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Part Two: Where There's a Will

Written by Bruce X (June 2000)

John was already on his third cup when Kate sat down beside him at the breakfast table. "How do you feel?"....
"I drank too much whiskey"
He poured her a cup of steaming tea and pushed it towards her.
"I'm sorry Kate, I didn't mean to upset you" She smiled over the steaming brew
"I'm sorry too, I was horrible, let's forget it eh?"......
"No, don't let's forget it Kate, let's work on it and try and sort something out that will give us some fun but be safe at the same time"
She looked puzzled, "How?"

John pushed a copy of the Exchange and Mart under her nose "I have a cunning plan, look at that"
He pointed his forefinger at an add in the columns.Kate squinted her eyes to read it's message
"Stop petty theft, install a secret camera?" The advert had several different models and a contact number."I don't get it John, you'll have to help me out on this one, Petty theft?"
"No not petty theft, that's not the important bit, it's the bit about secret camera's" Kate still looked puzzled
"Nope I'm still not with it Sherlock"

John slapped his forehead with the palm of his hand "We get a secret camera, with me so far?"
Kate nodded, "And we put it in the smoke alarm in the lounge, that way we can watch what Lucy gets up to when we are out enjoying ourselves"
"How do you know she gets up to anything when we are out?" .......
"Look Kate, how old is she?"
They both issued forth with their now well rehearsed duet....... "She's only just sixteen"
"What sort of things were you getting up to when you were left alone baby-sitting?"
She smiled and raised her right hand and started to rotate her middle finger...."Yes I like it but it still doesn't get me into her pants does it?"....... "No, but if she really gives herself a good time, then it will be better than any of those porny movies we've got locked up in the cabinet and we could sit and watch it after she has gone and "get it on baby"...........Kate sat in silence for a few seconds.. Mulling it over
"Yes,yes, yes, let's do it, where do we get the camera's from?"
"Well the phone number looks like Peterborough so we could go today if you wanted to"
"What me as well?"
"Why not, it would add that bit of authenticity, You know, us poor shop keepers being stolen from, left right and centre"

The shop was a small lock up on the outskirts of that modern sprawling city. Kate couldn't help but think that the likely clientele who visited such premises were somewhat less than kosher, a sort of high tech dirty old men. She pulled herself up halfway through such thoughts, "Christ, what are we then?"

She suddenly felt ashamed of what they were about to do and interrupted John as he was talking technicalities to the shop owner.
"John are you sure we should?" John glared at her without uttering a word as if to say "Don't give the game away"
"We find that this one is our most popular model, you see it's so small that you could put it anywhere and no one would even know it was there" John looked intently at the camera, "And you say that you can just hook it straight up to a video"

"Yes, you just need a CO-axe cable from here" The man pointed to the outlet port, "To your video, easy"
John seemed satisfied with the system and nodded his head. "What about picture quality? Is it good?"
"You wont get better on the market, let me show you one in action" In front of the shop keeper, stood a monitor which he turned to face them both. He loaded a video into the attendant VCR and the screen sprang into life. It showed a scene of a crime being perpetrated at a supermarket.

The offendants were stealing clothing and other such valuables and the picture quality was absolutely perfect. "If it's good enough for the Peterborough Police to convict on, it's good enough for you"
John turned to Kate "What do you think?".....
"Well it's a lot of money but I'm sure it's going to be worth it in the long run" John turned back to the shopkeeper
"That's great, we'll take it"
They walked back to the car in virtual silence with there newly acquired purchase in hand. John unlocked the car and they both got in.
They sat looking through the window for a moment and then suddenly broke out into laughter. "We've done it then" ....... "Not yet we aint but we soon will have kidder" John lowered his hand to his groin, "Have you seen this already?" He was grasping his swollen penis which was clearly evident through the material of his jeans. She grinned as her eyes fixed on the swelling, "Have you felt this already"

She guided his hand under her thin cotton skirt and he felt the warm wetness and the parted lips through her pants. He turned the engine over,"Let's go and do some DIY.

The journey home seemed to go on for ever, heavy traffic frustrated their eagerness to get started on the project.
"You know when you said that Lucy might not get up to anything?" Kate didn't answer but just turned and waited for him to continue.
"Well I've been thinking about that, we could, if we were clever enough, encourage her to, as it were, enjoy herself" Kate looked suddenly interested, "How".............
"Well you know our porny movies" Kate nodded, "We could leave one out in the video cabinet, by mistake you understand, and I bet she'd put it on!"

Kate's eyes widened as she realised the plot. "Brilliant, brilliant,.........I've got a better idea though, we could leave the key , labelled of course, at the side of the video cabinet and then she could help herself to whatever tape she found horny" ....
"How do you mean labelled"
"Well, label the key fob, porny video box or something and make sure that she can get to it"

John turned to her "I think we will run with that one, first lady"...................
"That way" She continued, " it wouldn't be us leaving pornographic material for her to see, it would be her going through our drawers,........naughty girl!"

Right, you put the kettle on and I'll have a look at this. He sat down at the dining table and extracted the camera from it's packing.
"It's really tiny Kate, look at this". She walked over to the table, kettle in hand and looked closely at the camera, "D'you reckon it'll fit in the smoke alarm ?"

John rose to his feet, "Let's have a look, pass me my phillips screw driver love" He pulled a chair away from the table and took it into the lounge where he placed it directly beneath the smoke alarm.
As he ascended the makeshift steps he turned to Kate, "I tell you what Kate, if it does fit in here, it's going to be in a a perfect position for viewing both the telly and the settee, we can see what video she's watching aswell as seeing her!." He removed the screws holding the appliance onto the ceiling and then carefully eased out the wires. Back at the table, he removed the plastic cover, to find ample space to hide the camera.

