy began to tremble again as she embarked upon another journey to orgasm.

She shook as the musty aroma of sexually laden air escaped past Kate's fingers and through her labial maze. Kate waited until the orgasm had subsided and took advantage of the now relaxed vaginal muscles. She slipped another finger into her easily and continued with her massage.

She was incredibly receptive and Kate knew that her ultimate goal was attainable. Squirting more oil onto her hand she positioned her thumb on the palm.

Kate began to push slowly with her open fist, her thumb began to enter Lucy's vagina. Lucy felt the pressure build as Kate's bony knuckles met with the resistance of her muscular entrance.

Lucy suddenly raised her head from the bed, peering down through her open legs in horror at Kate.
"That hurts Kate, what are you doing, OW, Katey........ Stop it"
She tried to lower her legs from John's grasp but couldn't. He held tightly as he watched the biceps on Kate's arm contract with the effort of pushing her fist into Lucy.
"RELAX LUCY, it's only hurting because you are tense..........relax"
She continued to push, squirting more oil onto her ever disappearing hand. "

KATEY............. IT HURTS......... STOP" Kate started to gently rub Lucy's clitoris again with her free hand whilst still keeping the pressure up on her fist. Lucy's head fell back down onto the bed as she felt the extreme arousal spreading through her pelvis.

Kate sensed a slight relaxation in the vaginal muscles as she began to enjoy the clitoral stimulation. She pushed harder and felt the retentive ring give a little.
Lucy cried out loudly as Kate's fist broke through the restriction and embedded itself deep within her body. She closed her fist inside Lucy's vagina and watched spellbound as her hand was consumed up to the wrist.

Lucy began to writhe in pleasure as Kate slowly rotated her hand inside. First clockwise then anti clockwise.
Her hand completely enclosed by the young flesh. The bony ridge of her wrist distorting her sealing labia.

She continued to rotate her hand as Lucy aspired to a searing orgasm. A continuous flow of audible expirations passed over Kate's wrist as Lucy's vulva contracted and dilated with each rapidly consecutive orgasm.

Kate moved from Lucy's clit and began to massage her distorted anal sphincter. Lucy, by now, beyond care, groaned with the added stimulus. Kate felt the sphincter pulling inwards and she allowed her finger to be carried into the waiting chamber.
She pushed her finger in deeply and Lucy cried out with renewed vigour. She began sliding her finger in and out of her well lubricated anus as Lucy's whole body began to shudder. She could feel her own fist through the anal wall, rotating.

Her fingers opening and closing within Lucy's vagina, stretching the young flesh.

She pushed with another finger and felt it slide easily in, bringing a shrill outburst from Lucy.

Kate looked up at John and motioned to him to let go of Lucy's restrained legs. He let go and they slowly settled widely spread upon the mattress. She could go nowhere, she couldn't stand up and walk away, Kate's hand was too far imbedded in her body to allow her to escape.
Anyway, she didn't want to, she was experiencing too many shattering orgasms to stop this brutal invasion.

John moved down to the bottom of the bed, erect penis in hand. Kate nodded her head in the direction of Lucy's vulva and then looked back at his huge penis.
He nodded his consent and positioned himself directly opposite Lucy's vagina. Kate relaxed her hand and initiated the reluctant extraction. Her knuckles met slight resistance as they passed the muscular restriction of Lucy's vulval opening, but her hand slid nevertheless towards freedom. John moved closer.
He knew Kate's plan. He knew that Lucy's vagina would retain it's forced dilation, even after Kate had withdrawn her hand and he also knew that this was the best time to enter her with his swollen cock.

Kate pulled her hand clear and, transferring the lubrication onto John's member, guided the swollen head towards the void. Lucy moaned again as his thick shaft slid deeper and deeper into the excited folds of labia.

There was no effort, he didn't have to push hard, it entered her with ease and she began to orgasm again. He began to pump his member into her, first forward and then backwards, each time going deeper and deeper. Lucy raised her legs to facilitate easier access and she panted quickly as his member grew harder within her.

Kate moved to the top of the bed and lay down besides her young conquest. She turned her head towards Lucy and whispered into her ear, "You see Lucy, I told you it would go in"

Lucy tried to smile back as a shattering orgasm ripped through her small frame, but she couldn't smile, the effects of the orgasm and the sheer fatigue traced an expression of anguish upon the young girls face.

She felt John's member grow rock hard inside her and experienced, for the first time, the utter ecstasy of hot semen being deposited within her. She felt every ridge and vain of John's cock as it pumped inside her.
She felt her own contractions gripping relentlessly to the shaft, as if milking him, extracting his primeval lineage.

He collapsed onto her as his own orgasm gave way to utter sexual and physical fatigue.

Lucy draped her arms around his back and they lay there panting and sweating. Tears welled in Lucy's eyes as she looked to the ceiling. She blinked the tears away and they trickled over her cheeks and onto the bed.
Kate wiped the tear traces from her cheeks with the back of her

Fingers "What's the matter Lucy, are you upset?" ..............
"No, I'm not upset Kate"..........
"Then what's the matter, are you hurting?"
Lucy turned her head to Kate and looked into her eyes "I'm just happy that's all"
Kate kissed her on the lips.
John raised his exhausted torso onto his outstretched arms and the two girls looked down at him inquisitively. "Lucy.........

I don't suppose you could baby sit on Saturday could you?"
She giggled and then placed a forefinger to her lips in contemplation, "Well, it depends......... if I have to look after Jake.................................... THEN NO I CAN'T"
She smiled wickedly "On the other hand........ if Jake's staying at his Grandmother's............. I might be persuaded to come over and let you two baby-sit me again"

He collapsed onto the bed again as they all let out a shriek of laughter.

The end.

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