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Jessica's Bedroom

Written by R.Reid (July 2000)

At school, she was the one every boy wanted.
She developed earliest and she was also one of the nicest girls I have ever met. Two years ago, we were both seventeen and just starting the 6th Form at school.

Over the first few weeks, I decided that I didn't really like the whole further education thing, so I decided to end my schooling in a heroic walkout during a particulary dull Human Biology lesson.
I walked the 3 miles back to my village, but before I went home I decided that I'd better think about what I was to tell my Mother. Sitting on a little bench contemplating, I must have been there about an hour, still not coming to any sort of justifacation for my actions, when the school bus rounded the corner and drew up in a hundred yards away.

A couple of giggling first years got off followed by Jessica. She was the girl of many a boy's (wet) dreams, with long, jet black hair, small face, large, firm breasts and a body many girls would kill for, she was a living Goddess. Strangely enough, she had never had a 'proper' boyfriend, only a couple in primary school, and it was common knowledge she was a virgin.

The closest any boy or man got to her was a quick peek at her bra through her straining shirt buttons, or a glimpse of her white cotton panties when she sat awkwardly in school. Otherwise, we just had to look at her pert ass when she walked past and dream of filling it. I was looking over at the bus as she got off, watching her shapely legs plant her on the pavement.

I was reaching the end of mentally-mapping her thighs when a little breeze caught her light, grey skirt and lifted it up slightly. Not a lot, but just enough to catch the slightest glimpse of her butt cheeks, and enough to flash me a tiny peek of her white panties! This sight immediately got my pecker up and I began making a mental note to have a wank over that later. She turned on the heels of her shoes and started striding towards me.

We kinda knew each other from a couple of lessons in school, so we exchanged greetings and she sat down next to me " I heard about what you did today" she said "Your some knid of hero now, walking out on Ms.Williams, the old dragon"
My new found heroism left me pretty speechless, I'd always had friends, but I was never 'one of the boys'.
The silence was getting a little awkward, and searching for a topic to talk about, she asked "What will you do now?"
Christ! What would I do now? "Dunno" I mumbled " Probably go to technical college"

I kept talking about the few options left to me, and was just reaching the end of a tale of things to do in a year off when she stopped me mid-sentance with the words "Shall we go back to mine? It's fucking freezing out here!"

Being a seventeen year old boy, I immediately agreed, sensing the chance of a peek at her laundry basket or something simalarly perverted. We got to her place and went inside. She'd only just moved in there, so her mother wasn't about, she was buying furniture from IKEA or somewhere.

"We'll have to go into my bedroom, unless you want to sit on the floor" she told me.
I didn't mind at all, as my chances of seeing a bra or something dramatically improved. She lay on her bed and I sat on a chair next to it, continuing our conversation from earlier, soon getting on to the local gossip, music and other teenage stuff. Inevitably, she asked me about sex and my current love life, I told her the truth, that I was having a passionate affair with my right hand and some magazines.

She was quite sympathetic, telling me that it was the same for her and that boys only chat her up for a quick fuck. I told her how strange I found it, that she hadn't had sex yet, I think my words were " But your the best looking girl in the village, there must be someone you like!"
She just nodded her head and said "No-one really, I usually just diddle myself and dream about Ricky Martin" pointing out the giant poster of him directly in front of her bed.

I bet that poster has some stories to tell! I could just imagine her playing with herself when, feeling more confident as the conversation got more frank, I asked "So what really turns you on then?"
She just pointed at the poster ( it was one of him all wet and topless. nice) "In fact", she said, "Just looking at it now gets me going" HOLY FUCK! The prettiest girl I know is turned on! I decided to put my life and reputation at risk, "Go for it if you want"
Jesus was I nervous as she looked at me
"What? You wouldn't mind?" She asked
"No, do what you like" I told her, all excitedly nervous
"It'd be kinda weird, but if you don't mind..." And with that, she disappeared out of the room and returned a minute later with a banana in her hand. Peeling it, she said "You don't have to watch if you don't want to"

I could barely contain myself, I thought I might glimpse her laundry or panty draw, but now I was to watch a wanking session, "Of course I want to!"

She bought her knees up and spread her legs a little. The banana disappeared along with both hands underneath the fabric of her skirt.
I had a hard on the size of a baseball bat by now, and had to hold my breath to stop myself cumming. Jessica was beginning to moan and I could see her arm moving in and out whilst the other was on her clit I guess.
I couldn't resist any longer, so I pulled my cock out and started pumping it hard.

We were both at it furiously by now, and her moans were getting louder as she reached climax. I shot my load everywhere, some landing right in front of her. She turned her head to face me and carried on a minute or so longer before she came with a loud shriek through clenched teeth.

This was quite surreal, going from job options to joint masterbation, but it soon got better... Jessica took her hands out and smiled at me, "Enjoy?" she asked, without a hint of embarresment.
"Oh yes" was all I could manage by now.
"We're both virgins right? So that means that we've never tasted another person..." She went on, "Why not try some of this?"
Out came the banana and handed it to me. It was drenched in girl cum and I could smell her juices on it.