"Look, I can stick it here" He pointed with his index finger "and that way the lens of the camera will see through these slits here in the casing" "Get on with it then John, I'm dying to see it working" Within ten minutes, the camera was fixed into position and he had returned to the ceiling with a hand drill. A hole was drilled into the ceiling which would allow the Co-axe cable to run through.

He called out into the kitchen "Kate, will you get me my big screw driver and that wood chisel from my tool box"
He ran upstairs jumping two stairs at a time and went into the bedroom immediately above the lounge. He pulled back the rug covering the floor boards and measured the exact same distance from the wall to where the hole would be in the plaster board below.
Using the chisel and screw driver, he levered the floor board free, to be greeted by the newly drilled hole. Kate was standing over him as he toiled,"Well done kidder" "I'm pretty good you know"
They both looked into the void "I'll tell you what Kate, it couldn't be more perfect, look, the joists run all the way across the room, I can follow the joist with the Co-axe and then push it through the wall cladding and into the loft, we can use the spare video recorder and put it in the loft."

With no more ado, he embarked upon his task and within two hours the whole exercise was completed. It just remained for him to replace the smoke alarm.
"There, perfect, you wouldn't even know that it had been moved" It was true, the whole operation had gone so smoothly and there was no evidence to suggest anything amiss. "Right Kate, you stay down here and sit on the settee and I'll go and turn on the video" Kate moved onto the settee
"Do you want me to sort of, do anything?" She smiled at John and lifted her skirt slightly."Whatever turns you on baby"

He returned upstairs and pressed record. He allowed the video to record for about 5 minutes and then ejected. Running downstairs he passed the cassette to Kate "Here put this on"

She followed his orders and they both settled back onto the settee. The screen sprang into life and they both leant forward as the clear image of Kate came into view. She had lifted her skirt to her waist and her gleaming white pants were clearly visible. Her voice came loud and clear from the television, "Shall I take them off then?"
John's penis was bulging through his jeans as he watched, intently, at his wife, on screen, slowly pulling her pants down and then laying backwards with her legs wide open.

"I wonder if you can see what I'm doing with my finger John"
Indeed he could, she had inserted two fingers into her wet pussy and was rubbing her clit with her thumb. The picture quality was superb and the crispness of the image left nothing to the imagination.

"Christ almighty Kate, we've done it! Kate laughed out loud in triumph and threw her arms around John.
When the short recording came to an abrupt end they rewound, and watched it again.

Part three IN THE BAG

It was Saturday morning and they both sat around the breakfast table."Well this is it then Kate,the big day" Kate looked up at him, "I can't tell you how randy I am, I'm soaking wet" "I know, I've had a hard on for about two days, I can't wait for tonight, what time is she coming round?"..........
"I rang her on Thursday, she's got something on at School but she says she'll try and make it for seven thirty"
John stood up from the table and walked over to the window. "Right then, have you labelled the key?"
"Yep, and it's in the video box at the back, I've made it look as if we've just forgotten to move it"
"What have you written on it then" "I've just put a sticky label on the fob and put "Porny film box"
He turned to her "Do you reckon she'll find the box in the unit then?"
"Listen John, you don't find a key with a label on it like that and not go searching for it, she'll find it all right, mind you we'll have to get her to look in the video box first, I wonder how we can do that?"

John sat down again and rested his chin on his knuckles "I know, we get the latest video out from the shop, you know that one that's just come out, everybody's after it, I can't remember the name of it, shit, anyway, we get it out and tell her we've just got the latest video out and it's in the box, lets go and get it this afternoon, in the meantime let's go and see what there is in the porn box, I mean we don't want to frighten her or anything"

They both moved into the lounge and Kate retrieved the key. On opening the box she listed the contents. "There's your bog standard porn" She lifted the cassette to show John the label, "There's this one with huge dicks, a bit like you dear"
John smiled "What do you mean a BIT like me?" "And then there's this Lesbian one, I think she'll love that one"..
"You mean you HOPE she loves that one" She continued, "Then there's"............John stopped her from continuing "Leave it at that, those three, we don't want to give her too much to choose from and they are all good,it'll give us a good idea of what she likes"

Kate gathered all the other tapes together,"Right, I'll go and lock these others away upstairs.
She ran upstairs with her bundle and returned. She locked the three chosen video's away again in the "Porn box" and placed it in the cabinet. She returned the key to it's original position.

"Right then, all set,.......... come on Lucy"

The afternoon dragged on interminably and John kept checking his handy work for any signs of malfunction. It all worked perfectly."Right, I've put a new tape in, all we have to do now is turn it on!"
They both showered early and then sat on the settee waiting for Lucy to arrive. "What time is it now?"
John looked at the clock "seven twenty" "I think you had better go and turn it on now John incase she's a bit early"

He ran up the stairs, pulled a chair from the bedroom and lifted the loft door. "That's it, it's on, I hope she see's that fucking key Kate" "Well we can't do anymore than we have done and in any case I reckon we'll get a good show whether she finds it or not" As she spoke, the door bell rang. John rose and went towards the hallway "I'll go John, you stay in here,.....and relax"

She turned the door knob and opened the door to be greeted by Lucy standing before her in a short white panelled sports skirt and cotton top.
"Hiya, am I late? we had a tennis tournament on at school and I've just managed to get away"....... " Lucy your not late, your just on time, come in" Kate went first into the living room and on seeing John, she motioned with her eyes to what was to follow and mouthed "Cor" John stood in amazement as this slim sixteen year old came into the room.

