Monday, July 21, 2008

My first time

Written by James (July 2000)

Zoe� was shown a few days before how to give me a massage for relaxation purposes.
Zoe� relaxed completely after alcohol and became aroused but I did not know this at the time We have had a few drinks because Zoe� was not completely sure she could vi me a massage because of her own personal inhibitions and I drank in order not to get aroused.

In situations like this, I worry about getting erect, for obvious reasons. Lying nude, on the carpet in a darken room, I was nervous and semi erect. Zoe� came over with of glass of wine and started to gently touched/ massage my legs for a few minutes Then, suddenly and without any indication, Zoe� took hold of my cock, started to move my foreskin up and down, not being used to this kind of stimulation, I came after about 30 seconds.

This half-minute was divine! At this time this was my best orgasm I have ever had. Hot, warm pleasure started in my penis and rapidly moved through my body and it multiplied in intensity. Then sperm heighten the pleasure and sensitivity of my genitals, then a few seconds of pure absolute pleasure. This pleasure is increased because I am focused on one thing, the act of orgasm! Apart from when I am a sleep, my brain is doing many things at once.

Controlling my body from making unwanted movements and at the same time because I cannot do much physically, I combat this inaction by constantly using my mind to solve, analyse and simply to observe my surroundings. When having sex / orgasm my brain is totally focus on one thing, the pre and actual orgasm.
This is why the sex act has added fulfilment!

Apart from my simple masturbation techniques, this was my first real sexual experience and this was overwhelming but excellent. Apart from the first seconds after Zoe� held my penis, which immediately engorged, I thought should I stop this because of the consequences.

"Would this episode alter the balance between carer and cared for, by introducing a note of awkwardness between us", then my instincts took over and I was not aware of Zoe�! After I ejaculated, my body was at peace for the first time in my life, I was totally relaxed.

I found I could just lie there still without making involuntary movements and this is something, which never happens apart from when I am a sleep. 30 seconds later, my mind started to re-assert itself but my body stayed relaxed for a good 5 or 10 minutes.

Over these ten minutes I was elated but I am vaguely aware of what happened! I thought randomly " yes, great, will she do it again, yes, is Zoe� upset, did she mean to do that ". Then Zoe� inquired "Had she upset me" and I explain "it was something I wanted all my life and I was very, very happy".

This pleased Zoe�, and then she cleaned up, took a drink and said a phrase that changed my life! Holding my penis once again, Zoe� said "I want you inside me"! At first I did not realise what she meant and then it dawned, I nodded. Like a chimp because I walk on my knees, holding Zoe�'s hand, she led me into her bed.

As she stripped I became aroused again because Zoe� was the first lady I seen in the flesh, naked. I was laying face up and without words, Zoe� straddled me and gently guided me into her!

Nothing had prepared me for the next few hours, This was and is the best the night of my life!!!!!!!

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