Tentatively, I took it and quickly had a bite of the lucky banana. She tasted so good, I handed it back to her, wiped some of the cum up off of her bed.
She grabbed my hand and licked my finger clean, clasping it in her thin pink lips and moving all the way down and then back up, "Mmmmm"

An animalistic groan came from deep within her throat. I was having difficulty taking this all in, whilst Jessica seemed to be in her element. She finished off the banana like it was her first food in weeks and jumped off the bed, "I need to get changed" she said.

"I'd better go then" was my reply, not wanting to push my luck.
"Don't be silly, I've got my back to you, you won't see anything" she told me, forgetting about the perfect view I'd have of her soft, round ass.
She was also near a mirror, so I'd also be able to see pretty much everything if I wanted, and boy did I want to!
She probably knew this, but was just playing with my mind.

As each button was undone, I could see more and more of her cleavage. On the 3rd button, I saw the first of her big white bra. The rest of her buttons came undone quickly and the shirt ropped to the floor. Her breasts were huge, a 'D' cup. I was perplexed. she reached round to undo her skirt, when, in the mirror, a irty smile came accross her face. Feigning a stuck zip, she beckoned me over to help.

I unzipped it at once, but found myself rooted to the spot as the skirt joined the shirt on the floor.
Without hesitating, she looked down at her ample cleavage, before nonchantly saying "It's so hot in here, this bra will have to come off"
Oh my God! She asked my to unhitch her at the back, I raised my trembling hands and felt the pattern, I was close to cumming in my pants when I managed to do my job.

Looking at them in the mirror, I could see her breasts drop a little, but were still amazingly firm and perky.
The bra went the way of the previous garments and quietly slumped to the floor, revealing her large, dark nipples. My face had a pained expression on it, such was my longing to suck them She had broken my resolve by now, and I couldn't hold out any longer, I had to touch them. I reached round and gently cupped them in my hands. They were so heavy, so firm.

I let out a litle whimper. I'd lost control of my bodily functions, but Jessica said and did nothing, she just smiled and watched as I started to play with her nipples, rolling them and pinching them whilst kissing her on the back of her neck. She was starting to get turned on again, her nipples became hard and she began to touch them herself.
I muttered "I think it's time we grew up a little", to which she bent over and took off her white panties.

Her beautiful ass was two inches away from my straining dick, but I managed to resist the temptation. She stood straight again, and using the mirror, I took in the sight before me. Large, firm breasts, a curvy, womanly figure, long toned legs and a small tuft of black hair keeping her warm. Kissing the back of her nack, I rached round and traced a finger down from her thin pink lips, over her breasts, accross her toned, tanned stomach and to the edge of her muff.

Watching myself in the mirror, I ventured further, running my finger over her wet slit and bringing the finger back up for her to taste it. Another groan escaped from her mouth.

I turned her around, getting my first proper look at her body. We backed over to her bed, standing right in front of it. She unzipped my trousers, pulled them down and held my cock.
"It's time" is all she said and laid on the bed, waiting for me. I ripped off my shirt and laid down next to her, taking in the beauty of her body.
I leant accross to kiss her, but she pulled away, saying, "Don't bother, I want you in me now!"
I did as I was told, she opened her legs and I got between them, my cock was poised at the swollen pink lips of her virgin pussy.
"O.K?" I asked her, "Yes" she replied, and with that I entered a lady for the first time, whilst Jessica felt the first cock inside of her.

The 'pop' of her hymen breaking followed soon after, and a little grimace of pain came accross her face. She was incredibly tight, the slurping noises coming from below were almost deafening when coupled with the frantic beating of my heart. I carried on pumping, trying to get deeper with every stroke.
When I was all the way in, I paused, so we could both feel and enjoy the sensation. I started going again, now also leaning forward to suck and lick her magnificent nipples. She was moaning and groaning very loudly, the animalistic grunts also returning. She was really into this.

I knew I couldn't hold on much longer, so i took her hand and placed it at her enlarged clitoris, I wanted her to cum before I did.

I managed to hold out long enough to feel her cum with a shudder and a shriek. I could feel the muscles inside her tighten and loosen as waves of pleasure swept through her. I announced i was going to cum soon aswell, to which she told me to withdraw and shoot on her. i withdrew and raised my body so that she could slide down and lick her juices of my throbbing penis.

I began cumming and she started swallowing, but the excitement meant there was too much and she had to take me out of her mouth. I shot all over her face and hair, she looked so sexy when she came back up. A little cum was dribbling down under her eye, her face was flushed and she was positively glowing. She mustered a "Thank you".
I couldn't do anything but bask in the glow of losing my virginity to the most sexiest but also most unobtainable of girls.

The sex wasn't the best, but there was something about that day that made it so special to both of us, the losing of our virginities, the spontaneaty of it, I don't know. As I went to leave, She handed me her bra and panties (It read 34D by the way) as a momento to the occasion.

After our experience, she seemed to grow an appetite for sex, and although I've since moved away and don't see her anymore, I understand she is leading a rather full sex life now. A beast I created.


This was a true account of things, but I would also like to submit some fictional stories. please e-mail me with any feedback and ideas at: KURTDOESLIVE@HOTMAIL.COM with either 'story response' or 'story ideas' in the subject line. thank you for reading this, and I hope it made you happy.

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