Her hair was shoulder length blonde, her face was pretty, she had a cotton top on and she wore no bra. He could just see the outlines of her nipples and as his eyes wandered down, he saw the beauty of her tanned athletic legs.
White socks and trainers completed this picture of absolute eroticism.
"Do you know Lucy, people get locked up for what I'm thinking"... John, will you leave that poor girl alone" By now, John's eyes were on the return trajectory and they stopped abruptly at her nipples again which had by now become erect.
Although he couldn't see her face, he could discern a glowing blush.

" Do you know Lucy, they are like bloody children, we'd better go before he starts drooling" She grabbed hold of him by the arm and dragged him to the lounge door.Lucy followed them "Your mad, both of you, mad"

They made it to the front door and Kate pushed him out, turning, she put her finger to her right temple "He's gone, really gone, Oh by the way Lucy, we'll be a bit late tonight, about twelve I should think, Oh I nearly forgot, I got that new video out today, if you want to watch it, it's in the video cabinet" Byee.

As they sped down the dual carriage way, John couldn't help but stifle a chuckle, his fingers pressed tightly to his mouth
"We've fucking done it mate, fucking done it."
Kate had been looking at John from the moment they set off with a wry smile, almost urging him to say something.
She leaned over and put her hand between his groin and felt the unmistakable swelling of an erection.
She traced the contours of his impressive organ with her fingers. "My God, it's really got you going hasn't it"......

"I reckon, if I eased my fingers into your pants, I could probably say the same thing................ Couldn't I?"

It was true, Kate had been wet all day and her loins were beginning to ache. "Well...........I suppose it's slightly arousing, but I wouldn't put it more than that" She clasped her teeth together but opened her lips and spat out a ventriloquists nightmare "She lied through her fucking teeth"

They both laughed as they made their way to the pub.Once inside they searched for a solitary table. Kate made her way to the table while John got the drinks in.As he walked back from the bar Kate could see his ill concealed hard on and his devilish grin. He made no attempt at hiding his ample manhood and even jerked his hips slightly at his arrival.

After placing the drinks on the table, he slid his hands between the two flaps of his jacket and straightened his hitherto 45 degree angle to the upright position. As he sat down next to Kate she turned to him "Reminiscent of the restaurant the other night don't you think?"
"How do you mean?"
"Well, you nearly knocked all the drinks off the tables again"
As she spoke, John was taking his first sips from his beer and laughed into the amber liquid sending froth upwards coating his nose and upper lip with foam, "You bastard" They sat there for what seemed an age talking about nothing else but what Lucy might be doing.

"What's the time now John?"......He shook his wrist forward.
"10.30" He turned suddenly to Kate, "Listen, why don't I ring her at home and tell her that we've been held up somewhere and that we'll be a bit later than we thought, O clock, that way she'll know that we wont be in for ages and it will........ You know.........give her a bit more time and security to carry on with what she's doing, if you get my drift, I mean if she thinks we are phoning from Peterborough or somewhere she'll know that we couldn't possibly be home for at least an hour and a half"

After some discussion they decided that it would be a good idea if Kate was to ring with the news of the delay, they reasoned that Lucy would more readily believe Kate than John.

"Hiya Lucy?...........listen I'm sorry to ring you so late but we've been sort of delayed in Peterborough, would it be all right if we were a bit later than we said?................Oh that's great Lucy..............about one I should think, are you sure it'll be all right with your mum................ OK Then, give her our apologise, We'll put a bit more to your money O.K.?...........No, we will Lucy. We wouldn't normally bother but it's one of John's posh works do's and the blasted speeches haven't finished yet........................OK Then Lucy, see you at about one then..........Bye"

Kate returned to her seat and dropped into it "I feel a right bastard" John shook his head in disbelief.
"I mean lying to the poor little sod like that, she say's she's going to ring her mum and let her know that she'll be a bit late, I feel a right twat honestly" John rose from his seat "Nother drink?"

The pub shouted last orders at 11.30.p.m. But they managed to linger with their drinks until just after twelve.
They had no option but to sit it out in the car. "What do you think she's been up to then?"

"Well I reckon that if she's found the video's, we are in for a really good night's entertainment, but if she hasn't" She paused for a while.
"I still reckon it'll be worth watching, I mean, I remember when I was baby sitting at sixteen, you would have loved to have seen what I got up to"

They set off at 12.45.p.m. And drove steadily towards their home, drawing up outside at about five to one. John turned the key and opened the door to be met by, as always, Lucy in the hallway.

"Hiya Lucy, everything all right?"
"Yes everything's fine, Jake woke up earlier but he's all right now and back in bed" They all walked back into the living room and Kate sat down.
"I'm sorry about the delay Lucy, it couldn't be helped I'm afraid, you know what these Company do's are like, anyway, because it's so late, John will walk you back home" Lucy made her way to the hallway to get her coat.

Kate stood up, pointed a finger at John and whispered "Don't you go and spoil anything........right?".........

He raised his forefinger level with Kate's and engaged in a mock duel "And don't you start without me..........right?"...........
"Ready Lucy?....then let's go"

They walked down the path together and were soon out of sight. Lucy only lived a few hundred yards down the road and before long John was back. Without stopping, he opened the front door and ascended the stairs, pulling a chair from the bedroom, he lifted the loft door and retrieved the video.

He ran down the stairs and went straight to the video recorder.

"Shall we strip off ready for the show?"

Kate had already begun taking her top off and had her hands behind her back unclasping her bra.

"I've never felt so randy, put it on"
They both finished stripping and John got the remote from the top of the telly, his full erection bouncing in time with his steps.
They both sat down on the settee, side by side as the screen flicked into life. Kate was now holding John's huge hard on, finding it difficult to encompass it's mass with her small hand.

"Go steady Kate or you'll make me come too soon"
They couldn't believe the clarity as Lucy came into view with her white sports outfit dazzling the screen.
The recording showed Lucy dropping into the settee and then lifting her legs under her chin.
She jumped up again and turned on the telly taking the remote back to her seat. Her legs were tucked under her chin again and this time they could just discern a flash of white cotton between her legs as her short skirt settled around her thighs.
"You're going to have to let go Kate or I'll be coming in a minute"

They watched intently as Lucy flicked from station to station trying to find something worth watching. Suddenly, and unexpectedly, she rose to her feet again and made her way to the full length mirror on the wall.
She looked at herself face on for what seemed to be an age, moving her head from side to side and then she turned sideways.
She looked at herself from top to bottom and then her hands were raised to her young breasts. Her forefingers started to rotate around her nipples and she occasionally cupped her small breasts with her hands then she lowered her hands and pulled the material at the hem downwards to reveal erect nipples poking through the cotton.

The image was crystal clear and both John and Kate could see her engorged nipples plainly through the material.The two voyeurs sat glued to the screen as Lucy then pulled up her shirt and exposed a perfect pair of adolescent breasts.
Whilst holding the shirt above her mounds she lowered her head and licked her two forefingers which she had extended upwards, then she began to circle her nipples with her wet fingers. She repeated this action two or three times and her eyes seemed fixated on the mirror.

Her right hand lowered to the hem of her skirt and in a simultaneous action she lifted the hem and pushed her hand inside of the elastic waistband of her pants delving deeper into her groin.
The picture showed her fingers, masked by white cotton, exploring her vagina for what seemed to be only a few seconds and then she withdrew her hand and placed her fingers once again on her still erect nipples, but this time, with a different lubricating medium.

She continued to massage her nipples, but then, for no apparent reason, she lowered her blouse and walked back to the settee.
The remote control was once again taken up and she flitted from program to program, but to no avail. She threw the remote down by her side in frustration and eased off each trainer with the toe of the opposite foot, not bothering to undo the laces.

She lifted both feet again and placed her knees under her chin and in a child like trait, began to slowly open and shut her legs creating a muffled cracking noise as the flesh of her inner thighs met at the vertical. Her white pants were revealed fully on each outward journey as her legs rhythmically oscillated to and fro.
The tempo changed, almost imperceptibly at first as the gentle stimulus of her labia excited and erected her clitoris. Her hands once again lifted her shirt to expose her breasts and her fingers, wetted by her saliva, began to rotate and knead her nipples.

There was a very definite increase in speed and velocity of her legs and the volume of the slap on the inward journey was markedly louder. Her legs continued to accelerate and the slap of her inner thighs rose to a crescendo and then suddenly she forced her thighs together, pressing them hard as she shivered to an orgasm, breathing heavily, still clamping her vagina with her leg muscles she moved her feet slightly to the rear, almost level with her outer thighs and began to role her inner thighs against each other, first forward then backwards but still keeping them clamped in the middle.

Finally the orgasm subsided and she opened her knees wide, allowing them to drop by their own weight and exposing the full area of damp, white panties. She continued to massage one breast as she lowered her right hand and began traversing the well defined valley of her labia through her pants with the back of her thumb nail. John and Kate, by now, had moved silently to the floor in front of the telly and had assumed a rear entry position, never for one second lifting their eyes from the screen.

John surveyed his territory and was overwhelmed by the riches that lay before him. The screen carried images of a young beautiful girl masturbating and his wife's lithe body kneeling down before him revealing a pink and moist vagina which he was soon to enter. He positioned the tip of his large member next to his wife's waiting hole and gently pushed at the partly open lips.

His penis was so thick that he had to gently probe,inch by inch until the glans of his penis had penetrated the initial labial restriction and then he slid his thick member slowly to it's full length. Kate moaned loudly as she was filled with his hardness and started to come immediately .

He was so thick that the massaging of her "G" spot was unavoidable. She was filled to capacity and her lips were taken in and out at each slow and rhythmical thrust which served to massage her protruding clitoris.As they moved in harmony fulfilling their orgasmic destiny they noticed Lucy walking over to the video cabinet. John stopped immediately, much to the disappointment of Kate as she forced her buttocks to the rear in an effort to re-establish her hold on the now stationery penis.

"John, you can't just stop like that, you're driving me mad, for Christ's sake fuck me"
She gave a mighty push rearwards and nearly knocked him backwards. "LOOK........KATEY, LOOK" He pointed his finger to the screen.
Kate had been momentarily distracted from the screen in her efforts to complete her orgasm, but she now looked up and witnessed Lucy examining the label on the "Porn Video" key.

"Go on Lucy, go on, find the box, it's there you stupid sod, there"
He pointed with his finger as if Lucy would be able to follow his instructions.
Kate joined in with the futile directions.
"Go on gal, that's the spirit, go find it girl,"

They both watched spell bound as Lucy, seemingly following their instructions, walked over to the cabinet and opened the drawer. They watched intently, waiting for Lucy to retrieve the video box but were incredibly disappointed as they saw her lift a bundle of ten pound notes. John turned to Lucy, "Where the fucks the money from then?"
............ " Oh shit!" Kate was annoyed, "It's some money I've been putting to one side for our holidays, I'd forgotten it was there!"
He looked at her inquisitively, "Money, what money, where did you get it from?"

He found the remote and switched the video onto pause. She spun round angrily, "Look John, it's no big deal, it's just the money I have left from the house keeping. I just put it all together every week and put it in the cabinet" She threw a cushion at him, "IT'S FOR OUR FUCKING HOLIDAYS............. A BIT OF EXTRA SPENDING MONEY............DO YOU FUCKING MIND?" He dodged the cushion.

"OK, OK, I just wondered where it had come from, that's all. How much is there?"
She rose from the floor and made her way to the cabinet, " A hundred and eighty pounds" She opened the drawer and began to count the money. She flicked over the last note and turned to John, "The little bastard!"............ John shook his head, "Go on, tell me, how much has she taken?"

Kate dropped into the couch, "Thirty fucking quid,........ the little bastard!"

He looked up at her. "Are you sure?"................. "John, I know exactly how much was in there, one hundred and eighty pounds, the little sod's lifted thirty quid!"

John picked up the remote again, "Well we'll soon see won't we" He pressed play and the footage resumed.
They both scrutinised the image on the screen and, sure enough, they saw Lucy take three of the ten pound notes from the bundle, walk over to her coat and slip them into the inside pocket. John shouted, "Got you,....... you little fucking thief"

Kate stood up and began to pace the floor, "I'm going to tell her John, I want that money back" He stood up and put his arms around her shoulders and looking into her face he said, " Listen Kate, we'll sort that out later but have you forgotten why we are watching this video?"

They resumed their position on the floor and continued to watch the video.
They watched as Lucy, after placing the money in her coat, walked back to the cabinet drawer and took out the porny video box.
They both cried out simultaneously as John punched the air as if he was watching his favourite team score a goal. "Y.Y.YES!"

They watched spell bound as the key was inserted into the hole and the lock was turned. She flipped the lid over and looked in.
Her eyes widened in surprise as she surveyed the contents and she raised an open hand to her mouth as if to impede a gasp. She instinctively looked behind just to make sure that no one was there, the way a child would when about to embark upon something naughty (which she was!) A whisper of disbelief was just audible through the speakers of the TV........

"My god" She took the box back to the settee and took out the video's one by one, reading the text at the back of the cassette holders and then spending some time just looking at the lurid photographs graphically illustrating the contents therein. She stood up and walked out of camera shot.

"Where the fuck's she going now" then they heard the click of the safety lock on the front door. She returned and selected one of the cassette's, opened the box and inserted it into the waiting mouth of the video recorder.
She took up the remote control again and pressed "PLAY" The screen flickered a few times and then the image of a large cock appeared being sucked by an obliging teenager.

Lucy sat motionless, her eyes wide and fixated as she watched the massive member being encompassed by the young girls mouth. She looked around the room again but this time it was a fleeting glance and her eyes settled once more onto the television screen.

The girl in the video, by now, had obligingly presented her vulva to the waiting cock and he was trying hard to enter her as yet, immature hole. Lucy stood up, and lifting her short skirt, removed her white pants and placed them neatly on the arm of the settee, ready to pull them on quickly if the need should arise. She resumed her seat but this time she opened her legs wide.

John urgently resumed his thrusts as he saw, for the first time, the almost hairless lips of Lucy's mound. He scrutinised the image closely in an effort to better define her young vagina and was rewarded with a vision of immature sexuality. Her lips were lightly clad in soft golden hair and he could see the division where the two lips met.

It was 8.30 a.m. Before they finally climbed the stairs to bed, tired and sore. It was the best night of sex that they had ever had. They had watched as Lucy played all three tapes and watched her fast forward and reverse and hold the images on the screen.
They had watched as this young 16 year old had surprised them with her masturbatory extremes and gymnastics.
They had heard the telephone ring and watched her jump up startled. They had seen her talking on the phone to Kate whilst trying to cover her taught young breasts with her free hand. They had watched and watched and fucked and fucked until they could do no more. They had finally cuddled each other in bed, side by side, with John's penis resting inside his wife's moist vagina.

They had finally fallen into a deep sleep. It was dark when they awoke, The daylight and the birds and the children playing outside had all gone unnoticed as they slept off their nights toil. John whispered into Kate's ear "Fancy watching a video?"

Kate turned to face him "I'm sore".


A week had passed and once again Lucy was about to arrive for her baby-sitting. She walked along the drive and rang the bell. After a short while the door opened and she was disturbed to see that John wasn't his usual jovial ebullient self. "Hi,.....I'm not late am I?" Without acknowledging her, he turned and walked back into the hall, "You'd better come in". As she crossed the threshold of the doorway she turned and closed the door quietly, sensing that all was not well.

Once in the living room she noticed John standing in the centre of the room, he was not dressed for a night out and wore only jeans and T shirt. "Sit down Lucy" She looked at him enquiringly as she made her way to the settee.
She knew something was dreadfully wrong but didn't know what. "What's the ma............"
He cut her off short. "Not there, sit by the table" He pointed with his finger to the dining table. Lucy was now becoming frightened, her father didn't even talk to her like that and she realised that John was not having one of his silly jokes. She pulled one of the chairs from beneath the table and as she lowered herself she looked up.
"Where's Kate?" ................ "Well Lucy"........
He crossed his arms in front of himself and then raised his right forearm vertically placing a forefinger over his lips. He looked as if he was about to give a military briefing.

"She's actually very, very upset for some reason and she's at her mothers with Jake"........
"Why is she upset John?"
He turned his back on her and remained silent for a few seconds. "I don't really know where to start Lucy," He turned back sharply "Yes I do, Yes I do," He clicked his fingers in the air as if he had just come up with a brilliant idea.

"Well Lucy, some time ago Kate and I had a discussion about the fact that we were calling on you too much for baby-sitting, you know with your exams coming up and all the homework you were doing. We thought that it was a bit unfair so we decided to look for another baby-sitter to do the odd night or two, are you with me so far?"
Lucy nodded, "Yes I'm with you John but you needn't have worried, I was quite happy"
He turned away again and shook his head "I....needn't.........have ........worried!".................
He turned back again quickly, "Well............You had been our baby-sitter for so long and we had the utmost confidence in you and we could trust you............totally! BUT.......we wouldn't necessarily have the same confidence in another baby-sitter, I mean you hear all these stories about child abuse and violence and we couldn't just trust to our own, we knew that we would have to be very careful." He turned away from Lucy again as if to be embarrassed and spoke in a low voice, "So do you know what we did Lucy?....... There was no answer, just silence, He continued in his quiet voice, staring at the floor.........

"We put in a video surveillance system".................................... Lucy's eyes widened and her face became bright red as the truly horrible significance of John's last statement began to sink in.

She raised a hand to her face covering her mouth and nose, "Oh my God" her eyes never left John's as she stifled the next word,"Where?" He raised an arm skyward and pointed to the smoke detector with his forefinger. He didn't bother to say anything, it was unnecessary, he had achieved her total attention with his pointing finger. She stared at the smoke detector for a few seconds and then looked around the room, she could tell immediately that the secreted camera would have had an almost complete view of the whole of the living room.

Her hand was still covering her mouth and nose and tears were beginning to well in her wide eyes.
" Did you record me?"........... John moved over to the dining table and, sliding out a chair, he sat down. "Well why do you think we are having this conversation?" "Oh my God, my God"
She slid her clenched hands between her knees and began to rock back and forth, tears streaming down her face and falling off her chin. John reached over to the other side of the table and retrieved the remote control, he pushed it towards her and it slid across, stopping at her elbow, "Want to see it?"

She remained silent and continued to stare through her tears at the floor. He repeated his invitation, "Want to..... ............ Her reaction was startling as, in a flash, she broke his sentence and glared at him in the eyes screaming in temper, "NO,NO" and then broke down into fits of sobbing.

" Go on press play......go on, press fucking play...........Lucy fucking play" She refused to answer and continued sobbing. He snatched the remote from the table and pointed it in the direction of the television.

"I'll fucking do it then"......He pressed the button and Lucy heard the video take up the cassette.
"No I don't want to see it, turn it off" He walked to a position behind her and, cupping her chin in both his hands, he raised her head.
"Now.......what do you think of that then Lucy?" She watched as her own image was displayed on the screen, she was sitting on the settee with her legs wide open and had two fingers in her virgin hole and was rubbing her clitoris with her other hand. "It gets much better you remember what you got up to?.........I mean, this is good stuff but you really warm up a bit later!"......Her face was still framed by John's hands but in a second she spun round in a fit of temper.

She managed to control herself and quietly, spoke to John, " Look John, There's no law against it you know". Tears continued to roll down her cheeks and John felt terrible guilt at having to put her through all of the trauma.
She continued......... " Even if I did go through the drawers and even if I did watch your video's...................there's no law against there?.........Youv'e managed to embarrass me more than I could have believed and I'm deeply ashamed of it all, not because I did it, but because you've seen me do it..............but...........there's no law against there?"

There was a long pause as they stared at each other, each trying to out stare the other. "No Lucy, there's no law against it as far as I know, in fact I've had some tremendous fun watching it, I'm surprised the tape is still working, I've watched it that many times! Lucy stood slowly.............
"Can I go now? I'm a bit tired of all this....... now you've had your fun..........can I go?"

He looked at her in a more serious vane and walked towards her stopping inches from her face.........
"Is that what you think this is Lucy, a bit of fun for me?".............
She mumbled quietly "Yes I do, and I think it's very cruel, and I hope I never see you again.......ever"......

"What about Kate then, don't you ever want to see Kate again?" Her head lowered as she had suddenly been reminded of the fact that Kate must have seen the video. "What does she think of it all then?"
Her eyes filled with tears once again and she began to sob quietly.
"Well Lucy, that's why I'm here on my own, you see, you think that I'm the bastard in all this don't you?" She didn't answer.

"You think that I'm just having a bit of fun don't you?" He walked over to the unit in the corner and retrieved a piece of paper.
"Look at this Lucy" He pushed the paper beneath her lowered head and she took it. There were three lines of writing on the paper but the content added up to more than a book full of horror stories. P.C. Atherton.
Scenes of crime officer TEL: 474623.
She looked up startled and held the paper out towards him "What's this for?" He walked into the living room and grabbed the remote.
He pressed the fast forward button and as the video sped to it's incriminating conclusion he turned to her with his back towards the whirring machine "Don't worry about it over running, it's set to stop at exactly the right place."

"A few minutes ago Lucy, you were telling me that what you had done wasn't against the law weren't you?" She looked up from the paper and defiantly said "Yes" ..........
"Well I'm afraid to tell you that this next bit of film is quite........what shall we say.......incriminating"

As he spoke the video mechanism stopped at it's predetermined position. "Take a good look at this and let's see if your so confident this time" He pressed play and the video sprang into life.
The picture showed Lucy taking the money from the cabinet and slipping it into her coat pocket. John stopped the video and turned to her "See what I mean Lucy?".........
"What has Kate said?".........
"Well, she went fucking mad, as you might expect, and we talked about it for ages. She wanted to call the police straight away, but me...........the bastard........managed to persuade her otherwise"

There was a few seconds pause "Why did you do that, I mean persuade her not to?" "Lucy,........I don't like what happened, I think your a little thieving bastard but I don't think it's worth all the publicity. I think you should give us the money back" He looked her in the eyes and shouted....

"HARD EARNED FUCKING MONEY, and I think we should say no more about it, mind you, it's the last time you'll baby-sit for us!" I happen to think that it's best just pushed under the carpet.........for everybody's sake ..............BUT............Kate doesn't, she wants to get the Police involved and that's why we've got their telephone number. However................I have told her that it would be better to talk to you and she has reluctantly agreed, mind you, she seems intent on doing it, so we have to talk" As if on queue the telephone rang.......

"Hello........ Oh hiya Mum, how are you?"
Lucy stood in silence as John spoke.
"Yes I know she is.......... .........I really don't we haven't fell out she just said she wanted to stay with you tonight, How's Jake?.....................good...............Listen Mum, is Kate there, can I have a word with her...............................Hello darling.............yes she is............No you can' Kate, I'll do it...........leave it to me..............don't do that Kate.....We agreed............look I'll come and pick you up tomorrow.........about 11 am.......I will.......Yep..............see you tomorrow.................don't do anything silly...........give Jake a kiss from me................Bye."

He turned to Lucy..........I guess you got the gist of that then!"
She nodded her agreement and walked to the dining table where she sat down. "Do you think you'll persuade her not to go to the police ?"............
"If I really try, I reckon I might be able to manage it"......
She looked up with a plaintive expression "Look I'm really sorry John and I'm so embarrassed. Thank you for helping me, I'm sorry I went a bit mad earlier" She stood up as John spoke "It's all right Lucy"
She went to walk passed him to the door but as she got level with him he put his arm in front of her stopping her in her tracks. He looked up "Mind you, I'm not fucking daft Lucy!"........
"What do you mean?" .............
"Well why do you think I'm doing this? Cause I'm a nice bloke or do you think I might want something out of it? She froze to the spot sensing what was to come. "You see Lucy, I think you are really fucking lovely and I cant tell you how many times I've watched that video, and guess what I've been doing while I've been watching it?"

He moved in front of her, she could feel his breath on her face. "Now".............He lowered his head in order to look in her eyes "Take your top off"......

She stepped back and covered her chest with her arms...........
"Do you know how old I am?" "Yep, that's why you turn me on so much"............ "Well, if you think I'm going to strip for stealing thirty pounds your very much mistaken!" ..............He smiled.........
"Well Lucy, I'll just have to call the police then"..................
"Well call the Police then, I don't think I'll be hung drawn and quartered for thirty quid" ........... "No, your quite right Lucy but don't forget that the Police will need some evidence of the theft"

He put a forefinger to his lips as if in deep thought, "Now what do you think we could use as evidence Lucy? I Know.......... The video, yes we could use the video as evidence. They're all up to date in these courts now you know! They can play video's and actually show everybody the crime as it happened. The papers will have a field day with this one, I can just see the headlines now" He held up his right arm and traversed the empty space in front of him, ...........

"YOUNG GIRL STEALS MONEY AS SHE WATCHES HARD CORE MOVIES" He moved closer to her and almost whispered........
"What will mummy and daddy think of that then? Come to that, what will your school think of it?"

She looked horrified as the reality of his statements sunk in. "Now.........take your fucking top off"
She pushed past him and almost ran to the front door, bursting into tears as she went "You can fuck off John, I'm doing fuck all for you, say what you want, I don't care any more"
He shouted after her "What do you think your Mum and Dad will say?"
There was no answer "You know it'll go to court don't you?......You know you'll go into a young offenders institution don't you"
She turned at the door "You'll go to court aswell when I tell them what you have tried to do to me".................

He smiled......... "I've got the video Lucy, .............. See you in court"
He picked up the piece of paper with the phone number on it and made his way to the telephone by the large front window.
As he lifted the receiver he saw Lucy running down the path, as she reached the gate she turned to see John dialling.

Part five THE PAY OFF

Within five seconds of Lucy passing through the gate she was back running up the drive in tears shouting for him not to ring. She banged on the door almost frantically "Don't ring, please don't ring"
John opened the door slightly, just enough to expose his face. "You've changed your mind then Lucy"........
"Have you rang them yet?"........ "Well, they were just putting me through but then I saw that you had obviously had a change of mind, Is that correct Lucy, have you changed your mind?"

She nodded and climbed the step waiting for John to open the door. They both made their way into the living room and Lucy stopped in the middle.
He stood by the settee, "Just let me make one thing clear Lucy, I'm not going to hurt you,in fact your punishment will be very enjoyable, you should be pleased that I have got such an interest in your, shall we say pleasurable pursuits, I am only interested in furthering your.............erm .....pleasure, now, take off your blouse"

She crossed her arms at the waist of her gym shirt and, grasping the hem, pulled her shirt over her head. She stood motionless with her arms by her side as John scrutinised her lithe torso. She wore a white bra and the flesh of her immature breasts swelled slightly above the material.
He walked over to her and without touching her, slowly took in the aroma of her flesh. He walked behind her and, still without touching her, gently undid the clasp of her bra. He returned to the front again and, grasping the material at the straps, gently pulled the garment until it slipped over her small breasts. She held out her arms and the straps slid down.

He was incredibly excited at the sight of her firm breasts and noticed that her nipples, although small, were fully erect. "Wow................they are fucking beautiful, much nicer in the flesh Lucy. You wouldn't believe the amount of wanks I've had looking at that video, but this...............oh this is much, much nicer." He walked over to the dining room table and sat down, skewing the chair round to face her direction. She didn't know whether to follow him but just stood there instead. John just sat on the chair watching.

His hand was over his groin but she was too scared to look as she thought it might invite him to ask her to do the same. "Come over here Lucy"
She walked slowly across to him and stood still like a naughty school girl in front of the headmaster.
He remained seated. "A bit closer" She shuffled forward. "A bit further Lucy" She complied until her breasts almost touched his face. He leaned forward slightly and ,very, very gently rotated the tip of his tongue over one of her nipples. He sensed a very slight shudder and felt her breath on his forehead. She raised her arms instinctively to place them on his shoulders, "Don't.................Don't do anything unless I tell you"

She lowered her arms to her side and stood in silence as John continued to lick her nipples, first one and then the other.
After what seemed like an eternity he stopped licking her nipples and looked up at her face, "What do you think about your punishment then?" She looked over his head and didn't answer.

"Come on Lucy, tell me, are you getting randy" She refused to answer and continued to stare at nothing.
He reached around the side of her gym skirt and undid the button then, slowly pulled the zip down. The skirt fell to the floor and she went to step out of it. "Stop...... I thought I told you not to do anything until I told you to. Now, what do you say?" She said nothing. "What do you say?"
She looked him in the eyes, "I don't know, what do I say?"
"You say...........sorry John" She looked down at her skirt around her feet, "I'm sorry John"
"That's better Lucy, just remember, you do nothing until I say and you do everything I tell you to do, is that clear? that clear?"....................
"Yes John" .......
"That's better, take off your trainers"

She stooped down to comply with his demand, "No..........not like that, I want you to turn around and take them off, Can you touch your toe's?"
She shook her head.......... "Well just have a go anyway............turn around and bend down without bending your legs and undo your laces"
She turned and bent down as instructed. He watched as her navy blue knickers stretched over her small buttocks revealing the gap between her legs and showing clearly the indentation of the slit between her lips.

She slipped the trainers off her feet and turned back to face him. He looked at her knickers at the front and could see her raised mound beneath the material. John stood for a while taking in the beauty of this young girl half naked in front of him. Her nipples were still erect and her legs were slightly apart.
Right then Lucy it's time. He pointed at her knickers with his forefinger.
"Please John, that's enough now, you've had your fun, please let me keep them on, I'll do what you want me to do, but please let me keep them on"

John looked at her astonished, "You'll do what I want you to do? What do you mean, give me a wank like? Do you think that we've come this far to just give me a quick wank?.............Take them off Lucy ..............slowly"

She started to weep again and refused to remove the garment "Well it's embarrassing, I'm on my period you see, please let me leave them on"
John looked surprised but grinned at the same time
"So your on your period then aye? I'll make you pay for it if you are lying to me you, tell me honestly Lucy, are you?"

She looked at the floor and the tears streamed down her face. "No" ......
"Right then, take them down, or would you like me to do it?" She hooked each thumb inside the waist band and slowly lowered them until they fell to the floor.
John took a sharp intake of breath as her light blond pubic hairs were revealed, hardly managing to cover the slit beneath.

"Now step out of them and go and sit on the settee" She followed the instructions and sat on the settee with her legs tightly clamped.
John followed and kneeled down in front of her "Right Lucy, open them up"
She looked puzzled "What, open what up?"
"Your fucking legs, don't fuck me about Lucy"

She gingerly opened her legs about six inches.
"Don't fuck me about Lucy, pull your arse to the edge of the settee and open your wide as you can".

He grasped her legs behind the knees and pulled her to the edge of the settee. "Now open them"
She opened them wide to reveal her immature vagina. Her legs were fully wide as John watched her lips begin to slowly part.

He leant forward and placed his face so close to her sex that he almost touched it. He breathed in through his nostrils,.
"Oh my god, that is bloody lovely" He looked up at her face through her pubic hairs "Has all this turned you on then?".........
"No it hasn't, I'm so embarrassed, just get it over with" He looked mockingly surprised again "It's not turned you on then, well we'll have to see about that"

He placed a finger and thumb either side of her lips and opened them to be greeted by the unmistakable glistening moisture.
He gently pushed a finger into the opening and it slid in without hindrance to the accompanying sigh from Lucy's parted mouth.
He slid another finger in and at the same time opened her labia at the top where her clitoris would be, He spoke quietly now "Well Lucy, I'm afraid that the evidence is conclusive, do you think I could slide my fingers into you like this"

He slowly pumped his fingers in and out of her and she began to breath heavily, "and do you think this little pink thing here would be as pink or as hard if you weren't ...........what shall I randy as fuck?"

He moved closer and just slightly touched her hard clit with his tongue. She began to push her hips forward and backwards and began to orgasm.
John increased both the pressure and rapidity of his movements with his tongue and her clitoris became hard and exposed.

He gently introduced another finger into her and she moaned with pleasure. Her orgasm was intense and long, her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily as John continued to pump his fingers into her. Her first orgasm subsided to the accompaniment of soft sighs, only to be followed rapidly by another one.
To John's surprise she had lowered her hands and was gently pinching her nipples. Her head was moving from side to side as she reached the pinnacle of another strong orgasm.
To his complete and utter surprise she closed her legs around his head, "I've got to go for a pee"

Without waiting she raised herself from the settee and clambered over his head and ran towards the toilet. He noticed the short tufts of damp hair between her legs as she ran away from him.

Within two minutes she had returned and to his utter amazement she resumed her place on the settee and duly opened her legs.

TO BE CONTINUED.................................

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